Minecraft: Best Boots Enchantments

This guide entails all the details you need to know about how to obtain boots and some of the best boots enchantments in Minecraft.

The Best Minecraft Boots
The Best Minecraft Boots

Minecraft is a staple in the gaming community as it has brought millions of people their childhood memories. This 3D sandbox focuses mainly on its survival mode, and it is imperative to have good armor to make the experience more pleasing. Moreover, players also need to have the best Minecraft boots to make playability easier.  In this article, we will be discussing the Best Minecraft Boots in the game that you can consider for your ideal playthrough of Minecraft.

Key Takeaways

  • Minecraft Boots are essential for the Minecraft experience as they reduce damage.
  • There are different scenarios where these boots can be useful.
  • Some enchantments of these boots can not be combined.
  • There are different levels of boots that give more durability and defense ability.
  • Some boots are harder to obtain the others and will be ranked.
  • Minecraft boots require four material types to craft.

Minecraft Boots

Minecraft boots are craftable with four ingots such as iron, gold, diamond, Netherite, and leather. Wondering about iron ingots, you can consider our how to make iron nuggets in Minecraft guide to also learn about ingots and their purpose. Each shoe crafted with these materials has varying durability and defense ability.

Additionally, enchantments further enhance the defense ability, and durability and add further quirks to the items. Boots are crafted with the following recipe on the crafting table, however, they use different materials (leather, iron, gold, diamond, and netherite.) You can learn more about it in the auto enchantment table in Minecraft.

Minecraft boot recipe
Minecraft boot recipe

There are multiple ways to attain these boots. Meanwhile, you may want to struggle to obtain the boots that dish out more perks for your character. We will be ranking these boots on how hard they are to attain.

Obtainability Rankings

Leather Boots

Leather boots are the most accessible boots to get in the Minecraft universe because you can craft them without requiring tools. Players can get them by killing cows, donkeys, mushroom, llamas, mules, and horses. They can also be found in different structures such as Tanner’s chest and Shipwreck‘s chest with the chances as follows 31.8% and 20.8% respectively. Considering the availability of leather, we can conclude leather boots are the most effortless boots to obtain.

Iron Boots

Iron boots are the 2nd easiest boots to attain in Minecraft since they can have multiple ways to cross by than other boots. These boots can be obtained by crafting them using four iron ingots and placing them in two parallel lines.

Other ways to find iron are in Stronghold chests and Weaponsmith chests which have a chance of 12% and 25.6%, respectively. Considering these probabilities and the number of ways to get iron, we can conclude that iron boots are the 2nd most obtainable boots in the game.

Gold Boots

Gold boots have their quirks; however, we will discuss this further in the article. Moreover, gold boots are harder to obtain than iron boots because gold ores spawn less than iron ores. Other factors include how they spawn at a rate of 9.8% in bastion remnant chests.

Diamond Boots

Diamond boots are tough to obtain however, does not require a tremendous amount of work to get. The most efficient way to get Diamond Boots is by mining diamonds and crafting them. Another way of getting diamond boots is by going to the bastion, which is a hard task in itself and the drop rate for getting diamond boots is 15.8%, discluding enchanted shoes as they are much more difficult to get.

Chainmail Boots

Chainmail boots have low stats compared to other boots such as diamond and gold however it is much more difficult to obtain for one reason, and that reason is that it is not craftable. Statistics don’t mean that they are more attainable. But to come across chained boots is very low because you can find them in treasures which are not something you get from “crossing by” but rather by hunting the treasure.

Netherite Boots

The hardest boots to attain are Netherite boots because they require extensive mining and high-quality gear to mine. To get Netherite boots, you must first find diamonds, make a pick axe to mine obsidian, and build a portal to the Nether. Once you got into the nether, then mine below y=15. Soon after a huge about of time, you will finally mine 4 ancient pieces of debris.

After mining, you will require four diamonds and four gold ingots to make a diamond boot and  Netherite ingot. “Netherite” ingot is crafted with four gold ingots and 4 Netherite scraps (Netherite scraps are made by Ancient smelting debris).

By combining Netherite ingot and diamond shoes, you can finally make Netherite boots. Considering these tedious tasks and how this task requires multiple bars, we can conclude that Netherite boots as the most difficult boots to obtain.

All Minecraft boots

Stats And Figures of Boots

Minecraft Boots are essential to reduce fall damage as well as reduce any hostile damage as well. However, each type of boot has its statistics, one being better than the other. These boots have better statistics based on the material they have. Defense ability and Durability are the mainframes that measure as statistics.

Symbolized as armor, the defense ability is visible above the health bar. Each armor/defense ability is a 4 percent damage reduction increasing as the defense ability increases. Durability displays the health of an item before it’s broken. These are the durability and defense ability statistics for each boot, as shown.

  • Leather Boots: 1 defense ability and 65 durability
  • Chain Boots: 1 defense ability and  195 durability
  • Iron Boots: 2 defense abilities and 195 durability
  • Gold Boots: 1 defense ability and 91 durability
  • Diamond Boots: 3 defense abilities and 429 durability
  • Netherite Boots: 3 defense abilities and 481 durabilities (with additional quirks such as 10% knockback resistance and burnproof)

Best Minecraft Boots Enchantments Combination

There are different combination enchantments of boots. As some enchantments can not go on with each other thus, there is a boot enchantment combination for different needs.

We will be discussing the enhancements which can not go together and who are replaceable by who. However, to get this many enchantments in an item, there is a huge need to have an XP farm. We have written an article about how to make a Minecraft slime farm.

The best overall boots include the enchantments of (this was inspired by YouTuber Shulkercraft)

  • Mending: Mending helps repair armor with XP rather than the material used to make the item.
  • Depth strider III: Depth strider is an enchantment for shoes exclusively, which helps speed the player on the water.
  • Protection IV:  Protection reduces the damage to almost everything except hunger and warden boom attack.
  • Soul Speed III: Soul speed is an enchantment for shoes exclusively, which helps speed the player on soul sand and soul soil.
  • Unbreaking III: Helps increase the durability of an item.
  • Feather Falling IV: This enchantment helps reduce fall damage a lot.

    Best Minecraft boots
    Best overall boot

Incompatibility Of Certain Enchantments

Certain enchantments can not be applied together in the same item by default thus if you have an extraordinary amount of material and XP, the player can make multiple boots of different enchantments. The incompatible enchantments are Protection, Fire Protection, Blast Protection, and Projectile Protection for all armor.


In conclusion, Minecraft boots are essential in high-level Minecraft survival worlds. Netherite is the stiffest boot to attain in the Minecraft universe, with the best statistics in the game and is the meta. There are multiple enchantments available for these boots with different quirks. This article concludes all those enchantments you can apply to your character build.

Please let us know your opinion on the best enchantment combination on Minecraft boots. We would love to hear them in the comments section below.

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