Top 10 Best Garage in GTA 5

Garages are a great way to store your vehicles all in one place in GTA 5. In this guide we will see that what are the best garages in GTA 5.

Best Garage In GTA 5
Best Garage In GTA 5

Buying a garage in GTA V is worth spending your money on because it increases accessibility to your favorite vehicles in the game and is a great place to store all of the expensive personal vehicles you have bought.

Key Takeaways

  • Garages come in different sizes and locations, such as attached to the apartments.
  • They can be used for storing, modifying, and running businesses.
  • Selection depends on storage capacity, infrastructure, price, and location.
  • Purchase garages online through Dynasty 8 Real Estate’s website.
  • You can also buy garages in person by visiting their locations on the map.

Players can easily purchase a vehicle garage from the dynasty8realestate in-game website. Or you can visit all the properties listed in the website through the map and purchase them directly. 

Dynasty 8 Homepage gta 5
Dynasty 8 Homepage

Note: Buying garages in GTA 5 is a great investment, but the garages aren’t cheap. Even buying a low-end garage can cost you a large sum of money.

Autoshop Garage

Auto Shops business allows for vehicle customization and repair. They come with a built-in garage for up to 10 cars.

I keep my Autoshop as a primary active business. It may not be the best business, but I like adjusting car modifications while making handsome cash.

Autoshop Garage best garage in gta 5
Autoshop Garage

To get your hands on an auto shop garage, follow these simple steps:

  • First, pull up your interaction menu and go to the SecuroServ option from this menu.
  • From here, go to the LS Car Meet.
  • Start an organization as a CEO
  • After this, go to the job board to have access to your contacts.
  • Now, all you have to do is finish the setup missions, and you will finally have an auto shop.

I recommend buying the cheapest auto shop with a built-in garage for $16,70,000 from Maze Bank Foreclosures in GTA 5. The most significant perk of owning an Autoshop garage is that it comes with its mechanic.

Therefore, players can modify their cars whenever and however they want. Similarly, it allows you to choose between many themes according to your choice in GTA 5.

Nightclub Garage

The Nightclubs also feature garages. I believe nightclubs are a significant investment in GTA as they offer many other perks. Nightclubs are very profitable business ventures which also allow you to do delivery business of goods using the computer at the nightclub.

Nightclub Garage best garage in gta 5
Nightclub Garage

Moreover, if talking about numbers, by owning it, you can earn approximately $70,000 per hour passively without having to do anything. So, surely, it should be one of your top picks for the best garage in GTA 5. But, I highly recommend setting up other businesses for a passive income before buying a nightclub. These clubs require a substantial investment for a better profit.

Nightclub basements offer two parts with storage capacity for 10 vehicles each. You can also store a weaponized Terrorbyte in the basement garage for special occasions. Security upgrades can be added for enhanced protection, including an Assault SMG for self-defense.

Office Garage

Situated in a CEO’s office, this garage is one of the most lucrative investments in the game. Added to the game as a part of the Import/Export update 2016, there are some prerequisites to buying these garages. First, you need to register as CEO and purchase an office.

Office Garage
Office Garage

These CEO garages are not only reasonably large, with storage capacity reaching up to 60 cars, but can also serve as a viable source of income. You can indulge in the Imports/Exports business of cars at these CEO garages and sell your stolen vehicles.

Import-Export of Vehicles at Office Garage
Import-Export of Vehicles at Office Garage

Office buildings in GTA 5 include three garages with three floors each, totaling 20 vehicle storage. Garages must be bought individually at varying prices, with an optional modification shop for $900,000. The garage costs are:

  • $1,150,000 for the first garage
  • $855,000 for the second garage
  • $745,000 for the last garage

You can customize your garage with wall styles, lighting, signage, and floor artwork options during purchase.

Eventually, everyone can own a CEO office in a limited time. Therefore, I suggest buying a garage along with it as new business opportunities will not trouble you to spend any money on this garage.

Del Perro Heights High-End Apartment 7’s Garage

All the high-end apartments in the game have a pretty decent garage. But I recommend the high-end apartment 7 at Del Perro Heights because it is a exquisite apartment.

Having a scenic view of the whole city from the high apartment garage, it has a storage capacity of 10 cars and three bikes. Moreover, this apartment and the garage that comes with it will cost you nearly 200 grand.

Del Perro Heights High-End Apartment Garage
Del Perro Heights High-End Apartment Garage

You can also buy this apartment from the Dynasty 8 Real Estate website from your mobile phone or the computer at one of your properties.

This garage has the same features as the one with the Eclipse Towers’ high-end apartment. The clean interior and clear lighting justify the “high-end” tag. 

Another reason I mentioned this garage is that it is very close to the office spaces. You can go to these offices any time of the day and make some easy money for yourself. Similarly, players can access an Ammu-Nation store nearby.

Tinsel Towers Garage

Priced at $286,000 and with a holding capacity of 10 vehicles, this is the garage of Tinsel Towers Apartment 29. Situated high in the sky, the view from the apartment’s windows is simply fantastic. You can see the whole city from here, including a view of Rockford Hills and the Vinewood sign.

Tinsel Towers Garage
Tinsel Towers Apartment 29’s Garage

In Tinsel Towers, two residential options are available, each with separate garages:

  • Apartment 42: The most expensive, costing around $492,000, and features a garage with a ten-vehicle storage capacity.
  • Apartment 45: The cheapest among the options, priced at around $270,000, with a ten-vehicle garage. This affordable apartment provides a modern and stylish residential choice in GTA 5.

Moreover, you aim to buy a suitable garage for your needs or enjoyment. Therefore, I mentioned this garage as the best possible option in the lowest budget.

Paleto Bay Facility

If you own or have stolen any military-grade vehicles, then the Paleto Bay Facility is where to bring them. A total storage capacity of 12 vehicles lets you store 7 of your vehicles and five weaponized vehicles. This capability alone helped me decide to consider it as one of the best garages in GTA 5.

Paleto Bay Facility
Paleto Bay Facility Garage

Because a safe house is as big as you can imagine and has exceptional infrastructure, and as a cherry on top, it comes with a marvelous garage.

The significance of this facility can be highlighted by the fact that to play the “Doomsday Heist,” buying this facility is a prerequisite.

If you own multiple garages and have stored various of your vehicles in different garages, GTA 5 allows you to move your cars from one garage to the other. To know more about this, visit our guide on How to move cars between garages in GTA 5.

Agency Garage

Agencies are purchasable properties with multiple floor levels in GTA 5. Each floor serves a different purpose, and you can use it effectively to undertake different missions and earn lots of cash in GTA 5. I recommend this garage because it has a huge three-level garage area in the basement with twenty vehicles in GTA 5 storage capacity.

workshop in the agency garage in GTA 5
Players can upgrade and modify their cars in the workshop with the garage of the Agency.
  • The first garage level can store five vehicles, with four slots already reserved for special vehicles or characters. It can have an optional vehicle workshop and mechanic for in-garage customization.
  • The second garage level offers ten vehicle slots and includes a vehicle management pad for moving cars between garage levels.
  • The last level has a storage capacity of nine vehicles, with a reserved slot for staff vehicles. Rare cars can sometimes be found spawning here.

The cheapest agency in GTA 5 is priced at around $2,010,000.

Following this, I endorse the cheapest option when investing this amount of money.

vehicles in agency's garage
Vehicles in Agency’s garage

Arena Workshop

Arena workshops were introduced during the Arena War update solely for customizing vehicles to prepare them for the arena. 

Three basement levels in Arena war's garage in GTA 5
Players can purchase an extra two floors of the garage.
  • The garage can store ten cars, including arena vehicles for matches and regular vehicles.
  • Players can spend extra money to access two additional garage spaces in the arena workshop, each capable of storing ten vehicles for war or nine regular vehicles.

Now, here is the factor that I believe makes this garage the best and top tier among all. It can be equipped with three mechanics. One of the mechanics is the regular one that comes pre-equipped with the workshop.

Players can also call on someone from Benny’s Original Motorworks to modify their cars with Benny’s mods. The third mechanic allows you to modify your weaponized cars in GTA 5. You can purchase an arena workshop for as low as $9,95,000 in GTA 5. 

three mechanics in the workshop
Arena War’s workshop features three mechanics for different purposes.

MC Clubhouse Garage

Motorcycle Clubhouses were released during the Criminal Enterprises Update of September 2016. These MC clubs come with their garages. However, these garages can only store motorcycles

Therefore, I recommend this garage for players who wish to keep their bike collection alive and distinguished. Besides, I do not like the point of fitting the two-wheelers with the four-wheelers. It mixes up the whole part of showing off. 

  • Clubhouses allow players to store up to ten bikes in a single garage.
  • The interior may not be visually appealing, but is a functional bike workshop.
  • Clubhouses come with a mechanic dedicated to upgrading and customizing motorbikes.
MC Clubhouse garage
MC Clubhouse garage

Many clubhouses in GTA 5 are available for purchase with different price brackets. However, I recommend buying the cheapest one with a garage for $200,000 from Maze Bank Foreclosures in GTA 5.

Diamond Casino Master Penthouse

The luxury penthouse condominiums are great purchasable properties in GTA 5. They cost a fortune but allow players to decorate and customize them however they want. 

However, unlike the other top-class penthouse facilities, the garage is disappointing. It has a holding capacity of ten vehicles, a surprise for a penthouse of this value. 

Penthouse garage in GTA 5
It is a relatively small and boring garage, considering the price of the penthouse in GTA 5.

The cheapest penthouse is available for $1,500,000 on the Diamond Casino website in GTA 5. The most notable perk of this garage I truly admire is that players spawn directly into the penthouse when logging into GTA 5. Therefore, they can easily access their cars from there and go wherever they want in the game.

My Thoughts

I also consider the garage that comes with the residential properties. However, those garages are not worth mentioning for a large-scale purpose. A place to hold a significantly fair amount of vehicles is what makes the player motivated to grind for more and more cars. Considering this fact, I mentioned garages that were costly but would be effective in hosting the best car collection you have.

Do you agree with our list? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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