Minecraft: Best Discs [Ranked]

Ranking the top 15 best Minecraft discs which is made by diverse artists as well how to obtain them to jam with friends later.

The best minecraft discs
The best Minecraft discs

Minecraft is the best 3D sandbox game that has failed to be dethroned for over a decade. Many factors come into the equation to make Minecraft such a game phenomenon, one of them being its fantastic soundtrack. The Band C418 originally created the Minecraft soundtrack. Still, after some time, the roster contributing to this soundtrack increased: However, this did not lead Minecraft astray from its initially intended soundtrack aesthetic. This article will aim to identify/rank the best discs in Minecraft that you can quickly obtain in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Minecraft discs can be found in two ways: going into strongholds/generated structures and killing a creeper using a skeleton.
  • Some discs are more challenging to obtain, as they have different ways of discovering them in Minecraft.
  • The items of Minecraft discs have been updated throughout time; thus, some are much more unique than others.
  • Some discs are good in specific categories because of the lack of soundtracks in different categories.

How To Find Minecraft Discs

There are several ways to obtain discs in Minecraft. The first way, which works for most discs except Pigstep and disc 5, is by making a skeleton kill a creeper by giving it the last hit from the skeleton. This process of getting discs is relatively much easier than the other options. However, doing this manually is possible but very tedious.

So as Vita Sackville-West once stated, ” A man and his tools make a man and his trade.” We need to use tools to make getting these discs easier by getting four pistons, one wooden pressure plate, and any block. Place these items as shown in the image below.

creeper trap
Creeper trap contraption

Lead the creeper into this contraption. However, keep your distance from the creeper, as it might blow up and destroy the contraption. When the creeper is trapped in the contraption, find a skeleton and get it to attack you. Keep the creeper between you and the skeleton; the arrows will hit the creeper.

Speaking of tools, have you ever thought about enchanting your weapons to maximize the damage-dealing performance of your character and defeat all kinds of enemies? If not, our best sword enchantment in Minecraft guide can help you enhance the weapons with unique abilities.

Best Minecraft Discs Ranked

Disc 11

disc 11
disc 11

The broken disc “11” while being the worst disc in terms of music in Minecraft: however, in point of lore it’s the most elaborate yet mysterious disc available in the Minecraft universe. This music disc tells an intriguing story with ominous sounds and ambient music. The disc contains static sounds in its track which is justified by its broken appearance. Moreover, ranking from a musical standpoint, the disk deserves the last position.

Disc 13

disc 13
disc 13

Disc 13 is another notable Minecraft lore disc available in the game. This disc has an eerie undertone with no rhythmic value. Moreover, unlike the previous disc discussed, disc 13 has ambient music, which is more focused on cave sounds.

It also features resonating metallic clinks with the wind whistling in the background. This disc has a 13-second break at 1:30, which is an incredible easter egg to its name.

Disc 5

Disc 5 is the latest installment in the Minecraft lore disc series, which was available in update 1.19 with the ancient city. Considering it from a music standpoint is distasteful. However, being the latest lore disc, it reveals more about the old city and the non-functional portal present in the city. Many theories revealed that this disc presents an intricate story if it is correctly aligned.

Disc 5
Disc 5

Although the music disc is a masterpiece in its own right, it has no rhythmic value except the little tune that plays between 0.40 to 1.02. This little tune that plays between the timestamp is why this disc is placed above the other two lore discs.


Disc “Mellohi”

Mellohi disc features an eerie soundtrack and has some rhythmic value. It has a slow, slightly melancholic waltz with a mellotron undertone, thus named Mellohi. This tune is suitable for creating a horror atmosphere which is a rare occurrence.

Mellohi has nothing noteworthy to make it a unique or good disc. Perhaps the disc’s tone of having a “spooky” ominous chord is its charming point. However, in the horror category in itself, this disc is not the best one.


Chirp disc is a retro 90s synth-wave type disc music with an underlying tone of jazz which can be eerie at times. However, the tune drastically changes mid-song, presents itself as an upbeat chippy tune with high chimes, and has a much more optimistic approach to the song.

This chippy tune is what led this music disc to be named chirp. Moreover, it is a controversial disc among many O.G. Minecraft players.

Disc "Chirp"
Disc “Chirp”


Disc "Ward"
Disc “Ward”

Ward starts with a sample of “Frédéric Chopin – Piano-Sonata-No.2 – III-Marche-Funèbre” and then alludes to a different type of music. The melody changes to a low-pitched electronic vaporware with a gray undertone. The ending is much like the beginning of the song, changing its tone into a warming synth melody.

This change in the music is perhaps a metaphor for something that starts horribly to bring out the best in the end, thus named ward to signify this change as something as getting out of a ward as physically better or going out as a resting soul. This uniqueness and poetic value give it a better standing than chirp.


Block Disc
Disc “block”

The “Block” disc is a highly melodic and dynamic music disc with great rhythmic value. The disc starts with an upbeat chiptune theme. The echo and bitrate increase in the disc makes the songs much more exclusive to the album, and pleasing to the ears.

Additionally, it is subjectively the best disc for the nostalgic factor as it creates a very evocative atmosphere which further enhances the Minecraft experience. The disc, despite its upbeat start ends with fading, slow-paced chimes, which give a soothing experience, much like a sunset. Overall the exclusivity and the melodic enhancement make the disc much more enjoyable and subsequently making it better than the previous discs.

Other Side

eighth Best MInecraft discs
Disc “Otherside”

Released in the update 1.18 was the disc “other-side.” It is much like some other discs composed by Lena Rain, another famous music artist relatively newer to Minecraft’s music composer roster.

This disc starts with uplifting, happy yet repetitive 8-bit music. Still, soon it becomes eerier and eerier with getting a lower pitch which soon comes a close, and a distinct tik toking is heard, which symbolizes the other side being more of an after-death experience.


Far Disc in Minecraft
Disc “Far”

Far is the most peaceful disc in the Minecraft universe, much more settling for a farming-Esque type tune. Subtle chimes combined with watery echoing synth create a more ethereal vibe. This ethereal vibe is much more authentic to the original Minecraft background music but more high-pitched while also creating an adventurous atmosphere that is true to its gameplay intentions. This authenticity, with its great tune, makes it so high on the list.


Mall Disc
Disc “Mall”

Mall disc is Minecraft’s early addition of discs in the game. Like the previously discussed “far” disc, Mall is viewed as more authentic to the Minecraft music, thus being cemented as the distinct and memorable music for the franchise. The Mall is a resounding, happy synth song that offers both cold and warm synthesizer sounds and blends them perfectly to createbeautiful flowing piece.

The change in the disc’s rhythmic pace also makes the wait worthwhile, as in the second part of the disc, a beat drop occurs, which is fantastic. The resonance and the great rhythmic composure make this an instant classic in the Minecraft universe.


Wait Disc in Minecraft
disc “Wait”

The “Wait” disc, once called “Where Are We Now,” is a groovy disc that encaptures an underwater aesthetic. This aesthetic is more reminiscent of a sonic underwater stage. Even more, this disc has multiple themes which change halfway.

It starts with more of an arcade retro-type root which in the second term is stripped away to leave itself to only its melody, which in its own right is a soothing tune. “Wait” is an excellent disc as it does not lack in rhythmic value or usage in contexts; thus, it is ranked higher in the list.


Strad Disc in Minecraft
disc “Strad”

Strad is a soft melody with a tropical theme much more similar to wait but is more doubled down to its theme. In the beginning, it is a piece of very soothing and quiet music. However, the disc’s accelerating sound further encompasses its space-like and awe-inspiring theme.

Small parts of the music resemble tribal-type music, which ends on some melancholy Horner melodica chords. Compared to other music items in Minecraft, this disc is exquisite in its beat tempo, and its wonder-inspiring tunes make it very special.


The first music disc to ever release in Minecraft was “Cat.” This disc holds great significance to many Minecraft O.G gamers as it reminds them of the first-ever survival world they created. The joys of Minecra, fighting mobs, building, exploring, and playing with friends, are all composed in this disc, as many players of the franchise recall.

Moreover, it adds a nostalgic factor and its somewhat soothing tune, giving off a retro-Esque heart-warming vibe.

Cat Minecraft Disc
disc “cat”

The ending to cat, much like the rest of the song, is heartwarming but different because the music slowly fades away, and the upbeat music slowly fades into more of a sunset-type music reminiscent of the older times.

The nostalgic factor, coupled with the beautiful looping melody that plays with smooth synth waves, makes this disc one of the best Minecraft discs of all time.


Coming to a very close second is the disc music disc “Stal.” This disc had very few reasons not to be number 1 but many reasons to be claimed as one of the best Minecraft discs of all time. It is a jazzy music tune quite peculiar to another disc in the series.

Stal is one of Minecraft c148’s best compositions in terms of music, as this music doesn’t sound like it belonged in Minecraft. However, that’s the charm of this disc. Sounds of modern guitar riffs and more jazz chords developed with a tremendous groovy base make this disc one of the best Minecraft discs of all time.

This disc, as unorthodox as it is for the game, can stand as good music without having the Minecraft title.

2nd best minecraft disc
disc “Stal”

Pig Step

The disc with all qualities with bonuses and is the best Minecraft disc of all time is “Pig Step.” Pigstep is a disc most respected in the Minecraft community as it is used for most Minecraft servers and has made a great substance of memories for different content creators.

While coming from an update 1.16, Pig Step was also composed by Lena Raine. Since its release, the disc has taken the internet by storm due to its most hyper and beat-centered tune. In its early days, Pig Step was copyrighted thus, streamers would use a field day as a long-running joke. The disc Pigstep accommodates itself with hip-hop-style upbeat music and some radio effects.

Without the title of Minecraft, this disc could withhold the best as it doesn’t sound like it’s a Minecraft disc rather than an individual beat much more groovy than other discs. This, with a few different reasons, makes this the best Minecraft disc.

Best minecraft disc

Closing remarks.

Judging the discs by their eloquentness and their replayability is an important factor we have considered in this article. Minecraft has a huge variety of discs it is hard to have an objective outcome of putting one above the other.

However, accessibility, history, and replayability ranked discs in this order. Pigstep is notorious for being on top and overall had a different tune which allured many of its listeners to conclude it as the best disc.

This list is up for interpretation. Let us know your opinions on these ranks below.

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