GTA 5: Best Mods [Top 13]

This guide details the best mods in GTA 5 and how to download them to enhance your experience.

Best gta 5 mods
Best gta 5 mods

Everyone has played or at least heard about GTA 5 unless they live under a rock. The game has been around for almost a decade, but it’s still one of the most popular. And the reason for that is the insane amount of mods. Thanks to the gamer community, GTA V continues to thrive due to these amazing and fun-to-play mods.

Whether you want to initiate a tsunami and survive underwater, join Avengers, Spiderman, or even Batman, there are tons of different mods that will allow you to do that. You could make the game look insanely beautiful by adding the right mod and getting an option to play in 4K. The possibilities of GTA 5 mods are endless.

Key Highlights

  • GTA 5 community has created several mods free of charge for gamers.
  • These mods can let you be a superhero or put you in certain scenarios like a Tsunami or an apocalypse.
  • The game now features numerous types of mods that affect the performance of weapons and the overall game environment.

Best Mods In GTA 5

If you are someone who has just discovered the world of modding, it might be quite overwhelming for you. The crazy number of options available makes it impossible to decide on which one we should install.

Some are groundbreaking and a must-play, while sadly, some may crash your game and are not worth trying out. This guide talks about 13 of the best mods in GTA 5. These mods are our top selections, and you should check them out if they suit your gaming style.

Another important note to remember is to carefully read the readme files before installing the mod on your pc.

Zombie Apocalypse

We all love zombies, right? Why not add zombies to GTA 5 and play out in a zombie apocalypse? This lets you be in the middle of a virus outbreak, not talking about Covid, but much worse.

This virus outbreak has melted everyone’s brains, and you have to navigate your way through Los Santos while being on the lookout for someone wanting to eat your brains.

shooting at zombies with gun on the road
Simple Zombie Mod in GTA 5

The creators that made this mod have paid great attention to detail. Since this is a survival mod, you will need to manage sleep and hunt for food. Users can also meet survivors and recruit them into your camp. You have the authority to tell them to stay back in the camp or come along and help you in fighting off zombies.

Moreover, the zombies are attracted to noise, so once you start shooting, be prepared to get swarmed by half-dead zombies. It can get quite scary, especially at night, as you don’t know who will creep up on you.

This mod has been out for some time now, so it has been patched and fixed multiple times and is almost bug-free.


We all know there is one place where GTA 5 could really improve, and it’s showing more gore and blood. The essence of the game is violence and action, yet there is a limit to the showing of gore and limbs in GTA 5.

Police officer dead on the road with a lot of gore showing
Dismemberment/Gore Mod in GTA 5

With this mod, you can have more fun while shooting down pedestrians and demolishing their bodies, and dismembering police bodies while shooting them with a machine gun. Blow out brains by head-shotting the police with a shotgun.

Gang And Turf

Is Los Santos getting way too safe and friendly to live in? Make life more exciting, and fun using this mod and make roaming around in certain streets a lot riskier. This mod will let you participate in gang wars, much like that in San Andreas.

3 fat guys with guns wearing the same shirt. Indicating they part of a gang
Gang and Turf Mod in GTA 5

Battle with rival gangs to gain control over territories, which will be a form of passive income by controlling those areas. You can get members, dress up your gang, and register cars.

You can also visit and fight other gangs, as their locations will be marked on the map. The map will constantly change as gangs spread in different areas while fighting for turf.

Since gang wars are constantly ongoing, you may find yourself in the middle of territories controlled by other gangs. You can even call your gang for battle, resulting in a massive fight between NPCs.

This GTA 5 mod will remind you of San Andreas and how dangerous the streets used to be. Take control of the streets of Los Santos and declare yourself king.

GTA V Redux

This mod is one of the most game-changing features in GTA 5. GTA 5 has been around for quite some time, and it is difficult to compete with modern games. The quality of these modern games is amazing, and the original GTA 5 isn’t in competition for the top spot. But with this mod, it just might be.

Cool car parked in the street with amazing graphics
GTA V Redux Mod in GTA V

This mod brings the option to experience GTA V in 4K resolution while also bringing enhanced textures. It also has new weather effects, like detailed rain droplets falling from the sky.

Plus, mod improves the shadows and lighting of the game. It is also renowned to makes the overall game much more beautiful and giving graphical improvements.

It is worth noting that this is a graphic card-demanding mod for GTA V. For that instance, you must install it only if it meets your system requirements. Apart from the graphical benefits, it also improves NPC behavior by making it more believable. It also makes the police system more natural and fair.

Realistic Gun Sounds

There are multiple cases where GTA 5 lacks realism, and one of those instances is in gun sounds. Guns are an essential part of the game, but the lack of realistic sound effects may be annoying for some die-hard action gamers. This mod fixes that.

Franklin shooting a gun on the streets.
Realistic Gun Sounds Mod in GTA 5

This mod gives guns a much more realistic and loud sound effect. Moreover, it also gives explosions a more overwhelming sound effect. Although this mod is straightforward and isn’t as fancy as other mods on the list, it is still one of the best in GTA 5 to improve your gaming experience.

Tsunami Mod

Los Santos isn’t a safe place anymore, not because of the constant violence and crimes happening in the city. But because of the danger of a natural disaster waiting to happen. Tsunamis can be terrifying to watch, let alone experience. With this mod, you can see underwater what Los Santos would look like.

Helicopter view showing all the city drowned under water. Tall buildings drowned under water.
Tsunami Mod in GTA 5

Watch waves rushing down the street and slowly taking over the city. We didn’t know that natural disasters were something that GTA 5 was missing, but now we do. It completes the game in the symbolic sense that God is angry with its people because of the evil that has prevailed in Los Santos.

This mod is an amazing experience and is definitely worth trying. It brings real-world disasters in the game while players try to survive the tsunami in helicopters and jet planes.

Hulk Mod

Since we are discussing some of the best GTA 5 mods that exist, we have to include some of the best superhero mods. The Hulk mod is one of the most detailed and fun ones to play.

Hulk standing on top of dead bloody body with person shooting at him.
The Hulk Mod in GTA 5

In this mod, you can do practically anything that Hulk can do. You can make insane jumps to get from one place to another, smash vehicles with a single punch, or even break open NPC’s bodies with The Hulk’s incredible strength.

The Hulk mod rewards players with massive health and will let you inflict large amounts of damage with a single punch, terrorizing the pedestrians and the police force in true Hulk fashion. You can jump very high with Hulk’s exceptional abilities, and travel from one place to another at a very fast rate.

You can take the NPCs from the streets and use them as weapons to smash a car or crack the floor. Or carry them around and keep bullying them. Nobody can stop hulk from doing what he wants.

In addition to the fantastic power of Hulk, the effects of this mod really do deserve appreciation. From the cracks that are seen on the ground after smashing NPCs on the ground to the extra blood and gore shown while cracking open their bodies.

Spiderman Mod

This mod is perfect for you if you’re an Avenger fan and like superhero action games. We could not possibly talk about superhero mods and not include this one. It was designed by JulioNIB, a fantastic creator who has created other insane mods, so you know it’s the real deal.

Spiderman standing on a tall building looking down at the view
The Amazing Spiderman Mod in GTA 5

As Spiderman, you can use a bunch of cool abilities such as web bomb, web shooter, concussive blast, impact web, and electric web. The number of extra utilities and features make this mod a literal video game inside of another video game.

If you don’t have the Spiderman game and want to experience what it feels like to live like Spiderman but in the crime-driven city of Los Santos, then this mod is perfect. This increases the standards of superhero mods because of the effort and detail that went into this mod. This is definitely among the best GTA 5 mods out there.

Complex Control

With games like PUBG, Fortnite, and COD Warzone very popular these days, someone might want the same battle royale experience in GTA 5. Well, now that is possible, thanks to the Complex Control mod.

Person on the side of the road shooting another person with a gun.
Complex Control Mod in GTA 5

You are dropped to a large open-world map using teleportation and three special powers in this GTA 5 mod. The goal is to survive and progress into the next zone without getting killed by the AI-controlled enemies who are after you. These AI-controlled gamers will parachute from the sky or drive cars and bikes to take you out.

Kill all enemies and progress into the next zone in true battle Royale fashion. Use your 3 unique abilities and master this challenging mod. The NPCs are not easy to avoid, as they will keep spawning from everywhere, and if you’re not focused, then you won’t understand what killed you.

Unfortunately, this mod doesn’t support multiplayer. However, it is enjoyable, challenging, and the closest thing to a battle Royale in GTA 5. It is considered the best mod in GTA 5 if you are a fan of Battle Royale.

GTA 5 Realism

Another graphical mod on the list is GTA 5 Realism. It makes the game more beautiful and realistic and can be referred to as the early alternative to Grand Theft Auto 6. It improves the shadows, texture, and overall lighting of the game.

Red car speeding down a residential road.
Realism Mod in GTA 5

Apart from the visual’s enhancements of the game, the GTA 5 Realism mod also improves the police force. It makes them more intelligent and much more challenging to deal with. They react better to criminal activities, so you better be careful.

This mode generally makes the scenic views of the game much more appreciable.

Map Editor

This mod is a complete game-changer. You’ve probably thought a specific part of the map wasn’t as good as it should be. Or maybe Los Santos would look better if you designed it differently? Well, with this mod, you can edit the map yourself. Show off your creativity and go wild with this mod.

A ramp placed on the road with a marker above indicating that it is being placed there on purpose.
Map Editor Mod in GTA 5

You can now “fix” the map of Los Santos according to your own needs. Build ramps, and buildings, add barriers, signs, and much more with this amazing mod. This mod will let your creativity take control, and you can impress your friends with something cool you made.

In addition to that, you can create multiple maps. So, you can build one map filled with ramps and obstacles to go racing in and create another map with beautiful architecture. Or even make both things in one map; it’s entirely your choice and creative freedom.

These types of mods bring out the creative gamers in the community and are something that should be encouraged. If you are tired of constant violence and fighting in GTA 5, sit back and build your world without any worries.

2014 McLaren P1

Every car lover has dreamed of owning a McLaren at one point in their life. Well, it’s probably still just a dream in real life, but in GTA 5, you can finally get that McLaren P1 you have always wanted. This model is adopted from The Forza Horizon 3 video game.

2014 McLaren P1 on the side of the road parked. Orange colored car.
2014 McLaren P1 Mod in GTA 5

We just had to include a mod that will also satisfy car lovers, so this is one of the best car mods out there if you are into sports cars. Drive fast down the streets of Los Santos in complete fashion and class.

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Jesus Christ Mod

What happens when Jesus visits the heinous crime that struck Los Santos? Well, that’s for you to decide. This mod lets you be Jesus and have all the supernatural abilities you can dream of.

Jesus Christ style character with a bunch of fish on the side of the foot path.
Jesus summoning fish in Jesus Mod GTA 5

This mod gives you several cool abilities and powers to try out. You guys wanted to summon fish in GTA 5, right? No worries, this mod allows you to do that.

You can also bring people back to life, so you can keep killing the same NPC and bring them back to life if you decide that they didn’t get enough punishment yet.

In addition to that, you can also breathe fire. You can punish sinners and give them a glimpse of hellfire by blowing fire out of your mouth and burning them. You also have the power to be invincible.

On the other hand, since Jesus is a symbol of love, you can also make hundreds of people fall in love with you. By doing that, they will now follow you wherever you go. These die-hard followers will not betray you even if you start mass murdering your followers. Got the police on you? Make them fall in love with you, and they will stop trying to kill you.

Jesus Christ character flying like superman above the city of Los Santos
Jesus flying around in Jesus Mod GTA 5

And how can we forget the iconic walking on water? With the Jesus mod, you can go to the sea or any water body and start walking on it. Moreover, you can also fly around and telepathically control people and throw them around.

This Jesus mod is pretty overpowered and very fun to use. It has so many abilities and fun stuff that you don’t get bored using it.

Closing Remarks

GTA mods are why GTA 5 is still as popular as it was, with new mods always coming and the community getting something new. But it cannot be very clear what mods you should try and if they are worth your time.

After reading this, you should clearly know the best GTA 5 mods available in the game. These mods are unique and detailed; some of them feel like you’re playing another game inside GTA V.

We have thoroughly discussed all the different mods, and you can decide which ones would suit your style of gameplay and which ones would be more fun for you.

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