GTA 5: Best Gun For Combat [Top 10]

Equip yourself with the best gun in GTA 5. Also, learn their stats, upgrade options, and the cost to purchase or improve them.

Own the best gun in GTA 5

In GTA 5, equipping yourself with the best gun is not a fancy rather, it is a necessity. Moreover, the Online world of GTA will not host you with kindness. So be sure to greet them with the respect they are due.

Key Takeaways

  • The handgun will come most useful relentless of what situation you are currently in. The AP Pistol is the best choice in this category. Also, the Up-n-Atomizer is not to be overlooked, as it has the best damage-dealing stats.
  • For close-range combat, it is best to equip the most impactful shotgun. Regarding this, the Assault Shotgun will deliver quick blows to the enemy. The Pump Shotgun can be the best option to blow off any close-standing vehicle.
  •  Rifles are your best partner in crime. So be sure to choose the best options possible. The Bullpup Rifle and the Carbine Rifle will suit your interest. Also, both of these guns have the MK II variation.
  • To achieve the best consistent fire rate, a machine gun is mandatory. Regarding consistency, Combat MG is the basic and considered the best option. However, the most vital gun to equip in this category will be the Unholy Hellbringer.
  • Uniquely, the Widowmaker will satisfy your need for heavy weapon equipment.
  • Lastly, for the sniper category, the only Heavy Sniper remains on the top of the list. The weapon deals insane single-hit damage and also has the MK II variation.

Locations To Purchase Guns


Weapon selling store in GTA

Any weapon that you wish to purchase is available in the Ammu-Nation. This is the same for both GTA 5 and GTA Online. Moreover, you can also purchase armor and some good-looking vests to give yourself more authentic looks.

The store is situated at various locations all around the map.

  • Chumash
  • Great Chaparral
  • Hawick
  • La Mesa
  • Little Seoul
  • Morningwood
  • Paleto Bay
  • Sandy Shores
  • Tataviam Mountains

Even though most weapons are available in the Ammu-Nation, certain guns require some condition to be fulfilled to unlock them. These conditions are separate for GTA 5 and GTA Online.

  • GTA 5: You will unlock guns as you progress through the game’s story.
  • GTA Online: Guns will become available as you level up and get on the higher rank. To do so, you need to earn RP points. In addition to that, check out our guide to learn the best ways to earn RP in GTA 5.


Armory upgrade
Buy Guns from Armory

If you are playing GTA Online, there is another way to purchase the finest weapons. Those who are running an Agency business can buy an upgrade of Armory. This will allow the player to purchase guns within the agency building. So, you do not have to trouble yourself going to the Ammu-Nation each time you require new firepower in your hand.

There are few locations to purchase Agency, and all are present on the city side of the map.

  • Hawick
  • Little Seoul
  • Rockford Hill
  • Vespucci Canals

The Armory upgrade will cost you $720,000. Also, you can buy the best gun available in GTA at a special discount if you are buying it through Armory. However, the cost of buying the Agency will differ depending on which location you wish to buy it.

If interested, you can stroll through the guide on the best businesses to buy in GTA and get to know more about the Agency and other businesses’ intel in detail.

Every Best Gun To Buy In GTA 5

Guns in GTA 5 have a lot of variations and are well-organized into their respective category. Therefore, figuring out which can be an impactful instrument in your hand could be a little aggravating. But if you manage to sort out this mess then you are sure to set a loadout that can ravage any obstacle or group of annoying people from your path.

AP Pistol ( Handgun )

Best handgun in GTA
The AP Pistol

Start with something lighter to equip and even much lighter on pockets. The reason to put this weapon as the best gun in GTA 5 is that it is friendlier to those players who remain on the run for a significant amount of time.

This can include aiming while driving or hitting enemies on the run. Surely, this weapon has low damage dealing, but its limited recoil trait and high accuracy rate make it much more essential for most people.

The weapon can behave as an automatic gun, so you can get a noticeable impact from a small package of violence. Furthermore, it is best suited for stealth missions.


Stats of the AP pistol
File Stats of the AP Pistol


  • Damage: 28 ( 25 default, 50 headshots)
  • Fire Rate: 80 ( 600 RPM )
  • Accuracy: 45
  • Range: 30 ( 120 meters )
  • Clip Size: 20
  • The standard clip size consists of 18 rounds. With the Extended clip upgrade, the number of rounds is increased to 36.

Cost And Upgrades

  • $1000 cost in GTA 5.
  • $5000 cost in GTA Online.
  • Extended clip upgrade will cost $9400 and will be unlocked at Rank 33.
  • It has an Attachment slot for Suppressor and Flashlight. Suppressor will cost $12,000 and is unlocked at Rank 36. Whereas the Flashlight is unlocked at Rank 35 and costs $1975.

Up-n-Atomizer ( Handgun )

Best handgun in GTA 5
The Best Ray Gun In GTA 5

One of the most unique and astounding weapons ever presented in GTA 5. The gun sure counts among the handguns, but it holds the property of a Ray Gun. Moreover, nothing will suit your interest better than this handgun if you want to grieve people online.

It is because it does not act like a normal gun. Just a wacky addition to GTA 5 for making the world pledge more into chaos.

Following that, this weapon will have its maximum effect when used in PvP scenarios. It is because this Ray Gun does not shoot a round of bullets. Rather, it hurls a special energy blast toward the enemy. Dealing a stunning amount of damage and also knockbacks the opponent far enough. The knockback strength also applies to the vehicle, making it the best and most fun-to-use gun in GTA 5.

However, the gun will also have the same impact on friends and your vehicle. So better watch out for your crazy tactics. In addition to some of the more crazy factors, the gun has unlimited round shots. It does not require a reload time; rather, it goes on a short cooldown before it can blast again.

Moreover, its accuracy is absurd as the projectile it ejects does not travel at the speed of a normal bullet. The energy blast is rather slow to approach. As a result, it’s not favorable while focusing on a moving enemy.


Stats of The Atomizer
File Stats of Up-n-Atomizer
  • Damage: 80 ( *default )
  • Fire Rate: 10 ( 30 RPM )
  • Accuracy: 10
  • Range: 50 ( 120 meters )
  • Clip Size: 10
  • The ammo size of this gun is unlimited as it does not contain any reload.

Cost And Upgrades

  • You can purchase this gun for a sum of $399,000.
  • It does not contain any upgrade option. This gun will remain on its default performance.
  • Regarding customization, you are only eligible to apply some paint job to it ( Ranges from $5250 to $12,500 ).

Assault Shotgun

Best shotgun in GTA 5
The Assault Shotgun

Now in GTA 5, you have to be prepared for every situation. Because you have to meddle in affairs that bear some fruitful but moreover, troublesome results afterward, regarding this matter, it is the best choice to equip yourself with a gun that comes as the most accessible weapon at a certain moment.

The Assault Shotgun delivers a lethal blow to the enemies at a rapid-fire rate. This is the best gun for closed combat in GTA 5. Moreover, the weapon counts as an automatic shotgun, the leading trait in the shotgun category. This shotgun will be outstanding for clearing a room full of enemies.

However, you cannot aim with this weapon while driving a car or riding a bike.


Stats of the Assault Shotgun
File Stats of Assault Shotgun
  • Damage: 77 ( 32 per pellet, total six pellets, if all pellets hit, then 192 per shot )
  • Fire Rate: 50 ( 240 RPM )
  • Accuracy: 25
  • Range: 20 ( 40 meters )
  • Clip Size: 10
  • The Assault Shotgun comes at a meager round of bullets with only 8. However, applying the Extended clip upgrade will drastically increase the ammo capacity to 32 rounds.

Cost And Upgrades

  • The gun costs $1500 in GTA 5 and is unlocked after playing Blitz Play mission.
  • For GTA Online, it will cost $10,000 and is unlocked at Rank 37.
  • The Extended clip upgrade will cost $9625 after you have unlocked it by reaching Rank 38.
  • The Grip can be purchased for $4275, unlocked at Rank 39. It increases the stability of the shotgun and provides it with better Accuracy.
  • At Rank 40, you can apply the Flashlight upgrade for $2200.
  • Lastly, the Suppressor upgrade will cost $12,350 and is unlocked at Rank 41. The Suppressor silences the weapon at the cost of damage and range, which is slightly reduced.

Pump Shotgun

Good close range weapon
The Pump Shotgun

Of course, the gun present throughout the GTA series will surely be counted as the best gun in GTA 5. The Pump Shotgun fires, blasting bullet shells that shake the enemy to his core. As usual, this shotgun will deliver a massive impact upon hitting a close-range opponent.

However, if you want to utilize this equipment to its maximum potential, you should try shooting down vehicles that are on the run rather than the people. Upon delivering a blow to the critical area, this shotgun will take down most cars with a single shot. Provided that you are standing close to that vehicle.

It might lack the stats to impress its wielder, but it is best for damage dealing.


Stats of the Pump Shotgun
File Stats of Pump Shotgun
  • Damage: 67 ( 29 per pellet, total eight pellets, if all pellets hit, then 232 per shot )
  • Fire Rate: 20 ( 74 RPM )
  • Accuracy: 30
  • Range: 20 ( 40 meters )
  • Clip Size: 10
  • Pump Shotgun has an ammunition capacity of 8 rounds of the shell. Whereas the reload is required after the use of every shot.

Cost And Upgrades

  • You can buy this gun for $550 in GTA 5 story mode. It is unlocked after The Long Stretch mission.
  • In GTA Online, its cost is $3500 and a Rank of 17.
  • It supports the Flashlight and Suppressor upgrade only. The Flashlight requires $1750 with Rank 18, and the Suppressor upgrade requires $12,350 with Rank 19.
  • The Pump Shotgun does not support the Extended clip upgrade.

Bullpup ( Rifle )

Good starting weapon in GTA 5
The Bullpup Rifle

The rifle category has remained a prevailing choice for GTA 5 players. The Bullpup is made with balanced stats, making it the best gun for everyone in GTA 5. The weapon is simply outstanding in terms of accuracy. Due to its low recoil and high fire rate, it is much easier to endure gunfights with this weapon.

Even though the weapon provides fair stats to satisfy the player, the only downfall to face is the number of damage. But keeping in mind that Bullpup has one of the best accuracy and fire rate, it is quite effortless to aim for the head and knock out the enemy with a single hit.


Stats of the Bullpup Rifle
File Stats of Bullpup Rifle
  • Damage: 37 ( 32 default, 54.4 headshots)
  • Fire Rate: 70 ( 500 RPM )
  • Accuracy: 50
  • Range: 45 ( 120 meters )
  • Clip Size: 40
  • The standard ammunition capacity of Bullpup is 30 rounds of a magazine. At the same time, the Extended clip upgrade will make it twice as 60 rounds of a magazine.

Cost And Upgrades

  • Bullpup Rifle is $14,500 in GTA 5 and GTA Online.
  • This gun is unlocked after completing The Big Score mission in GTA 5.
  • You can have this gun from the start of GTA Online as it is purchasable at Rank 1. Due to this, it is the best-starting weapon to own in the game.
  • The Extended Clip for this gun will cost you $9,950.
  • Bullpup Rifle supports a good amount of Attachment upgrades. This includes Flashlight( $2575 ), Grip( $4275 ), Scope( $11,350 ), and Suppressor( $12.500 ).

Carbine Rifle

Best rifle in GTA 5
The Carbine Rifle

Sometimes, you might find yourself in a situation that will keep on shifting its state regardless of the players’ will. Following this, you need to have a gun that is as flexible as the shifting tides of your fate. The Carbine Rifle provides overall average stats that make it the best gun to buy in GTA 5.

Moreover, the Carbine Rifle provides the best accuracy stat among all other rifles. Due to its massive ammo capacity, it sustains quite well in combat. In addition to its decent range and damage output, this gun should not be avoided when choosing the best guns in the game.


Stats of the Carbine rifle
File Stats of Carbine Rifle
  • Damage: 32 ( 32 default, 54.4 headshots)
  • Fire Rate: 65 ( 444 RPM )
  • Accuracy: 55
  • Range: 45 ( 120 meters )
  • Clip Size: 40
  • The weapon comes with a standard 30 rounds of bullets in a magazine. With an Extended clip, it extends to 60 bullets. Additionally, the Box clip upgrade will increase the capacity to 100 rounds of bullets.

Cost And Upgrades

  • The Carbine Rifle costs $2100 after you have unlocked it by playing The Jewel Store Job mission in GTA 5.
  • As for GTA Online, you can unlock this weapon at Rank 42 for $13,000.
  • The Extended clip upgrade will cost $9,9775, and the Box clip upgrade will cost $25,550. The Extended clip is unlocked at Rank 43.
  • Firstly, the Flashlight upgrade unlocks at Rank 45 ( $2350 ). Secondly, the Grip upgrade unlocks at Rank 44 ( $4350 ). Thirdly, the Scope upgrade unlocks at Rank 46 ( $10,900 ). Lastly, the Suppressor upgrade is unlocked at Rank 47 ( $12,450 ).

Combat MG ( Machine Gun )

Standard Machine gun in GTA 5
The Combat MG

This basic gun falls under the machine gun category. This machine gun effectively destroys any vehicle with just a single long trigger button press. Due to its good fire rate and pretty favorable range, it is the best choice when storming the enemy base from the front. Also, its great ammo capacity will let you assault many of the enemies without giving them a chance to retaliate.

Combat MG puts its user in an advantageous position of holding a high Ground. It is because the weapon allows you to fire a continuous round of bullets with an acceptable amount of fire rate. In brief, this is the best machine gun at the basic level to own in GTA 5.


Stats of Combat MG
File Stats of Combat MG
  • Damage: 32 ( 45 default, 76.5 headshots)
  • Fire Rate: 65 ( 556 RPM )
  • Accuracy: 45
  • Range: 60 ( 120 meters )
  • Clip Size: 70
  • It comes with a standard ammo capacity of 100 rounds which can be increased up to 200 rounds with an Extended clip upgrade.

Cost And Upgrades

  • Combat MG will cost $3700 in GTA 5 after you have played the mission Blitz Play.
  • It will cost you $14,800 in GTA Online. Also, you will unlock it at Rank 80.
  • The Extended Clip upgrade is worth $10,000 and is unlocked at Rank 81.
  • As for the Attachment upgrade, the Grip comes at Rank 82, costing $4425. The Scope upgrade will cost $10,975 after being unlocked at Rank 83.

Unholy Hellbringer ( Machine Gun )

Best machine gun in GTA 5
The Unholy Hellbringer

The most insane and oddly-looking gun in GTA 5. This mass weapon of destruction was featured in the game when the Arena War update was released. The Unholy Hellbringer falls under the machine gun category and is treated as a Light Machine Gun.

Furthermore, the gun contains the behavior of a Plasma Rifle. As a result, it is less noisy and consistent in its fire rate. Moreover, the gun can sustain in any situation because of its above-average stats in the game overall.

Furthermore, this gun does not lack any attributes. However, you might find it a bit dull in its accuracy. But the effect of it will be quite negligible to notice.

Nevertheless, you must put a hefty sum into purchasing this best gun in GTA 5. What’s more to this outclass weapon is that its ammo capacity is extensive enough that you can withstand countless waves of enemies. Without even caring about the reload for a single time.


Stats of Unholy Hellbringer
File Stats of Unholy Hellbringer
  • Damage: 55 ( 45 default, 76.5 headshots)
  • Fire Rate: 65 ( 556 RPM )
  • Accuracy: 45
  • Range: 60 ( 120 meters )
  • Clip Size: 70
  • The Unholy Hellbringer has the ammunition capacity of shooting 9999 laser shots in a single go.

Cost And Upgrades

  • The weapon is purchasable for $449,000.
  • As for the ammunition purchase, it will cost you $277 per 200 rounds.
  • It does not support any additional upgrades.
  • Paint jobs can be applied to this weapon as customization.

Widowmaker ( Heavy )

Best heavy gun in GTA 5
The Widowmaker

Once you have triggered this mini gun on the battlefield, its destruction becomes unstoppable. The weapon converts the normal combat scenario into a whole rampage phase within no time. Also, it is a Plasma machine Gun which makes it shoot high mobility projectiles at an insanely super fire rate. The Widowmaker is, undeniably, the best gun ever to get your hands on in GTA 5.

The Widowmaker offers the best stats regarding the fire rate and better range covering. This factor covers up the neglect in damage to this weapon. Likewise to any other Plasma gun, the Widowmaker has the ammunition capacity to hold the enemy line for a lengthy period.

However, one factor to remember is that wielding this weapon can reduce the movement speed of your character.


Stats of Widowmaker
File Stats of Widowmaker
  • Damage: 30 ( 30 default, 51 headshot)
  • Fire Rate: 100 ( 3000 RPM )
  • Accuracy: 40
  • Range: 55 ( 120 meters )
  • Clip Size: 90
  • The Widowmaker has an ammo capacity of 9999 laser shots.

Cost And Upgrades

  • The price of this weapon is $499,000.
  • The cost of its ammo is $150 per 100 rounds.
  • Only the paint customization can be applied to this weapon because no other upgrade is applicable.
  • This weapon decreases the movement speed by an estimated 40% – 50%.

Heavy Sniper

Best sniper in GTA 5
The Heavy Sniper

Of course, the gun will hold its importance as equally as the range it provides. Following this factor, a sniper is the weapon of choice that delivers a devastating blow from a faraway range.

Moreover, in GTA, you will be required to attempt assassination or stealth missions quite often. Due to this, a sniper can come in handy as it is essential to sometimes take out your enemy with surprise by remaining out of their sight.

Snipers offer stats that can help eliminate the enemy from quite a distance with a single shot because it is essential to keep one with you, just in case. Moreover, the Heavy Sniper adopts the quality of any sniper-class weapon perfectly on the spot. With massive range, precision guaranteed, and an absurd amount of damage, the weapon is, without a doubt, the most beneficial to the players. Despite being low on ammunition capacity, its large-scale damage will ensure that every bullet counts when the trigger is pressed.


Stats of the Heavy Sniper
File Stats of Heavy Sniper
  • Damage: 98 ( 216 default, 300 headshot )
  • Fire Rate: 20 ( 50 RPM )
  • Accuracy: 90
  • Range: 100 ( 1500 meters )
  • Clip Size: 5
  • The ammunition capacity of the Heavy Sniper is six rounds.

Cost And Upgrades

  • After completing Three’s Company mission, you can buy this weapon for $9500 in GTA 5.
  • It will cost $38,150 to buy in GTA Online and Rank 90.
  • It does not support most of the upgrades in the game. Rather, it only has one Attachment upgrade of an Advanced Scope. It costs $12,500 and is unlocked at Rank 91.

Average Score Of Enlisted Guns

To briefly summarize the gun rating mentioned above, their average score is calculated to make things easier for you. If you rely on the statistics of weapons more than their descriptions, a simple and overall score will get you to decide efficiently.

  • AP Pistol average score is 40.6
  • Up-n-Atomizer average score is 32
  • Assault Shotgun average score is 36.4
  • Pump Shotgun average score is 29.4
  • Bullpup Rifle average score is 47.4
  • Carbine Rifle average score is 47.4
  • Combat MG average score is 54.4
  • Unholy Hellbringer’s average score is 59
  • Widowmaker average score is 63
  • Heavy Sniper’s average score is 62.6

Special Weapon Workshop

Special weapon workshop
Upgrade Guns into Powerful Variants

If you want to enhance your weapon beyond its capabilities, there is a way. This ideal change was made with the Gunrunning update that was launched for GTA Online. Due to the weapon workshop, the player could create an MK II variant of some of the guns.

Moreover, these variants enable the weapon to contain some additional upgrades that can not be done on the base version of the gun. Explicitly, this will include adding Unique Ammos, Unique Attachments, and more Aesthetic Options.

To set up a weapon workshop, you need to own a Bunker that can help you unlock the upgrades. The Bunker is the only way to do this because Research needed to be done there to add more customization options for the MK II variant of the guns. For example, bullets that explode on impact or will set the enemy on fire. More variety in scopes, allowing you to equip the scope of every range. Muzzles that can reduce the recoil of the weapon.

After that, you must purchase a MOC, Avenger, Terrorbyte, or Kosatka. These vehicles will host a weapon workshop inside of them, allowing you to upgrade your weapon and take it to the next level.

Guns To Upgrade

A few of the weapons enlisted above apply to the MK II variant.

  • Pump Shotgun can be upgraded to Pump Shotgun MK II for $82,500.
  • Bullpup Rifle can be upgraded to Bullpup Rifle MK II at $105,750.
  • Carbine Rifle can be upgraded to Carbine Rifle MK II for $107,500.
  • Combat MG can be upgraded to Combat MG MK II for $119,000.
  • Heavy Sniper can be upgraded to Heavy Sniper MK II for $165,375.

Final Words

To conclude, guns in GTA help you with almost any situation. It is because the game simulates the best gangster experience and makes you go through the hardship that a street mafia would usually go through. Regarding that, investing in the equipment that will favor you the most in such a harsh environment is wise. Best take care of your weapon so it can take care of you in your hour of need.

If you did find this guide helpful, then be sure to check out more of them.

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