GTA 5: Bravado Gresley Location

Get to know the location and reason to have Bravado Gresley in GTA 5.

Bravado Gresley in GTA 5
Bravado Gresley in GTA 5

Manufactured by Bravado, Gresley is an SUV-class vehicle. This 4-door vehicle is easier to get in GTA 5 offline and online modes than most cars. It is because this vehicle is one of the standard and average-performance cars. The Bravado Gresley location is easy to spot in GTA 5 or can be purchased.

Key Takeaways

  • The SUV Gresley is available for both offline and online modes.
  • For the offline mode, Bravado Gresley can be seen mostly in the city area location in GTA 5.
  • As for GTA 5 Online, vehicles can only be bought from South San Andreas Super Autos for $29,000.
  • The overall performance of Gresley is somewhere superior to other SUVs. Moreover, it has the best functionality when taken to the offside of the road. It is probably due to its powerful engine and better sustenance because of the four drive layout.

Bravado Gresley Location In GTA V

As mentioned above, this SUV vehicle is easily obtained in GTA 5 for online and offline modes. For starters, it is a good choice to have an SUV Gresley because it comes cheap.

GTA V Offline Location

Bravado Gresley Offline location GTA 5
Gresley Location in Offline Mode

You can find a Bravado Gresley, most commonly across the cityside, on the map offline.

  • In GTA 5 story mode, plenty of Gresley is driven across Los Santos. This condition will be true if you drive another car of the same class (Which means an SUV ).
  • If you don’t find driving an SUV around helpful, then there are locations where this vehicle will spawn. Usually, the South side of Los Santos has a high chance to spawn this vehicle. Namely, these locations are Strawberry and Rancho.
  • You can also find the car somewhere parked in Rockford Hills.
  • There is also a chance for this vehicle to spawn in Blaine County. In North Chumash, you may find the car near Hookies bar.

The location of Bravado Gresley in GTA 5 is specified for only offline mode. Moreover, this vehicle is not available to purchase in story mode, but still, it is quite easier to obtain.

GTA V Online Location

Bravado Gresley Online Location GTA 5
Buy Gresley in GTA Online

Adversely to the offline mode, you can only have the option to purchase the car in online mode. You can buy the vehicle from South San Andreas Super Autos at the cost of $29,000. You might not find the vehicle usually spawning online like in offline mode. Furthermore, you can sell the vehicle for $2,900 ( 10% of the original price ) cash. This vehicle became available for purchase after the Heists Update.

Bravado Gresley Performance GTA V

The car is of average performance in overall stats. As a result, it is more fitting for players to get a Gresley over other SUVs car. Due to its massive weight, the car is limited to perform quite well for a powerful engine vehicle. But this heavy weight does make the brake system work much more efficiently.

Even though the car is kept at a lower stance, driving this SUV in the off-road area is still a better option. It can be used as a getaway vehicle if your path is bumpy and rough.

Bravado Gresley performance in GTA 5
Gresley’s Performance Bar – Credit: ( GTA Fandom )
  • Speed: 72 ( Top speed of 135 km/h ).
  • Acceleration: 50 ( Reaches speed limit in approximately 10 seconds ).
  • Braking: 20
  • Traction: 57


In addition to the Bravado Gresley performance upgrade, it is much cheaper than most cars.


Although the default brakes work well for this vehicle, it still has room for more improvements.

  • Stock Brakes upgrade will cost $500.
  • Street Brakes upgrade will cost $10,000.
  • Sport Brakes upgrade will cost $13,500.
  • Race Brakes upgrade will cost $17,500.

If you are doing the upgrade in offline mode, it will cost half of the abovementioned cost.


Surely, an engine boost can make a huge difference in performance. So it is always the best choice to upgrade it.

  • Level 1 of the EMS upgrade will cost $4,500.
  • Level 2 of the EMS upgrade will cost $6,250.
  • Level 3 of the EMS upgrade will cost $9000.
  • Level 4 of the EMS upgrade will cost $16,750.

The cost will be 50% if playing in offline mode.


If a car is meant to be driven off0road, its handling upgrade must be prioritized. Moreover, you can make the car endure much better regarding attaining its top speed.

  • Stock Suspension upgrade will cost $200.
  • Lowered Suspension upgrade will cost $1000.
  • Street Suspension upgrade will cost $2000.
  • Sport Suspension upgrade will cost $3400.
  • Competition Suspension upgrade will cost $4400.

The upgrade cost is half in offline mode.


A preferable upgrade to add more sustainability to the car.

  • Stock Transmission upgrade will cost $500.
  • Street Transmission upgrade will cost $14,750.
  • Sports Transmission upgrade will cost $16,250.
  • Race Transmission upgrade will cost $20,000.

Similarly to other upgrades, you will have to pay half of these costs in offline mode.


The Turbo Tuning upgrade will cost you $35,000. However, in offline mode, it will cost you $6,250.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the SUV Bravado Gresley is a favorable car to help the players in the game’s early stages. Its cheap cost makes it friendly for any new player to obtain the vehicle easily. Moreover, the location of Bravado Gresley in GTA 5 offline does not require hard work. Rather, players access these simple locations even when strolling through the map leisurely.

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