Minecraft 1.10.2: Best Mods [Top 20]

Make your gameplay more interesting with these exciting mods for Minecraft 1.10.2.

best mods for Minecraft 1.10.2
Best mods for Minecraft 1.10.2

In Minecraft, I love having the freedom to build a world from scratch. Just when you think the developers have provided everything, the modding community surprises us with something completely brand new. To convince you, here are the best mods I found for Minecraft 1.10.2.

Key Takeaways

  • These mods add exciting new features, remove the dull parts of the game, and sometimes revamp the existing things in Minecraft. 
  • In my experience, I found Magma Monsters to be extremely fun and challenging with a new series of mobs. 
  • You can also consider community favorites Pink Pixelmon Lucky Blocks, Lycanites Mobs, and City of Newisle for a unique playthrough experience. 

Chisels And Bits

I often explore various online mods to enhance my Minecraft experience by adding new buildings and items. These mods introduce elements that aren’t necessarily essential for survival in the game but can make virtual life easier.

best mods for Minecraft 1.10.2
Chisels and Bits

Chisels and Bits is a mod that adds various new items in Minecraft. Specifically developed for the 1.10.2 edition, players can add many decorative items, including Japanese-styled wells and barns for non-hostile mobs. Download the Chisels and Bits mod and explore all these new options in Minecraft.

Magma Monsters

I found the presence of many hostile mobs in Minecraft quite interesting. Dealing with them adds a bit of a challenge to the building process. Creepers, skeletons, spiders, ghasts, magma cubes, and slimes are all important in Minecraft, and every player enjoys their presence as they give something challenging to deal with.

If the already available variety of monsters no longer intrigues you, you can add many new non-hostile mobs through various mods and make your gameplay more challenging. Magma Monsters is one of these interesting mods that will add new creatures made of lava.

Magma Monsters
Magma Monsters

Although they resemble magma cubes, the magma monsters are whole organisms and feature different types of deadly attacks. Dealing with them will be difficult; players must test various strategies and see what works. Download the Magma Monsters mod in Minecraft and face these fearsome new creatures for an exciting gameplay experience.

Crafting Table IV

The Crafting table is an essential tool for players to craft new and useful items. However, the problem with the built-in crafting table is that it does not guide the player about the recipes. Consequently, new players may fail to get the most out of it.

crafting table iv
Crafting Table

To solve this problem, I’ve found a mod that upgrades the current crafting table and adds different recipes for players’ assistance. The mod is called the Crafting Table IV. It makes your experience more accessible in the game by automatically crafting items without following a specific recipe.

Players can install it for Minecrat’s 1.10.2 version from here.

AtomicStryker’s Infernal Mobs

The Infernal mob mod enchants the existing mobs in Minecraft and spawns them randomly to make your fights against them tougher. You can get up to four times the rewards and many enchanted items after killing them.

This mod will alter the following mobs in Minecraft:

Infernal Mobs
  • Fiery mobs will set players on fire
  • Ender and Ninja mobs can teleport around and reverse the players’ attacks on the players themselves. 
  • Many mobs will be able to become invisible during your fights with them.
  • Spiders can attack players’ legs and trap them in their webs to limit their movement.
  • Ghasts will be able to launch fireballs at players.
  • Many mobs can snatch players’ tools and weapons from them during fights.
  • Many mobs will take only half the damage they should do without this mod. 

Download the Infernal Mobs mod to experience these and many more hard-to-defeat enemies.

Pink Pixelmon Lucky Blocks

While scrolling through the Minecraft mods page, I often encounter mods adding lucky blocks in Minecraft. These lucky blocks are randomly scattered around the Minecraft world, dropping various useful items. Players can also make these using gold blocks and crafting tables. Moreover, there are different mods for getting these lucky blocks for different versions of Minecraft.

Pink Pixelom Lucky Blocks mod adds these lucky blocks with over twenty-five hundred unique drops related to Pokemon. It is one of the best mods for the 1.10.2 version of Minecraft, which is also compatible with other game versions. Depending on players’ luck, these blocks can drop:

pink pixelmon Lucky Block
Pink Pixelmon Lucky Block
  • Any one of the Pokemon in the game,
  • Mega Evolution bosses,
  • Pixelmon potions.

Download and install the Pink Pixelmon Lucky Blocks mod and fulfill your love for Pokemon in Minecraft.

Lycanites Mobs

This is one of the best and most extensive mods available. The Lycanite Mobs mod adds over a hundred new mobs you might never have seen before.

You can find these mobs scattered around various biomes in the game. Moreover, these mobs include both massive hostile and small non-hostile mobs.

These other features include:

best mods for Minecraft 1.10.2
Lyncanites Mobs
  • You can tame the non-hostile mobs and summon them anywhere, especially during fights, for assistance.
  • These new mobs often drop valuable items.
  • This mod also allows you to revamp the existing dungeons in the game to create customized massive dungeons.

Download the Lyncanites Mobs mod in Minecraft 1.10.2 to go through these exciting additions to the game.

Mo’s Creatures

Like the Lycanites Mobs mod, Mo’s Creatures mod allows the players to add various new creatures in Minecraft. With over forty hostile and non-hostile mobs, this mod allowed me to engage with many creatures that are unavailable in the game otherwise. 

Mo's Creatures Mod
Mo’s Creatures Mod

Download Mo’s Creatures mod for Minecraft 1.10.2 and watch these creatures spawn at random locations.


Playing with dynamite and TNT is fun in Minecraft. TNT usually has a small area of effect and does not have many uses in the game. However, with the TNT mod, you can access various new kinds of TNT and explosives with a huge area of effect.

In my experience, I found that TNT can destroy whole biomes and be used against enemies.

TNT mod

Furthermore, this mod also comes with many recipes to create more bombs. Download the TNT mod for Minecraft 1.10.2 and put some fireworks in action.

Storage Network Mod

One of the major issues I found in the game was limited storage. However, I used different mods to connect my various inventories with chests and storage systems. It is an excellent feature allowing players to export or import items from remote locations.

best Minecraft 1.10.2 mods
Storage Network Mod

You can use your PC’s control buttons and cursor to perform these tasks. Similarly, regular updates equip this mod with more features. Download the Storage Network mod to access your tools and items anywhere in the game easily.

Skyblock Remake Map

Skyblock Remake Map mod will spawn you on a random floating island with limited survival resources. Players will have to complete various challenges by only using resources from a chest and a tree. These missions include many building projects to expand the tiny island into a bigger world.

There are over sixty new challenges that players need to fulfill in the game. These challenges involve finding and collecting different items and ores, building houses and farms, and crafting various items and tools. I must warn you, as the mod features brutal mobs that can end your progress.

Skyblock Remake Map
Skyblock Remake Map

Download the Skyblock Remake Map mod for Minecraft 1.10.2 and enjoy immersive gameplay with new and exciting challenges.

City Of Newisle Map

The City of Newisle Map is a thirteen-year-old mod with a comprehensive map of a world with many huge metropolitan cities, encompassing modern skyscrapers, metro stations, and historical places. According to the developer, the whole map comprises over six hundred blocks in each direction.

As said above, the City of Newisle map has been available for players since 2010. Regular updates expand the map into bigger cities with new buildings and exciting structures. 

City of Newisle Map
City of Newisle Map

Download the City of Newisle Map and explore these new cities for exciting discoveries.

One-Hit Tree Cutter

I have always found strange comfort and relaxing experiences in the Jungle Biome. And if you are looking for the same experience, luckily, the One-hit Tree Cutter mod simplifies the process.

Best mods for Minecraft 1.10.2
One-hit Tree Cut Down

It helps players cut off even the most giant trees in Minecraft with just one hit. It will also convert them all into blocks for players’ assistance. Consequently, they can quickly get all the raw materials for their dream house.

Download the One-hit Tree Cutter to make your building journey easier and quicker.

MalisisDoor Mod

I always appreciate the vast customization options for building. From crafting small huts to constructing towering skyscrapers with distinct designs, the possibilities are endless. However, a concern arises as players may be bothered by the limited availability of door styles.

MalisisDoor is one such mod to solve this issue. It adds hundreds of new doors with various styles.

MalisisDoor mod
MalisisDoor mod
  • Animated Doors
  • Laboratory Doors
  • Factory Doors
  • Shoji Doors
  • Saloon Doors
  • Different types of Curtains

Download the MalisisDoor mod for Minecraft 1.10.2.

Better Third Person

With this mod, you can freely rotate your screen in any direction, injecting more life into the game. My experience with rotating at any angle, whether running, riding vehicles, or horses, was unique and fantastic. 

Best mods for Minecraft 1.10.2
Better Third Person

Download the Better Third Person mod to see your character from various angles.

Minecraft Comes Alive

It targets the villagers and revamps their looks to make them more realistic. Moreover, it also divides them into male and female groups. I’ve found this mod very interesting as it adds more to the overall Minecraft experience when interacting with NPCs.

Minecraft Comes Alive
Minecraft Comes Alive

Download the Minecraft Comes Alive mod and start your own family in the game.

Weather, Storms, And Tornadoes

Weather, Storms, and Tornadoes stand out among the top mods for version 1.10.2, offering a distinctive concept. With this mod, you can experience a variety of weather conditions, ranging from normal to extreme.

Best mods for minecraft 1.10.2
Weather, Storms, and Tornadoes

Interestingly, these tornadoes and storms are not just animations; these severe weather conditions are practical and can even destroy the strongest buildings due to their harshness. Players can face tornadoes in the ocean, over land in deserts, or in cities.

Download the Weather, Storms, and Tornadoes mod to face these natural disasters in Minecraft 1.10.2.


Creating worlds in Minecraft is a rewarding but time-consuming hobby. However, with the WorldEdit mod, you can instantly build anything, from diverse biomes to massive structures, in just a day.

world edit mod
WorldEdit mod

Primarily, it lets players use mathematical equations to get the required numbers of blocks, copy and paste mobs from existing worlds, and use Photoshop tools to reform the existing buildings.

Download the WorldEdit mod for Minecraft 1.10.2 and quickly build your favorite projects. 

Compact Machines

Compact Machines is an exciting mod, letting me shrink vast worlds into small block-like machines. You can use these compact machines to access the contents and save space without losing your important work.

best mods for Minecraft 1.10.2
Compact Machines

These compact machine blocks also come in various sizes to accommodate different sizes. It uses a Personal Shrinking Device to shrink everything, even the living mobs, in Minecraft.

Moreover, as it is compatible with other mods for Minecraft, players can use it in different mod packs without any restrictions. Download the Compact Machines mod.

Epic Fight Mod

With the Epic Fight mod, you can further enhance the game’s combat. It introduces new fighting styles, stances, animations, and weapons. My playthrough of the mod allowed me to take control of fights, strategize attacks, and choose between swift victories or prolonged engagements for added excitement.

epic fights mod
Epic Fights mod

This mod also adds new armor, improves the players’ stamina, utilizes different enchantments on weapons, and wields new weapons to utilize special attacks in Minecraft. Download the Epic Fight mod to make your fights more exciting.

Iron Furnaces

Smelting metals in Minecraft can be tiresome, but with the Iron Furnaces mod, you can make it quick and easy using upgraded furnaces. These furnaces can smelt different metals within 2.5 seconds. Here are all the upgraded furnaces in this mod:

best mods for Minecraft 1.10.2
Iron Furnaces mod
  • Iron Furnace
  • Gold Furnace
  • Diamond Furnace
  • Obsidian Furnace
  • Netherrack Furnace

Download the Iron Furnaces mod.

My Recommendations For Mods

The one mod I absolutely recommend to everyone is the Storage Network Mod. It lets you connect your chests with pipelines that can be connected to other chests, creating a network of storage units that you can access with a single block.

I recommend building the storage unit underneath your main base, and then you can connect it to a single block within your base.

This is an easy way to save space in your base for other building projects.

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