Top 6 Best Online GTA 5 Missions

GTA offers a variety of story as well as online missions. Let us go through some of the most exciting GTA 5 missions online.

Best GTA 5 Missions
Best GTA 5 Missions

GTA 5 is one of the world’s most widely played online games that ranks under the top 20 most-played games right now.  The game shot up when GTA Online began to popularize. Even though GTA Online is enjoyable with exploration in the open world, the real fun nowadays is using mods, doing stunts, and heists with friends.

Today, GTA Online has become so vast that there are endless activities. Rockstar Games continuously add new missions, items, races, competitions, and more. Despite its release almost a decade ago, millions still play it because of new content updates and missions.

Key Highlights

  • GTA 5 has dozens of offline as well as online missions.
  • In total, 69 missions are playable offline in the game’s story.
  • Online missions can be played solo, while some have to be played with others to complete them.
  • Missions often provide massive rewards ranging from chasing people, destroying vehicles, doing heists, and much more.

Most Popular GTA Online Missions

In GTA 5, there are 69 story-based missions. These are playable offline modes of GTA V.  In essence, Missions are the objectives which players must complete using their character to claim the rewards.

Beyond the game’s story, there are hundreds of playable online missions. Some missions involve performing heists, while some may include assassination or racing.

Players love them so much that they also replay heists numerous times. Since GTA Online missions reward players with a good sum of money and rank points, many players consider playing them over and over again with friends. You can also learn more about how to replay heists in GTA 5 Online in our guide.

Below are some of our favorite online missions in GTA 5:


This one is a classic GTA Online mission and also the players faviorite. The mission’s main objective is to get your hands on some expensive cars, aka grand theft, and just sell them off for massive cash. This will remind you of GTA 3, where you could steal any car, do a paint job and then sell them for profit.

Simeonomics follows the same trend where your objectives involve finding a target car, stealing it, and parking it at the designated hiding place.

Simeonomics GTA 5 Mission
Simeonomics Mission

You will receive your cut of money by completing this mission successfully. However, there is one new twist. You will have to steal the cars from the airport.

When you enter the airport in GTA 5 without authorization, you will be at huge risk already. You will be instantly placed on the wanted list, because of stealing an exotic vehicle.

As part of the mission, you will have to steal two cars from the airport. Plenty of guards will try to stop you. They must be taken care of without alerting. This is the recommended way to do the mission.

Get the car to Simeon’s place and do the same for the second one. The three-star crime level may become a hurdle, so be ready to tackle that. So, what are you waiting for? Go lose the wanted level and meet Simeon for the reward!

Pier Pressure

There is a ranking system in GTA Online. Your chance of getting a good assignment is dependent on your rank. If your rank is higher, you will get a better assignment and vice versa. The difficulty level of the missions will also keep increasing with the rise in rank. But this also means that with time, you will receive better rewards. When you reach rank 6, you unlock a famous mission named Pier Pressure. 

This mission depicts the mastery of city design that Rockstar possesses. The mission demands you intercept a group. That group will be having a meeting under the Pier.

Your mission’s objective is to eliminate every target and every enemy you see. Once the job is done, go and obtain the package. After that, you will have to return to the mission assigned along with the box.

Upon successful completion of the reward, you will get $15000. If you are good at long-range guns in GTA 5, Pier pressure will be more manageable for you.

Rooftop Rumble

Rooftop Rumble is the most adrenaline-rushing mission, but it does involve a trick. Since it is not easy, the task is playable only if you rank 75 or above. You’d be required to set up a meeting of the Bureau and an expert for this mission.

You will also have to obtain the documents they want to exchange and give them to the mission leader. Usually, longer mission times will earn you more money in GTA Online, so take your time and complete this mission slowly.

It’s not easy under any circumstances, so ensure you have the right stealth tactics and weapons for the job. The mission offers a hefty reward of 20,000, so it’s worth the difficulty.

Blow Up

If you are a beginner and want to earn a lot of money the easy way, this is one of the best missions in GTA Online. It is unlocked at Rank 12, giving you plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics.

The mission is pretty straightforward. Simply go where the dealer has all the cars. Now destroy them all as soon as possible. Sounds easy? Well, the police can appear quite early in the mission.

Misson Snapshot
Cars to Blow Up in the Mission

You could group the cars together and then destroy them for efficiency. That way, you can complete the task before the cops show up. However, once you receive your bonus, you should deposit it into your bank as soon as possible, as other people online can easily intercept you to get the cash reward.

Blow Up is one of the most famous missions in GTA online with a good payout. Countless videos and guides are also available to play this with different strategies. 

Counter Intelligence

This is another easy GTA 5 Online single mission that can quickly bring you over $48,000 and 11,000 RP. This mission requires triangulating the positions of two drones. After finding each drone, you will need to hack them.

After that, the mission will require you to pay a visit to a motel. Here, find a laptop near the TV and hack it. Hacking causes the room to be covered in gas, and you wake up in the back of a van. The van contains a small puzzle. Solve it as soon as possible and then simply leave the van.

However, you have to eliminate the police cars chasing you. Your hard work pays off when you successfully deliver the van.


This is another mission that rewards up to $48,000 and 11,500 RP when completed on a higher difficulty without the help of other players. In Extraction, your goal is to help extract an agent. First, instructions on how to reach the agent’s house will be provided.

Eventually, as you continue fiddling with the various options, the game asks you to get into one of the agent’s vehicles and see her recent GPS location.

Drive through them until you reach where one of their trucks is parked. The agent will be detained after the truck has been found. Rescue and take her to IAA headquarters while dodging her police wrath.

Completing missions also gives you stunning rewards. Of course, completing missions with her alone for higher difficulty hands out the best rewards. This mission is pretty straightforward and one of her best GTA 5 Online single missions.

Missions in GTA 5 are a great way to earn rewards and play with others online. While most people have completed the game’s storyline, online missions supplement the experience of the game.

This guide introduces you to missions in GTA 5 and goes over the best ones playable online. So what are you waiting for? Start playing online any of the missions in this guide and get ready to fill your bank with payouts after each mission.

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