Top 32 Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods [2023]

Every Minecraft fan would love these Mods that will significantly alter your gaming experience.

Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods
Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods
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Minecraft Bedrock is very popular among the game’s modding community for its exciting versions. Finding a perfect Minecraft mod that neither breaks the game nor makes it too dull is a big task. This article will guide you through all the Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods in detail so that you can try the one which suits your preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • The Minecraft Bedrock Mods bring more than just texture packs, encompassing anything from additional characters to lighting, animals, and objects.
  • They won’t damage the game or give the impression that you’re playing a brand-new version.
  • By altering the game’s coding rather than the core concept, it preserves the original game’s feel.
  • Each Mod includes unique characteristics. Some introduce new features, like Ocean Factory Mod and Expansive Biomes, while others enhance the already present patterns.
  • Although this is purely a matter of opinion, certain Mods are seen to be superior to others based on personal preferences.

Minecraft Mods significantly alter your gaming experience. These changes might be as fundamental as changing the colors and lighting or as complicated as adding entirely new and valuable components to the game, like new characters or items. Moreover, Mods are further characterized into Resource packs/Texture packs and behavior packs.

If you want to add new textures to your Minecraft world, then you might also be interested in the Best Texture Pack for Minecraft.

Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods

Most importantly, some people might be confused about add-ons and mods, however, they have a crucial difference. Add-Ons aren’t mods. However, they don’t change the code of the game and are just for the edition or deletion of already existing blocks or items.

On the other hand, Mods are available for the Java edition too and alter the basic codes of the game.

When you open Minecraft, the downloaded mods will be shown in the global resources section of the settings

Smelters Forge Mod

Although this addition draws inspiration from Tinkers’ Construct, it stands apart from it and will enhance your Minecraft world. This Mod has a lot of features, such as:

  • Lava tank
  • Work station
  • Utility Box
  • Part Table
  • Drying Rack
  • Tank for storing Liquid
  • Pattern chest
  • A filter and many other items
 Minecraft Pack named Smelters Forge
Smelters Forge Mod

You can make wooden weapons, but you must utilize the unique crafting tables and forge to make anything made of stone or higher, which gives the game a more realistic feel. You can add all these features to the vanilla version of Minecraft by adding the Smelters Forge mod.

Download this Mod from Smelters Forge

Anime Meme Mod

Anime Meme Mod a modpack in Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Anime Meme Mod

If you are a big fan of anime and cartoons, then you need to try on the Anime Meme Mod.  The player’s mobility in the game gains additional actions and animations. New animations are applicable to the activities such as riding, flying, swimming, sneaking, walking, sprint diamond or iron shields and swords, every kind of attack, and many more exciting movements.

This best Minecraft bedrock Mod makes a welcome adjustment to the player-based animations in the game because many mods modify the motions of animals. Luckily, the movements in this pack are so realistic due to comfortable bending while running especially.

Download this Mod from Anime Meme Mod

Nether Plus Mod

Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods
Nether Plus Mod

Anyone who enjoys Nether and wants a little more of a challenge or more things to do needs to try the Nether Plus mod. In order to enhance gameplay and provide fresh combat experiences and danger, this mod really introduces new opponents and mobs to the fight.

It consists of supplies with effects including:

  • The Crimson, Basalt, Twisted, and Mold Sand Wand
  • Blue and Blood Demon Ghast
  • Crimson, Twisted Black, and Pet Mushroom
  • Crimson and Twisted Golem
  • Semi-Twisted and Semi-Crimson Golem Beta
  • Eye of Cthulhu
  • Crimson Patitas Pet
  • Twisted Patitas Pet
  • Crimson and Twisted Creeper
  • Pillar Volcano
  • Bloody meat and much more!

Download this Mod from Nether Plus Mod

More Swords Mod

A mod pack in Minecraft Bedrock Edition named More Swords
More Swords Mod

This best Minecraft Bedrock Mod introduces 441 new and updated swords to expand your survival game. Interestingly, you can switch to different materials to make a new sword every time. Each sword has different durability and damage level.

Furthermore, you can actually watch the stats of the material you are using alongside.

These swords include some special swords such as:

  • Magma: Inflammable
  • Slime: Bouncy
  • Obsidian: Strong Stance
  • Glowstone: Nightvision
  • Iron: Magnetic
  • Dragon: Fast
  • Dawn star
  • Vampiric Blade
  • TNT Swords
  • Sword of the Gods

You download this Mod by clicking More swords mod

Ore Generator Mod

Ore generator recipe book in Minecraft
Ore Generator Mod

If you are a lover of mining and digging in Minecraft, then you’ll love this best Minecraft bedrock mod. It would be great fun to have up to 1000 different ores. All you need to do first is to craft an Ore Generator.

This Mod introduces a great number of ores to generate. It introduces six ore generators which are movable and can be broken down to carry around. The generators include:

  • Iron Ore Generator
  • Gold Ore Generator
  • Diamond Ore Generator
  • Netherite Ore Generator
  • Coble Stone Ore Generator
  • Emerald Ore Generator
  • Coal Ore Generator
  • Copper Ore Generator

To use these generators, you first need to craft the cobblestone generator as a base to craft others. Just right-click to use the crafted generator. Moreover, the rare material will take longer to be crafted. It can take up to 15sec to 3min.

You can download this Mod from Ore Generator Mod.

Hand-Held Torches Mod

Handheld torch enlightening a dungeon of Minecraft
Handheld Torches Mod

If you love to explore Minecraft world, you definitely need light at night to keep off the Vicious mobs investigating dark caves and undercover areas. This Mod helps the players to hold the torches to carry with them and use them as a light source anywhere. Handheld Mod offers different types of light sources.

  • Torches
  • Lanterns
  • Throwable Torch
  • Magical Orb
  • Shroomlight
  • Lit Pumpkin
  • Glowstone
  • Campfire
  • Beacon
  • Lava Bucket
  • Enchanting Table

You can download this Mod from Handheld Torches Mod.

Ocean Factory Mod Pack

Ocean Factory Mod in Minecraft
Ocean Factory Mod

This Mod has introduced the most exciting and famous option of underwater play. There are many other underwater packs but this aquatic Mod pack has proved itself to be one of the Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods.

It is way above all of them due to its unique add-ons. When you use this Modpack, you start off in the middle of the island and work with different add-ons. These add-ons include:

  • Advanced Machinery
  • Baubles
  • Chickens
  • Custom Enchantments
  • Item Exchange
  • Lucky Blocks
  • Ore Trees
  • Survival Guns
  • Tinkers’ Awakening
  • Magic and much more!

You can download this Modpack from Ocean Factory Mod

Lots More Food

Lots More Food Minecraft Mod Bedrock Edition
Lots More Food Mod

Have you ever thought Minecraft should have more food in it? Then you need to try this Lots More Food pack, which offers 50+ foods for the players. In this pack, various food items may be used to treat hunger and recover health.

Apart from food, this pack also adds Crops, Saplings, Bushes, and knives for you to make it through crafting recipes. The default foods are so dull. That’s where you need this pack.

Most importantly, You can grow and cook your favorite food again by crafting them from the recipe book.

You can download this mod from Lots More Food.

Advanced Farming

For any Minecraft player who enjoys creating barns and expansive farmlands filled with jumping animals and limitless harvests, this Minecraft advanced farming bedrock mod is the perfect choice to go for. It has super operational choices such as plowing and harvesting with a tractor. This can be achieved in both survival and creative modes. To make the tractor, you simply require lots of iron.

It includes several new farm items, including:

  • Mowers
  • Workstations
  • Craftables
  • Harvesters
  • Sprinklers
  • Plows
  • A functional tractor
  • Animals e.g. Goats
Advanced Farming Mod in Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Advanced Farming Mod

After crafting, each part of the tractor now needs to assemble at the workstation. Right-click the workstation or just click the interaction button. Simply assemble the tractor pieces to use.

You will need to repeat this process four times, combining two components on the workstation, taking the resulting piece, and attaching it to a third piece to finish the tractor. The tractor will be destroyed after 5 Hits.

The tractor also has different tools that you can use, such as:

  • Mower
  • Plow
  • Sprinkler
  • Hose
  • Harvester
  • Wrench

To download this Mod Pack, click Advanced Farming Mod.

Expansive Biomes Mod

Some players who have already explored all the regions of Minecraft might feel too bored to play it, but Expansive Biomes Mod being the best Minecraft bedrock mod, can save them. It has introduced 20+ new biomes, mobs, tools, and armors that will feed your curiosity.

Some of the biomes are:

  • Boggy Swamp
  • Redwood Forest
  • Pendula Forest
  • Volcanic Peaks
  • Deciduous Forest
  • Coniferous Forest
  • Mystic Forest
  • Lavender Plains
  • Shrublands
  • Maple Forest
  • Autumn Forest
  • Jacaranda Forest
Expansive Biomese Mod Minecraft
Expansive Biomese Mod

Expansive Biomes also offers some new mobs, including:

  • Yeti
  • Fireflies
  • Blackbear
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Trapper Pillager
  • Mossy Zombie
  • Gobblin
  • Crocodile
  • Raccoons
  • Deer

If you want to download this Mod, click Expansive Biomes Mod

Faitful HD

Faithful Hd Mod in Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Faithful HD Mod Minecraft

Besides its no recent upgrade for a year, it is still the most widely downloaded pack worldwide. Faithful HD improves the way the block look. Players may select this texture pack to make stone and other high-quality materials if they desire a more realistic appearance. This may greatly increase the sense of realism in the game and provide extra detail for gamers who enjoy creating complex constructions.

It has a resolution of 32X which can easily change your thoughts if you are already bored of the old Vanilla Version. Other texture packs, such as those that give the game world a classic appearance or include new components, are also widely accessible as Minecraft Bedrock modifications.

The brief period of acclimation is a huge plus. Numerous additional packs alter the images so that it takes some time to figure out what is crucial. With Faithful, everything is easily recognizable to you.

However, you may initially find it unusual to see your structures with such a nice surface. The exterior of your building is thus significantly smoother.

If you want to download this texture pack, then click on FAITHFUL HD

The PewdiePie Pack

Minecraft Bedrock edition Mod named PewDiePie
PewDiePie Mod Minecraft Bedrock Edition

PieDiePie is a very renowned YouTuber of all time known for his comedy format gaming videos. This pack is included in the best Minecraft bedrock mods for die-hard fans of Pewdiepie. The pack adds several modified blocks, such as carpets, walls, and fences, to Bedrock Minecraft, incorporating PewDiePie’s visage, memes, and channel references. The features include:

  • Dogs have their ‘Dog Armour.
  • A unique wavy Creeper
  •  New audio for the music CDs in-game
  • Instead of spawning eggs, use “Bucket of Mob.
  • The Sven merch logo appears on the back of zombies’ shirts.
  •  Iron Golems transform into “Stone Men.”
  •  Cats may wear “Cat Armor.”
  •  Watermelons have replaced the previous icons for the hunger bars.
  •  There is a blue and yellow pattern on the XP bar.
  • The PewDiePie wave has been added to a banner.
  •  Barrels become “Evil”
  •  Potions are replaced with G Fuel.

To download this Mod, click on PWEDIEPIE PACK

Anime Bed Overlays

Anime themed Mod Bedrock Edition in Minecraft
Anime Bed Overlays Mod Minecraft Bedrock Edition

This bundle is for you if you are a die-hard anime enthusiast. There are 16 distinct anime bed overlays in this bundle. Every colored bed has an individual anime overlay. This collection also altered the bed components to resemble the anime bed overlays. It allows customizable bed overlays that allow players to choose the colors and patterns of their beds

You can craft anime-themed beds using the same materials as regular beds. It also allows compatibility with other mods, such as furniture or decor mods, to allow players to create an anime-themed room in their Minecraft world. This Anime waifu includes:

  • Siesta
  • Hutao
  • Rem
  • Neptune
  • Touka
  • Aiko
  • Rushia
  • Miku

The mod consists of two types of bed: a normal one and a model bed. Download the standard bed if you are a Vanilla player. However, you should get a Model bed if you want something fresh and improved.

To download this mod pack click on ANIME BED OVERLAYS


Christmas themed pack in Minecraft Bedrock
Craftmas Mod Minecraft Bedrock Edition

You can also celebrate Christmas in your Minecraft world now. A perfect holiday-themed pack is waiting for you being the Best Minecraft Bedrock Mod. It includes all kinds of themed items that give an ideal Christmas vibe.

When you enter Minecraft’s Craftmas world, you will see the skiing villagers in the snowy weather and candy cane fences. You will also find Christmas presents to make you as happy as you are in the real world at Christmas.

The features include:

  • Snowy Netherrack, Grass, and leaves
  • Snowmen
  • Baubles
  • Candy Cane Fences
  • Christmas Trees and lights
  • Present Chests
  • Skiing Villagers
  • Icy Nether
  • Blue Nether Fog and magma
  • Wreaths on Doors
  • Candy Cane Hunger
  • Star Health Bar
  • Hotbar
  • Red/Green XP Bar
  • Menu Background
  • Options Background
  • Candle Torches
  • Christmas Buttons

To download this mod, click on CRAFTMAS


Iridium a Mod in Minecraft showing different iridium ores
Iridium Mod Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Everyone would want a pretty purple-colored new rock in addition to all the boring and dull rocks and minerals. This new custom-made rock is named iridium. The mod allows you to use iridium to make customized tools and items through several recipes.

But it is concerning that these tools do not help all blocks. A pickaxe cannot break the Block of a Diamond; when utilized, tools do not sustain damage.

The feature enclose:

  • Iridium Ore
  • Block of Iridium
  • Iridium ingots
  • Iridium Axe
  • Iridium Hoe
  • Iridium Pickaxe
  • Iridium Shovel
  • Iridium Sword

If you wish to download this Mod Pack, then click on IRIDIUM

Thirst Bar Mod

Best Minnecraft Mod bedrock
Thirst Bar Mod Minecraft Bedrock Edition

A “Thirst Bar” mod for Minecraft Adds a new bar to the game’s user interface that tracks the player’s thirst level. Here are some of the features of a Best Minecraft Bedrock Mod Thirst Bar mod:

  • Thirst Bar: A new bar that would be displayed on the screen, similar to the hunger bar, that would track the player’s thirst level.
  • Thirst Mechanics: Add new mechanics to the game requiring players to drink water to stay hydrated.
  • Thirst Effects: Add new effects to the game that would occur when the player’s thirst level gets too low, such as decreased movement speed, reduced health regeneration, and increased vulnerability to damage.
  • Different fluids: The mod could include different types of fluids the player can consume, such as water, juice, and soda.
  • Hydration sources: The mod would add new items or blocks to the game that players can use to hydrate themselves, such as water bottles, canteens, or wells.

To download this Mod, click on THIRST BAR.

Missing Soundtracks

Best Mods Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Missing Soundtrack Mod Minecraft

This addon enhances the functionality of the music in Minecraft, which music fans will appreciate! It’s ideal for those looking for a more enjoyable gaming experience. The music was produced during the creation of Minecraft. Missing Soundtrack by JS 03 is to educate players about these unheard songs and seamlessly include them in the game.

The songs that never made it into the final version of Minecraft are substituted for some of the tunes that gamers are probably sick of hearing. The gamers will like the tiny change that allows them to simultaneously listen to some new music and learn about the game’s past.

Download this Mod by clicking MISSING SOUNDTRACK

Socketed Armor

Socketed Armor Mod Minecraft Bedrock edition
Socketed Armor Mod Minecraft

If you want to upgrade your Minecraft world with new armor sets, then this is exactly what you require. This substantial new Mod introduces seventeen brand-new armor sets and five unique characteristics for every new set. One benefit is that players can modify their armor to fit their particular playstyle.

Socketed armor mod allows players to insert gems or other items into their armor to give them additional bonuses and abilities. This can include increased strength, improved resistance to certain types of damage, or special abilities such as increased speed or jump height. That is why it is one of the best Minecraft Bedrock Mods.

Some players could choose socketing gems that give more protection, while others prioritize socketing gems that boost speed or damage. Furthermore, players may adjust the ratio of attack to defense by socketing gems into their armor. Armor classes will be added, such as:

  • Controller
  • Rogue
  • Protector
  • Warmonger
  • Hero

Download this Mod by clicking SOCKETED ARMOR

No Villager Restocking

No villager restocking pack of Minecraft Bedrock
No Villagers restocking Mod Minecraft

With this pack, you can spend as much time as you want with villagers because you won’t have to restock them again and again due to this Best Minecraft Bedrock Mod. The items you buy from villagers are also at a cheap price.

Also, installing this mod in a fresh world is encouraged. Only new villagers with new rates will appear if put in an existing world.

The features include:

  • Farmers accept more food.
  • Clerics provide potions and receive spider’s eye.
  • Fletcher offers arrows with effects.
  • Stone Mason accepts cobblestone.
  • TNT is available through WeaponSmith.
  • Rarer things are available from the traveling merchant.

Download this Mod by clicking NO VILLAGER RESTOCKING

Nitro PvP Pack

Nitro PVP best Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Nitro PVP Mod Minecraft

In addition to it, this Mod offers users of low-end PCs a completely new PVP experience. It was created using 8×8 textures, which is twice as low as the quality of the original textures.

It also has several features and combat-enhancing techniques. The 8x resolution is sometimes seen as a step backward. However, this pack strives to recreate details with fewer pixels so low-end PCs can play excellent games without suffering performance losses.

The features are:

  • Clear Glass
  • Low Fire
  • Clear Water
  • Underwater Vision
  • Gamma Overlay
  • Ore Borders
  • Better Rain/Snow
  • Clear Pumpkin Vision
  • Low-resolution Custom Sky
  • Animated 8×8 Flint & Steel

Download this Mod by clicking NITRO PVP PACK

 Zalcyan’s Quest

Best Minecraft Mod Bedrock named as Zalcyan's Quest
Zalcyan’s Quest Mod Bedrock

Zalcyan’s Quest is one of the Minecraft Bedrock Mods you will love if you enjoy exploring biomes, fighting creatures, and looking for different constructions. It is a quest to discover eight new biomes, including alien-themed biomes, new monsters, bosses, blocks, buildings, and tech with unique creatures, blocks, and structures to explore.

The 8 Biomes included in the journey are:

  • The Gulumar(giant glowing toxic mushrooms)
  • The Lorlands ( A lava wasteland with enormous eight-legged monsters)
  • The Miren (two spawning variants of the Mili)
  • The Moonlen ( Light blue environment with bizarre creatures and even more bizarre trees)
  • The Frissania Forest( biome with friss bugs)
  • The Raken Fens ( A marsh-like biome with lightning bugs)
  • The Quagar New (Before deadly spores taking over, the plant-like skreepogs)
  • The Mynis News (a region dotted with enormous pink mushrooms)

Download this Mod by clicking  ZALCYAN’S QUEST

Game Polish Mod

Game Polish Mod Minecraft Bedrock
Game Polish Mod Minecraft

This mod is for individuals who feel that some aspects of Minecraft are missing but who wish to leave the game primarily vanilla. It introduces new recipes and different stack sizes. You will get a lot of cool new updates, including:

  • Ender Dragon drops one elytron when it dies
  • Shulkers drop two shells upon death
  •  Zombies, skeletons, and creepers have the same as before also they can spawn eggs in Minecraft chests or dungeons.
  •  Husk can spawn their eggs in desert temples
  • Stray spawn eggs can spawn in igloos
  • Endermen and Silverfish spawn eggs can spawn in end city chests or stronghold chests.

And many more exciting updates are available. Some are for fun only, such as when you right-click a slime while holding sugar, it will turn it into a slimeball. 

If you want to download this mod, then click on GAME POLISH.

Custom Music

Custom Music Mod Minecraft Bedrock edition
Custom Music Mod Minecraft

In the Bedrock edition of Minecraft, custom music can be added to the game by creating and adding .ogg files to the game’s resources folder. This makes it amongst the best Minecraft Bedrock Mods.

Also, these custom tracks can then be played using commands or by creating a custom music disk. Some possible features of custom music mods for the Bedrock edition of Minecraft include the ability to:

  • Add new tracks to the game
  • Replace existing tracks with custom versions
  • Play custom tracks in specific locations or under certain conditions
  • Create and use custom music discs
  • Allow players to play their own music in-game
  • Integrate with other mods to add custom tracks to specific biomes or dimensions.

It is important to note that not all custom music mods have all these features, and the specific features of a mod will depend on the creator.

If you want to download this Mod, then click on CUSTOM MUSIC

Anti Cheat Mod

Anti-cheat Mod Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Anti-cheat Mod Minecraft

Anti-cheat mods for the Bedrock edition of Minecraft help prevent players from using the cheat and hack mods in the game. Some features of anti-cheat mods include:

  • Detecting and blocking the use of cheat and hack mods
  • Logging and reporting players who are using the cheat and hack mods
  • Providing server administrators with tools to manage and monitor players
  • Protecting the game’s integrity by preventing players from gaining an unfair advantage
  • Enhance the game’s security
  • Some anti-cheat mods may also include other features, such as protecting the server from DDoS attacks and hackers.

Most importantly, anti-cheat mods are used on multiplayer servers to ensure fair play among all players. However, it’s essential to check if the anti-cheat mod is compatible with your current game version and if it is from a trusted source. It’s also important to note that anti-cheat mods may impact the game’s performance.

If you want to download this Mod, then click on ANITI-CHEAT MOD

Backpack Mod

Backpack Mod in Minecraft supported by Bedrock
Backpack Mod Minecraft

A backpack mod for the Bedrock edition of Minecraft allows players to craft and use backpacks in the game. Interestingly, it consists of 20 brand-new backpacks with different capacities.

Some potential features  include:

  • Crafting a recipe for a backpack requires materials such as three pieces of leather and three string.
  • The ability to equip a backpack would increase the player’s inventory space and allow them to carry more items with them at hiking, battles, in mines, etc.
  • Customization options for the backpack, such as different colors or patterns.
  • The possibility to upgrade the backpack with different tiers, each with increased inventory space.
  • Some backpack mods can include special functionality, such as special compartments for specific items or the ability to access the backpack’s contents from anywhere in the game world.
  • You can also link the armor to your backpack with different recipes.

If you want to download this mod, then click on BACKPACK MOD.

Loled Furniture

Best Pack Loled Furniture Minecraft Bedrock
Loled Furniture Minecraft

You can use this Mod to add a modern touch to your decoration. It adds various modern furniture items for players to craft and use in their in-game homes and buildings. Furthermore, it allows you to create everything, including the kitchen, living room, playroom, study, or bathroom with a toilet. You will also get a working TV.

Some potential features are:

  • A wide variety of new furniture items, such as tables, chairs, bookshelves, lamps, toiletries, everything
  • Customizable furniture, such as the ability to choose the color or pattern of the furniture in a modern manner.
  • Compatibility with other mods, such as decor or building, allows players to create a cohesive and stylish in-game home.
  • The ability to craft furniture using various materials, such as wood, stone, or metal.
Best Bedrock Mod Loled Furniture Minecraft
Loled Furniture Mod Minecraft

If you want to download this pack, then click on LOLED FURNITURE

GRX Tweaks

GRX Tweaks Mod Minecraft Bedrock Edition
GRX Tweaks Mod Minecraft

Chiefly, if you’re looking for Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods, then this mod pack helps the faster gaming experience. A GRX Tweaks mod pack has a collection of small mods that make changes and improve the game’s mechanics, performance, and user interface. Some potential features of GRX Tweaks are:

  • Include tweaks that improve the game’s performance, such as reducing lag or improving frame rates.
  • Changes to the game’s user interface include adding new buttons or making existing ones more visible.
  • Changes to the game that make it more convenient to play, such as adding key binds, shortcuts, or new functionality to the game.
  • Include fixes for game bugs not addressed by the official Minecraft development team.
  • Have options that allow players to personalize their gaming experiences, such as changing the game’s colors, fonts, or sounds.

If you want to download this pack, click on GRX TWEAKS

SERP Pokédrock

Pokemon themed Mod in Minecraft Bedrock Edition
SERP Pokedrock Mod Bedrock

It will keep the basic Vanilla version of Minecraft, but it will add pokemon to the game little by little. A Pokemon-inspired mod for Minecraft Bedrock Mods adds new mobs, items, and mechanics to the game based on the Pokemon franchise. There are different locations for every Pokemon related to their abilities, such as:

  • Bulbasaur: Every forest
  • Charmander: Mesa
  • Squirtle: Warm beach only
  • Caterpie: Every kind of Forests
  • Nidoran (male): Normal forest only
  • Clefairy: Everywhere (at night)
  • Vulpix: Every kind of Forest
  • Jigglypuff: Everywhere

Basically, you can buy these with the help of Pokecoins, which you will get while trading with the villagers. You can call your Pokemon with a ride pager. It is imperative to interact with your Pokemon to engage them.

You can also change your Pokemon at the Pokemon center. Pokedex will help you understand the details about your Pokemon.

If you want to download this pack, click SERP Pokédrock

Vein Miner And Treemap

Best Minecraft Mod Bedrock
Vein miner and treecap Mod

The Vein Miner and Treecapitator are two trendy mods for the Bedrock edition of Minecraft that are often used together. Both of these mods are designed to make the process of mining and chopping down trees more efficient and less time-consuming, which can be especially useful for players who spend a lot of time building or exploring the game. Here are some of the features of these mods:

Vein Miner:

  • Allows players to mine entire veins of ore by clicking on one block rather than having to mine each block individually.
  • The mod can be configured to work with a wide variety of ores and blocks, including vanilla ores and ores from other mods.
  • It can be configured to work with different tools or require specific tools.
  • Vein mining can be toggled on and off by using a key bind.


  • Allows players to chop down entire trees by just chopping the bottom block rather than having to chop each block individually.
  • The mod can be configured to work with a wide variety of tree types, including vanilla trees and trees from other mods.
  • It can be configured to work with different tools or require specific tools.
  • Using a key bind, chopping down trees can be toggled on and off.

To download this pack, click on VEIN MINER AND TREECAP

Sky Factory Bedrock

Sky Factory Mod Minecraft
Sky Factory Mod Minecraft

SkyFactory is a popular mod pack for the Bedrock edition of Minecraft. Altogether, it is a survival mod pack that focuses on providing a unique and challenging experience by starting the player on a small, floating island in the sky. Here are some of the features of the Minecraft Bedrock Mods.

  • A custom starting experience: Players start on a small, floating island in the sky with limited resources and must work to expand their island and create a sustainable base.
  • Automation: The mod pack includes various tools and machines to automate farming, resource gathering, and item processing.
  • Variety of mods: SkyFactory mod pack includes a wide variety of mods, including Better With Mods, Ex Compressum, and Automation, to add new items, gameplay features, and mechanics to the game.
  • Different Machines: hunk loaders, sieves, auto miners, quantum quarries, void miners, create a mod, cogwheels, refined storage, inventory pets, block armor, baubles, custom enchantments, and power cables.
  • Player support: The mod pack is designed to be played in multiplayer, allowing players to work together to build and survive on the island.

If you want to download this pack, click on SKYFACTORY MOD

True Survival – Zombie Apocalypse

Best Minecraft Mods Bedrock Edition
True survival: Zombie Apocalypse Mod

A “True Survival – Zombie Apocalypse” mod spices up Minecraft’s survival aspects, where players must survive against hordes of zombies. Each Zombie has unique traits like strength, speed, or something else.

You have to defend yourself just like others. Zombies will automatically attack NPCs, and NPCs will automatically attack Zombies. When a zombie assault kills an NPC, they turn into zombies.

Some potential types of zombies include:

  • Armored Zombie
  • Frozen Zombie
  • Eskimo Zombie
  • Swamp Zombie
  • Nether Zombie
  • Doctor Zombie
  • Sailor Zombie
  • Trooper Zombie
  • Special Forces Zombie
  • Priest Zombie

The mod would add zombies to the game as a significant threat to the player. The zombie will turn into a corpse and decompose in three stages. You can collect their organs in 20sec.  The mod will make the game much more complicated than the default game, forcing players to scavenge for resources and build fortified structures to survive.

The mod would add new craftable items such as weapons, armor, and tools to defend against zombies and cut them to take organs.

If you want to download this Mod, then click on ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE 

Butchery Mod

Butchery Mod in Minecraft
Butcher Mod Minecraft

The name says it all.  A “Butchery” add-on for the Bedrock edition of Minecraft adds new mechanics and items related to butchering and processing animals. Subsequently, you will get raw food at once. Here are some of the features this Mod offers:

  • Players can use new tools, such as a cleaver or a butcher’s knife, to butcher animals.
  • After killing an animal, players could obtain a carcass that can be butchered to obtain meat, bones, and other items.
  • Players would be able to process the meat obtained from butchering animals,
  • Add new items obtained from butchering animals, such as hides, bones, and organs.
  • Add new recipes that use the items obtained from butchering animals, such as stews, soups, and broths.

To download this Mod Pack click BUTCHERY MOD.

Final Words

This was our list of the most famous Minecraft Bedrock Mods. There are a lot more in Minecraft, including in Java Edition, that can completely change your world’s look. It would be exciting to spice up your everyday vanilla Minecraft with unique new features. Tell us about your favorite Minecraft Bedrock Mod in the comment section.

Firstly, it’s important to remember that installing and using mods can cause issues with the game, so it is always recommended to back up your game or use a separate game instance before installing any mod. Additionally, it’s essential to check if the mod is compatible with your current version of the game and if the mod is from a trusted source.

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