Minecraft: Best Villager Trades [Top 14]

Ever wondered what the best villager trades in Minecraft are? Our article details the top trades for villagers.

Best Villager Trades in Minecraft
Best Villager Trades in Minecraft

Survival is Minecraft’s primary game mode, and survival aims to gather resources to make it easy. Thus it is necessary to have good equipment and an efficient way of getting it. Keeping this in mind, villagers are an excellent and efficient way of gathering items. With that said, we bring you the best villager trades in Minecraft so that you can ensure the survival of your character.

Key Takeaways

  • The Job Site Block determines the profession and trades of the villager that he is working on. You can assign an unemployed villager to a profession of your choice by simply providing him with a designated block ( e.g., Grindstone for a Weaponsmith ).
  • Regarding the equipment trade, an Armorer, Toolsmith, and Weaponsmith can grant you the best trades. Because these trades can include enchanted armor, weapons, and tools, which are quite hard to get on your own.
  • A Cartographer can add charm to your exploration. Offering players with Explorer Map to help them locate structures that carry loot of immense value.
  • A Cleric can offer you items to boost your gameplay to the next level. Explicitly, one of the best things he can offer is Bottle o’ Enchanting. Similarly, a Librarian can provide enchanted books that will enhance your equipment for the better.
  • Rescue Villages from raids to get discounts on the trades. Whereas if you hurt a villager, they will increase the price of his trade.

Villager Updates

Minecraft Characters
Minecraft Characters

The Beta 1.9 pre-release version of Minecraft added villagers as more engageable characters in the games. However, at the time, these villagers had little to no use. There are three significant updates added to Minecraft, which revolutionized villagers. These updates were as such

1.13.1 Update

Update 1.13.1 was released on August 22, 2018, and included the interaction of “trading” between player and villager. This update in the java edition brought randomized trading, as some villagers and some didn’t trade.

In this update, there weren’t any categories/occupations of villagers, but there were all randomized. However, it still holds significance because it was the initiator of the trading system.

1.14.1 Update

1.14.1 elaborated further on the trading system. In this update, there were multiple types of villagers, each of a different profession, thus having additional trades depending on their work. The classes include Farmer, Librarian, Priest, Blacksmith, and Butcher. Moreover, villagers did not have an elaborative visual change; the only way to identify a villager of a different career was by only their clothes/robe color.

1.18 Update

Using different blocks in this update, you could manually give villagers roles. This was a massive change for Minecraft OGs since it was much more elaborate to make farms and get villagers with favorable trades, as you could change villagers’ careers just by breaking the block which had given them their profession.

Further professions were added in this update, including Armourer, Cartographer, Cleric, Farmer, Fisherman, Fletcher, Leatherworker, Librarian, Mason, Shepherd, Toolsmith, Weaponsmith, Wandering Trader, and Butcher.

This update also added mechanics to give villagers badges depending on the “villager experience” this badge helped discount the price and unlock new trades. The badges were as follows Novice, Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, and Master (in ascending order on villager experience). Keeping this in perspective, some trades are more challenging to acquire than others, depending on the badge level.

Best Villager Trades Depending On Their Profession

There are a total of 14 villagers with a profession, each profession bringing different trades. The article will further elaborate on these professions and their top trades. Remember that the number of emeralds and items may vary on hostility or admiration from the villager.

You can turn an unemployed villager into a working-class by giving them a place related to the profession you want him to work in, for example, a cartography table, a smoker block, etc. Here we will discuss the profession, what blocks are needed to make villagers into specific traders, and the best trades every villager provides.

Cartographer Villager

Cartographer Villager

Cartographer villager often trades in cartography, which includes, but is not limited to, maps, papers, compasses, banners, and item frames. Moreover, a Cartography Table can turn an unemployed villager into a Cartographer. Apart from these trades, Cartographer villagers present a few great offers to the players.

  • Firstly, a basic trade that a Novice level Cartographer can offer you is Emerald. He will require 24 Papers which he will be willing to trade for an emerald. Surely, this can prove quite beneficial for the early stage of the game. Once the trade happens, it goes on a cooldown of 16 trades.
  • Secondly, for the Apprentice level, you may trade an Ocean Explorer Map for 13 Emeralds and a Compass. Explorer Map will help the players locate rare naturally-generated structures with exclusive loot. Following this, the player can find Ocean Monument in the deep ocean biome with the respective explorer map. The place is overrun by Guardian and Elder Guardian, along with the opportunity to find Sponge and Prismarine there.
  • Lastly, the most exquisite trade that Cartographers can offer is Woodland Explorer Map. This map helps the players locate Woodland Mansion in the dark forest biome. But be aware that the place is a spawning ground for Allay, Evoker, and Vindicator. In addition to that, the mansion is still worth exploring due to its fantastic loot chances. It is because you might have the opportunity to find a Totem of Undying there.

Butcher Villager

Butcher in Minecraft

The Smoker block can make a villager into a Butcher villager. These villagers trade meats and food ingredients for emeralds. As a result, Butcher is the best trader option for players at the start of the game. Because he requires much easier ingredients to obtain and offers helpful trades in most situations, a few of the best trades this villager can offer you in Minecraft is:

  • A 15 Coal in exchange for an Emerald. The trade is available at Apprentice Level, and further, it goes on a cooldown of 16 trades before the player can do it again.
  • Trade 10 Sweet Berries to obtain an Emerald. However, this trade is available at Master Level and has a cooldown of 12 trades.

The coal trade is good because it is easily obtainable in large amounts by mining with the enchantment “Fortune III.” We have a detailed guide for the best enchantments in Minecraft, that can aid players in various ways. The other enchantment for berries is also worth obtaining. Because sometimes, when players have a terrible seed, they often find it hard to get berries for dyes.

Armorer Villager

Armorer in Minecraft

The armor trades are the best thing a villager can offer a player in Minecraft. Although not every armor trade will be available, the present one will surprise you all the same. Moreover, the blast furnace can make a villager into an armorer villager.

  • A Novice Level Armorer can hand you over a complete set of Iron Armor. This trade will cost a total of 25 Emeralds.
  • An Apprentice Level Armorer will offer Chainmail Leggings (three emeralds ) and Chainmail Boots (one emerald ). On Journeyman Level, you can get Chainmail Helmet ( cost an emerald ) and Chainmail Chestplate ( costs four emeralds ).
  • You can also get a Shield for five emeralds at Journeyman Level.
  • Lastly, one of the best trades in Minecraft that this villager can offer you. Enchanted Diamond Leggings ( cost 19 – 33 ) and Enchanted Diamond Boots ( costs 13 – 27 ) at Expert Level trade. Enchanted Diamond Helmet ( cost 13 – 27 ) and Enchanted Diamond Chestplate ( cost 21-35 ) at Master Level.

This trade is good when you have excessive emeralds and do not want to grind for armor. This villager trades coal for emeralds and can be used as the 2nd villager when the first one is exhausted.

Farmer Villager

Best villager trades farmer

The composter block can make villagers into a farmer villager. The farmer villager is the 2nd most popular villager, as you can trade farmable items for emeralds which is very efficient. The best villager trades for the farmer consist of emeralds for all farmable items(number vary) and vice versa. The farmer is a very sound villager as some items, such as beetroot and carrot, are hard to find as they do not spawn in generated terrains like wheat.

A villager that works at the Composter. Despite being a regular farmer, this trader has a few of the best trades to offer a player in Minecraft.

  • At the Expert Level, this trader will offer you a variety of Suspicious Stew. Each of which will hold different perks. Namely, the best perks to get in trade are Night Vision ( 5 seconds ), Jump Boost ( 8 seconds ), and Blindness ( 6 seconds ). Moreover, regardless of the perks, every Suspicious Stew will cost the player 1 Emerald and has a cooldown of 12 trades.
  • At the Master Level, you can get a Golden Carrot for 3 Emeralds. You can also get Glistering Melon Slice for 4 Emeralds. These items will go on a 12 trades cooldown and have the same purpose: to brew powerful potions.

Fletcher Villager

Best villager trades Fletcher

Fletcher villager trades primarily on equipment of bows and arrows. A Fletcher Table is the requirement for assigning villagers as Fletcher. This villager has the best trades for those Minecraft players who love to hunt from a distance.

  • At Novice Level, players can trade 1 Emerald to receive 16 Arrows. This offer has a cooldown timer of 12 trades.
  • The Expert Level Fletcher can offer you an Enchanted Bow, which will cost you 7 – 21 Emeralds. Moreover, this trade has a cooldown of 3 trades.
  • The Master Level trade will certainly offer you the most amazing equipment. This includes an Enchanted Crossbow for 8 – 22 Emeralds and a cooldown of 3 trades. Also, you can get all sorts of Tipped Arrows at the cost of 2 Emerald and five regular arrows. You will receive 5 Tipped arrows in this trade.

Leatherworker Villager

Best villager trades leather worker

A cauldron block can turn a villager into a leatherworker villager. Leatherworker villagers are mostly very usual as they trade leather items for emerald, which is not worth it. However, the one trade at the master level of 6 emeralds for one saddle is beneficial.

The most noticeable trade of this villager is that a player can obtain a whole set of leather armor from the Leatherworker.

  • Novice Level: Leather Pants ( cost three emeralds ) and Leather Tunic ( cost seven emeralds ).
  • Apprentice Level: Leather Cap ( cost five emeralds ) and Leather Boots ( cost four emeralds ).
  • Expert Level: Leather Horse Armor costs six emeralds.

It is helpful because the saddle is not craftable and is obtainable by finding it through various means. This includes searching in structures and killing Ravagerand fishing.

Librarian Villager

librarian in Minecraft

A lectern can turn a villager into a Librarian. Villager Librarian is the most popular villager in the game, and several reasons exist. The Librarian trades for best-enchanted books, emeralds books, and trading nametags for emeralds.

These trades are good; you could get mending, protection IV, and feather falling IV from the enchanted book. Moreover, a nametag is an important item because it is not craftable and only obtainable by searching.

Cleric Villager

Cleric Trader in Minecraft

A brewing stand can turn a villager into a cleric villager. Cleric villagers are essentially used to trading magical items. This can include the elements of the magical items as well. The best trade the cleric has to offer is four emeralds for one glow stone.

The most noticeable trade of this villager is that a player can obtain a whole set of leather armor from the Leatherworker.

  • Novice Level: Leather Pants ( cost three emeralds ) and Leather Tunic ( cost seven emeralds ).
  • Apprentice Level: Leather Cap ( cost five emeralds ) and Leather Boots ( cost four emeralds ).
  • Expert Level: Leather Horse Armor costs six emeralds.

This is the best in the arsenal because glow stone is very tedious to mine as you have to go to the nether and mine from hazardous areas, which could essentially make you lose your loot and XP.

Fisherman Villager

Fisherman in Minecraft

Using a barrel, you can turn a villager into a fisherman villager. This villager trades relevant to fishing and fish. This villager’s best trade is trading a boat for an emerald.

The reason this trade is the best he has to offer is that it is very often than not that players have extra boats they have lying around as they crafted an unnecessary amount of boats that do not have much use after the adventure; even more, wood is cheap item thus its good to trade for emeralds.

Another beneficial trade of this villager is the Enchanted Fishing Rod. This trade is available for the Journeyman Level Fisherman. It costs 8 – 22 emeralds and has a cooldown of 3 trades.

Mason Villager

Mason in Minecraft

The stone cutter can turn a villager into a Mason Villager. These traders offer cut stone and refined blocks. On the other side, the best trade this villager has to offer is getting quartz block from 1 emerald.

This trade is specifically useful, as discussed on the cleric villager; any trades regarding the nether are useful as going to the nether is very risky, and you might lose your XP and loot from it.

Shepherd Villager

Minecraft Shepherd Villager

Using a loom, you can turn a villager into a Shepherd Villager. Shepherd villager focuses their main trades on sheep and what wool can make overall. Although the trades of this villager are not the best in Minecraft, it can surely cheer up the buyer with its unique crafts.

  • You can get Shears for two emeralds at Novice Level.
  • At Master Level, you can pay two emeralds to get three paintings. It has a cooldown of 12 trades.
  • Other than that, players can use this villager by giving him different dye colors simultaneously to get emeralds in return.

ToolSmith Villager

Tool Smith Villager in Minecraft

Smithing Table can convert a villager into a Toolsmith villager. Toolsmith villager offers tools such as pick axe, axe, hoe, and shovel for emeralds. Regarding tools, this villager offers the best trades in Minecraft.

  • The Journeyman Level of this trader has a lot to offer. Players can get Enchanted Iron Axe ( costs 6 – 20 emeralds ), Enchanted Iron Shovel( costs 7 – 21 emeralds ), and Enchanted Iron Pickaxe ( costs 8 – 22 emeralds ). Specifically, this level has a trade that can be quite handy for most players. A Diamond Hoe for four emeralds. All these mentioned items have three trade cooldowns.
  • At the Expert Level, the player can get Enchanted Diamond Axe (17 – 31 ) and Enchanted Diamond Shovel (10 – 24 emeralds ). Both items have a cooldown of 3 trades.
  • Master Level Toolsmith can offer Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe for 18 – 32 emeralds. It has a cooldown of 3 trades. Supposedly, it is one of the best villager trades in Minecraft.

As you can combine two tools to make one with the enchantment of both tools, thus this trade is very favorable as you could get a could enchantment on your tools and combine them.

Wandering Trader

Best villager trades Wandering trader
Wandering Trader

A wandering trader can not be created by giving an average villager a job, as these often arrive out of the blue at spawn at random areas. He usually trades conventionally rare items that can be farmed if you get most of them.

However, the best trade that Wandering Trader has is the offer to give one slime ball for one emerald, and this item is not farmable. The reason this trade is good is that obtaining Slimeballs is hard. You can learn more about it in our extensive Minecraft Slime guide.

Weaponsmith Villager

Weapon smith Villager in Minecraft
Weapon smith

With the help of grindstone, you can convert a villager into a Weaponsmith. Weaponsmiths offer trades regarding weapons and bells. What makes this trader highly unique is the accessibility to enchantments of swords by combining multiple swords. Indeed, a Minecraft player will crave such an offer where he could trade a few emeralds and receive some impactful weapons.

  • The most astonishing trade this villager can offer is the Enchanted Iron Sword. It is because this trade has major advantages for every player. First, the Enchanted Iron Sword will be available for trade at the Novice Level, considered the most dominating trade. It costs 7 – 21 emeralds and has a cooldown of 3 trades.
  • At the Expert Level, Weaponsmith can offer an Enchanted Diamond Axe at the cost of 17 – 31 emeralds. It has a cooldown of 3 trades.
  • At the Master Level, you will get an Enchanted Diamond Sword for 13 – 27 emeralds. It also has a cooldown of 3 trades.


Overall, Minecraft villagers initially didn’t have any meaning. Still, as soon as the game was updated, Minecraft villagers found a place in the player base’s hearts and proved themselves as an icon in the game.

The Minecraft villagers have multiple uses besides trading, making the game look much more lively. They were a fantastic addition to the game and will be remembered as an essential part of many people’s childhood.

That is about it for our guide on the best Villager trades. What are your thoughts on the top trades offered by Villagers in Minecraft? Share with us in the comments section below.

Surely, these trades require a hefty amount of emeralds. So have a look at our guide on the Best ways to get Emeralds in Minecraft and help yourself with obtaining emeralds.

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