GTA 5: Best Outfits For Your Playstyle [Top 20]

If you want to play GTA 5 in style, here are some of the best outfits for you to try on.

Best Outfits GTA 5
Best Outfits GTA 5

GTA 5 is popular among its fan base as it provides freedom and choices to its player in how they play the game. This freedom is even extended to character outfits and appearances. This freedom of choice often results in some of the most creative outfits for everyone. This guide will narrow down some of the best outfit choices a player can make to stand out in GTA 5.

Key Takeaway
  • Your characters in GTA V are highly customizable, and each player is given hundreds of choices to create a character outfit.
  • There are many different outfit choices available for a player.
  • These outfits are based on other video game characters, movies, and tv shows; some are originals created by players online.
  • Each outfit is unique and can be easily recreated in the game by purchasing items from clothing stores.

The Outfit choice can depend on the personal preference of a player. Some of the best outfits in GTA  5 are created so that they are liked mainly by the player base. Some of these outfits cater to the fans of other games, while some reference our pop cultures, such as movies and TV shows, and some are popular just because they look fantastic. Consequently, there is something for everyone, and this guide showcases some of the popular outfit choices players can make.

Best Outfits In GTA 5

GTA 5 allows players to customize the appearance of all the playable characters in the game. You can buy outfits for your character from the in-game stores. You can even unlock some outfits by completing various missions. Yet, it may be challenging to pick and choose outfits due to the hundreds of choices given in the game. The outfits listed below are some of the best outfit choices a player can make in GTA 5:

The Tommy Vercetti Outfit

Tommy Vercetti Outfit
If you miss the good old simpler days of the GTA Vice City and want a trip down memory lane, then this outfit might be able to scratch that itch. The blue Miami shirt is very iconic as well as very nostalgic.
Furthermore, it is also a reminder of when one of the most challenging missions in video games was the ‘Demolition Man.’ This outfit also reminds others about your long connection and experience with the GTA franchise.

Here is what you need to do to get the following outfit:

  • Gelled Sides Haircut
  • Blue Savanna Shortsleeve 
  • Faded Dark Blue Regular Fit Jeans 
  • White Plain Hi Tops Shoes 
  • Gold Crowex Chromosphere

The John Wick Outfit

John Wick Outfit
John Wick Outfit
John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves, is one of this generation’s most popular action-movie heroes. It goes without saying that players online have figured out a way to bring this beloved character to life in the game. This deadly assassin is one of the best outfits a player can create in GTA 5.
Likewise, this outfit makes your character look like one of the best assassins in Los Santos. The outfit also makes you look sharp and stylish.  You can easily recreate this style in the game.

Here is what you need to recreate the look:

  • Long Hair Haircut 
  • Trimmed Beard 
  • All Black Oxford Shoes 
  • Black Regular Suit Pants 
  • Black Sharp Fitted Jacket 
  • Black Fitted Suit Vest 
  • Black Skinny Tie

The Nathan Drake Outfit

Nathan Drake GTA 5 outfit
Nathan Drake GTA 5 outfit
This outfit is for the Uncharted fans out there. If you miss the Uncharted series a bit too much and the recent movie adaptation has not been able to please you, this is the outfit for you. It is possible to recreate the outfit in the game with ease.
The outfit makes you look precisely like Nathan Drake and adds new excitement to your gameplay. Furthermore, it is also delightful to see everyone’s favorite explorer roaming the streets in GTA 5.

Here’s what you need to get to complete this outfit:

  • White Tucked Shirt
  • Tan Parachute
  • Militia 1 Pants
  • Beige Work Boots
  • Militia 1 Scarf
  • Silver Pendulus Watch
  • Side Parting and Scruffy Beard.

The Zombie Biker Outfit

Zombie Biker Outfit GTA 5
Zombie Biker Outfit
If you are into an all-black outfit with a horror aesthetic, this might be the best outfit for you. This Zombie Biker outfit will make you stand out on the streets of Los Santos. It would also make sure that no one interferes with your business.
Your presence becomes terrifying and would keep unwanted attention away from you. The Zombie Biker outfit makes you feel relaxed and ready for any obstacles the game has to offer.

Here is what you need to do for this look. Head out to the in-game clothing store, and get the following:

  • Black Blouson Jacket 
  • Black Turtleneck Sweater
  • Black Padded Leather Pants
  • Heavy Uniform Boots 
  • Black Driving Gloves 
  • Brown Urban Ski Sports Glasses

This concludes your shopping spree at this location. To complete your outfit, head on next to the Vespucci Movie Masks. Here you need to buy the White Skull Burst mask and the Spiked Helmet to complete the look.

The Aiden Pearce Outfit

Aiden Pearce Outfit
Aiden Pearce Outfit
Here we have another one of the video game’s iconic character-based outfits that players can easily recreate in the game. This outfit makes you look like the mysterious vigilante hacker Aiden Pearce. He is the protagonist of the first Watch Dogs game.
Wearing this outfit will make your character one of the most fantastic characters in Los Santos. Even if you have not played Watch Dogs, that does not mean you won’t like this outfit for your player. The long trench coat and the face bandana add to the mystery of your character.

These are the items you need from the clothing stores for this look:

  • Black Wool Coat
  • Ash Check Shirt
  • Worn Black Regular Fit Jeans
  • Black Scruffy
  • Grey Fingerless Gloves
  • Grey Earpiece
  • Urban Face Bandana
  • Black Cap

The Special Ops Outfit

Special Ops Outfit GTA 5
Special Ops Outfit
This Special Ops Outfit is specially designed for fans of first-person shooters like Call of Duty. Other players would steer clear of the player in this outfit as this outfit means business. This suit variant is based on the tactical suit from Spec Ops the Line video game.
The Tan color scheme makes you look sophisticated and a force to be reckoned with. This military tactical outfit is easy to create in-game, and most clothing items can be bought from clothing stores.

Here are the following items you need to create this look:

  • Desert Face Bandana 
  • Tan Cap
  • Belge Detail Battle Vest
  • Tan Utility Pants
  • Tan Desert Scarf
  • Tan Wool Gloves
  • Peach Plate Carrier
  • White Gun Range Glasses
  • Tan Walking Boots

You can also add additional accessories wholly based on your preference. Some of the accessories that can work with this outfit are an earpiece and a Tan colored combat parachute

The Gangster Noir Outfit

Gangster Noir Outfit
Gangster Noir Outfit
This all-black outfit is for fans of Gangster suits and Noir. The black fitted suit gives your character a sharp well, dressed look. Moreover, the black bowling hat and the black ski mask make your character look menacing even from a distance. The overall black design of this outfit makes your character look like a walking shadow lifted straight from a classic detective noir film.
The player walking around in this outfit will be taken seriously and would keep other troublemakers away. So if you want to look like a noir gangster, this outfit is the best fit for you. You might be the next gangster kingpin in Los Santos’s streets.

These are the clothing items and accessories you would need for the outfit:

  • Black Turtleneck Sweater
  • Black Skinny Suit Pants
  • Black Woolen Gloves
  • Black Fitted Jacket
  • Black Tight Ski Mask
  • Black Bowler Hat

The Winter Soldier Outfit

Winter Soldier Outfit GTA 5
Winter Soldier Outfit
This one is for all Marvel comic book or movie fans. We were first introduced to the Winter Soldier, a.k.a. Bucky Barnes, on the big screen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Winter Soldier has become a fan-favorite character, even getting his TV show. You will be able to recreate his look in-game very easily.
However, it is essential to note that you won’t be able to recreate the iconic metal arm as that requires mods. Even without the metal arm, it is easy to recognize what look you were going for. It will surely attract the attention of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans and will turn around some heads.

This is what you need to get to transform into the Winter Soldier:

  • Black Combat Top
  • Black Plain Pants
  • Black Tact Pants
  • Black Harness Boots
  • Black Body Armor
  • Black Dome Filter
  • Mono Outlaw Glasses
  • Surfer Dude Haircut

 The Negan Outfit

Negan Outfit in GTA V
Negan Outfit
This one is specially created for the Walking Dead fans. The Walking Dead is known for introducing some of the greatest villains. Additionally, Negan has become one of the fan-favorite characters from the show.
His red scarf, leather jacket, and ever-present baseball bat have become the signature part of his character. Again, the outfit not only looks almost identical to the outfit from the show but also makes your character look frightening. Even if you are not a Walking Dead fan, this outfit will still make you look strong and confident.

You can create this outfit by gathering the following clothing items:

  • The Zombie Biker Jacket
  • Red Turtleneck Sweater
  • Black Body Armor
  • Black Woolen Gloves
  • Fitted Jeans
  • Black Tactical Boots

Lastly, all you need to do next is equip the baseball bat from your weapon’s wheel, and you have completed the look.

The Mr.Knight Outfit

Moon Knight Outfit
Mr. Knight Outfit

Moon Knight was one of the least known yet one of the most intriguing characters from Marvel comics. However, due to the recent release of the Moon Knight shows on Disney plus, the character has skyrocketed to mainstream fame.

The show showcases two suits, and it’s possible to recreate Mr. Knight’s suit in the game. This all-white suit will make you stand out (literally). You can wear this all-white suit for the same reason as the Moon Knight, so your enemies can see you coming.

Here is what you need to create this look:

  • White Tight Ski Mask
  • Cleopatra Eyebrows
  • Zombie Contacts
  • Coverage of Face Paint in White
  • White Skinny Suit Pants
  • Polar Sharp Fitted Open Jacket
  • White Fitted Suit Vest
  • White Oxford Shoes
  • White Cotton Gloves
  • White Tie

The Leon Kennedy Outfit

Leon Kennedy Outfit
Leon Kennedy Outfit

Leon Kennedy is one of the central protagonists of the Resident Evil series. This outfit variant is inspired by Resident Evil 4’s character design and is one o fthe fan-favorite games of the series and has our main character in the classic brown jacket.

This outfit is simple enough to recreate in GTA 5. The outfit is almost identical to one from the original and transports Leon from Raccoon City to Los Santos.
You can even download the Zombie Mod to complete the Resident Evil experience in GTA.

This is the list of items you need to get this outfit:

  • Long Hair Hairstyle in Blonde
  • Brown Suede Jacket
  • Charcoal T-Shirt
  • Black Tactical Boots
  • Black Fingerless Gloves

The Blue Hypebeast Outfit

Blue GTA 5 outfit
Blue Hypebeast Outfit

This Blue Hypebeast outfit is an original outfit creation. Not only does this all-blue outfit look great but the hypebeasts also inspire it. The streetwear design gives this outfit a modern look, and the armored vest makes it look tactical.  

Furthermore, the blue Oni Mask makes this outfit one of the best outfits in GTA 5.  So if blue is your color, this outfit might be the additional confidence boost you need.

Here are the following items you would need to create the following outfit:

  • Cyan Pullover Designer Hoodie
  • Blue Strapz Vest
  • Midnight Camo Fitted Jeans
  • Black and Blue Light Up shoes
  • Blue Sweatbox Snapback Cap
  • Black Armored Gloves
  • Mono Outlaw Goggles
  • Cyan Leather Half-Face Mask

The White Mobster Outfit

The White Mobster Outfit GTA V
The White Mobster Outfit

White Mobster Outfit is one of the cleanest fits. Similar to Blue Hypebeast, this outfit has a modern streetwear look. The white ski mask and armored vest also make you look ready for anything the game has to offer.

The white color scheme of this outfit is also sophisticated. You can also create this look without any hassle in the game.

You would need to get these items to complete this outfit:

  • Ice Racer Leather Jacket
  • Black Cuffed Designer Sweatpants
  • All White Sport Shoes
  • White Surgical Gloves
  • Ice Curved Designer Forward Cap
  • Standard Armor
  • White Tight Ski Mask

The Red Clan Outfit

Red Gta 5 Outfit
The Red Clan Outfit

Following the color-defined scheme of the previous outfits, this outfit is for people who love red. The Red Clan Outfit also has a modern streetwear look. The addition of the red Oni Mask not only makes you look scary but also adds to the aesthetic. Moreover, the vibrant red hoodie will make you stand out.

You can create this outfit by collecting the following items:

  • Red Pullover Designer Hoodie
  • Black Cuffed Sweats Sport Pants
  • Black and Red Light Ups Shoes
  • Black Armored Gloves
  • Standard Armor
  • Red Bigness Forward Cap
  • Red Leather Half Face Mask

The Hush Outfit

Hush Outfit GTA 5
Hush Outfit

It would be a shame if the best outfits in GTA 5  list did not cover the iconic rogue’s gallery of Batman. Hush, a classic Batman villain, has not made his big-screen debut yet. However, the fans of the Arkham games are very well aware of him.

Often underlooked, Hush has proved himself time and time again as one of the scariest Batman’s adversaries. This is why he deserves a spot amongst some of the best outfits in GTA 5. Moreover, Hush has even gone as far as to get plastic surgery to look like Bruce Wayne in trying to steal Batman’s life.
The Hush Outfit is very close to Hush’s comic look, and the fans could recognize him quickly.

To bring this Batman villain to life in the game, these are the items you need to collect:

  • Fury Skull Face Paint
  • White Duct Tape Mask
  • Beige Overcoat
  • Black T-Shirt
  • Super Light Armor
  • Midnight Camo Fitted Pants
  • All Black Cowboy Boots

The Drifter Bruce Wayne Outfit

The Batman Outfit GTA 5
Bruce Wayne Drifter Outfit

A list of the best outfits in GTA 5 with Batman’s villain would feel incomplete without Batman. It is impossible to create a full Bat-suit in-game without the help of mods. However, you can create the Bruce Wayne Drifter Outfit from Matt Reeve’s The Batman(2022).

This movie became an instant hit with critics and fans alike. The film shows Bruce Wayne scouting the streets of Gotham in this drifter outfit.
The fans of the movie can instantly recognize it. The outfit has a unique look that is easy to create with the help of items found in clothing stores.

You would need the following clothing items to complete the look:

  • Goth Eye Makeup
  • Long Hair Hairstyle
  • Grey Neck Galter Mask
  • Black Large Cargo Pants
  • All Black Ankle Boots
  • Grey Leather Hoodie
  • Charcoal T-shirt
  • Gray Wool Gloves
  • Black Cap
  • Charcoal Combat Chute Bag

The Black Streetwear Outfit

Black Streetwear Outfit
Black Streetwear Outfit

Similar to the White Mobster outfit, this Black Streetwear outfit takes full advantage of its color scheme. The complete black outfit provides a monotone aesthetic that is easy on the eye yet very attention-grabbing.

The goggles give this outfit the black SpiderMan look. The bucket hat provides this outfit with a very modern design. Additionally, the Utility vest and the cargo pants make your character look very tactical and would keep unnecessary disturbances away from you.

You would need the following items to complete this outfit:

  • Dark Stone Sports Track Top
  • Black Plate Carrier Utility Vest
  • Black Chain Arena War Pants
  • Black Sport Shoes
  • Black Armored Gloves
  • Black Canvas Hat
  • Mono Outlaw Goggles
  • Black Tight Ski Mask

The Claude GTA 3 Outfit

Claude GTA 3 outfit
Claude GTA 3 Outfit

GTA 3 is the game that placed the GTA franchise on the map. The third-person perspective, the crime world story, and the standard for what open-world should be were all set up by this part of the series. GTA 3’s success set up the success of the sequels in the franchise.

To pay tribute to GTA 3, we have the outfit of the protagonist, Claude. Claude is one of the most underrated protagonists from the franchise. However, true fans would be instantly able to recognize him. It is also easy to recreate this look in the game and play as the character that started it all.

Here are the items you would need to collect to get the look:

  • Black Faux Hawk Hairstyle
  • Groomed Eyebrows
  • Full Black Leather Jacket
  • Khaki Utility Pants
  • Navy Skate Shoes

The Marcus Holloway Outfit

Marcus Holloway Outfit
Marcus Holloway Outfit

We already have the outfit of Aiden Pearce from the first Watch Dog game. It’s only fair to include the second game in the series. Watch Dogs 2 updated the graphics and hacking mechanics of the franchise. It was loved by both the critics and the fans of the series.

Meanwhile, the outfit has a casual yet modern look and is nearly identical to the original look. This look is effortless to create in GTA 5, and most of the items you need can be found in clothing stores.

These are the items you would need to complete this outfit:

  • Gray Fitted Jeans
  • Blue Utility Bomber Jacket
  • Tattoo VDG T-shirt
  • Golden High Top Sneakers
  • Black Face Bandana
  • Navy Fruntalot Snapback Cap

The Walter White Outfit

Walter White outfit in GTA 5
Walter White Outfit

Breaking Bad is still regarded as one of the best TV shows ever. Its main character Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, is still part of mainstream pop culture. He is one of the most complex characters and a drug lord fit for the criminal underworld of Los Santos.

A list of best outfits in GTA 5 would feel incomplete without his outfit design. Even though Walter White has had several looks throughout the five seasons, this outfit borrows from one of the most iconic scenes. The Heisenberg scene is still considered the best display of Walter White’s power. The fans of the show would instantly recognize the outfit, and the enemies would clear the way for one true Crime Boss.

Here is what you need to do to create the following outfit:

  • Close Shave Hair
  • Circle Beard
  • Black Track Jacket
  • Green Tucked Shirt
  • Worn Black Regular Fit Jeans
  • Black Tactical Boots
  • Black Bowler Hat
  • Broker Yellow Wraparound Sports Glasses

Closing Remarks

GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online give their players complete freedom over how they want their characters’ appearances to be. One of the reasons that GTA 5 is so popular even today is the endless customizable choices a player can make.

This guide lists some of the best outfits in GTA 5 that players can have to stand out among other players. Yet, it is essential to remember that everyone has different tastes and preferences. You can try on outfits and mix and match until you find something you like. You can use the outfits in this guide as templates and create something unique. The main thing is to have fun while you play and keep exploring.

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