Minecraft: Best Ways To Get Emeralds

This guide details on how to find the source and best ways to get Emeralds in Minecraft.

Best Ways to get emeralds in Minecraft
Best Ways to get emeralds in Minecraft

Emeralds are the source of trading in Minecraft. Villagers will trade various valuable things if you provide them with Emeralds. These items are rare in the open world as their natural generation is set to be in unique places. Mainly, Emerald’s appearance is more of a blessing as these are rather extraordinary to generate than diamonds. Moreover, there are various ways of acquiring this resourceful item which will be shown to you in this guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Emeralds are the only currency that villagers accept to trade with. Likewise, you can also trade a few sources in return for some Emeralds.
  • Emerald is rare and can be acquired in various ways. You can extract them from their ore state, kill mobs and get in drop, or explore the world and find them as they are dispersed throughout the map.
  • Traders can also give you emeralds, and it is one of the best ways to get them in Minecraft. All sorts of traders are eligible for providing you with an emerald trade. Moreover, some of the best traders to get emeralds most effortlessly are mentioned in the guide.
  • They have some beneficial use in Minecraft for Trading a significant amount of items, Crafting, and using them to enhance your abilities once you have placed them in a Beacon.
  • Although you can make progress without the need for Emeralds, they surely can boost your development and save you a lot of trouble finding the resources that are needed to craft a specific item or equipment.
  • The best ways to get the Emeralds in Minecraft are provided in this guide. These tips will be essential to follow and will give you a prosperous hand in the world of Minecraft.

Using Emeralds In Minecraft

Grinding for Emeralds is undoubtedly worth your time, as this will enable you to do a lot more activities. Explicitly, none of them is a time-pass event but rather more useful and rewarding stuff to be unlocked. These unlocked activities include Trade, Craft, and opening some power potentials.


Villagers of different interests will present you with various trade offers. Most of them can be covered using Emeralds. Most of all, they don’t require a substantial amount of Emeralds to be traded. Rather, most of the trade can be made by handing them 1 Emerald. As for what some of the traders can offer you:

Fisherman: Use emeralds to get Fish and some fishing-related items.

Armorer: Iron, Chainmail, and even Diamond equipment.

Butcher: Give Emeralds to get some cooked food.

Cleric: Rare materials or Bottle o’ enchantment at best.

More traders will offer you various valuable items and materials. Furthermore, the exchange with these villagers will level up your trade so that you can acquire more outstanding items from this trade of Emeralds.


Using the nine pieces of Emeralds, you can create a Block of emeralds. This block of Emerald can sure bring some good looks to your buildings if used for decoration purposes. Conversely, you can use such a rare craft to build a Beacon that gets you favorable abilities to boost your progression.


To unlock the powers that are rifting from the beacon, you can place an emerald in the item slot and select the ability that you find most eye-catching. Although, ingots of other materials can also be placed in the item slot for the same purpose.

Best Ways To Get Emeralds In Minecraft

Despite all the fancies that an emerald can get you, getting that emerald itself is a more significant task. Most probably, there is a chance that you can miss out on the prominent spots that count as a spawning ground of the Emeralds. This guide will show you thoroughly how to get these Emeralds in every way possible.

Mining For Emeralds

Emeralds location
Biomes To Mine Emerald Ore

Emerald Ore does not spawn randomly on the map. Instead, it has some specific biomes that it generates. Even in a specified location, it will not be a walk in the park to obtain these ores. You must mine your way through the caves to get your hands on them. Biomes such as Mountains and Windswept Hills are the significant birthplace of these rare ores.

Furthermore, to get a piece of emerald, you need to mine it with an iron pickaxe or a better one. It will simply drop an emerald. On the other hand, if you have enchanted your pickaxe with Silk Touch, then it will drop the block of Emerald Ore as it is. Then, you can smelt it down in the furnace to make it into an emerald.

Emeralds Drops In Minecraft

emeralds from rai
Emeralds Through Raids

Some mobs can drop Emerald upon death. One of the best ways to get emeralds in Minecraft is by looting them because this way is too passive, and all you require is being well-equipped. As usual, these are not guaranteed drops rather there is a chance for them to drop the emerald.

Firstly, if you are good with your aim, you can surely snatch the emeralds from the sleeping fox’s grasp. Some foxes can be seen sleeping with a chunk of emerald tangles in their jaws. Hunt them down and get yourself an easy trade opportunity. Conversely, drop food to intimidate the fox into leaving the emerald and get the job done without any violence in the act.

Secondly, when there is a raid of Vindicators on any Village, participate with the resilience team and slay the Vindicators. These mobs have the probability of dropping 0-1 emerald upon each mob’s death. You can surely increase the amount by applying Loot enchantment to your weapon. You can learn more about it in our Minecraft best Enchantments guide.

Lastly, Evokers can be targeted for the same purpose with the same drop rate as Vindicators. These powerful spell-wielding mobs are tough to use but will reward you with an unspeakable advantage after slaying them. You can learn about the behavior and specialty of Evokers by following this guide.

Trading For Emeralds

Villagers trade
Get Emeralds From Trade

Although we use Emeralds for trading purposes, it is to be noted that we can also acquire them via trading with villagers. This is the most delightful aspect of Minecraft regarding the trading system. This is to say because villagers’ requirements are barely anything rare.

Items and heaps of minerals can be traded to get an emerald for each trade. The only drawback here is that that specific offer will hit the timer of a cooldown whenever you perform a trade. To reset the cooldown, a certain amount of trades must be completed.

Every type of trader has an unprecedented offer that he comes up with. However, they all require some essential elements to trade with. Here is the list of the best traders to get started with:

  • Cartographer: A trader who deals with the minimum accessories. Lend him some of the Glass Planes used for construction, and he will provide you with an emerald. Paper can be convincing too.
  • Farmer: This villager should be your primary source for getting Emeralds. Many vegetation can be traded with him for the sake of those emeralds.
  • Butcher: If you are good with your hunt, save some for this trader—simple meat trade to get the emerald.
  • Armorer: Compared to other traders, this one has limited offers on display. He is on the list because of the direct trade he can offer: Coal for an emerald.
  • Fisherman: Catch some fish and brag about them in front of this trader. He would be delighted to reward you.

You can also check out our guide to get familiar with the best Villagers trades in Minecraft.

Natural Generation

Generated structure
Natural Generation of Emeralds

Emeralds can also be found scattered across the map. This feature encourages the players of Minecraft to explore the open world. Although venturing into the wilderness can be challenging, the rewards are also set accordingly to keep you motivated. You can find the Emeralds out in the open, somewhere like:

  • Desert Temple: The chest contains an 18% probability of getting you 1-3 emeralds.
  • Jungle Temple: Have an 8.7% chance of getting you 1-3 emeralds.
  • Buried Chest: One of the highest rates of containing 4-8 emeralds with a 59.9% chance.
  • ShipwreckPlace your bet here as a 73.7% chance will surely lend you 1-5 emeralds
  • Igloo: The lowest probability of 7.6% of handing out an emerald.
  • Underwater Ruins: The Big ruin chest and the Small ruin chest will have a 14.9% and 16.4% chance of handing you one emerald.
  • End City: Don’t return empty-handed from the End dimension. It has 9% of giving 2-6 emeralds.

Besides the generated structures, you can search out the chest in every village as they, too have a fair possibility of containing some emeralds.


Minecraft tends to develop with every update as new items and mechanisms are introduced.  This detailed mechanism of exploring and gathering items for better use is to keep the players engaged in some activity. This kind of effect makes the game look immersive as it reflects the player’s efforts into a progressive stage where more opportunities for events become available with time.

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