Top 10 Best Garage in GTA 5

Garages are a great way to store your vehicles all in one place in GTA 5. In this guide we will see that what are the best garages in GTA 5.

Best Garage In GTA 5
Best Garage In GTA 5

During gameplay, you will surely buy and steal many cool cars. It becomes convenient if you have a common place to stock your favorite cars. So you can easily access them whenever you want with ease. GTA 5 allows you to buy garage properties for this purpose.

Moreover, many properties with garages also offer you a lucrative business where you can earn a lot of money quickly—allowing you to complete various missions and do import/export work from these garage locations. These garages can have different prices, sizes, infrastructures, etc. In this guide, we will discuss the best garages in GTA 5.

Key Takeaways

  • Garages are a great way to stock all the vehicles you have bought or have stolen in the same place.
  • There are a lot of cool garages in various buildings and apartments, which vary concerning their vehicle storage capacity.
  • With the availability of so many vehicles in GTA 5, there arises a need for storage facilities as well. The developers have provided many lucrative garages separately and different dedicated storage facilities in many of GTA 5’s properties.
  • Moreover, these garages are a great way of modifying stolen vehicles. Similarly, players can also run many businesses from these garages and create many passive income streams.
  • Each garage differs depending on its storage capacity, infrastructure, price, and location in GTA 5.
  • There are two ways of buying a garage in GTA 5. The first one is using Dynasty 8 Real Estate’s website. Players can access it through their in-game phone’s internet browser. Look for your favorite garage in the game and pay for it online to access it in GTA 5.
  • The second method is the old-school one, which involves you going to the garage personally by looking for it on the map. A purchase prompt will appear when you stand in front of the garage you want to buy.

Grand Theft Auto is all about having the most excellent cars and wreaking havoc in the open world of Los Santos. The experience regarding cars featured in Grand Theft Auto V is truly impeccable. With an existing catalog of hundreds of vehicles and new cars still being added to the game in regular updates, GTA 5 has something unique to offer.

Just like in real life, as your car collection expands, you will need bigger places to keep your cars in GTA 5. So, thankfully GTA has also solved this problem as in GTA 5 you can also buy garage properties to store your bought or stolen vehicles all in one place. These garages vary in size, infrastructure, price, and capacity.

Considering all the above factors, we will discuss the best garages in GTA 5. But first of all, let’s see how to buy a garage in GTA 5.

How To Buy A Garage In GTA 5?

Buying a garage in Grand Theft Auto V is worth spending your money on. Because they increase accessibility to your favorite vehicles in the game and are a great place to store all of your expensive personal vehicles you have bought, but now this discussion begs the question of How to Buy a Garage in GTA 5. So we are here to answer this question.

There are two ways to buy a garage in GTA 5. Both of them are explained below:

Buying From The Dynasty 8 Website

You need to follow these simple steps to buy a garage in GTA 5 through the Dynasty 8 Real Estate website:

  • Pull up your phone by pressing the “M” key or access your laptop from your apartment.
  • Look for the internet browser in the menu and open it
  • From the list of bookmark websites that appear on the homepage of the browser, click on the Dynasty 8 Real Estate website or write the website’s URL in the search bar
  • In the property listings that appear on the webpage, look up a suitable garage you like and can afford.
  • After selecting it, press the “Buy” button to confirm your pending purchase.
Dynasty 8 Homepage gta 5
Dynasty 8 Homepage

Buying A Garage In-Person

If you want to roam around looking for properties and go for the traditional GTA way, go personally to the property locations to buy them. Then you can also opt for this method. For this, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the pause screen by pressing the Esc key to access your map
  • Look up garages on the map and select the garage on the GPS which you want to buy
  • Drive to the garage you want to buy
  • Stand before the garage and confirm your purchase when the purchase option appears.
GTA 5 Pause Menu Screen
GTA 5 Pause Menu Screen

It is the traditional way to buy a property in the GTA series. In all the previous installments of the GTA series, when there was no internet or smartphone featured in the game, it was the standard procedure to buy a property.

Note: Buying garages in GTA 5 is a great investment, but the garages aren’t cheap. Even buying a low-end garage can cost you a large sum of money.

So before you even consider buying a garage, ensure your pockets are complete. Coming up with such large amounts of money in GTA 5 can be really difficult if you do not know the right tips and tricks.

So we are here to solve all your monetary problems and tell you a secret by which you will never have to worry about money in GTA 5 again. One of the most lucrative ways to earn a lot of money in GTA 5 is to invest in various businesses across Los Santos through the online forex market BAWSAQ featured in the game. After investing, you will start getting cut from the profits of these businesses, and surely it will give you great financial freedom.

As you start investing your money into the stocks, you may also encounter issues like the BAWSAQ being down for maintenance. But do not worry: we have a guide GTA 5 BAWSAQ down for maintenance that can help solve this issue, so you do not lose track of your shares and money.

Best Garage In GTA 5

Autoshop Garage

At your Auto Shops in GTA 5, you can mod and repair your vehicles, and indeed, you will not regret buying one of the properties in GTA 5. These auto shops also come with an in-built garage with a holding capacity of up to 10 vehicles at a time. So you can park your favorite cars and also customize them all in one place. Surely a pick worthy of the title “bets garage in GTA 5”.

Autoshop Garage best garage in gta 5
Autoshop Garage

But to get an Autoshop, you must go through a little hassle. But don’t worry because we are here to guide you through it. To get your hands on an auto shop garage in GTA 5, follow these simple steps:

  • First of all, pull up your interaction menu and go to the SecuroServ option from this menu.
  • From here, go to the LS Car Meet.
  • Start an organization as a CEO
  • After this, go to the job board to have access to your contacts.
  • Now all you have to do is to finish the setup missions, and you will finally have an auto shop.

These auto shops are great places to launch small heists in GTA 5. You can earn lots of easy money this way. Similarly, you can also run your personal mechanic business and modify different cars in the game. Another useful feature of these auto shop garages is that they allow you to access some rare paint jobs, which otherwise require strict unlocking criteria.

Players can buy the cheapest auto shop with a built-in garage for $16,70,000 from Maze Bank Foreclosures in GTA 5. The greatest perk of owning an Autoshop garage is that it comes with its mechanic. Therefore, players can modify their cars whenever and however they want. Similarly, it allows you to choose between many themes according to your choice in GTA 5.

Nightclub Garage

The Nightclubs in GTA 5 also have garages. These garages are a treat for the eyes, and these excellent garages come with a storage capacity of nearly 30 vehicles at a time. Other than only a garage, nightclubs are a significant investment in GTA as they offer many other perks. Nightclubs are very profitable business ventures which also allow you to do delivery business of goods using the computer at the nightclub.

Nightclub Garage best garage in gta 5
Nightclub Garage

Moreover, if talking about numbers, by owning it, you can earn approximately $70,000 per hour passively without having to do anything. So, surely it should be one of your top picks for the best garage in GTA 5.

The garage, located in the nightclub’s basement in GTA 5, is divided into two parts. Four optional basement floors, each with ten vehicles’ storage capacity, can be accessed. However, one of these optional basement floors can only be used to store Terrorbyte in GTA 5.

Players can also purchase security upgrades for these garages in the Nightclub. It is a good way to secure your precious vehicles and your businesses in GTA 5. Apart from the basic security features which come with these security upgrades, players will also be able to access an Assault SMG gun in the garage to fight off enemies.

Office Garage

Situated in a CEO’s office, this garage is one of the most lucrative investments in the game. Added to the game as a part of the Import/Export update of 2016, these are purchasable items. Being situated in a CEO’s office, there are some prerequisites to buying these garages. First of all, you need to be a CEO and own a CEO’s office.

Office Garage
Office Garage

These CEO garages are not only reasonably large, with storage capacity reaching up to 60 cars but can also serve as a viable source of income. At these CEO garages, you can indulge in the Imports/Exports business of cars and sell your stolen vehicles.

Import-Export of Vehicles at Office Garage
Import-Export of Vehicles at Office Garage

Three total garages come with these offices. Each garage has three floors with different storage capacities, all totaling up to twenty vehicles. Similarly, players must buy each garage separately for different prices in GTA 5. Moreover, an optional modification shop can be purchased for $900,000, allowing players to modify their cars and the garage itself.

The garages cost:

  • $1,150,000 for the first garage
  • $855,000 for the second garage
  • $745,000 for the last garage

Each garage purchase will also allow you to customize it according to your choice in GTA 5. Players can choose from four wall styles and nine lighting and signage styles during the purchase. Similarly, there are over twenty artworks available for the garage floor.

Del Perro Heights High-End Apartment 7’s Garage

All the high-end apartments in the game have a pretty decent garage. Similarly, the high-end apartment 7 at Del Perro Heights has a really exquisite apartment. Having a scenic view of the whole city from the high apartment garage, it has a storage capacity of 10 cars and three bikes. Moreover, this apartment and the garage that comes with it will cost you nearly 200 grand.

Del Perro Heights High-End Apartment Garage
Del Perro Heights High-End Apartment Garage

You can also buy this apartment from the Dynasty 8 Real Estate website from your mobile phone or the computer at one of your properties.

This garage has the same features as the one with the Eclipse Towers’ high-end apartment. The clean interior and clear lighting justify the “high-end” tag. However, its low price differentiates it from its counterpart in the Eclipse Towers. It is probably the cheapest High-end garage in GTA 5.

Another reason to buy this garage is that it is very close to the office spaces in GTA 5. You can go to these offices any time of the day and make some easy money for yourself. Similarly, players can access an Ammu-Nation store nearby and buy ammo for their GTA 5 missions.

Tinsel Towers Garage

Priced at $286,000 and with a holding capacity of 10 vehicles, this is the garage of Tinsel Towers Apartment 29. Situated high in the sky, the view from the apartment’s windows is simply fantastic. You can see the whole city from here, including a view of Rockford Hills and the Vinewood sign.

Tinsel Towers Garage
Tinsel Towers Apartment 29’s Garage

Apart from this apartment, two other residential options are available in the Tinsel Towers with separate garages. Apartment 42 is the most expensive among the three available options. This luxury apartment costs around $492,000 and has a garage with a storage capacity of ten vehicles in GTA 5.

The other one is apartment 45, the cheapest among the three purchasable options in Tinsel Towers. Costing around $270,000, this cheapest apartment comes with a ten-vehicle garage. The apartment is the cheapest and an ultramodern and stylish residential option in GTA 5.

Paleto Bay Facility

While playing GTA 5, surely you are going to catch a lot of heat, with the police always chasing you and you trying to evade them. At first, it is fun, but if you get tired of running, you need to lay low in one of your safehouses. Just the mention of the word “safehouse” gives you vibes of a tight shadowy place. But this is undoubtedly not the case for Paleto Bay Facility.

Paleto Bay Facility
Paleto Bay Facility Garage

Because a safe house is as big as you can imagine and has the exceptional infrastructure, and as a cherry on top, it comes with a marvelous garage.

If you own or have stolen any military-grade vehicles, then Paleto Bay Facility is the place to bring them. A total storage capacity of 12 vehicles lets you store 7 of your vehicles and five weaponized vehicles.

The significance of this facility can be highlighted by the fact that to play the “Doomsday Heist,” buying this facility is a prerequisite.

If you own multiple garages and have stored various of your vehicles in different garages, GTA 5 allows you to move your cars from one garage to the other. To know more about this, visit our guide on How to move cars between garages in GTA 5.

Agency Garage

Agencies are purchasable properties with multiple floor levels in GTA 5. Each floor serves a different purpose, and you can use it effectively to undertake different missions and earn lots of cash in GTA 5. It has a huge three-level garage area in the basement with a storage capacity of twenty vehicles in GTA 5.

workshop in the agency garage in GTA 5
Players can upgrade and modify their cars in the workshop with the garage of the Agency.

The first level of the garage area can store five vehicles. However, four storage slots are already reserved for special vehicles or characters. It can also be equipped with an optional vehicle workshop and a mechanic. Doing so would allow players to modify and customize their vehicles inside the garage without moving out their vehicles.

The second level of the garage area has ten vehicle slots. Moreover, it has a vehicle management pad to move the cars between all the levels of the garage area when needed. The last level has a storage capacity of nine vehicles. It also has a reserved slot for staff vehicles. Additionally, players can sometimes find rare cars spawning in there.

The cheapest agency in GTA 5 costs around $2,010,000. Players can buy it from Dynasty 8’s website by accessing it through their in-game phone in GTA 5.

vehicles in agency's garage
Vehicles in Agency’s garage

Arena Workshop

Arena workshops were introduced during the Arena War update solely for customizing and modifying vehicles to make them ready for the arena. While this is the primary purpose of the workshop, players can also access a garage beside the workshop in GTA 5.

Three basement levels in Arena war's garage in GTA 5
Players can purchase extra two floors of the garage.

The garage has a storage capacity of ten cars, where they can store their arena vehicles and get them ready for the matches whenever needed. Players can also store nine regular vehicles in there. Moreover, players can spend extra bucks to access two more garage spaces in the arena workshop. Each of them can store ten vehicles, either all of them for war purposes or nine regular vehicles.

What makes it particularly interesting is that it can also be equipped with three mechanics. One of the mechanics is the regular one that comes pre-equipped with the workshop. Players can also call on someone from Benny’s Original Motorworks to modify their cars with benny’s mods. The third mechanic allows you to modify your weaponized cars in GTA 5.

Players can purchase an arena workshop for as low as $9,95,000 in GTA 5. Buying the second garage level will cost you around $195,000 in GTA 5. Similarly, the third garage level will be unlocked after spending another $265,000. The mechanic from Benny’s O.M.W. costs around $247,500, and the third mechanic will cost you about $727,500.

three mechanics in the workshop
Arena War’s workshop feature three mechanics for different purposes.

MC Clubhouse Garage

Motorcycle Clubhouses were released during the Criminal Enterprises Update of September 2016. These MC clubs come with their garages. However, these garages can only store motorcycles. While there are many garages to store your superfast and luxury cars, there are not many for bikes.

With the addition of these clubhouses, players can now store ten bikes in a single clubhouse garage in GTA 5. While the interior may not be beautiful, it is still in acceptable condition for a bike workshop. Moreover, the additional perk of having a mechanic inside the workshop/garage specifically for the upgradation and customizing of your motorbikes is unmatched.

MC Clubhouse garage
MC Clubhouse garage

Many clubhouses in GTA 5 are available for purchase with different price brackets. However, players can buy the cheapest one with a garage for $200,000 from Maze Bank Foreclosures in GTA 5.

Diamond Casino Master Penthouse Garage

The luxury penthouse condominiums are great purchasable properties in GTA 5. They cost a fortune but allow players to decorate and customize them however they want. Featuring all the luxuries in the game in a single place, these penthouses also have their own garage spaces in GTA 5.

However, unlike the other top-class penthouse facilities, the garage is disappointing. It has a holding capacity of ten vehicles, which is a shock for a penthouse of this value. You can find better storage locations anywhere in the city.

Penthouse garage in GTA 5
It is a relatively small and boring garage, considering the price of the penthouse in GTA 5.

The cheapest penthouse is available for $15,00,000 on the Diamond Casino website in GTA 5. The most notable perk of this garage is that players spawn directly into the penthouse when they login into GTA 5. Therefore, they can easily access their cars from there and go wherever they want in the game.


Garages in GTA 5 not only provide a great way to store all your favorite vehicles in one place and are a significant investment that can prove lucrative and earn you money. These garages can differ in prices, infrastructure, and holding capacities. This guide has discussed various top picks for the best garage in GTA 5.

Do you agree with our list? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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