Minecraft 1.10.2: Best Mods [Top 21]

Here you will learn about some cool and best mods available for Minecraft 1.10.2.

Minecraft best mods
Minecraft 1.10.2 best mods

Minecraft is famous for the variety it contains. Starting from tools to every material and object, everything we see keeps changing and improving from time to time. The same is true when we talk about the mods of Minecraft.

Changing the mod sometimes feels like we are in a new game, as it can bring in new mobs and upgrade other things. Minecraft version 1.10.2 contains some of the best mods that can be very helpful to players.

Key Takeaways

  • Minecraft allows players to try a lot of different mods designed to help players in different scenarios.
  • One of the first and must-have mods is the Crafting table and Malicious mods, which can help players during the crafting of different tools used in the game and by providing unique and different designs for the doors, respectively.
  • Now while talking about the best mods of Minecraft 1.10.2, Epic fight mod and Ncubes Mod both come to mind; however, both of their aspects are pretty different from each other. One is used for the fighting mod, and the other is used to shift things from a Minecraft mod to a realistic one.
  • Continue regarding bests mods, Third  Person model mod is one of them, as it provides the player to play in the Third person if they desire.
  • There are a few realistic mods in between, such as epic fight mode that can be used to add animation and a nifty move to your character, and a Diagonal fence mod in which the player can use this fence to increase its defenses against the enemies.

Best Mods For Minecraft 1.10.2

Crafting Table IV Mod

What this mod does is adds another crafting table to the game. This works like the Xbox version when you bring in your building or crafting material. It will show you everything that you could craft, and it’s just conducive for those of you that don’t know all of the recipes or if you are playing with mods.

Minecraft Crafting Table

Malicious Door Mod

This mod adds a bunch of new custom doors to the game. All of these doors have their custom animations, so it’s pretty cool to use them, and it is made so you can customize your buildings a lot better and just to make them look how we want them to.

Malicious Door

Third-Person Model Mod

The Third-Person Model mod allows you to experience the game in Third-Person Perspective and see your own body. Now you won’t be running around just like a floating camera. It’s a nice feature for those who don’t want to be floating around and enjoy a body for your character.

Infernal Mob Mods

This mod is good for those of you who like to make your game a bit harder; it adds a bunch of new mobs to the game. While they’re not actually new creatures, they will have special enchantments or abilities on them, and it just makes it, so they’re a lot tougher to fight. Lastly, you can also get some pretty cool dropped items from them.

Infernal Mod in Minecraft

Leica Knights Mobs Mod

One of the best mod that Minecraft 1.10.2 have is Leica Knights Mod. This mod adds new mobs to the game most of them are hostile and proved to be pretty difficult to fight. So if you are into a mod that makes your game much more challenging, then you will like this.

It also makes the nether more exciting because there will be a lot of action, and you can just have some really fun fights with a lot of these creatures.

Leica Knights Mobs Mod

Minecraft Comes Alive Mod

This mod replaces villagers with regular people, and you can develop relationships with these people ranging from friendships to marriages. When you get married, you can also have kids who will do your stuff and grow up to have their own kids. It is a cool mod that can immerse you into your world a bit more.

Minecraft Comes Alive Mod

WTF’s Expedition Mod

It adds many new cool features to the game, such as bigger trees that make your world seem a lot more full. Similarly, it also has underground cave biomes, making them look much better.

Expedition Mod makes ores generate much better and can drop different amounts depending on how dense the ore is. It is simply an amazing mod for those who like to explore your world and have it look unique.

MO Creature Mod

Like the previous few mods, this also adds to the mobs of Minecraft. It comes under the list of Best Mods Minecraft 1.10.2 that adds new creatures to the game. Players could not distinguish between these creatures and the original ones.

Players would have difficulty in finding a difference unless they hadn’t played the game before and someone had it installed for them. It’s just a cool mod because it adds so many new creatures to engage in your world of Minecraft.

MO creature mod

Local Weather And Strom Mod

The Strom mod is there to make your world have more extreme weather. It will allow you to experience tornadoes in real-time and rip your world to pieces. It’s a cool mod because it also adds things such as wind so you can see things blowing around. The local weather and storm mod is really a fun mod to play with.

Local Weather and Strom Mod

World Edit Mod

This mod allows you to build different items in a couple of minutes, things that normally take hours. It helps you to edit your world in straightforward ways. You can mass-build things faster, so you can now do it in a day instead of taking weeks to make some huge creations. This creative mod shapes your world to look better because it helps in building stuff easily.

Simple Shells

What simple shells do is give a revamped look to your house or any place. You can right-click on them and can get a small shelf space that can be utilized to put anything on. If we grab ourselves a sword and we put it in there, it’ll become a little display case for our sword. This mod will work for anything, even for mod icons. Breaking a shell would eventually return your belongings.

Simple Shells Mod

Random Things Mod

This mod does pretty much what it says. It adds in all this random stuff that can be very useful. You can get these water walking boots or some magic hoods. There are even lava lockers providing you with all kinds of different stuff.

Just like you can have a blaze and steel, anything from this Random Things mod can be put in our world and used easily for display purposes or anything else, depending upon the player.

Random Thing Mod

Nomadic Tent mods

Nomadic Tents mod adds in all these little things related to the tent setting. You can place all these things down and make cool structures. We got all types of small to large tents in there. You can use the different blocks to have different types of cool setting that gives an interesting look.

Nomadic Tent Mod

Compact Machine Mod

Talking about the best mod Minecraft 1.10.2 compact Machine Mod is surely one of those. It gives you all these machines. The mod also has an Atari-looking machine used as a shrinking device; we can use it to shrink stuffed down and go around shrinking cows. As a surrogate player, it is very interesting, and it’s pretty fun making.

Gems Plus Mod

These are ruby blocks and ruby armor. It adds all kinds of gemstones; you got ruby, Chris Ryan, and lots of stuff, and you even got emeralds.

Gems Mod in Minecraft

You can also use this to turn emerald in an armor ruby or the armor sapphire and so on into many other things. This mod adds a lot of gems leaving this cool-looking stuff, including a diamond sword.

Furnace Mod

In Furnace Mod, we got our traditional furnace with one slot. You got iron, gold, diamond, obsidian and netherrack. These Furnaces can be used to extract the metal from their ore.

The iron furnace has more slots if we put iron in there; it smelts after every 2.5 sec. For Netherrack to operate, we must be in the nether world. Plus, this furnace requires no fuel. Using these metals, we give a whole new look to our house using diamond, gold, etc and can be used to forge other tools.

Furnace Mod

Diamond Lucky Block Mod

On number 17, we have a diamond lucky block mod; you can break it and get anything. You can get almost everything from the traditional Minecraft lucky box. Moreover, you can have them in the survival world and can even get 20 diamonds at one time. So using this mod can give you instant luck, provided you are lucky for what you desire.

Diamond Lucky Block Mod

Steve’s Cart Mod

With Steve Cart you can build yourself a little adrenaline-drilling machine from which you can set many things much set it. It drills a straight line down the track; you even get dynamite from this. Just like this, you got plenty of other stuff that is very useful to your world and can help you in different ways.

Steve Cart Mod


Epic Fight Mod

Epic fight mod is one of the realistic mods available in Minecraft. The mod features overhauled animations. It even adds new weapons for you to discover, each with its unique animation and style.

Epic Fight Mod

You can also get your hands on Knuckles, one of the community favorites since they are very light but deadly. Due to this mod’s fantastic features, it is considered one of the best mods of Minecraft 1.10.2.

Nocubes Mod

This mod lives up to his name, and it simply replaces all the blocks from the game with a soft realistic surface. You could also shift this mod to a whole new level by adding a realistic resource pack but consider that this will bring your system to its knees as it consumes a lot of processing power.

Nocubes Mod

Diagonal Fences Mod

Now moving on to a new mod, I think, is a game-changer, allowing players to easily increase their defense. It aids players by increasing their creativity instead of just sticking with the rectangle or square shapes of fields.  You could even run it with a realistic texture pack making it crazier and worthwhile, thus easily making it count among the best mods in Minecraft 1.10.2.

Diagonal Fences Mod


Q1. Are Minecraft Mods Only Compatible With Specific Versions?

Ans. No, mostly all mods are compatible with new versions of Minecraft. However, old versions face some problems while importing a few Minecraft modpacks, as new ones can only run with upgraded versions of Minecraft.

Q2. Can You Play Minecraft Without Mods?

Ans. Mods in Minecraft sometimes work as an assistant to help the player boost their effort or sometimes to add challenging stuff to make it more attractive to players playing it. However, it is possible to play Minecraft without mods, as these are only available in packs to be imported. Many players prefer playing with mods because of their various functions and stuff.

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