Top 42 Best Songs To Jam In GTA 5

This guide enlists the top 42 best songs from GTA 5, from all the FM stations.

Top 30 songs in GTA 5
Top 30 songs in GTA 5

Gamers like us love to play the game and enjoy the music along with the game, listening to the soundtrack or radio stations. Like in real life, radio stations listen to you while driving your ride in GTA 5. Here is the list of best songs in GTA V that you can always tune to your radio to enjoy a peaceful criminal drive in Los Santos.

Key Takeaways

  • Filling the virtual world of Grand Theft Auto with almost everything in real life, the developers have done an excellent job providing players with an exquisite experience. Apart from that, we all know music is essential to every video game.
  • Not just its benchmark music, but the developers did not forget to add hundreds of songs to listen to while driving in GTA 5. Moreover, the game has many dedicated music stations specifically for programming these songs on the radio.
  • GTA V features more than 500 fully licensed songs, while adding more with each update. At the same time, these songs include all genres of music, ranging from rock, pop to country music to enjoy while driving around the sand dunes of Blaine County
  • Featuring songs from all genres of music, GTA 5 offers the best classic songs and the latest famous tracks.

Give It To Me Baby – Rick James

You most probably know Rick James from Chappelle’s show. A fantastic songwriter, producer, and musician. Give it to me; the baby is the masterpiece of Rick James if spoken frankly.

You can find this song in station Space 103.2 in GTA 5. 

So if you are cruising around Los Santos and want to hear some masterpieces by Rick James, then you have your choice. ‘Give it to me; Baby’ will excite and overwhelm you. 

General Lee – Johnny cash

If you are looking for a radio station that provides a soundtrack by Johnny Cash, look no further now that Rebel Radio is where you should tune in. 

General Lee is the soundtrack which is the choice of many in GTA 5. This song provides the vibe when the Police of Los Santos are chasing you down, and you are trying to escape. General Lee’s lyrics hit differently right at that moment. 

Rain – The Cult

Although there are many stations where you can find good music. Although if your taste in Classic Rock, you should give a hit to the Rain by the Cult in GTA 5. 

Los Santos Rock Radio Station in GTA 5
Los Santos Rock Radio Station

You can listen to the track at the Los Santos Rock Radio Station. The station also provides contemporary Hip-hop.  The Rain is considered to be the best choice.

Dollaz And Sense – DJ Quik

Los Santos is a wonderful city to have a ride and cruise around. And to have that, too, with the 80s and 90s West Coast Hip Hop makes it even more beautiful. For that purpose, You should listen to DJ Quik’s Dollaz And Sense. 

West Coast Classics broadcasts this song. And DJ Quik beautifully puts forward this song, and GTA does the best job of including it in the Radio Station. 

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt – Yellowman

We have a match if you are looking for a song that suits you the best while doing a heist. “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” by Yellowman is right at the money. It gives the vibes and sets the fantastic heist experience in this verse, “Give it to me.. one time, two times and three-time”. 

Where do you get this song? This song comes under the radio station of Blue Ark. Yellowman has created a masterpiece for sure. You should give it a play, as it is one of the best songs in GTA 5. 

Nissim – Gaslamp Killer

Nissim By Gaslamp Killer is the choice of many. The music in this song is outclassed. With this song playing, it gives badass vibes when cruising in GTA 5. 

This beautiful music is found on the Worldwide FM station in GTA 5. 

Only Girl – Rihanna

It is hard to miss mentioning Rihanna GTA V’s list of best song tracks. In that case, you should know that Rihanna’s Only Girl in GTA 5 is considered a good song to jam on. 

The Non-stop Pop FM broadcasts this song in GTA 5. 

So Many Details – Toro Y Moi

Once you listen to this song, you will not get enough of this. Toro Y Moi’s So many details in GTA 5 give you what you want. This music relaxes and makes you feel eased.

It is recommended to cruise around Los Santos and listen to it while it’s raining. It perfectly fits the situation. 

You can listen to this song from the Radio Mirror Park Radiostation. Tune into the station and enjoy. 

I Get Lifted – George McCrae

The Lowdown 91.1 plays the “I get lifted” song, created by George McCrae. 

Get yourself a lowrider in GTA 5, tune into this song, and vibe to the music and its lyrics. George McCrae has created a banger, you must say. 

Speaking of Low-rider cars, you can check out our guide for the best lowriders in GTA V.

Pure Shores – All saints

All Saints’ Created song under Pure Shores is also very much liked in GTA 5. Players listen to it while driving around the countryside of Los Santos, which feels so good to them. 

You can get this song from the Non-Stop Pop Radio station in GTA 5. This song is also considered one of the best songs in GTA 5. 

Window Licker – Aphex  Twin

Flylo Radio Station presents this song, Window Licker, by the Aphex Twin. This song’s music is elite, and it is thought-provoking. Having this in GTA 5 is fantastic, and listening to this master in GTA 5 is an exceptional feeling. 

When Flylo FM voices: “We are bringing you some of the greatest tracks ever heard,” with a laugh is something that only this station has. 

Too Hood – Gucci Mane

This song is presented by Radio Los Santos, and Gucci Mane as the original composer of the song. To Hood is one of the best songs in GTA 5. Hip-hop and Rap, this song is just a banger as this features Ciara. You surely have to listen to this. 

On Our Own – Bobby Brown

This song is by Bobby Brown, the best in the business. Such a mastery in the craft of music. You can find this song on Non-Stop Pop FM in GTA 5. Undoubtedly, this song is one of the best songs in GTA 5. 

Burning Heart – Survivor

Old is gold, they say. And they say this rightly so. Burning Heart song is broadcasted by the FM Los Santos Rock Radio. This song keeps itself ranked up in the top 42.  

Get a stanced car, and roam around Los Santos playing Burning Heart. The fascinating sight would it be, believe us.  Now that we have mentioned Stanced cars, you might want to see our Guide: best slammed cars in GTA 5.

YES – Roundabout

Another banger from the same station as the previous one. Los Santos Rock Radio features this song in GTA 5. Once you are in the car listening to this masterpiece, you can’t just stop yourself from jamming to this. This song has a vibe in itself. 

The Enemy

If you are a pop music fan and play GTA 5, get yourself a car, and listen to The Enemy. You will not regret this.

You can get this song from Channel X Station. Considered one of the best in pop. You should try it for once. 

Redd Kross – Linda Blair

Another beautiful song from Station Channel X, considered one of the best songs in GTA 5, is Redd Kross, created by Linda Blair. 

This song’s guitar riff will make you feel out of this world. The screams at the end of the song are also fun. 

Answer To Yourself – The Soft Pack

This song is catchy when the guitar is being played in the background. Broadcasted by the Vinewood Boulevard Radio FM station.

It will take you back into the 90s college badass vibes, simply the best. Go and try it out. 

Next Stop – Bleached

Tune into Vinewood Boulevard Radio FM Station to hear this song. Surprisingly beautiful when being chased down by the Cops. ‘Next Stop, I’m waiting for the train…’. Beautiful lyrics, Beautiful music, and everything. 

Bouncy Lady – Pleasure

You are thinking of having fun, and this song pops out. Thus, the fun is guaranteed because this song is catchy and has dancing beats.

Speed up your car over 80-90 mph and jam to this piece. This song can be found on The LowDown 91.1 FM Station. 

Flash Back

Presented by the FM Radio Station Space 103.2, possibly the most underrated Station in GTA 5. Flashback is pure gold in terms of lyrics. The 80s songs were the best if spoken frankly. 

This song was created by a trio band named imagination. Imagination split up in the early 90s.

Do It Roger – Zapp And Roger

Another song from Space 103.2 Station makes up the top 42. The unique intro of the song makes it beautiful. The music and lyrics make this super cool.

Space 103.2 is a radio station in GTA V that broadcasts funk and post-disco music and is hosted by Bootsy Collins. The song is motivation too, when its lyrics go like, ‘ DO IT, DO IT ROGER, DO IT. ‘

Make Money – Lapalux

Flylo FM gives features some intense quality music. And Make Money- Lapalux track is not a miss in this list. The Bass in the song is simply remarkable.  This tune is only featured for Xbox and Playstation users. 

Overall this song is magnificent, but the duration is so long; gamers want this so much that they want to listen to it for a longer time. For those who do not know, DJ Steve Ellison, a.k.a Flying Lotus, hosts Flylo FM. 

Addi Truth – Vybz Kartel

The Blue Ark can not be put behind at all. At the same tie, their Vybz Kartel- Addi Truth is the best. The beat is outclassed, and the music is also the one you can not resist jamming to.  

This station is hosted by none other than Lee “Scratch” Perry. If you find this song giving off some tropical vibes, then you have found out the right Leee Perry is from Jamaica, and this song, for real gives Jamaican vibes. This song is a party song loved by everyone.

Numb – Portishead

You should definitely tune into Worldwide FM to listen to this song. Portishead-Numb is a song with relaxed and slow music. You try this song out. 

DJ Gilles Peterson hosts the worldwide FM station. The station is named after Peterson’s weekly radio programs on BBC Radio Worldwide.

Divorce – Tammy Wynette

Divorce by Tammy Wynette is a powerful and emotional addition to GTA V tracks. Broadcasted by Rebel Radio FM station, this song is a beautiful piece to listen to. Cruise around Los Santos while listening to this. One can think of it as some random music song, but the lyrics have a much deep meaning, like an iceberg hidden in the ocean.

The station’s host is “The Dancing Outlaw” Jesco White, who prepared the station’s music roster personally. The station is based in the Grand Senora Desert, near the hamlet of Harmony, and transmits from the Rebel Radio Building.

Get With It – Charlie Feathers

Rebel Radio presents this song, and you got to love Rebel Radio after listening to this song as the station specializes in old Outlaw Country music. It has beautiful music, lyrics, and a good song to make it to the top 42 best songs in GTA 5.

Another fun fact is that Trevor Philips has this Radio Station as his favorite. Truckers prefer to listen to this song for all the right reasons, especially when traveling to harmony. 

Speaking of Trevor Philips, we also have a complete guide on how to unlock Trevor Philips in GTA 5. Make sure to check it out before starting your playthrough of GTA V.

Mingi – Mim Suleiman

The music in this song perfectly fits in GTA 5. Even though the lyrics are a bit out of the box, the song overall is quite good. To listen to this song, tune into Soulwax FM Station.

A Belgian DJ techno group hosts the Soulwax Station. This is highly recommended to feel calm while being in a stunt race in GTA 5. It will keep you relaxed and focused in the stunt races. If stunt racing is your hobby, you must check out the best supercar for stunt races in GTA V

The tune in this song is unique and catchy. You may find this banger created by Mim Suleiman a little funny too, but eventually, it’s up to your taste and how you like it. Mim Suleiman is a Zanzibar-based singer, songwriter, composer, performer, workshop organizer, and advocate.

Maldito – Jessy Bulbo

This song is from the Station East Los FM hosted by Don Cheto and Camilo Lara. It is a Spanish track, but this song’s vibe can not be neglected, making it to the top 42.

Did you know this station is mainly for the Mexican-American audience living in Los Santos? That is why this station focuses on the songs of their languages mainly.  Jessy Bulbo is a great punk artist and has created a masterpiece in this song Maldito. 

La Liga ft. Alika Yo tengo El Don

This, too, is from the same Station, East Los FM. Since Los Santos is home to Spanish-speaking Americans, this song from East Los FM means great respect to them.

It gives a rush of adrenaline when cops chase you in the streets of Los Santos, and you are racing to escape; meanwhile, this song plays in the background. 

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

This masterpiece by the famous Alternative-rock band from Las Vegas is undoubtedly one of the best songs in GTA 5. Over a billion youtube views on this song prove the popularity of this track. Players can tune it in their vehicles using the Radio station on long journeys or missions in GTA 5.

It provides a good boost of motivation and pure vibes. Players can find it on the Non-Stop Pop FM radio station in GTA 5.

Hollywood Nights – Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band

This classic by Bob Seger from 1978 is your go-to choice when going on a long road trip in GTA 5. You can also get your classic cars out, modify them, and go on a long drive listening to this masterpiece. Tune it in from the Los Santos Rock Radio station in GTA 5 and enjoy this Hard Rock classic on the road.

Don’t Wanna Fall In Love – Jane Child

Released in 1990, this song is such a classic banger. Listening to it in GTA 5 will take you back to a 90s club with your crush. These nostalgic feelings might not be true. However, this track will be among those songs you would repeatedly listen to in GTA 5. You can listen to it on Non-Stop Pop FM, hosted by Cara Delevingne.

Cocaine – Fidlar

Everything in Grand Theft Auto revolves around crime, drugs, and murders. This song by Fidlar suits the entire mood of the game. Listening to this song would give you a badass impression on your way to a heist or mission. It is released by Vinewood Boulevard Radio station in GTA 5. The station is managed by Nate Williams and Stephen Pope and has some really dope songs.

Higher Love – Steve Winwood

The Soft Rock from Steve Winwood’s 1986 album is nothing less than a masterpiece. It is one of our favorite songs in GTA 5 as well. People say the chorus of this song is “larger than life.” Listening to it in GTA 5 is nothing less than a blessing. Tune it in on Los Santos Rock Radio, hosted by Kenny Loggins in GTA 5.

The Next Episode – Dr. Dre And Snoop Dogg

This Gansta’s rap from Dr. Dre’s album from 2000 represents the essence of GTA’s virtual world. Going around the city listening to this rap would give you the vibes of being a gangster. You can listen to this rap music and other songs on West Coast Classic radio station, which Mark Jordan manages in GTA 5.

 What A Fool Believes – The Doobie Brothers

This Soft-Rock from 1979 is one of those songs you would listen to repeatedly while enjoying the sunset near Paleto Bay in GTA 5. After a hectic day of doing heists and crimes in the game, it is exactly what you need to hear. Players can tune it in from the Los Santos Rock Radio.

Peace Of Mind – Boston

The classic rock song by the famous American Rock Band has been a staple of Rock music for quite a long time. Many say this song represents the original goal of providing absolute freedom to the players by Rockstar in Grand Theft Auto.

The careful compilation of different musical equipment with its strong lyrics of it makes it one of the best songs in GTA 5. Players can listen to it in the game by tuning in the Los Santos Rock Radio.

Baker Street – Gerry Rafferty

This rock music features one of the most iconic saxophone solos in history. The moody atmosphere of GTA 5 fits well with the song’s theme of alienation, which most players can relate to. Resonating through the dark and brooding environment of GTA 5, this is one of the best songs in the game. Players can hear it on Los Santos Rock Radio in GTA 5.

Nuthin’ But A G Thang – Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg

Being a super hit in 1992, this song is the banner holder of the golden era’s west coast hip-hop music. Its addition in GTA 5 fills players with the nostalgia of watching Dr. Dre as the king of hip-hop music. Similarly, its vibes also match the overall GTA 5 atmosphere. Players can listen to it on West Coast Classics’ Radio Station in GTA 5.

Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting – Elton John

GTA 5 is all about defying the ruling and doing whatever you want. Drinking all night out, staying up late, picking fights with strangers, doing robberies, and committing murders; it is what a gamer wants from a game.

Elton John’s classic rock, released in 1973, is the perfect song to vibe on in GTA 5 while spending your weekend in the game. Again, like other rock songs on the list, it is also available on Los Santos Rock Radio station in GTA 5.

San Andreas Theme Song – Young Maylay

The classic editions of Grand Theft Auto always fill players with nostalgic feelings. This traditional hip-hop music from Young Maylay will take you back to the gritty and urban state of San Andreas. Being one of the most widely listened to songs in GTA 5, players can tune it in from the game’s West Coast Classics radio station.

We have provided you with 42 songs from different radio stations, which are considered the best. In terms of music, the choices vary. Hence you may not like some of them, but the list goes for all.

What are your favorite tracks in GTA V. Share with us in the comments section below.

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