GTA 5: 5 Best MC Business [Complete Guide]

A detailed guide on all the MC businesses available in GTA 5 Online

4 different MC businesses shown with title at the middle
The best MC business in GTA 5

There are a ton of business options in GTA Online; some are more profitable than others, while some are more fun. The best MC business in GTA 5 is a combination of both. I will talk about the top five profitable businesses in the game today.

Key Takeaways

  • Cocaine Lockup: The most profitable MC business, but also the most expensive to purchase. The right upgrades (staff and equipment) earned me a maximum of $74,000 per in-game hour. It involves the production and sale of costly products.
  • Counterfeit Cash Factory: This business focuses on counterfeiting cash and earned me up to $48,000 per in-game hour with the right upgrades. It’s less profitable than the Cocaine Lockup.
  • Meth Lab: Operating a Meth Lab can bring in a maximum of $51,000 per in-game hour when fully upgraded. Meth production is the primary focus of this business.
  • Weed Farm: The Weed Farm can generate a maximum of $41,000 per in-game hour. This business involves the cultivation and sale of cannasaleproducts.
  • Document Forgery: Personally, I found the Forgery business to be the least profitable among MC businesses, with a maximum income of $38,000 per in-game hour. It focuses on forging documents.


Document Forgery

menu with all the best MC businesses
The Open Road page on the laptop

Let me start the list with one of the least profitable MC businesses in GTA 5, Document Forgery. It is still a great source of passive income and should be bought if you have some extra money.


Players can choose from four different warehouse locations, each with a different price tag. However, the interior of each of them is the same. It is important to note that the location of the warehouse does not affect the productivity and profit of the MC business.

Location PriceGrapeseed
d $650,000
Paleto Bay $732,000
Elysian Island $975,000
Textile City $1,235,000


Upon purchasing the Document Forgery business, a cutscene will guide you on setting it up. Use the laptop to initiate the mandatory setup mission through The Open Road.

  • Once you start the mission, you’ll return to the lobby and receive a call from LJT, directing you to a new location. Get in your vehicle and collect the duffel bag of supplies.
  • The setup mission is straightforward, with no enemies to contend with. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite tunes on the radio station as you drive around the city.


This is pretty much the most essential part of any MC business. The profits and production will depend entirely on how much I decide to invest in upgrades.

If you own the Document Forgery business, the upgrades will be the cheapest compared to all other businesses.

I can do three different upgrades, each with a different cost:

Upgrade Cost Effect
Equipment Upgrade $550000 This will increase my production rate by using better equipment. In addition to that, better equipment will also result in a more valuable product.
Staff Upgrade $195000 Hire more staff members and solve the unemployment issue! See, you’re doing the economy a favor, kind of. Moreover, this upgrade will also result in a more valuable product and a better production rate.
Security Upgrade $285000 It’s important to keep all the businesses safe from any raids. This upgrade will reduce the chances of any police or gang raids by adding more security equipment and personnel.

Occasional raids by police or enemies can result in the loss of supplies and products, leading to financial setbacks. The security upgrade is optional but can be costly compared to potential losses. Prioritize other upgrades for better returns on investment.


Now, you will need supplies for the business. Supplies are compulsory to produce goods. 

interior of the Document forgery MC business
Inside the Document Forgery MC Business

Looking at the Supply meter, five bars indicate the supply is full. Each bar will cost $15,000, and to max out the meter, you will need $75,000. However, I’d rather steal supplies for free.

Stealing Supplies

Each player in the mission can carry one bar worth of supplies. These resupply missions include:

  1. Identity Dealer: Meet the dealer, get supplies, and return to the warehouse.
  2. Armored Trucks: Find and secure supplies from guarded trucks.
  3. Terrorize the Target: Scare the target at a construction site to reveal the supply location.
  4. Bar Fight: Fight at Tequi-la-la bar, steal supplies, and return to the warehouse.
  5. Competitor Gangs: Steal supplies from rival biker gangs on the move.
  6. Crates: Locate, scan, and secure supplies from guarded crates.
  7. Stealing from the Police: Get a one-star wanted level, reveal a cop carrying supplies, steal their bike, and return to the warehouse.


  • Once the supply issue is resolved, the business begins production, as indicated by the product meter above the supply meter. The product meter consists of five bars representing the product quantity.
  • The Document Forgery business can store up to 60 boxes, and the upgrades influence each box’s value. Therefore, early upgrades are crucial for maximizing profits in this business.


  • To ensure a smooth and efficient sales flow, you will need some help from other club members. It’s important because, during the selling mission, you will only have a 30-minute timer to distribute the supplies.
  • Any unsold product will go to waste if you undertake this task alone and multiple vehicles spawn.

The general trend on which the number of cars will spawn is below, but this isn’t always the case.

Bars Filled Cars Spawned
<1.25 One
1.25 – 2.5 Two
2.5 – 3.75 Three
3.75 – 5 Four


Here is how you can manage raids to secure your business. I have tried these methods myself:

  • Defend against rival attempts to steal your MC business supplies by eliminating threats and protecting your warehouse. This may involve intercepting rival gang members attempting to escape with your goods and recovering stolen crates.
  • Additionally, confront the police, secure your warehouse, and pursue and commandeer escaping police trucks, returning them to your base.


cash from the document forgery MC business
Earn profits from Document Forgery

Profit is a critical factor distinguishing the profitability of MC businesses. I can sell my product locally or in a distant location. Selling farther away usually yields higher profits. Delaying the sale until the sale meter is full reduces total profit, with details outlined in the table below.

Document Forgery Total Sales
Close Sale Full profit $105,500
Per box $1,750
Far Away Sale Full profit $157,500
Per box $2,625
Full sale (only 50salees)

(In 2hrs 30mins)

Full profit $87,500
Per box $131,250

 If you want to compare the rate at which this business produces goods, then:

  • One box of $1,250 is produced every 5 minutes without any upgrades.
  • One box of $1,500 is produced every 4 minutes with only the equipment upgrade.
  • One box of $1,750 is produced every 3 minutes with both upgrades.
Document Forgery Maximum Possible Profit
Close Sale $3,500
Far Away Sale $22,500
Time To Produce Full 3 hours

Weed Farm

Some players consider this the best MC business. However, even though it is pretty fun to set up and manage, there are more profitable MC businesses. But everyone has their taste, and playing for fun is inevitably more critical.


The warehouse location doesn’t impact the business’s profitability or production rate. While having all the warehouses in a similar location may make travel more convenient, it’s expensive. 

Location Price
San Chianski Mountain Range $715,000
Mount Chiliad $805,200
Elysian Island $1,072,500
Downtown Vinewood $1,358,500


  • After entering the warehouse, a cutscene provides the basic information. You’ll receive a call from LJT instructing you to go to another location and pick up a delivery van with a Smoke on the Water livery.
  • There are no enemies in this setup, making it straightforward. Once you’ve acquired the van, return to the warehouse to complete the setup mission.


I highly recommend getting the equipment and staff upgrades when you have money in the bank.

Upgrade Cost Effect
Equipment Upgrade $990,000 The equipment upgrade will increase the value of your product by a lot. In addition to that, it will also improve the rate of production.
Staff Upgrade $273,000 Hiring more people means giving more people a stable source of income! Moreover, you’re also getting the benefit. Buying this upgrade will improve not only the production rate but also the value of your product.
Security Upgrade
Avoid the annoying police raids and rival gang robberies. Hire more guards and keep the business safe from any external factors.

The security upgrade won’t directly increase your profits, so consider it a lower-priority upgrade.


  • Supplies are compulsory if I would want to produce weed. The warehouse comes to a standstill as soon as the supply runs out. Therefore, I make sure to keep refilling the supply meter for efficient profits.
inside the weed farm MC business
Weed Farm MC business
  • Similarly, a single bar costs around $15,000, meaning the whole meter will be filled for $75,000. I’d rather opt to steal the supplies.

Stealing Supplies

The most common stealing supply missions in Weed Farm are:

  • Steal a van: Weed supplies are stored in a delivery van guarded by hostile NPCs. Eliminate the enemies who steal the van, but be prepared for a chase, as damage to the van affects supply delivery.
  • Vagos gang: Fight Vagos gang members to clear the area.
  • Stealing: Generally, you’ll face police or rival gang members while stealing supplies, which must be returned to the warehouse.
  • Dealing with nasty people: Go to an indoor or outdoor location and steal a bucket of supplies while dealing with hostile NPCs.


After obtaining the supply, the weed business will begin production. The warehouse can store a maximum of 80 bundles of weed, corresponding to the 5 bars displayed in the product meter on the bottom right of the screen.


  • I recommend selling the supplies with the help of friends. You can learn about it in my extensive guide on how to add friends in GTA Online. This is crucial when you have numerous products to sell, as multiple vehicles may be spawned. Given the 30-minute time limit for selling missions, it’s impossible to handle all the vehicles alone.
  • Selling missions can involve vehicles like bikes, boats, planes, vans, and helicopters. For boats, planes, helicopters, etc., a maximum of three vehicles will be spawned, while up to four vehicles will be spawned for bike deliveries.


The weed farm is a prime target for rival gangs and the police. There are two types of raids that I usually encounter:

  1. Police Raid: The police launch a raid on my weed farm, and I have to fend them off, including police helicopters. After successfully repelling the attack, I followed the escaping police van containing my goods or staff. I then retrieved the van and returned it to the warehouse.
  2. Rival Gang Raid: A rival gang may initiate a raid, sending many members on motorcycles to steal my weed supply.


cash in briefcase
Earn profits from Weed Farm MC business

Selling your supply to a further location is more profitable, and selling it before it maxes out is also the better choice.

Weed Farm Total Sales
Close Sale Full profit $210,000
Per box $2,625
Far Away Sale Full profit $315,000
Per box $3,938
Full sale (only 50saledles)

(In 3hrs 20mins)

Full profit $131,250
Per box $196,875

This profit is when you have both equipment and staff upgrades.

For comparing production and profit rates, I use this information:

  • One bundle of $1,875 every 6 minutes with no upgrades.
  • One bundle of $2,250 every 5 minutes with an equipment upgrade.
  • One bundle of $2,625 every 4 minutes with equipment and staff upgrades.

This is the maximum possible profit after subtracting all the supply costs and time. This will happen if you consistently sell your product on time.

Weed Farm Maximum Possible Profit
Close Sale $16,875
Far Away Sale $36,563
Time To Produce Full 5 hours 20 minutes

Counterfeit Cash Factory

Counterfeit cash factory is a strong contender when deciding which MC business is best in GTA 5.


The business operates the same way on the map’s outskirts or in the center of Los Santos.

The only benefit of choosing a particular location is convenience in transportation. It can save travel time if it’s closer to your other businesses. However, the cheapest location will suffice if you’re on a budget.

Location Price
Grand Senora Desert $845,000
Paleto Bay $951,600
Cypress Flats $1,267,500
Vespucci Canals $1,605,000


  • The setup process is the same for all businesses. After setting up, you’ll exit the warehouse, and LJT will call you.
  • He’ll instruct you to head to a location and take an armored van with all the supplies. This mission will not be challenging since no enemies are involved.
  • Bring the armored vehicle back to the warehouse to complete the setup mission. 


When discussing the best MC businesses, it’s essential to look at the fully upgraded versions of each business. The profits can be substantial, especially with a fully upgraded counterfeit cash factory.

Upgrade Cost Effect
Equipment Upgrade $880,000 Increase the quality of your equipment with this upgrade. It will also positively affect the value of your product and the rate at which it is produced.
Staff Upgrade $273,000 Getting more staff is always a great business move when you want to expand. Hiring staff will increase your production rate greatly and also the value of your product.
Security Upgrade $456,000 Get a strong and reliable security team and equipment to avoid getting raided by the police or rival gangs.


You can fill up the supply meter on the bottom right by spending $75,000 on five bars. Meaning that each bar of supply will cost around $15,000

women working in Counterfeit cash factory MC business
Inside the Counterfeit Cash Factory

Stealing Supplies

Some stealing supplies missions include:

  1. Fleeca Bank: Steal a briefcase from a nearby Fleeca Bank franchise.
  2. Bar Fight: Go to a bar, eliminate Lost MC gang members, and retrieve a supply bag.
  3. Stealing Trucks/Vans: Locate the truck with supplies among multiple trucks or hijack a van guarded by NPCs.
  4. Scare the Target: Visit a construction site and intimidate the enemy to reveal the supply van’s location without killing them.
  5. Steal from the Cops: Get a 1-star wanted level at a police station, track down the police bike carrying supplies, eliminate the cop, and return the supplies to the warehouse.


  • I can start this phase after securing sufficient supplies. The product meter on the bottom right of the screen shows the progress.
  • Moreover, the Counterfeit cash factory can store up to 40 stacks of money. The value of each stack will be talked about in the profit subheading.


  • You must sell the product to a nearby or distant buyer to profit from this business. Your profit depends on your choice of buyer and location, so choose wisely to maximize earnings.
  • Selling the product involves delivering it, and the number of vehicles required depends on the product quantity. Ideally, divide your product bar into four portions. If your product meter is in the first portion, one vehicle is spawned. If it’s in the third portion, three vehicles are spawned. Therefore, having friends to help in the mission ensures the highest profit.

Helicopters, planes, boats, and other vehicle types may be used for delivery, adding variety to the selling missions.


For the Counterfeit cash factory business, two types of raids are possible. If you fail to protect your warehouse, all your supplies and goods will be stolen.

  • In the first scenario, fend off a police raid at your counterfeit cash factory. After the raid, locate and steal the escaping police van, which may contain staff or supplies.
  • In the second case, repel an attack from a rival organization. Eliminate the rival NPCs and recover any salvageable goods. You have only one spare life during these raids. I find these raids relatively more challenging.


man laying down on bed with cash around him
Earn profits from Counterfeit Cash Factory

Moreover, selling the product after the bar is maxed out will give you comparatively fewer profits. You can learn more about earning in our extensive How to Earn Money Fast guide.

Counterfeit Cash Factory Total Sales
Close Sale Full profit $245,000
Per box $6,125
Far Away Sale Full profit $367,500
Per box $9,188
Full sale (only 20salecks)

(In 2hrs 40mins)

Full profit $122,500
Per box $183,750

The production rate and value of each stack of cash can be seen here:

  • One stack of $4,375 every 12 minutes with no upgrades.
  • One stack of $5,250 every 10 minutes with an equipment upgrade.
  • One stack of $6,125 every 8 minutes with equipment and staff upgrades.

After testing it out, the total profit possible after maxing out the upgrades and selling with the help of my friends is shown in the table below.

Counterfeit Cash Factory Maximum Possible Profit
Close Sale $17,812.5
Far Away Sale $40,781.25
Time To Produce Full 5 hours 20 minutes

Methamphetamine Lab

Nothing gets more illegal than owning a meth lab. I’m particularly attracted to this business, being a Breaking Bad fan. 


Location Price
Grand Senora Desert $910,000
Paleto Bay $1,024,800
Terminal $1,365,000
El Burro Heights $1,729,000


The best MC business is fully upgraded and generates enormous profits. These two things are directly related to each other. Even though all the upgrades cost me a little less than 2 million dollars, it is one of the best investments in the game.

Upgrade Cost Effect
Equipment Upgrade $1,100,000 Increases the production rate and the price at which these goods are sold. All this is possible by using better equipment.
Staff Upgrade $331,500 Bring in more experienced staff members and increase the value of your product and the rate at which it is produced.
Security Upgrade $513,000 Reduce the chances of getting raided by the cops and rival gangs. This upgrade gives you better security equipment and personnel.  

Spending half a million dollars on security may seem a bit too much, and it is. I recommend only buying this upgrade if you have extra cash. However, the other two upgrades are a must-have.


Running a meth business isn’t cheap; you must spend $15,000 to buy a single supply bar. You will need $75,000 to fill the whole supply capacity.

two workers making meth in meth lab
Making Meth in the Meth Lab Business

Stealing Supplies

I’d rather steal supplies instead of paying $75000. The number of players helping you will be the number of supply bars you can steal in a single mission.

The supply-stealing missions include:

  • Columbian Flake: Steal a box of supplies from the given location while dealing with enemy NPCs.
  • Crate Searching: Scan crates at a guarded location to find the one with supplies, then return them to the warehouse.
  • Stealing from Enemies: Steal supplies from hostile NPCs on bikes, parked vans, or moving trucks.
  • Stealing from Cops: Get a 1-star wanted level at a nearby police station and chase down a cop on a bike carrying meth supplies.


  • The Meth lab can produce and store 20 bins of meth. You can see the product meter on the bottom right of the screen. There will be 5 bars, each indicating four bins of methamphetamine.
  • The production is dependent on staff and equipment upgrades.

Selling Product

  • When selling your product, choose the buyer who offers the highest price, usually far from your warehouse. Multiple vehicles will be spawned if you have more than 1.25 bars of product.
  • You’ll need friends to help with the deliveries; ideally, one friend per vehicle spawned. Depending on the product meter, 3 or 4 vehicles may be spawned, or you may have to airdrop supplies to specific locations.


Occasionally, your meth lab will be raided by either the police or rival organizations. If they succeed, then all your supplies and products will be stolen. It can get very annoying, but getting a security upgrade seriously helped me deal with these raids more efficiently.


man looking angry in front of cash
Earn profits in Meth Lab MC business

This is an amazing MC business because of the huge profit. If you sell it to the right bidder and sell frequently, you can earn large amounts of money and get rich. Furthermore, the meth business is very profitable, as shown in the table:

Meth Lab Total Sales
Close Sale Full profit $297,500
Per box $14,875
Far Away Sale Full profit $446,250
Per box $22,313
Full sale (only eight sales)

(In 2hrs 30mins)

Full profit $119,000
Per box $178,500

Another way to show the production rate and value of each box is:

  • 1 bin of $10,625 every 30 minutes with no upgrades.
  • One bin of $12,750 every 24 minutes with an equipment upgrade.
  • One bin of $14,875 every 18 minutes with equipment and staff upgrade.

If you follow all the tips and tricks, only then will you get this much profit from the Meth Lab.

Meth Lab Maximum Possible Profit
Close Sale $18,333.33
Far Away Sale $43,125
Time To Produce Full 6 hours 18 minutes

Cocaine Lockup

The best and most expensive MC business in GTA 5 Online is Cocaine Lockup. The reason for that is that it makes the most amount of profit among all other MC businesses. Even though it costs almost twice as much as the Document Forgery business, you can break even more quickly.


The Cocaine Lockup business has the most expensive property in comparison to others. However, you can still make insane money by buying the cheapest warehouse because the location does not affect profits. The cheapest location is half the price of the most expensive location.

Location Price
San Chianski Mountain Range $975,000
Mount Chiliad $1,098,000
Elysian Island $1,462,500
Downtown Vinewood $1,852,500


  • When you enter the warehouse for the first time after buying it, a cutscene will be initiated, explaining the basics of the business. 
  • The objective of this mission will be to travel to a given location and pick up the Tampa muscle car. Bringing the car back to the warehouse will complete the mission, and now you’re ready to buy supplies.


Since this is the game’s best and most profitable MC business, the upgrades will be quite pricey. However, getting them will be the best investment, and choosing to ignore them will be your worst decision.

Upgrade Cost Effect
Equipment Upgrade $935,000 Improving your equipment will increase the production rate and the value of your Cocaine stacks.
Staff Upgrade $390,000 This upgrade will also increase the price of each Cocaine stack sold and the rate at which they are made.
Security Upgrade
Reduces the frequency of raids on your MC business by hiring better security equipment and personnel.  


  • The first step in production is getting the supplies needed. The supply meter can be shown at the bottom right of your screen. It consists of 5 bars; each can be refilled for $15,000.
  • As always, I prefer stealing these supplies with my friends.
workers working around a table, organizing cocaine.
Staff working inside the Cocaine Lockup business

Stealing Supplies

  1. Stealing from Humane Labs – Go to a crashed Humane Labs van and fight NPCs to steal it.
  2. Stealing from the Police – Gain a 1-star wanted level near a police station, then chase and steal a police bike carrying supplies.
  3. Crate searching – Search crates at Humane Labs or Fort Zancudo, but watch out for hostile NPCs.
  4. Stealing a van/truck – A common mission across all MC businesses where you retrieve a supply van, facing hostile NPCs.


The production phase will begin only after you have gotten the supplies. You can see the product meter above the supply meter, consisting of 5 bars. Note that each bar represents two stacks of Cocaine, with the entire meter representing ten stacks.


The most important and obvious tip is to sell the product to the highest bidder. I always take help from my friends in this regard. Multiple vehicles may be spawned, and you’ll need to deliver them throughout the map in 30 minutes.


  • Having the best MC business will also come with the risk of being raided. When that happens, you must protect your warehouse while having only one spare life.
  • In the Cocaine lockup business, you’ll be raided by the police or have a traitor. In the latter, the traitor is going to testify to the cops. He is staying at a motel nearby, and your mission will be to assassinate him and bring back the testimony to the warehouse.


Finally, the reason Cocaine Lockup is considered the most profitable business. This MC business has insane profits; you can make up all the money spent on it in just 31 hours.

Cocaine Lockup Total Sales
Close Sale Full profit $350,000
Per box $35,000
Far Away Sale Full profit $525,000
Per box $52,500
Full Sale (four sales)


Full profit $140,000
Per box $210,000

 The profit in the above table is when you have equipment and staff upgrades.

The details of the rate of production and price of each stack can be shown as follows:

  • One stack of $25,000 every 50 minutes with no upgrade.
  • 1 stack of $30,000 every 40 minutes with an equipment upgrade.
  • 1 stack of $35,000 every 30 minutes with equipment and staff upgrades.

After excluding all the supply costs, the highest possible profit that we can achieve is:

Cocaine Lockup Maximum Possible Profit
Close Sale $32,500
Far Away Sale $67,500
Time To Produce Full 5 hours

My Thoughts

The best MC business in GTA 5 is, without a doubt, the Cocaine Lockup. However, it is quite pricey to get, and you need a lot of money in the bank. I started with the Weed Farm and worked my way up until I could afford the Cocaine Lockup. I would suggest you guys to do the same. Follow my guide above and keep in mind the tips to make easy money in the game.

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