GTA 5: Highest Paying Best Heist [Ranked]

Take a look at the list of best heists in GTA 5 and choose one for yourself to complete and earn lots of easy money.

best heist in GTA 5
Best Heist for earning money in GTA 5

GTA 5 features eight different heists, each with its unique storyline, difficulty level, heist planning, crew requirements, and rewards. While finishing them all is fun, some of them need lots of time and setup missions to execute your heist finally. If your sole purpose is to earn bucks, we have ranked the best heists in GTA 5 from the highest rewarding to the lowest.

Key Takeaways

  • There are a total of eight different heists in GTA 5. While the first five were added in a single update, the remaining three were dropped in subsequent updates one by one.
  • Each heist in GTA 5 is unique, filled with thrilling experiences, and has unique rewards. Moreover, players can play them repeatedly and earn lots of money while enjoying the process.
  • Among the eight heists, not all have the same rewards. Some are difficult to play but have high rewards, while others are easy to complete but are less rewarding. Therefore, selecting a good heist that is equally interesting and highly rewarding should be the players’ priority.

Before we proceed on with the heists list, you must know about arranging suitable crews for every heist. As a beginner, you would find our detailed guide GTA V Best Crew For Every Heist, helpful.

Best Heists In GTA 5

GTA 5 added five heists in the Heists update of 2015, and subsequent updates added three new heists missions. Some are more rewarding than others; some missions have fewer rewards but take less effort and preparation. Moreover, players can replay heists as many times as they want.

Another exciting perk of playing heist missions in GTA 5 is that if you die at some point during the heist, you can restart the mission at a particular checkpoint instead of starting from scratch. It should be evident that heists that take longer to complete have more rewards and are more fun.

Following are the eight heist missions in GTA 5:

  • Series A Funding
  • Fleeca Job
  • The Humane Labs Raid
  • Prison Break
  • Pacific Standard
  • Doomsday Heist
  • The Cayo Perico Heist
  • The Diamond Casino Heist

We have ranked and explained the highest paying heists in detail below:

Humane Labs Raid

Members Required: 4

Set Up Cost: $54000

Payout (After The Criminal Enterprises Update)

  • $4,72,500 (Easy Mode),
  • $9,45,000 (Normal Mode),
  • $11,81,250 (Hard Mode)

Humane Labs Raid heist aims to steal some crucial files from a laboratory in Los Santos. The team divides into two units, i.e., A ground team and another Pilot and Gunner. While the ground team does most of the hard work of dealing with guards and stealing important data, the air support group is usually stuck on the roof, giving necessary backup.

Parachuting to the laboratory
Parachuting to the Laboratory’s parking lot

It has a good payout, especially if you play it on a hard difficulty level. Both teams work in synchronization to complete the mission. The successful evacuation of the ground team without any casualties through the water reservoir ensures the completion of the heist. However, the Humane Labs Raid fails if any of the following situations happens:

  • Usually, players can restart a heist from a specific checkpoint once he is dead. However, if your character dies repeatedly and runs out of available lives, the mission will fail, and the player will have to replay the heist from scratch.
  • The mission fails if the agent dies.
  • The mission fails if the airborne vehicle (Valkyrie) carrying the crew is blown up.
  • If the players jump out and parachute to the lab before the drop zone appears, the mission automatically fails.

Choose an efficient crew and devise your strategy carefully to win the vast sums at the end of the heist. If any crew members die, you will have to pay a considerable amount in reimbursements. Therefore, make sure to avoid any unnecessary casualties.

stealing the data files
Stealing the data files

The Pacific Standard Job

Members required: 4

Setup cost: $25000

Payout (After The Criminal Enterprises Update)

  • $750,000 (Easy Mode)
  • $1,500,000 (Normal Mode)
  • $1,875,000 (Hard Mode)
breaking in the bank gives real-life heist vibes in GTA 5
Using the thermal charge to break open the gates

The Pacific Standard Job heist requires players to rob the Pacific Standard Bank in Downtown Vinewood in GTA 5. The crew divides into three sub-groups, each performing a specific job. While one group sets on to control the crowd, a demolition group will fight off security guards and provide the necessary protection to the hacker, who will open the vaults to steal the cash.

The primary purpose of the demolition group is to blow up the Teller gates, which will allow the hacker to access the vault’s security system. Once the team has stolen the cash, they should reunite at the entrance gate and devise an escape according to the situation. Moreover, ensure that you don’t fail the heist in GTA 5 by avoiding the following problems:

  • The mission fails once a player runs out of lives.
  • Players need to maintain their activities low-key and not earn any Wanted level. The crowd control crew plays a crucial role in preventing the crowd from escaping. However, if any mismanagement happens, the players will receive wanted levels and lose the heist in GTA 5.
  • Additionally, the players also lose the heist if they run out of the bank without finishing the heist or if they fail to run out of the bank on time.
  • If their waterborne vehicle (Dinghy) is destroyed, they will lose the heist in GTA 5.

Again, avoiding casualties will result in better rewards. Moreover, you can repeatedly replay heists as many times as you want to earn the same rewards. Check our detailed guide on how to Replay Heists in GTA 5 online?

looting all the cash
Looting all the cash

The Doomsday Heist

Members required: 2-4

Setup cost

  • Act I: $25,000
  • Act II: $25,000
  • Act III: $25,000

Payout (After The Criminal Enterprises Update)

  • The Data Breach (Act I): $975,000 – $1,218,750
  • The Bogdan Problem (Act II): $1,425,000 – $1,781,250
  • The Doomsday Scenario (Act III): $1,800,000 – $2,250,000
    doomsday heist in GTA 5
    Playing Doomsday heist with two players in GTA 5

It is the lengthiest heist in GTA 5 and comprises three acts. Moreover, each act is played as a separate heist, making the Doomsday Heist a collection of three sub-heists. The total revenue of this heist is estimated at around $5,25,000.

Another exciting thing about the Doomsday heist is that it requires only a group of two players to finish it rather than four players. Consequently, you can divide the prize money in half rather than among four people.

However, certain demands are needed to be fulfilled before getting to the heist. For example, owning a facility in GTA 5 is mandatory to start this heist. We recommend buying RON Alternates Wind Farm Facility in GTA 5. However, depending on your budget and personal preferences, you can choose from our detailed guide on Best Facility Property In GTA 5.

protecting the hacker
Fighting the guards to give cover to the hacker

Some preparatory missions must be completed before starting the main heists. These prep missions aim to collect the necessary equipment required for the heists. Fortunately, as these missions are to be completed in the Freemode, players can avoid playing them and simply steal the required equipment from rival crews.

The Cayo Perico Heist

Members Required: 1-4

Setup Cost

  • No setup cost in solo play
  • $25,000 for more than one player

Payout (After The Criminal Enterprises Update)

  • $62,00,000 (Easy Mode)
  • $68,00,000 (Hard Mode)
cayo perico heist in GTA 5
Inside the villa of the Drug Lord

The Cayo Perico Heist aims to steal important documents from a drug lord’s island in GTA 5. It is a very flexible heist, allowing players to play it however they want. For example, players can play it solo or in groups, follow a strategized plan, or go with the flow. However, doing it unconventionally will result in a relatively minor payout and relatively lesser chances of success.

Players must be a CEO or operating a Motorcycle Club to be eligible to perform this heist in GTA 5. An additional demand, without which the player becomes eligible to conduct the heist, is to own a Kosatka submarine. The heist involves stealing documents from an island, so the submarine is a crucial base for required activities.

The heist is divided into the following three parts:

  • Intel includes gathering necessary information, determining the weak areas to assess, and formulating a plan.
  • Prep includes using the acquired information to formulate a plan and getting the necessary equipment ready for the execution of the plan.
  • Finale includes the execution of the plan in whatever manner the player wants.
    escaping cayo perico
    Escaping Cayo Perico with some cash

Since players can devise strategies according to their creativity, it makes the Cayo Perico heist even more interesting. The payout is quite handsome as well. Buying an expensive submarine is a complex investment. However, the investment pays off in the end.

The Diamond Casino Heist

Members Required: 2-4

Setup Cost: Around $25,000

Payout (After The Criminal Enterprises Update)

  • $1,03,40,000 (Easy Mode)
  • $1,13,70,000 (Hard Mode)

*Variable payout (depending on the approach and what the vault holds in it.)

Approaches To Complete The Heist

  • Silent And Sneaky
  • The Big Con
  • Aggressive
Diamond Casino Heist in GTA 5
Diamond Casino Heist in GTA 5

The Diamond Casino Heist is by far the highest-paying heist in GTA 5. It follows a unique mechanism where players get diamonds, gold, cash, or artwork as heist rewards. Consequently, the payout variates every time you play this heist. Like the Doomsday heist, it can also be played with two players.

There are three different approaches to finishing the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA 5. These three approaches have different setup charges, separate setup missions, and dissimilar payouts.

However, each of these discourses is fun to play and is highly rewarding in the end. The setup missions are required to be finished in Freemode, which makes it easy to finish them, as players can steal the necessary equipment from other crews.

looting the vault
Looting the vault

Players must own an Arcade to be eligible to perform this heist. Most of the missions can be completed by the CEO of the Arcade without involving other members. Moreover, heist planning usually takes place in the Arcade.

Therefore, try to buy the Arcade near the heist point. Once the Arcade is active, players will set up the heist by visiting the casino and vault to analyze the security and vault contents and devising the strategy accordingly.

It was all for our guide on the best and highest-paying heist in GTA 5. Which one is your favorite? Do you play the heists for fun or just for the money? How did you find our guide? Tell us in the comments.

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