GTA 5 Online: Best Missions To Earn Money

Want to get a lot of cash in GTA 5 Online playing various missions? Here are the best missions in GTA 5 Online for money.

Best Missions in Gta 5 Online for Money cover
Best Missions in Gta 5 Online for Money

Grand Theft Auto Online offers you lots of cool ways to earn massive amounts of money. You can complete various missions, indulge in different hobbies and pastimes, and compete in races, among a plethora of other cool things that you can do in GTA Online. But many players like to follow a storyline for their adventure and want to play missions to earn money. So here is a list of the best Missions in GTA 5 Online for Money that you can complete for some hefty payouts.

Key Takeaways

  • Grand Theft Auto Online features a lot of contact and heist missions that can give you massive payouts.
  • Different game characters offer these missions and are unlocked at various ranks.
  • Depending on the difficulty level, these missions differ in the payout they offer as a reward upon mission completion.

Best Missions In GTA 5 Online For Money

Here are some of the highest-paying missions overall in all mission categories in GTA Online if you are looking to earn some big bucks in no time:

 2X Weekly Bonus Missions

To start with, Rockstar Games regularly releases various DLCs for GTA Online. These DLCs contain additional story missions, vehicle and character updates and customizations, and much more. For every newly released DLC, Rockstar Games announces special weekly bonuses on various missions released with DLC on their Newswire website.

GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars - A recently released DLC update for GTA Online
GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars – A recently released DLC update for GTA Online

These weekly bonuses offer up to 2x RP and money rewards for completing these missions for a limited time. Rockstar has recently released the Los Santos Drug Wars update for GTA Online. They are offering 2x RP and money for the first dose missions from DLC. Moreover, you can get 3x rewards for completing the Freemode challenges and events for a limited time.

To know more about this, you can visit Get 2X GTA$ and RP on all First Dose Missions from Los Santos Drug Wars.

So, if you want to earn significant payouts by completing missions, keep an eye open for such weekly bonus missions. And regularly check the Newswire website to know all the new DLC updates and weekly rewards. These missions are surely worth inclusion in the best missions in GTA 5 online for money.

Cayo Perico Heist

GTA Online offers you a variety of missions, including various Story Missions, Heists, Special Events, and much more. Heists are some of the most interactive, lucrative, and fun-to-play missions having action-packed gameplay along with hefty payouts upon successful completion.

The heist takes place on the fictional island of Cayo Perico, located off the coast of Los Santos. Players are tasked with infiltrating the heavily guarded island and stealing valuable documents and other loot from a secure compound.

The island is guarded by various security forces and equipment, including surveillance cameras, guard towers, and armed guards, making the heist challenging. Even if played in a crew, this heist can easily give you a payout of $1,000,000 per person.

Cayo Perico GTA Online Heist Mission best missions in gta 5 online for money
Cayo Perico GTA Online Heist Mission

The Cayo Perico Heist features various approaches for players, including stealth, combat, and hacking. Players can also choose from various equipment and vehicles to aid them in the heist, such as scuba gear, boats, and helicopters.

Players can also choose to complete the heist alone or with a team of players. Achieving the heist solo requires players to rely on their skills and equipment, while completing it with a team allows players to strategize and work together to overcome the obstacles on the island.

Note: Like any other heist mission, to start the Cayo Perico heist, you must first be a CEO, VIP, or MC President. Moreover, you also need to have a penthouse; then, you become eligible to play this mission.

Pier Pressure

If you are looking for some big bucks along with an action-packed adventure, then “Pier Pressure” is just the right mission. This mission is given to the player by the drug dealer Gerald.

In this mission, you must infiltrate a secret meeting between the Lost MC and the Los Santos Vagos gang held at a pier in Del Perro. You have to kill all the members of both gangs present at the meeting. After this, you have to steal a package containing meth from them. After stealing the package, the player needs to deliver it to Gerald at his apartment.

Moreover, the best part about “Pier Pressure” is that not only it is a relatively more straightforward mission, and can be easily unlocked. You only need to have a rank of 6 to unlock it.

Pier Pressure GTA Online Mission best missions in gta 5 online for money
Pier Pressure GTA Online Mission

Like most of the missions of this category, GTA Online allows you to play this mission in a group of up to 4 players. But you can also opt to play this mission solo. The payout upon successful mission completion depends on the game time spent while completing it.

But we can assure you that it is one of the highest rewarding missions in GTA Online, and the reward can go up to $15,000 for each crew member. It makes it one of the best missions in GTA 5 online for money.

Judging The Jury

Again, one of the highest-paying GTA 5 missions, “Judging the Jury,” can be played either solo or with a squad of up to 8 people. You must have a rank of at least 65 to unlock this mission. Upon successful completion of the mission, you can get a payout of $20,000.

This mission is offered to the protagonist by Martin Madrazo after a group of right jurors runs away after stealing his money. Martin pays the jurors to bring down a verdict, but they deceive him.

Now we are tasked to kill all eight of these jurors in different places in the city. After killing four jurors, the player must kill the remaining four within a four-minute time limit. Otherwise, the cops will reach out to protect the jurors.

Judging the Jury GTA Online High Rewarding Mission
Judging the Jury GTA Online High Rewarding Mission

Moreover, killing the last of them gives you a three-star wanted level. So you have to lose the heat and reach Madrazo’s crib to complete the mission. So, if you like to race against time and are looking for some action-packed adventure, then “Judging the Jury” is just the right mission for you that can also give you a huge payout.

Heist missions are some of the most lucrative missions in GTA Online to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in one go. Want to know about the most profitable heist missions in GTA Online? For this, why don’t you visit our guide Best Heist in GTA 5?

Trash Talk

GTA Online also features Contact missions besides the story and the heist missions. Players can access these missions through the in-game phone by going to the “Contacts” option and selecting a specific contact. Contact missions come in various difficulty levels and offer different rewards for completion. Some missions can be completed solo, while others require players to work together with a team.

Trash Talk is the final of the dozens of Contact missions in the game. This mission is assigned to the player by Martin Madrazo – A powerful Mexican drug lord who tasks players with various criminal activities.

In this mission, you first need to destroy four garbage trucks at various locations throughout the city. After this, you proceed to the El Burro Heights area, where you destroy five more trucks that the enemies heavily guard. Its action-packed gameplay and huge payout make it one of the best missions in GTA 5 online for money.

Trash Talk GTA Online Mission
Trash Talk GTA Online Mission

After killing all the gang members, you will see the crew boss fleeing the combat scene. Kill the crew boss, and the mission will be completed giving you a payout of up to $15,000. Moreover, unlike most missions where you only have the option to play in a team of up to 4 players, “Trash Talk” allows you to make a team of up to 6 players.

Chopper Tail

Just like “Diamonds are for Trevor,” the “Chopper Tail” is also one of Trevor Phillip’s contact missions. You can play either solo or in a team of up to 4 people.

In this mission, the protagonist is tasked with protecting one of the meth labs owned by Trevor Phillips. Trevor owns multiple meth labs, and he is not sure which one will be raided. But Trevor gets the intel that LSPD is approaching the lab in a helicopter.

So, the player has to look out from a hilltop in Senora National Park for a helicopter. As you see the helicopter, you must follow it until it reaches the meth lab. On following the chopper, it turns out that the meth lab in Great Chapparal is being raided.

So to save the meth lab from cops, we have to eliminate all the LSPD personnel at the scene and take out all the cooking equipment from the meth lab in the back of a Granger.

Chopper Tail GTA Online Mission
Chopper Tail GTA Online Mission

After stealing the equipment, you will have to deliver it to Trevor’s trailer. But it is not as easy as it sounds. Because you will be followed by LSPD officers, which you will have to get rid of, on successful completion of the mission, you will be rewarded with a handsome amount of $22,200. And it is undoubtedly one of the missions where you have to fight for your prize.

San Andreas Seoul

You must be exhausted by stealing cars and money. How about this time we go for something big? Like literally something “big.” For this, “San Andreas Seoul” is the mission to play. It is a contact mission offered to the player by Lamar Davis. While the player can opt to complete this mission solo, he/she can also play in a squad of up to 4 people.

San Andreas Seoul GTA Online Mission best missions in gta 5 online for money
San Andreas Seoul GTA Online Mission

Gas prices are rising, and Lamar Davis is looking to earn some profit from this price hike. So, he asks the protagonist to steal an oil tanker. Thus the player has to rob a gas station in Little Seoul of a tank full of gasoline. Stealing this tanker will give you some police attention, and you will gain two stars worth wanted level.

To complete the mission, you must lose the cops from your tail and deliver the vehicle to Lamar’s depot. This simple mission is some “easy money” and can give you a payout of $3000, surely worthy of inclusion in the best missions in GTA 5 online for money.

Rooftop Rumble

Next on our list of high-paying missions is the “Rooftop Rumble.” Rooftop Rumble is one of the most exciting and challenging heist missions in GTA Online. This mission is offered to the protagonist by Martin Madrazo, who plays a supporting role in GTA 5 and is a main character in GTA Online.

To unlock this mission, the player must reach at least level 75. It is one of the most lucrative missions of the entire game, allowing the players to earn almost $3,657 every minute. And a total prize of $20,000 upon successful completion.

The trigger point of the mission is located at Adam’s Apple Boulevard on the southern end of the parking lot. Here you will see several fugitives parked along with two FIB agents making a deal for documents that Madrazo wants.

The prime goal of this mission is to obstruct this deal. Parking lots block three options for car entry, and you are left with only one way to go in and out.

Rooftop Ramble GTA Online Mission
Rooftop Rumble GTA Online Mission

Your opponents will be a total of 8 professionals and five FIB operatives equipped with Assault Rifles. One of the Professionals can be overheard discussing business secrets throughout the mission. He is trying to give FIB the impression that they are intruding on his personal space by interrogating him about his organization.

You need to steal the deal documents by killing the eight professionals. After this, deliver the documents to Martin Madrazo to complete the mission.

While you can play this mission solo, it is always best to go with your squad because it requires a high level of skill, coordination, and teamwork from players to succeed. So, GTA Online allows you to play this mission with a team of up to 4 players.

Diamonds Are For Trevor

Unlocked at a significantly higher level of 70, “Diamonds are for Trevor” is one of the most excellent contact missions in the game. And the exciting thing about this mission is that it is given by a protagonist “Trevor Phillips” of the game, to the other protagonist.

In this mission, we are tasked to interrupt a diamond shipment in the Paleto Bay area. Firstly we must kill all of the heavily guarded security personnel at the shipment location. Then we must take a boat and deliver these diamonds safely to the drop-off location.

During our boat ride, Merryweather’s resistance attacks the players and tries to stop us. So, the players must be vigilant and protect the boat from enemy attacks until they reach the drop-off location.

Diamonds Are for Trevor GTA Online Mission best missions in gta 5 online for money
Diamonds Are for Trevor GTA Online Mission

This mission is easy money. In a few minutes, you can earn a huge amount of nearly $13k+. Making it one of the most lucrative missions in the game.

Need to know some other cool ways to earn some handsome amount of money in GTA Online besides completing missions? So we have compiled a list of some of the best tips and tricks and some things you can do to pile up lots and lots of cash in GTA Online. To know more about this, you can visit our guide How To Get Money Fast In GTA 5 Online.

Blow Up

Blow Up is one of the early missions unlocking at just a rank of 12 that can earn you lots of money. This is a contact mission offered to the player by Simeon Yetarian, a car dealer who is also a con artist.

If you are looking for absolute carnage and to wreak some serious havoc in the city, this mission will be a treat for you. Simeon Yetarian asks you to go to a dealership down on Strawberry Avenue.

You must destroy all of their cars because the dealership is causing him problems. So, now you can wake the devil inside your mind. And you have to come up with the wittiest and the deadliest ways to blow up the whole of the vehicle stock.


Either you can destroy all the cars right there in the parking lot. Or you can park all these cars in the gas station right across the road. After this, blow up the gas station and all the cars if you are looking for fireworks.

Either way, you are going to get a wanted level. So you will have to blow off steam and lose the cops from your tail. Finally, going to Simeon Yetarian’s will finish the mission, and you will walk home with a handsome payout of $21,000, making it one of the best missions in GTA 5 online for money.

A Superyacht Life – Salvage

Do you want to earn some great bucks in style and experience action on the sea? Then this mission is probably one of the most extraordinary and fun missions in GTA Online. Superyacht Life – Salvage is one of the six missions of the Superyacht Life series. This series was featured as a part of the Los Santos Summer Special update in GTA Online.

A Superyacht Life - Salvage best missions in gta 5 online for money
A Superyacht Life – Salvage GTA Online Mission

Brendan Darcy – a supporting character in the game who can relocate our ships, offers the protagonist this mission. In this mission, we went underwater to steal the sunken cargo from a nearby yacht, where we received a distress call.

Once we collect the whole sunken cargo, our yacht is attacked by the hijackers from the Kkangpae gang. So, we need to rush back to our yacht and kill all the hijackers. Finally, we save Brendan, held hostage by the invaders, and the mission ends.

This cool mission offers the players a hefty payout of $16,250. It can be played either solo or in a team of up to 4 players, making it one of the Best Missions in GTA 5 Online for Money.

Pro Tip: While playing contact missions, we advise you not to hurry. Take as long as you can to complete the mission. This is because GTA Online offers you a greater reward if you complete a mission with a longer mission time.


GTA Online allows you to play a variety of different kinds of missions. These missions offer you different amounts of rewards and other perks when completed. In this guide, we have discussed some of the most profitable missions for you if you want to earn a lot of money quickly. If you know any other high-paying GTA Online missions, do share them with the Gamesual community in the comments below.

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