Starfield: Best Legendary Weapons & Locations [Top 8]

Your guide to finding some of the Best Starfield Legendary Weapons in your quest for unraveling this mysterious world's mysteries.

Best Starfield Legendary Weapons
Best Starfield Legendary Weapons

Legendary weapons are sought-after artifacts in the vastness of Starfield’s universe, each of which grants explorers special powers and advantages. The game’s arsenal provides something for every playstyle, whether you’re looking for destructive firepower, mind-bending implications, or strategic accuracy. 

Key Takeaways

  • The world of Starfield offers you an unbounded space filled with diplomatic meetings and possibly dangerous circumstances. Access to the best weapons becomes essential for survival when these battles occur.
  • Weapons like Unmitigated Violence, Keelhauler, and Experiment A-7 were the most brutal damage dealing in my experience and aid significantly in tackling situations. 

Buying Legendary weapons at shop
Buying Legendary weapons at the shop
Experiment A-76.911924747 creditsAccessible during the "Entangled" mission.
Deadeye2.46011,130 creditsAfter completing the Deputized Faction Quest.
Fiscal Quarter4.353,740 creditsDuring "All That Money Can Buy" quest.
Keelhauler3.56443,244 creditsMust successfully complete the Echoes of the Past side quest.
Unmitigated Violence10.65125N/ADuring the "Unearthed" mission.
Eternity's Gate5.117+5011249 creditsPlayers must align themselves with the Hunter during the "Unearthed" mission.
Revenant6.414Can only be found as a rewardThrough the Crimson Fleet faction questline during the mission "Eye of the Storm."
Boom Boom3.755018113 creditsAvailable for purchase at the Neon Tactical shop.

Experiment A-7

Experiment A-7 - Starfield
Experiment A-7 – Starfield
ClassBallistic Shotgun
  • This powerful firearm will become available during the “Entangled” mission and provide a potent tool for interstellar adventures. To secure Experiment A-7, you had to progress through the story until you unlocked the “Final Glimpses” main quest.
  • Once you have reached this milestone, you will chart your course for Freya III, a significant system on your cosmic journey. It’s within the Freya III system that the “Entangled” mission awaits. During your mission, you will interact with Ethan, a pivotal character in the quest.
  • While conversing with him, be patient and wait for the Persuade dialogue option to appear.
Landing in Freya III
Landing in Freya III
  • When the dialogue appears, select that, and Ethan will generously provide you with the unique Experiment A-7 shotgun.

In my opinion, what truly sets it apart is its remarkable Rare Effect: “Exterminator,” which grants the weapon a substantial 30% damage increase against alien adversaries, making it invaluable for dealing with the unpredictable extraterrestrial creatures encountered in the cosmos.

Also, the Experiment A-7 comes equipped with several valuable mods from the start, enhancing its performance and versatility.

Persuading Ethan
Persuading Ethan


Deadeye - Starfield
Deadeye – Starfield
ClassBallistic Pistol

In the diverse armory of Starfield, Deadeye is a distinctive and visually striking firearm. However, this pistol, resembling a classic revolver, radiates a timeless appeal even among the cosmic wonders of the game’s universe.

  • Crafted by Laredo, obtaining it is relatively straightforward; all you have to do is head to Akila City and align yourself with the Freestar Collective. By doing so, you can get your hands on this exceptional revolver. 
  • Also, as a bonus, players will receive a Deputy Hat and a Ranger’s uniform, enhancing their role within the collective.
Traveling to Akila City
Traveling to Akila City

However, the best thing I observed while examining Deadeye’s specifications reveals that it is a pistol with 7.5mm ammunition, which can provide players with extra damage.

Daniel giving you award for accepting Marshall's offer
Daniel is rewarding you for accepting Marshall’s offer.

Fiscal Quarter

Fiscal Quarter - Starfield
Fiscal Quarter – Starfield
ClassBallistic Rifle

Fiscal Quarter’s unique capability allows you to penetrate the most robust armor effortlessly. This distinctive attribute, combined with its impressive rate of fire, allows you to deal with formidable adversaries encountered throughout the game swiftly.

  • The journey to obtain the Fiscal Quarter begins with the “All That Money Can Buy” quest, which Walter Stroud initiates by sending players to Neon City.
  • Start the mission involving Issa Eklund and ultimately infiltrate the Slayton Aerospace building. Successfully navigating this adventure will reward you with the Fiscal Quarter and additional currency. 
Walter Stroud - Starfield
Walter Stroud – Starfield
  • Crafted by the esteemed Crimson Fleet, the Fiscal Quarter is a Rifle in the Settled Systems category. 

Its proficiency in delivering Physical damage is further amplified by the Rifle Certification and Ballistics skill, which in my opinion makes it a lethal choice for those skilled in these areas. 

Neon city for "All That Money Can Buy" quest
Neon City for the “All That Money Can Buy” quest.

I found that this combination of attributes makes the Fiscal Quarter a versatile tool, especially in mid-range combat scenarios. Despite each shot dealing a moderate four damage, the Fiscal Quarter compensates with its rapid-fire rate. Therefore, it will enable you to eliminate enemies efficiently.

Moreover, this weapon arrives with built-in modifications, including scope and tactical grip, enhancing its versatility.


Keelhauler - Starfield
Keelhauler – Starfield
ClassBallistic Pistol

With the Keelhauler in hand, you can inflict staggering blows on various foes, introducing an element of chaos to the battlefield by granting a slight chance to induce a state of frenzy in targets.

This exceptional firearm delivers heightened damage to adversaries with lowered armor, further solidifying its status as a powerhouse in the game. 

Delgado in quest for Keelhauler
Delgado in quest for Keelhauler
  • To obtain the Keelhauler, you must first complete the Echoes of the Past side quest.
  • The Delgado will reward you with this exceptional weapon upon the quest’s completion. Keelhauler is a unique weapon that cannot be obtained through other means, emphasizing the exclusivity of its acquisition.

The weapon comes with four modifications that enhance its functionality, making it even more formidable in battle.

Selling Contraband to start the quest to get Keelhauler
Selling Contraband to start the quest to get Keelhauler

Unmitigated Violence

ClassLaser Rifle

Note: Opting for the Emissary’s alliance is essential in obtaining Unmitigated Violence.

Unmitigated Violence is a highly popular legendary laser rifle in Starfield, known for its devastating power and unique attributes. To acquire this formidable weapon, it is compulsory to follow progress significantly in the game.

  • Firstly, during the “Unearthed” mission, you will face a crucial choice – to side with either the Emissary or the Hunter. 
  • The culmination of this quest will lead you to the “Revelation” mission, where you will confront the Hunter as the final boss. Defeating it will reward players with Unmitigated Violence.
Hunter - Starfield
Hunter – Starfield

Eternity’s Gate

ClassPaticle Beam Rifle

Note: To obtain the weapon, you must align with the Hunter and choose to oppose the Emissary. This choice is a crucial stepping stone in claiming Eternity’s Gate.

Your journey to secure Eternity’s Gate begins with an important decision during the “Unearthed” mission. 

During my playthrough, the conclusion of this journey unfolds in the “Revelation” mission, where you will face the Emissary as the final boss. It was during this climactic confrontation that you will have the opportunity to acquire Eternity’s Gate as my reward for emerging victorious.

The Emmisary - Starfield
The Emmisary – Starfield

Unique to Eternity’s Gate is its distinct perks, including “Skip Shot,” which allows every fourth shot to fire two projectiles simultaneously.

Defeating the Emmisary
Defeating the Emissary


Revenant - Starfield
Revenant – Starfield
ClassBallistic Rifle

Note: Opting for nonviolent approaches is a path if players want to maintain their affiliation with SysDef and secure access to the Revenant.

The Revenant is a prized possession among the best Legendary weapons in Starfield.

  • This exceptional firearm can be acquired exclusively through the Crimson Fleet faction questline, specifically in the vital mission known as “Eye of the Storm.” The Revenant patiently awaits its rightful owner within the confines of this pivotal mission.
  • The Revenant’s precise location can be found inside the control center during the mission’s “Locate the Vault Control Center” objective. This mission represents the sole opportunity for you to secure the Revenant, so it is imperative to explore the control center properly. If you fail to do so, you will miss out on this unique and powerful rifle.
Eye of the Storm mission
Eye of the Storm mission

Interestingly, the acquisition of the Revenant is intricately tied to the choices you made throughout the Crimson Fleet questline. Joining the SysDef faction and making specific decisions during the story shows you can significantly impact your standing with SysDef.

Traveling to SysDef
Traveling to SysDef

I highly advise Revenant because its unique perks, including the “Extended Magazine,” effectively double the base magazine capacity for sustained firepower, elevating the Revenant to legendary status.

The “Lacerate” perk adds unpredictability by randomly applying a bleed effect to targeted foes. 

Boom Boom

Boom Boom - Starfield
Boom Boom – Starfield
ClassBallistic Shotgun

Boom Boom is a close-range powerhouse testament to devastating firepower in pure form. This formidable shotgun is known for its extraordinary lethality, capable of delivering a staggering 99 points of physical damage with remarkable efficiency.

The Boom Boom’s exceptional attributes and sheer firepower make it one of the best choices for brutal character builds.

Neon Tactical shop
Neon Tactical shop
  • It is conveniently available at the Neon Tactical shop within the bustling Neon City.
  • Neon Tactical offers the Boom Boom and the opportunity to acquire another unique firearm, The Buzzcut, expanding the arsenal of options for discerning interstellar explorers.
Boom Boom's 'Explosive' attack
Boom Boom’s ‘Explosive’ attack

One unique aspect of the Boom Boom’s gameplay experience is its “Explosive” rare effect. This distinctive feature adds an element of unpredictability to encounters as the shotgun randomly switches to explosive rounds.

My Recommendations For Legendary Weapons

After investing 20+ hours, legendary weapons are a unique roster in the game that comes packed with rare effects to enhance your playthrough further. Each weapon features distinct choices to acquire and effects, but weapons that stand out from the roster include Unmitigated Violence, Keelhauler, and Experiment A-7.

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