GTA 5 Online: Best Things To Buy [TOP 16]

A detailed guide on the best things you can buy in GTA 5 Online.

Best Things to Buy in GTA 5 Online
Best Things to Buy in GTA 5 Online

‘Money doesn’t buy happiness’, is the phrase spoken by all those who haven’t played GTA 5. As you start to play the game, you realize that money is the solution. You have thousands of items, including cars, weapons, outfits, apartments, heists, etc., which require money. Another way to use your money is by choosing the best things to buy in GTA 5 Online.

GTA 5 has spoiled players with thousands and thousands of options to choose from. And it can be overwhelming for new players to decide where they spend their hard-earned money. That is why we have made a list of the best things to buy in GTA 5 Online so that you know exactly what you need to thrive in GTA Online.

Key Takeaways

  • Buying these things will make the game more fun and also introduce more opportunities and missions in the game.
  • Buying things like Kosatka, the Arcade, and High-end Apartments will give you access to heists, which are a big part of the GTA 5 experience.
  • Some weapons are also essential to own, including Homing Missile Launcher, Widowmaker, and Up-n-Atomizer. These will give you enough firepower to face any powerful player in the GTA 5 Online lobby. You will need fire to fight the fire, so it’s best to be prepared.
  • Weaponized vehicles such as the Akula, Oppressor MK II, and Nightshark are also necessary if you want to survive in the GTA 5 Online lobby. Oppressor is the best amongst them due to its maneuverability and excellent homing missiles, which scare off all enemies. The Nightshark is a heavily armored vehicle that will protect you from 27 Homing missiles.
  • Spending money on the Agency Vehicle Workshop and Agency Weapon Workshop is a significant investment. These will provide you with more cool features, such as the Missile Lock-on Jammer and remote-control vehicle. They also make managing your weaponry and arsenal much more convenient.
  • Having a jet such as Hydra is a major flex and also very convenient. You can fly by and destroy enemies, and they won’t be able to chase you down. Since the top speed of the Hydra is 210mph, it is impossible to pursue it, letting you fight without any risk.

Best Things To Buy In GTA 5 Online

From the thousands of items available in GTA 5 Online, these are the 16 things that will benefit you the most. They will not only make you a feared force in the lobby but will also open up more missions and heists for you to play.

The list includes all items, such as Armored cars, Choppers, facilities, weapons, and apartments needed to start heists.

Item NameTypePriceFeatures & Benefits
Homing LauncherWeapon$75,000High accuracy, essential for defense and offense, 30 missile capacity.
CEO OfficeProperty$1M - $4MAccess to VIP work, special vehicle missions, large garage capacity.
NightclubPassive BusinessVariableGenerates income with minimal effort, required for Terrorbyte and Oppressor Mk II.
BunkerPassive Business~$1.165M+Allows for weapon manufacturing, essential for MOC and weapon Workshop.
KosatkaVehicle (Submarine)~$2.2MAccess to Cayo Perico heist, stealth capabilities, armed with powerful weapons.
Oppressor MK IIVehicle$3,890,250Flying bike, excellent maneuverability, armed with Homing Missile Launcher.
AkulaHelicopterVariableStealth ability, armed with various weapons including missiles and miniguns.
Up-n-AtomizerWeapon$399,000Impulse gun, useful against players and for unsticking vehicles.
High-End ApartmentProperty$200K - $492KNecessary for starting heists, features like house parties and large storage.
ArcadePassive Business$1.3M - $2.5MCentral management for businesses, access to Casino Heist.
NightsharkVehicle$1,245,000Heavily armored, withstands multiple missile hits, equipped with machine guns.
Agency Weapon WorkshopWorkshopPart of AgencyCentralized access to weapons, ammo, and armor.
Agency Vehicle WorkshopWorkshopPart of AgencyExclusive access to Imani tech, features like Missile Lock-on Jammer.
HydraJet$3,990,000Fastest jet, armed with rockets and heat-seeking missiles, defensive countermeasures.
WidowmakerWeapon$499,000Similar to Minigun, effective against large groups and strong vehicles.
DeluxoVehicle (Car)$4,721,500Flying car with hover mode, armed with machine guns and missiles.

Homing Launcher

Homing missile in Ammo-nation store is one of the best things to buy in GTA 5 Online
Homing Missile in Ammo-Nation store in GTA 5 Online

As a new player, you would imagine that a Rocket Launcher would only be used when needed. Unfortunately, it’s the most commonly used weapon in GTA 5 that you must have if you want to survive.

If you’re ever in a toxic lobby, you’ve probably died flying missiles that are impossible to dodge. If you wondered where those missiles came from, they came from a Homing launcher. The launcher tracks any object you want and has the highest accuracy in the game.

Whether you’re chasing down an enemy, or want to defend yourself against griefers, Homing launcher is a perfect choice. It takes only 2-3 seconds to lock onto a target and has a capacity of 30 missiles.

Moreover, the Homing Missiles can destroy any low armored vehicle with a single fire. It is also the perfect weapon against moving and armored cars since it tracks them and provides a fatal blow on impact.

It costs $75,000, is a worthwhile investment, and is amongst the best things to buy in GTA 5 Online. They are perfect against aggressive enemies and also the deadliest weapons in the game.

CEO Office

CEO office computer desk.
CEO Office computer desk

Owning a CEO office is something that all experienced GTA 5 players have in common. Buying a CEO office will open up many money-making doors for you. It allows you to buy a vehicle or Cargo warehouse and gives you access to VIP work and special vehicle missions.

The first benefit of owning a CEO office is access to VIP work. Although it has a cooldown, it’s fun and a great way to earn money. There are numerous ways to earn money fast in GTA 5 Online, which we have covered on the website.

In addition to that, you can also earn money through import/export businesses, including Vehicle and Special Cargo Warehouse Businesses, which are basically stealing and exporting high-end cars for cash. It used to be the most effective way of earning money, but better methods are available now.

You can indeed get free snacks from a CEO’s office. However, other benefits overshadow this. This includes the insane garage capacity of 60 vehicles.

You can now finally store up to 60 of your vehicles in a single spot, which is very convenient. Show off all your cars to your friends in one place.

Check out the best looking cars in GTA 5 that you could park in your garage and flex on your friends with.

You can buy a high-end CEO Office on Maze Bank tower for $4 million. But, if you don’t want to spend that much, you can get a CEO Office for $1 million.


Nightclub as a passive business is one of the best things to buy in GTA 5 Online
Nightclub is a passive business you can buy in GTA 5 Online

Every good GTA 5 player needs to own a couple of passive businesses. These businesses let you earn money without much effort; all you need to do is sell and restock occasionally

Although each business has its tips and tricks to get money, the easiest and most profitable is the Nightclub. You can earn anywhere from $1-2 million daily if you max out everything. However, it is important to note that you will need a bunker business to get most of the Nightclub.

Apart from being the easiest and less effort passive business, it’s required to unlock the Terrorbyte. The Terrorbyte is a vehicle that lets you manage other vehicles on the go.

But most importantly, it allows you to get the Oppressor Mk II. We will discuss more the Oppressor MK II later in the article.


Bunker as a passive business is one of the best things to buy in GTA 5 Online
Bunker is a passive business that can be bought in GTA 5 Online

The Bunker isn’t just a great passive business, but it’s essential if you want to become a top GTA player. It allows you to sell the goods you have accumulated over time. In addition to that, you don’t need to buy any other properties to get the bunker.

In addition, the bunker allows you to manufacture and smuggle illegal weapons and research new ones. Researching will allow you to access explosive ammo and new weapon modifications. Meaning it opens new doors to improve already existing weapons and businesses.

However, the major reason to get the Bunker is that it allows you to get the MOC and the weapon Workshop inside. Investing in the bunker business will benefit you in terms of money and weapons. You can buy the Bunker for as low as $1,165,000.


Submarine in the middle of the ocean, with the top part of it showing.
Kosatka is a huge submarine in GTA 5 Online.

This is undoubtedly the best thing to buy in GTA 5 Online since it allows you to do the Cayo Perico heist. The Kosatka costs around $2.2 million but is the best investment you’ll ever make in GTA 5.

Cayo Perico heist is the best GTA 5 heist available with a massive cash out. It lets you earn $1 million without much effort while having fun. And you can re-run the heist anytime you want.

Apart from the access to the Cayo Perico heist, Kosatka is a pretty impressive vehicle. It is a submarine capable of not being detected by enemy radars. However, getting too close will eventually let enemies detect you easily. Kosatka is far from the land, making it safe from all land-weaponized vehicles.

It isn’t the strongest control center since it can withstand only 12 Homing missiles. However, it has a wide variety of powerful weapons in case anyone tries to attack it. This includes Torpedoes, a Periscope missile launcher, and a guided missile system.

The guided missile system is a unique weapon. It allows the player to control the missile after it has been fired. They have a huge range of 4km and an infinite travel time. You need to keep it near the controller and play around with it for as long as possible.

Although Kosatka is an impressive vehicle, that is not the real reason players buy it. The reason it’s amongst the best things to buy in GTA 5 Online is because of the Cayo Perico heist.

Oppressor MK II

Oppressor MK II bike with noone on it. No wheels since it flies.
Oppressor MK II is a flying bike with weapons that can be bought in GTA 5 Online.

We cannot discuss the best things to buy in GTA 5 Online without mentioning the infamous Oppressor MK II. Hands down the best vehicle in the game due to multiple reasons. The only issue is that getting this is expensive and requires a lot of prerequisites.

It costs $3,890,250, which is quite a lot of money, especially if you’re starting. However, it’s a vehicle that could replace any car or plane in the game. You can fly around and do missions without fearing anyone attacking you. And in case they do, you can simply fly off and avoid them.

On the other hand, if you prefer to take an aggressive approach, Oppressor is still the best choice you have. It has the famous Homing Missile Launcher, which inflicts large amounts of damage and rarely misses. The Lock-On feature on these Homing missiles is one of the best in the game.

Moreover, the top speed it can reach is 127mph, and the handling and acceleration are simply amazing. You can maneuver the vehicle smoothly, and you can also spawn it instantly.

The people who love the Oppressor are the people who own it. At the same time, the people who hate it are the ones that are bullied by it. Whatever you do, you cannot ignore that Oppressor MK II has changed the game’s dynamic. 


Akula is a helicopter with weapons and is one of the best things to buy in GTA 5 Online
Akula is a weaponized helicopter available in GTA 5 Online

In GTA 5, you must constantly move around the map for various missions and heist setups. Owning a helicopter makes your life easier. It not only lets you avoid traffic and conventional roads, but it also lets you avoid any toxic players that want to attack you for no reason.

If we are talking about the best chopper for its price, it will be The Akula. It is amongst the best because of its special stealth ability. This means you can fly around without being detected on the enemy radar, allowing you to sneak up on enemies or do certain missions stealthily.

In addition to that, Akula has a wide variety of weapon options. Its deadly arsenal includes Miniguns, Homing, or Barrage Missiles. The barrage missiles allow you to fire four missiles at a time, leaving no room for the enemy to escape.

Moreover, the homing missiles are super lethal and accurate. We already talked about owning a Homing Launcher, but now imagine having that launcher attached to a chopper. It also has no cooldown time, so don’t let your enemies breathe for even a second.

Besides all the weapons and abilities, it has a staggering top speed of 157mph, making it an amazing getaway vehicle. If you want to play the game without fearing anyone, Akula is a must-have. It would rank very high on the list of best things to buy in GTA 5 Online. Some would even call it necessary to survive.


Up-n-atomizer is a gun with a yellow tip and a blue and black body.
Up-n-Atomizer is a small impulse gun available in Ammo-Nation in GTA 5 Online.

GTA 5 has been around for a decade, and OG players have seen many new weapons released now and then. A relatively newer weapon is the Up-n-Atomizer, and it is something GTA 5 was lacking.

For multiple reasons, it has made its way onto the list of best things to buy in GTA 5 Online. The biggest of that reason is its ability to throw people off the Oppressor MK II.

The atomizer fires a pulse wave that displaces everything that it hits. It either pushes objects away or impulses players a couple of feet into the air.

If you fire the Up-n-Atomizer at the Oppressor, the driver will be pushed off and vulnerable. So, next time some griefer tries to ruin your game using the MK II, you can catch him off guard and kill him.

Another major reason you must buy this is that it can help when vehicles get stuck somewhere. You can use the Up-n-Atomizer to impulse the vehicle and push it back to where you want it to be. It is specifically useful when using the Dune Buggy.

It will cost you $399,000 from the Ammo-Nation store, but it is definitely amongst the best things to buy in GTA 5 Online.

High-End Apartment

High-End apartment in GTA 5 Online. The lounge portion with a couch in the middle.
A High-End Apartment is needed to start Heists in GTA 5 Online

One of the reasons that GTA 5 has survived this long in the gaming community is because of the heist feature. You can do heists with your friends online and make huge amounts of money quickly. To initiate heists, you need to have a planning room, and for that, you need to buy a High-End Apartment.

High-End Apartments could cost you anywhere from $200,000 to $492,000, depending on where you get them. In these apartments, you can arrange house parties, invite your friends, and smoke pot. In some cheaper apartments, you have beer available, while more expensive will have wine.

If you want to have the full GTA 5 experience and play heists, you must buy a high-end apartment.

The Arcade

Arcade with a sign that says Eight Bit. A passive business
Arcade is a passive business that can be acquired in GTA 5 Online.

If you’ve been playing GTA for a while now, you know that The Arcade is one of the best things to buy in GTA 5 Online. All because it lets you manage all your businesses from one location.

When you’ve grown your businesses and expanded, you’ll realize that managing them can get hectic. But now, with the Arcade, you can grow richer with even less effort.

This one-stop shop allows you to restock supplies and sell them simultaneously. Not only that, but all the arcade machines and the fancy bar make it a really excellent business to own. However, buying new arcade machines will cost a lot of money.

The main reason that the arcade is on the list isn’t because of all that. You would want to buy the arcade because it lets you do the Casino Heist. It is one of the most fun heists in the game, with many options. You can approach it in 3 different ways, with each way having even more options.

The payout of the Casino heist will get you around $ 2 million. The cost of the arcade will depend on its location, but it can range anywhere from $ 1.3-2.5 million. We have written a guide on the best arcade to buy in GTA 5 that you should check out.

Night shark

Nightshark is the best weaponized vehicle in the game. It is huge and an SUV/truck shaped.
Nightshark is a weaponized vehicle with great armor, available in GTA 5 Online.

To survive in a GTA Lobby, you must be prepared to face griefers. It’s you against the world. You’ll be against players with homing missiles and RPGs, and this is where the Nightshark comes into play.

This massive vehicle is amongst the game’s best-weaponized vehicles for various reasons. Although it costs a lot of money, $1,245,000, it is a wise investment, especially if you don’t want to be bullied by stronger players in the lobby constantly.

The Nightshark is also one of the most heavily armored vehicles in the game since it can withstand an amazing 27 Homing missiles. In addition to that, it can also survive 9 RPG shots, which is nine more than most low-armored vehicles. This insane defensive ability means the griefers will run out of ammo, but your vehicle will remain intact.

In addition to that, the Nightshark is also equipped with some deadly weapons on it. It consists of 4 front-facing Machine guns, which can easily obliterate any player or low-armored vehicle. However, it doesn’t work against stronger, heavily armored vehicles.

The 4-ton vehicle has a top speed of 104mph, which is decent for a vehicle of that stature. Furthermore, the Nightshark is also bulletproof, invincible against low-level players with basic guns.

All these features and abilities are worth way more than $1,245,000, and it is definitely worth investing in. An armored vehicle is essential in the GTA Online lobby, which is no less than a warzone. Check out our detailed guide on the best weaponized vehicles in GTA Online to learn about other options.

Agency Weapon Workshop

The man you have to interact with to get into the weapon menu.
Agency Weapon Workshop available in GTA 5 Online after buying the Agency business

Another important thing you must own in the game’s later stages is the Agency weapon workshop. You need to buy an agency that costs between $ 2-3 million to get this. But buying the cheapest one for $2 million is recommended since they are the same and are pretty near each other on the map.

This workshop will allow you to access all your weaponry and arms in one place. You can buy all your armor, weapons, explosives, ammo, and snacks from this place. So, it can help restock all your ammo, special ammo, and even your armor.

In the game’s later stages, you tend to have a lot going on and want a place that lets you do multiple tasks. So, buying one-stop shops will save you hours of your time and make it easier to manage everything. That’s why it’s important to invest in this weapon workshop.

Agency Vehicle Workshop

Agency Vehicle Workshop garage with 4 cars parked
Agency Vehicle Workshop available in GTA 5 Online after buying the Agency business

This vehicle workshop is an innovative workshop that has created the Missile Lock-on Jammer for its vehicles. This feature is why the Agency Vehicle workshop is one of the best things to buy in GTA 5 Online.

Franklin hired a hacker Imani, who created Imani tech, and the Agency Vehicle workshop is the only place you can get the Imani tech abilities. Even though only a few vehicles can use Imani tech, the sold features give you a great advantage over others.

The best thing the Imani tech allows you to do is to buy the Missile Lock-on Jammer for $400,000. With this, you can roam around with other players firing homing missiles at you, but all the missiles will miss.

This overpowered feature is the best counter to the Oppressor MK II and we highly recommend buying.

In addition to that, Imani tech lets you get the remote-control feature, which allows you remotely control your personal vehicle. However, this remote-control feature costs around $235,000 and isn’t worth buying.


One of the fastest jet available in the game, making this one of the best things to get in GTA 5 Online
Hydra fighter jet available in GTA 5 Online

You have to own a cool jet in GTA 5, and Hydra is the best option available. This well-designed fighter jet is based on the real-life British Aerospace Harrier II. Although it costs a staggering $3,990,000, it’s unique and reaches speeds no other vehicle can achieve.

So, buying The Hydra is the best thing to do if you want to fly above the city of Los Santos and tell other players that you cannot be touched. It symbolizes dominance in GTA Online and will be a great flex for your friends.

Apart from all the beauty of this jet, it is also one of the most dangerous vehicles in the game. It has two weapons, Rockets and Heat-seeking Missiles. Apart from that, it has some countermeasures to avoid homing missiles.

The heat-seeking Missile should be given special attention. It is like the hand-held heat-seeking Rocket Launcher and locks on the target easily. It rarely misses and is very reliable.

In addition, the defensive countermeasures on this vehicle are insane as well. It is equipped with flares that can be used to dodge Homing missiles.

The top speed of The Hydra is 210mph, making it amongst the fastest vehicles in the game. The handling and acceleration make the Hydra worth spending $4 million on. It is definitely worth buying, which is why it has made it to this list.


Widow maker in blue color and white tip available in Ammo-Nation
Widowmaker is very similar to the Minigun and is available in GTA 5 Online.

Another cool addition to the game’s arsenal is the Widowmaker, which was introduced in January 2019 as a part of the Arena War update. This weapon is similar to the Mini gun but has a sci-fi touch. The soothing noise when it starts firing and destroying massive crowds of NPCs is simply satisfying.

It is perfect against huge crowds and the police. Moreover, it is a must-have for survival missions where hundreds of enemies attack you simultaneously. It costs an overwhelming $499,000 from the Ammo-nation.

However, GTA 5 is a game about violence and guns; having the best weapons in your arsenal should be a priority. It is perfect to use against stronger vehicles such as helicopters and armored cars.

Whether you want to play aggressively or just for fun, the Widowmaker is the perfect mixture of danger and fun. Fun for you and dangerous for others.


Deluxo flying over Los Santos with its tires horizontal.
Deluxo is a flying car in GTA 5 Online.

A car with both beauty and capabilities, the Deluxo. The Deluxo is the most iconic flying car in the game. The vehicle’s design was inspired by the movie “Back To The Future,” which makes everyone want this vehicle even more.

It was introduced into the game in December 2017 and can be bought for a huge amount of $4,721,500. It is available in GTA Online from Warstock Cache & Carry. The top speed The Deluxo can reach is 127mph, and the handling and acceleration are great.

The unique feature this car has is the Hover/flyer mode. Thanks to this, the car can hover off the ground and fly around at will. The bumpy terrain or spikes are no longer a problem, giving you the upper hand in a getaway.

In addition to that, it can also travel on the surface of the water! Thanks to the hover mode, it can also turn and change direction without requiring any space. This multi-functionality vehicle makes it worth being amongst the best things to buy in GTA 5 Online.

Moreover, another reason that makes Deluxo such a valuable vehicle to own is its weaponry. The Deluxo is equipped with Machine Guns and Missiles. The two front-facing Machine Guns are amazing against players and low-armored vehicles. At the same time, the homing missiles are effective against stronger vehicles.

There are also other flying cars in GTA 5 Online that you should check out, each having unique abilities and prices.

Closing Remarks

You must play the game according to your style and have fun. Don’t always make your decisions in the game based on ‘money.’ Because at the end of the day, it’s all about having fun. It’s okay if you want to buy that $50,000 outfit or buy a useless yacht.

On the other hand, saving up for something and buying the right thing can open more opportunities for you to have fun. It can give you access to more fun weapons and heists, so keep a balance.

Money is the main thing you need for the best things to buy in GTA 5 Online. Read more about how you can get money fast in GTA 5 Online.

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