Top 56 Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods [2024]

Every Minecraft fan would love these Mods that will significantly alter your gaming experience.

Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods
Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods

I explored Minecraft Bedrock’s vibrant modding community to find the perfect mods. In this article, I’ll guide you through the best Bedrock Mods in Minecraft that match your preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • Minecraft mods tweak the game without altering its core identity.
  • Mods can add new features or improve existing ones.
  • Recommended mods: GRX Tweaks, True Survival, PewdiePie Pack.

Smelters Forge Mod

This addition, inspired by Tinkers’ Construct, enhances your Minecraft world with features like a lava tank, workstation, utility box, part table, drying rack, liquid storage tank, pattern chest, filter, and more.

 Minecraft Pack named Smelters Forge
Smelters Forge Mod

Although this addition draws inspiration from Tinkers’ Construct, it stands apart from it and will enhance your Minecraft world. Crafting wooden weapons is possible, but for stone or higher-tier items, you’ll need to use special crafting tables and a forge. 

This Mod has a lot of features, such as:

  • Lava tank
  • Work station
  • Utility Box
  • Part Table
  • Drying Rack
  • Tank for storing Liquid
  • Pattern chest
  • A filter and many other items

Download this Mod from Smelters Forge

Anime Meme Mod

Anime Meme Mod a modpack in Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Anime Meme Mod

If you’re into anime and cartoons, try the Anime Meme Mod. It adds extra actions and animations to enhance my in-game mobility, such as:

  • Riding
  • Flying
  • Swimming
  • Sneaking
  • Walking
  • Sprinting
  • Using diamond or iron shields and swords
  • Performing various attacks and more!

Download this Mod from Anime Meme Mod

Nether Plus Mod

Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods
Nether Plus Mod

Anyone who enjoys the Nether like me; for those seeking more challenge and excitement, the Nether Plus mod is a must-try. It introduces new opponents and mobs, adding fresh combat experiences and danger to the game.

It consists of supplies with effects including:

  • The Crimson, Basalt, Twisted, and Mold Sand Wand
  • Blue and Blood Demon Ghast
  • Crimson, Twisted Black, and Pet Mushroom
  • Crimson and Twisted Golem
  • Semi-Twisted and Semi-Crimson Golem Beta
  • Eye of Cthulhu
  • Crimson Patitas Pet
  • Twisted Patitas Pet
  • Crimson and Twisted Creeper
  • Pillar Volcano
  • Bloody meat and much more!

Download this Mod from Nether Plus Mod

More Swords Mod

A mod pack in Minecraft Bedrock Edition named More Swords
More Swords Mod

Another great mod I have found is the More Swords mod, which adds 441 new and updated swords, expanding my survival game. It allows me to craft unique swords with various materials, each having different durability and damage levels. Plus, the mod allowed to see the stats of materials that I used.

These swords include some special swords such as:

  • Magma: Inflammable
  • Slime: Bouncy
  • Obsidian: Strong Stance
  • Glowstone: Nightvision
  • Iron: Magnetic
  • Dragon: Fast
  • Dawn star
  • Vampiric Blade
  • TNT Swords
  • Sword of the Gods

You can download this Mod by clicking More Swords mod

Ore Generator Mod

Ore generator recipe book in Minecraft
Ore Generator Mod

If you’re a fan of mining in Minecraft like me, you’ll love this Ore Generator mod. It adds up to 1000 different ores; all you need to start is a crafted Ore Generator.

This Mod introduces six portable ore generators that can be easily carried. Craft a cobblestone generator as the base to use them, then right-click to activate. Note: It took me 15 seconds to 3 minutes to craft the rare materials. 

The generators include:

  • Iron Ore Generator
  • Gold Ore Generator
  • Diamond Ore Generator
  • Netherite Ore Generator
  • Coble Stone Ore Generator
  • Emerald Ore Generator
  • Coal Ore Generator
  • Copper Ore Generator

You can download this Mod from Ore Generator Mod.

Hand-Held Torches Mod

Handheld torch enlightening a dungeon of Minecraft
Handheld Torches Mod

I love exploring Minecraft, and this Mod is a must for those nights. It lets me carry torches as handheld light sources, keeping those vicious mobs at bay. Plus, it offers various types of light sources to choose from, such as:

  • Torches
  • Lanterns
  • Throwable Torch
  • Magical Orb
  • Shroomlight
  • Lit Pumpkin
  • Glowstone
  • Campfire
  • Beacon
  • Lava Bucket
  • Enchanting Table

You can download this Mod from Handheld Torches Mod.

Ocean Factory Mod Pack

Ocean Factory Mod in Minecraft
Ocean Factory Mod

In my playthrough experience of Minecraft, I have found the most thrilling underwater experience in this Ocean Factory Mod. Among various underwater packs, it stands out as one of the best, thanks to its unique add-ons. Using this Modpack, you begin in the middle of an island and explore with various exciting additions.

These add-ons include:

  • Advanced Machinery
  • Baubles
  • Chickens
  • Custom Enchantments
  • Item Exchange
  • Lucky Blocks
  • Ore Trees
  • Survival Guns
  • Tinkers’ Awakening
  • Magic and much more!

You can download this Modpack from Ocean Factory Mod

Lots More Food

Lots More Food Minecraft Mod Bedrock Edition
Lots More Food Mod

I wanted more food options in Minecraft, so I tried the Lots More Food pack, offering 50+ foods. It includes various items to satisfy hunger and restore health, a welcome change from the default foods. In my experience, mod allowed me to grow and cook favorite foods using the recipe book.

Some of the things this mod adds are:

  • Crops
  • Saplings
  • Bushes
  • Knives and more!

You can download this mod from Lots More Food.

Advanced Farming

Advanced Farming Mod in Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Advanced Farming Mod

As a Minecraft player who loves creating barns and vast farmlands, I chose the Advanced Farming Mod. It offers operational options, such as plowing and harvesting with a tractor, in both survival and creative modes. To craft the tractor, you’ll need lots of iron.

It includes several new farm items, including:

  • Mowers
  • Workstations
  • Craftables
  • Harvesters
  • Sprinklers
  • Plows
  • A functional tractor
  • Animals e.g. Goats

Once crafted, assemble the tractor parts at the workstation. Right-click the workstation or use the interaction button to piece it together. Repeat this process four times, combining two components until the tractor is complete. Note that the tractor gets destroyed after five hits.

The tractor also has different tools that you can use, such as:

  • Mower
  • Plow
  • Sprinkler
  • Hose
  • Harvester
  • Wrench

To download this Mod Pack, click Advanced Farming Mod.

Expansive Biomes Mod

Expansive Biomese Mod Minecraft
Expansive Biomese Mod

As a Minecraft player who’s extensively explored the game’s regions, I got a bit bored. But the Expansive Biomes Mod saved the day by adding 20+ new biomes, mobs, tools, and armor sets, reigniting my curiosity.

Some of the biomes are:

  • Boggy Swamp
  • Redwood Forest
  • Pendula Forest
  • Volcanic Peaks
  • Deciduous Forest
  • Coniferous Forest
  • Mystic Forest
  • Lavender Plains
  • Shrublands
  • Maple Forest
  • Autumn Forest
  • Jacaranda Forest

Expansive Biomes also offers some new mobs, including:

  • Yeti
  • Fireflies
  • Blackbear
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Trapper Pillager
  • Mossy Zombie
  • Gobblin
  • Crocodile
  • Raccoons
  • Deer

If you want to download this Mod, click Expansive Biomes Mod

Faithful HD

Faithful Hd Mod in Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Faithful HD Mod Minecraft

Faithful HD remains the most globally downloaded pack despite a year without updates. It enhances block appearances, offering a more realistic look to materials like stone.

Here are its key features:

  • Faithful HD provides a realistic appearance, enhancing the game’s sense of realism and adding extra detail for complex constructions.
  • The 32X resolution is a refreshing change from the old Vanilla Version.
  • Unlike many other packs, Faithful is easily recognizable and requires minimal adjustment.
  • Initially, you might find your structures looking remarkably smooth, which can be a unique and appealing feature.

If you want to download this texture pack, then click on FAITHFUL HD

The PewdiePie Pack

Minecraft Bedrock edition Mod named PewDiePie
PewDiePie Mod Minecraft Bedrock Edition

I’m a big fan of PewDiePie, the legendary YouTuber known for his gaming comedy. This pack is a must for die-hard fans. It brings PewDiePie’s visage, memes, and channel references to Bedrock Minecraft, with modified blocks like carpets, walls, and fences.

Here are the features:

  • Dogs have their ‘Dog Armour.’
  • A unique wavy Creeper
  •  New audio for the music CDs in-game
  • Instead of spawning eggs, use “Bucket of Mob.”
  • The Sven merch logo appears on the back of zombies’ shirts.
  •  Iron Golems transform into “Stone Men.”
  •  Cats may wear “Cat Armor.”
  •  Watermelons have replaced the previous icons for the hunger bars.
  •  There is a blue and yellow pattern on the XP bar.
  • The PewDiePie wave has been added to a banner.
  •  Barrels become “Evil.”
  •  Potions are replaced with G Fuel.

To download this Mod: PWEDIEPIE PACK

Anime Bed Overlays

Anime themed Mod Bedrock Edition in Minecraft
Anime Bed Overlays Mod Minecraft Bedrock Edition

This bundle is perfect if you’re a die-hard anime enthusiast like me. It includes 16 unique anime bed overlays, with each colored bed having its anime design. It also transforms bed components to match these anime overlays, offering customizable options for colors and patterns.

You can craft anime-themed beds just like regular beds, and it’s compatible with other mods for creating anime-themed rooms in your Minecraft world. Choose the standard bed if you prefer Vanilla play or the Model bed for a fresh and improved experience.

This Anime waifu includes:

  • Siesta
  • Hutao
  • Rem
  • Neptune
  • Touka
  • Aiko
  • Rushia
  • Miku

To download this mod pack, click on ANIME BED OVERLAYS


Christmas themed pack in Minecraft Bedrock
Craftmas Mod Minecraft Bedrock Edition

This perfect holiday-themed pack lets me celebrate Christmas in my Minecraft world. It’s filled with themed items that create the ideal Christmas atmosphere. In the Craftmas world, I’ve encountered skiing villagers in snowy weather and candy cane fences. Plus, there are Christmas presents to bring that real-world Christmas joy.

The features include:

  • Snowy Netherrack, Grass, and leaves
  • Snowmen
  • Baubles
  • Candy Cane Fences
  • Christmas Trees and lights
  • Present Chests
  • Skiing Villagers
  • Icy Nether
  • Blue Nether Fog and magma
  • Wreaths on Doors
  • Candy Cane Hunger
  • Star Health Bar
  • Hotbar
  • Red/Green XP Bar
  • Menu Background
  • Options Background
  • Candle Torches
  • Christmas Buttons

To download this mod, click on CRAFTMAS


Iridium a Mod in Minecraft showing different iridium ores
Iridium Mod Minecraft Bedrock Edition

I wanted something more exciting than the usual rocks and minerals, so I added a purple rock called “Iridium” with this mod. Iridium can be used to craft customized tools and items using various recipes. However, note that these tools can’t break Diamond Blocks and don’t sustain any damage when used.

The feature enclose:

  • Iridium Ore
  • Block of Iridium
  • Iridium ingots
  • Iridium Axe
  • Iridium Hoe
  • Iridium Pickaxe
  • Iridium Shovel
  • Iridium Sword

If you wish to download this Mod Pack, then click on IRIDIUM

Thirst Bar Mod

Best Minnecraft Mod bedrock
Thirst Bar Mod Minecraft Bedrock Edition

I’ve installed the Thirst Bar mod for Minecraft, which adds a new user interface bar to track my thirst level. Here are some of its features:

  • Thirst Bar: A new bar on the screen, similar to the hunger bar, to track my thirst level.
  • Thirst Mechanics: It adds mechanics where I need water to stay hydrated.
  • Thirst Effects: New effects come into play when my thirst level drops too low, like reduced movement speed, slower health regeneration, and increased vulnerability to damage.
  • Variety of Fluids: The mod includes various fluids, such as water, juice, and soda.
  • Hydration Sources: It also adds items or blocks for me to stay hydrated, like water bottles, canteens, or wells.

To download this Mod: THIRST BAR.

Missing Soundtracks

Best Mods Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Missing Soundtrack Mod Minecraft

I’ve found an addon that enhances Minecraft’s music, perfect for music fans.. It makes the gaming experience more enjoyable by including unheard songs created during Minecraft’s development.

Here are the key features:

  • Unheard Songs: This addon introduces previously unheard songs into the game.
  • Educational: It aims to educate players about these unreleased tracks and seamlessly integrates them into Minecraft.
  • Variety: Replaces some repetitive tunes with new music, offering a fresh gaming experience.
  • Game’s History: Gamers can enjoy new music while learning about Minecraft’s past and its music production.


Socketed Armor

Socketed Armor Mod Minecraft Bedrock edition
Socketed Armor Mod Minecraft

I wanted to upgrade my Minecraft world with new armor sets, and this Mod was precisely what I needed. It introduces seventeen new armor sets, each with five unique characteristics. The best part is I can customize my armor to suit my playstyle.

The Socketed Armor Mod allows me to insert gems or items into my armor for extra bonuses like increased strength, resistance to specific damage types, or special abilities such as speed and jump height. 

Armor classes will be added, such as:

  • Controller
  • Rogue
  • Protector
  • Warmonger
  • Hero

Download this Mod: SOCKETED ARMOR

No Villager Restocking

No villager restocking pack of Minecraft Bedrock
No Villagers restocking Mod Minecraft

I love spending time with villagers using this pack. Thanks to the No Villagers Restocking Mod, there’s no need to restock them constantly. Plus, the items you buy from villagers are cheaper. Installing this mod in a fresh world is recommended to ensure new villagers with new rates appear.

The features include:

  • Farmers accept more food.
  • Clerics provide potions and receive spider’s eye.
  • Fletcher offers arrows with effects.
  • Stone Mason accepts cobblestone.
  • TNT is available through WeaponSmith.
  • Rarer things are available from the traveling merchant.


Nitro PvP Pack

Nitro PVP best Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Nitro PVP Mod Minecraft

I installed this Mod for a fresh PVP experience, ideal for low-end PC users. It uses 8×8 textures, lower in quality than the original textures, but maintains detail with fewer pixels. This ensures excellent gameplay on low-end PCs without performance issues.

The features are:

  • Clear Glass
  • Low Fire
  • Clear Water
  • Underwater Vision
  • Gamma Overlay
  • Ore Borders
  • Better Rain/Snow
  • Clear Pumpkin Vision
  • Low-resolution Custom Sky
  • Animated 8×8 Flint & Steel

Download this Mod: NITRO PVP PACK

 Zalcyan’s Quest

Best Minecraft Mod Bedrock named as Zalcyan's Quest
Zalcyan’s Quest Mod Bedrock

I absolutely love Zalcyan’s Quest Mod, as it’s perfect for explorers who enjoy discovering new biomes, battling creatures, and uncovering unique constructions. The mod introduces eight new biomes, alien-themed landscapes, new monsters, bosses, blocks, buildings, and technology, all with distinctive creatures, blocks, and structures to explore.

The biomes are:

  • The Gulumar(giant glowing toxic mushrooms)
  • The Lorlands ( A lava wasteland with enormous eight-legged monsters)
  • The Miren (two spawning variants of the Mili)
  • The Moonlen ( Light blue environment with bizarre creatures and even more bizarre trees)
  • The Frissania Forest( biome with friss bugs)
  • The Raken Fens ( A marsh-like biome with lightning bugs)
  • The Quagar New (Before deadly spores took over, the plant-like skreepogs)
  • The Mynis News (a region dotted with enormous pink mushrooms)

Download this Mod:  ZALCYAN’S QUEST

Game Polish Mod

Game Polish Mod Minecraft Bedrock
Game Polish Mod Minecraft

I love this mod for enhancing Minecraft without changing its core. It adds new recipes and stack sizes, providing fun features like turning slimes into slimeballs with sugar. Plus, it brings a lot of cool new updates, such as:

  • Ender Dragon drops one elytron when it dies.
  • Shulkers drop two shells upon death.
  • Zombies, skeletons, and creepers can spawn eggs in Minecraft chests or dungeons.
  • Husks can spawn their eggs in desert temples.
  • Stray spawn eggs can spawn in igloos.
  • Endermen and Silverfish spawn eggs can spawn in end city chests or stronghold chests.

If you want to download this mod: GAME POLISH.

Custom Music

Custom Music Mod Minecraft Bedrock edition
Custom Music Mod Minecraft

In Bedrock Minecraft, I can add custom music by creating .ogg files in the game’s resources folder. These tracks can be played with commands or by making a custom music disk. Remember that not all mods have these features; it varies depending on the creator. Possible features of custom music mods include the ability to:

  • Add new tracks to the game.
  • Replace existing tracks with custom versions.
  • Play custom tracks in specific locations or under certain conditions.
  • Create and use custom music discs.
  • Allow players to play their music in-game.
  • Integrate with other mods to add custom tracks to specific biomes or dimensions.

If you want to download this Mod: CUSTOM MUSIC

Anti Cheat Mod

Anti-cheat Mod Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Anti-cheat Mod Minecraft

For fair play, I use this anti-cheat mod in Bedrock Minecraft to stop cheating and hack mods, especially on multiplayer servers. Keep in mind, though, that these mods can affect game performance. Features of anti-cheat mods include:

  • Detecting and blocking the use of cheat and hack mods.
  • Logging and reporting players who are using the cheat and hack mods.
  • Providing server administrators with tools to manage and monitor players.
  • Protecting the game’s integrity by preventing players from gaining an unfair advantage.
  • Enhance the game’s security.
  • Some anti-cheat mods may include other features, such as protecting the server from DDoS attacks and hackers.

If you want to download this Mod: ANTI-CHEAT MOD

Backpack Mod

Backpack Mod in Minecraft supported by Bedrock
Backpack Mod Minecraft

I enjoyed using the Backpack Mod in Bedrock Minecraft. It allows players to craft and use 20 new backpacks, each with its capacity.

Some potential features include:

  • Crafting a backpack requires three leather pieces and three strings.
  • Equipping a backpack expands my inventory, letting me carry more items for various activities.
  • I can customize my backpack with different colors and patterns.
  • Upgrading the backpack with various tiers adds more inventory space.
  • Some mods offer special features like specific item compartments or remote access to the backpack’s contents.
  • I can link my armor to the backpack using different recipes.

If you want to download this mod: BACKPACK MOD.

Loled Furniture

Best Pack Loled Furniture Minecraft Bedrock
Loled Furniture Minecraft

I’ve added this Mod to give my decorations a modern touch. It provides a range of modern furniture items for crafting and using in my in-game homes and buildings. I can create rooms like the kitchen, living room, playroom, study, and even a bathroom with it. 

Some potential features are:

  • It includes many new furniture items, like tables, chairs, bookshelves, etc.
  • You can customize furniture, choosing colors or patterns to suit your style.
  • It’s compatible with other mods, allowing for stylish in-game home creations.
  • Crafting furniture is possible with various materials, including wood, stone, or metal.
Best Bedrock Mod Loled Furniture Minecraft
Loled Furniture Mod Minecraft

If you want to download this pack: LOLED FURNITURE

GRX Tweaks

GRX Tweaks Mod Minecraft Bedrock Edition
GRX Tweaks Mod Minecraft

The GRX Tweaks mod pack delivers a faster gaming experience. It’s a collection of small mods that enhance game mechanics, performance, and user interface. Potential features of GRX Tweaks include:

  • It improves game performance by reducing lag and enhancing frame rates.
  • Enhances the user interface with new buttons and improved visibility.
  • Adds convenience with key binds, shortcuts, and new functionality.
  • Fixes game bugs not addressed by the official Minecraft team.
  • Provides customization options for colors, fonts, and sounds to personalize the gaming experience.

If you want to download this pack: GRX TWEAKS

SERP Pokédrock

Pokemon themed Mod in Minecraft Bedrock Edition
SERP Pokedrock Mod Bedrock

I’ve added this Pokemon-inspired mod to Minecraft. It slowly introduces Pokemon, along with new mobs, items, and mechanics based on the franchise. I earn Pokecoins while trading with villagers to buy these items. I can summon my Pokemon using a ride pager and interact with them. I also have the option to change my Pokemon at the Pokemon Center, and the Pokedex provides details about them.

There are different locations for every Pokemon, such as:

  • Bulbasaur: Every forest.
  • Charmander: Mesa.
  • Squirtle: Warm beach only.
  • Caterpie: Every kind of forest.
  • Nidoran (male): Normal forest only.
  • Clefairy: Everywhere (at night).
  • Vulpix: Every kind of Forest.
  • Jigglypuff: Everywhere.

If you want to download this pack, click SERP Pokédrock

Vein Miner And Treemap

Best Minecraft Mod Bedrock
Vein miner and treecap Mod

I use two popular mods in Bedrock Minecraft: Vein Miner and Treecapitator. They work together to make mining and tree chopping faster and more efficient, perfect for builders and explorers like me. Here are some features:

Vein Miner:

  • Allows mining entire ore veins by mining a single block.
  • Configurable for various ores and blocks, including those from other mods.
  • Works with different tools or specific tool requirements.
  • It can be toggled on/off using a key bind.


  • Allows chopping entire trees with one cut from the bottom block.
  • Configurable for various tree types, including those from other mods.
  • Works with different tools or specific tool requirements.
  • Chopping trees can be toggled on/off using a key bind.

To download this pack: VEIN MINER AND TREECAP

Sky Factory Bedrock

Sky Factory Mod Minecraft
Sky Factory Mod Minecraft

I’ve been recently playing SkyFactory, a popular mod pack in Bedrock Minecraft. It’s a survival mod pack that offers a unique and challenging experience by beginning the game on a small, floating sky island. Here are some of its features:

  • Custom starting experience: Begin on a small sky island, expand it, and create a sustainable base.
  • Automation tools: Access machines for farming, resource gathering, and item processing.
  • Variety of mods: Enjoy a wide range of mods like Better With Mods, Ex Compressum, and Automation for new items and gameplay features.
  • Diverse Machines: Utilize chunk loaders, sieves, auto miners, quantum quarries, and more.
  • Multiplayer support: Designed for multiplayer gameplay, allowing collaboration to survive and thrive on the island.

If you want to download this pack: SKYFACTORY MOD

True Survival – Zombie Apocalypse

Best Minecraft Mods Bedrock Edition
True Survival: Zombie Apocalypse Mod

I’ve added the “True Survival – Zombie Apocalypse” mod to Minecraft, which spices up survival by pitting players against unique zombie traits like strength and speed. It’s a tough battle, as zombies attack both players and NPCs, and when NPCs are killed, they turn into zombies. Zombies decompose in three stages, and I can collect their organs in 20 seconds.

The mod adds complexity, forcing me to scavenge for resources and build fortified structures for survival. It also introduces craftable items like weapons, armor, and tools to defend against zombies and harvest their organs.

Some potential types of zombies include:

  • Armored Zombie
  • Frozen Zombie
  • Eskimo Zombie
  • Swamp Zombie
  • Nether Zombie
  • Doctor Zombie
  • Sailor Zombie
  • Trooper Zombie
  • Special Forces Zombie
  • Priest Zombie

If you want to download this Mod, then click on ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE 

Butchery Mod

Butchery Mod in Minecraft
Butcher Mod Minecraft

Butchery mod introduces new mechanics and items for butchering and processing animals. This allows me to obtain raw food more efficiently.

Here are some of the features this Mod offers:

  • Use tools like a cleaver or butcher’s knife to butcher animals.
  • After killing an animal, get a carcass that yields meat, bones, and other items when butchered.
  • Process the obtained meat.
  • Collect new items like hides, bones, and organs from butchering animals.
  • Unlock new recipes for stews, soups, and broths using these items.

To download this Mod Pack, click BUTCHERY MOD.

The Walten Files

best minecraft bedrock mods
The Walten Files

I’m a fan of “The Walten Files” on YouTube, and fortunately I found this mod by Jamyst-Minecraft, who keeps updating and adding various animatronics from the series, along with items like boxes, lamps, axes, and posters.

You can find the following famous characters from the series in this mod:

  • Bozoo
  • Billy
  • Endo
  • Rocket
  • Bunny

Download The Walten Files mod.

Furnicraft 3D Block

best minecraft bedrock mods
Furnicraft 3D Block

I found it odd that Minecraft lacks furniture customization options for dream houses. Thankfully, the Furniture 3D Block mod, introduced as an addon by ROBERTGAMER69, offers a solution. It allows crafting various new furniture items using the in-built crafting table in survival mode, making it one of the best Minecraft bedrock mods.

This mod allows you to add:

  • Over 500 seating elements, including chairs and tables.
  • Various light sources.
  • Classic decoration items like pianos and billiards are not found in Minecraft otherwise.

Download the Furniture 3D Block mod.

Vaders Expansion

vaders expansion
Vaders Expansion

I love the Vaders Expansion, one of the top Minecraft bedrock mods by Angryvader. It has 700+ items and add-ons, including 60+ mobs and nine unique ores that spawn in specific locations. And my personal favorite from this mod is the Sweet Berry Soup.

Following are the nine ores you can find using this mod in Minecraft:

  •  Jade (easy to mine and has good damage)
  • Sapphire (can be easily mined but has less damage)
  • Topaz (difficult to mine but has more damage)
  • Aquamarine
  • Electrum,
  • Flame Aaron
  • Endaron
  • Hearthstone
  • Cobalt

Download the Vaders Expansion mod.

Elingo’s More Tools

best Minecraft bedrock mods
Elingo’s More Tools

I’ve installed Elingo’s More Tools for an array of new tools and effects. It’s by Captain Elingo and boasts 315+ new tools and 16 sword effects. Some standout tools from this mod include:

  • Sand Tools transform into Glass tools in a furnace.
  • Enjoy edible tools like cookies, cake, and melon.
  • Use Bamboo, coal, and Lava tools as fuel.

These tools are fantastic, no doubt about it. But what makes this mod even better is the sword effects. Among the sixteen effects, here are my top favorites:

  • Fire Resistance
  • Harming
  • Healing
  • Invisibility
  • Leaping

Download the Elingo’s More Tools mod.

Ore Randomizer

ore randomizer
Ore Randomizer

Ore Randomizer, one of the most extensive Minecraft mods for Bedrock edition, boasts 1000+ new ores. It receives regular updates with new items and includes 6000+ different tools related to armor. You can choose the number of ores when installing, which helps on low-spec devices.

Ores can be mined underground, and their damage affects their rarity. Pro tip: speed up mining and increase ore chances by using tools made of the same ore you’re seeking.

Some important tools except the famous swords are:

  • Chestplate 
  • Leggings 
  • Boots 
  • Dagger
  • Cleaver

Download the Ore Randomizer mod.

More Simple Structures

best minecraft bedrock mods
A Scarecrow structure

If you enjoy Minecraft as it is and prefer simplicity with new structures and buildings, this mod is perfect. It adds straightforward structures, offering hundreds of new ones, from bushes to jungles, small blocks to huge pyramids. Recent updates include mystical items and crafting options.

Some highlight structures from this mod are:

  • Camp Sites in random forests and plains.
  • Pyramids in random Deserts and Mesas.
  • Small and Large Abandoned Houses in many taigas and Jungles.
  • Water Geysers in mountains and hills.
  • Dungeon towers in almost all locations.

Download the More Simple Structures mod.

New Weapons Mod

new weapons mod
New weapons mod

I was tired of all the conventional weapons in Minecraft, and it was time for a change. Installing this mod lets me access dozens of different types of new weapons in Minecraft. I can even create my unique weapons using this mod and equip multiple weapons without dropping any of them.

Some of the unique weapons created using the amalgam of iron and diamond are:

  • Diamond swords and daggers
  • Obsidian Diamond Sword
  • Diamond spears
  • Diamond battle axe (with extremely high damage)
  • Diamond hammer (with the ability to destroy blocks in an area of 3x3x3 in one hit)

 Download the New Weapons mod.

Abstract’s Recraft

Abstract's Recraft
Abstract’s Recraft

This comprehensive mod adds new biomes, mobs, and structures and revamps the End in Minecraft. The End gets a new biome, armor, and more. Plus, there are new blocks, unique crafting items, scythes, and void crystals to enhance the gaming experience.

Some highlight things from this mod are:

  • Deepbark biome in the End
  • Dragon skeletal structures
  • Battle Tower Structures
  • Pollen Strongholds
  • End Reservoirs

Download the Abstract’s Recraft mod.

More Tools

best Minecraft bedrock mods
More Tools

Playing with the same six tools in Minecraft can get boring. This mod adds over 900 new tools, 35 armors, and 20 decorative blocks. You can equip armor made from the same material as your tools, including golden tools and armor.

Here are some of the exciting tools in this mod:

  • Blazed Quartz Tools
  • Enderite tools
  • Amethyst tools
  • Magma tools
  • Ancient Prismarine tools
  • Snow Tools
  • Emerald and Ruby tools

Download the More Tools mod.

Mutant Creatures

Mutant Creatures
Mutant Creatures

If you find Minecraft too easy, this mod will challenge you with over 20 mutant creatures. It also includes easter eggs and unique items. You can control mutant creatures spawning with the Mutant Spawning Toggle.

Some of the highlight mutants in this mod are:

  • Mutant Zombies and Husk
  • Mutant Bouldering & Lobber Zombie
  • Mutant Creepers
  • Mutant Skeleton and Strays
  • Mutant Piglin and Piglin Brute
  • Mutant Pigman
  • Mutant Snowman

In addition to these mutants, players can also find the following items:

  • Chemical X
  • Hulk Hammer
  • Creeper Egg

Download the Mutant Creatures mod.


best Minecraft bedrock mods
Bettervanillabuilding mod

This light mod with outstanding graphic textures enhances the game’s visuals. It offers unique blocks, hundreds of items, and the ability to craft custom armor and tools.

Along with the texture packs and new blocks, here are some highlight features from this mod pack for Minecraft:

  • Connected textures
  • Custom armor
  • Custom Tools
  • Biome-dependent textures

Download the BetterVanillaBuilding mod.

Held Light Sources

minecraft bedrock mods
Held Light Sources

In Minecraft, light is crucial for safety and visibility. This mod ensures you always have access to light, whether you hold it or place it. It’s handy for exploring caves or underwater, and you can’t take torches or lanterns underwater, but glowstone and sea lanterns work.

The following are the three most common light sources in Minecraft:

  • Torches
  • Lanterns
  • Magical Orbs
  • Simple or colored candles
  • Sea lanterns
  • Glow stones

Download the Held Light Sources mod.

World Animals

world animals
World Animals

This mod adds new animals to Minecraft, some friendly and tamable, others aggressive. You can craft a Golden Bone to tame friendly animals. It enhances the game’s animal diversity and lets you craft saddles for riding them.

Following are some animals that you will find in Minecraft after installing this mod:

  • Asian and African Elephants
  • Mammoth
  • Villager Ice
  • Bears
  • Big Cats
  • White Lions
  • Crocodiles

 Download the World Animals mod.

Star Wars Vehicles

star wars Vehicles
Star Wars Vehicles

This mod adds Star Wars vehicles to Minecraft, including over ten from the Clone Wars era and 9 Republic vehicles. The vehicles have custom designs and add a unique charm to the game. 

Here are some of the vehicles you could find in this mod:

  • Republic Juggernaut Tank,
  • The Jedi-Interceptor, 
  • The Laat,
  • NU-Class Attack Shuttle
  • The Republic Frigate

Download the Star Wars Vehicles mod.


Realight (Dynamic light sources)

Realight is a great add-on that brings dynamic lighting options to Minecraft. It’s a relief from the hassle of throwing items to light up areas while mining or exploring caves. With Realight, you can carry lights, making gameplay much more convenient. Plus, it offers various options for both handheld and throwable lights.

Here are some interesting lighting sources accessible through this mod:

  • Glowstone dust
  • Jack-o-Lantern
  • Sea Lantern
  • Sea Pickle (only useful underwater)
  • Soul Lantern
  • Soul Campfire
  • Shroomlight
  • Crying Obsidian
  • Lava Bucket

Download the Realight mod. 

True Backpacks

best Minecraft bedrock mods
True Backpacks

Defeating the Ender Dragon in Minecraft requires careful inventory management, but you can’t carry everything you need. That’s where mods like True Backpacks for the Bedrock edition come in handy.

Here are some key features:

  • Choose from a variety of backpack options.
  • Craft custom backpacks with an easy-to-use UI.
  • Store items like shulker boxes, buckets, fishing rods, and more.
  • Simplify your Minecraft experience and make inventory management a breeze.

Download the True Backpack mod. 

Item Physics

Item Physics
Item Physics

Playing with tools in Minecraft is enjoyable, and enhancing gameplay visuals with texture packs is great. But imagine a mod that adds a 3D realistic touch to your tools. The Item Physics mod does just that. It brings physics into play, making your tools bounce when thrown.

You can easily toggle various item behaviors on and off to suit your preferences. It’s a game-changer for a more immersive experience.

Following are a few highlight features from this mod:

  • Equipment Tab
  • Nature Tab
  • Item Tab
  • Construction Tab

Download the Items Physics mod. 

Connected Glass

best Minecraft bedrock mods
Connected Glass

Glass blocks are essential for modern Minecraft house decor but often act individually. This mod solves that by making glass blocks behave as single units when stacked, giving your builds a consistent look. It works in both survival and creative mode. While you can’t mix different glass block colors, you can create unique designs by mixing connected and non-connected blocks. Adding pane blocks enhances glass wall textures.

You can access this feature by:

  • Opening the Construction Panel in the creative mode.
  • The Crafting Table is in survival mode.

Download the Connected Glass mod.

Itsme64’s Tool Revamp

best Minecraft bedrock mods
Tool Revamp

I adore the sleek design of Japanese katanas. Minecraft’s swords, in comparison, look quite cartoonish. Texture packs can help, but they don’t give that 3D realism. That’s where Itsme64’s mod comes in. It transforms all the weapons in the game into hyper-realistic versions, even turning those low-res swords into stunning Japanese Katanas. 

It completely changes the following items in Minecraft:

  • Shovels
  • Swords
  • Pickaxes
  • Axes

Download the Tool Revamp mod. 

Alittl Axolotl And Friends

Alittl Axolotl and Friends
A little Axolotl and Friends

I find Axolotls and Pufferfish in Minecraft adorable, and they are perfect for aquarium decorations. Their big, endearing eyes are hard to resist. While not the most practical mod, the Alittl Axolotl and Friends adds a delightful touch.

When you carry these creatures in buckets, they come to life with 3D animations, looking right at you. Plus, there’s a sound effect to enhance the realism. It’s all about those charming details.

Following are some highlight features of this mod:

  • Tropical fish with 3D effects.
  • Optifine color support for different axolotl buckets.
  • Optifine color support for different Puffer fish buckets.

Download the Alittl Axolotl and Friends mod.

Aardvark’s Dragons

best Minecraft bedrock mods
Aardvark’s Dragons

Although there is the Ender Dragon, it gets boring, so I found the Aardvark’s Dragons mod. It introduces a bunch of new dragons, allowing you to play with these majestic creatures and even tame them for a bit of sky-high fun in your Minecraft world.

Following are some highlights from this mod:

  • You can craft your dragons of various colors on the Crafting table.
  • Two players can ride a dragon at a time.
  • Zeous soup, golden, and crystal carrots can be fed to these creatures to keep them healthy.

Download the Aardvark’s Dragons mod.

Food Addon

food add-on
Food Add-on

I love this mod for adding variety to my Minecraft meals. If you’re tired of the same old boring food options, this is one of the best Bedrock edition mods—the Food Add-on spices things up with over sixty new food items.

You can obtain them through crafting, smelting, or taking down mobs in survival mode. It offers a wide range of tasty options, from candies to various meats.

Here are some of our favorite delicious food items from this mod:

  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Apple and Mushroom Pie
  • Carrot and Pumpkin Juice
  • Fish Soup
  • Cooked Squid Meat
  • Red Gummy Bear
  • Sweet Berry Ice-cream
  • Fried Nugget

Download the Food Add-On mod.

Amplified Bedrock

Best Minecraft bedrock mods
Amplified Bedrock

I love the Amplified mod for Minecraft! If you’re tired of the same old low-graphic biomes, this one’s a game-changer. It doesn’t overhaul the biomes like some other mods. Instead, it enhances the graphics, making them more realistic and vibrant.

Here are some of its features:

  • Realistic graphics enhancement
  • Improved color quality for vibrant biomes

Download the Amplified mod.

Better Undead Death Animations

Best Minecraft bedrock mods
Better Undead Death Animations

I enjoy using the Better Undead Death Animations mod in Minecraft. It adds entertaining death animations for undead mobs. When you defeat them, you’ll see them break apart or have other interesting effects. Plus, it keeps getting updates with more killing effects and new mobs.

The death animations of the following mobs in Minecraft have been changed in this mob:

  • Zombie
  • Husk
  • Skeleton
  • Wither skeleton
  • The creeper

Download the Better Undead Death Animations mod.

My Personal Faviorite Modpacks

In my thoughts, bedrock mods are a great approach to experiencing Minecraft. It completely revamps the gameplay and opens ways for creativity. Mods like PewDiePie, Advanced Farming, Craftmas, and True Survivor offer unique replayability to the game.

Remember, when installing mods, it’s crucial to back up your game and use trusted sources. Also, check for compatibility with your game version. Happy modding!

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