GTA 5: Cheap Cars To Customize [Top 15]

Own the cars which are cheap at cost but deliver a stunning experience once modified.

Cheap Cars To Customize in GTA V
Cheap Cars To Customize in GTA V

GTA V handover one of the best experiences to their players regarding automobile mechanics. These include the visuals, sound effects, models, and especially the customization of the vehicles. Moreover, you will need to start with something cheap, but the GTA games environment will let you customize your cheap cars into your choice of dream cars.

Key Takeaways

  • Cars are needed in every aspect of GTA, even if it includes showing off.
  • Investing in cheap cars is a good step towards your dream life in GTA Online.
  • Rockstar Games gives an excellent kickstart to players with a free sports car upon starting. Elegy RH8 can be acquired for free once you have signed up for a Social Club account.
  • Cheap cars exist in every vehicle class, including Muscle, Sports, and Supercars.
  • Most cars share a set amount of money on the parts upgrade. Whereas some cost less than the specified amount and some do not hold the feature of upgrading a particular part.
  • Every car mentioned in the guide will cost you less than $1 million, and the average price will be less than $500k.

Cheap Cars To Customize In GTA

If you have just started exploring the open world of GTA Online, then surely your budget will be tight. Following this, you need to make slow but rapid progress to match the other players online. In this situation, you can go through a list of cheap cars that you can customize to their full extent. Unlocking the potential of these cheap cars can undoubtedly prove to be a lot surprising.

Elegy RH8

Customize cheap cars Elegy RH8
A Free Source car Elegy RH8

Starting with the list, the first car to get your hand on is Elegy RH8. An amazing fact about this car to keep it at the top of the list is that its ownership comes passively to the player. Once you are registered with the Social Club of Rockstar Games, this ride is given free to you. However, buying this car manually could have cost you $95000.

Elegy RH8 is a two-seater Sports Car. It has a modification variant with the name Elegy Retro Custom. Applying this variant will not cost you anything in GTA 5. However, in GTA Online, this can cost you an absolute price of $904,000.

That is why it would be preferable to customize this ride manually.

  • All the accessories and visual changes are applicable to this car at fair rates.
  • Its Engine Upgrade will cost you $33500 for a level 4 EMS upgrade.
  • Turbo can be installed for $50000.
  • Suspension and Transmission upgrades will cost you $4400 and $40,000, respectively, at the maximum price.

Elegy can reach a top speed of 152 km/h. Almost every car’s performance upgrade costs the same. You can upgrade this car from Benny’s Original Motor Works to achieve high-end performance from this car.

Benefactor Surano

Cheap sports car Surano
Sports Car Surano

A sports car that befits the need of a Drag racer. It is due to the car’s stats that it can offer. It has an incredible top speed of 155 km/h because of its swift throttle gauge, but the car’s handling is poor.

The model of the Surano is quite ponderous, which results in oversteering, making it only suitable for long and wide tracks. Still, this factor is to be kept in mind that the customization of this sports car can improve its control.

The car is worth $110,000 through Legendary Motors in GTA Online with its capability towards further improvement. Better and top-notch quality Brakes, Suspension, and Wheels can indeed reform the car to its glory. It is one of the cheap sports cars in GTA to customize in GTA Online. Although, you can buy this car for $99000 from Southern San Andreas Super Auto for GTA 5 gameplay.

Schafter V12

Schafter V12 customization
Customizing Schaftor V12

A Civilian type car falls under the category of a sports car. The car cost around $116, 000 and be bought from Legendary Motors. It also has an armored variation, but it is not obtainable through modification. Furthermore, this is one of the cheapest cars that are evermore appealing once they are fully toned and modified in their performance.

The Schafter V12 is an upgraded version of its original apparent resulting in enhanced power for better acceleration and top speed. It has good Traction and Brakes and a top speed of 150 km/h. Further improvements in the car can result in attaining a very high top speed of nearly 300+ km/h.


Cheap sports car Comet
Sports Car Comet, Along With its Variants

Comet is a well-known car in the GTA franchise due to its appearance in various titles of GTA games. This sports car will cost you exactly $100,000 with the fair looks of its default model. Moreover, you can buy this car from Legendary Motors and Benny’s Original Motor Works in GTA Online.

This car would probably be the most driven car by the players all over the GTA series. Its performance is based on its handling, making it the most valuable sports car out on the streets. It can attain its speed and balance quite well after making sharp turns.

GTA Online has a variant of Comet Retro Custom for modification that costs $645, 000. The car is well designed for taking on race challenges or driving inside the city streets. It reaches a top speed of 152 km/h. Upon customizing the performance of a car, it can drastically increase the acceleration up to 96 km/h in 3 seconds, along with a better top speed. Comet is also available as GTA 5 vehicle for $85,000 from Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

This is one of the best cheap sports cars to customize in GTA V.

Lampadate Furore GT

Lampadati Furore GT
Sports Car Furore GT

Furore GT made its appearance later in the game through DLC. To put it briefly, this car sports car requires only a one-time investment in it. The cost of this car is $448, 000 with an upside in its customization.

Regarding its top speed, the vehicle is powered by a large engine which results in a massive torque and hit meter of 152 km/h. Whereas when it comes to the car’s handling, it might turn you down there.

The vehicle is rather much unstable as compared to other sports cars in maintaining itself through corners. This can create a troublesome situation if you attempt to speed up during the turning process, as it will cause the vehicle to just spin out.

If you have bought this sports car, then that means you have saved yourself a lot of money in the customizing process.

  • The car does not support most of the accessories.
  • A level 4 EMS upgrade can be applied for $6700.
  • Its Transmission upgrade costs $8000 for the best part to be installed.
  • Turbo can be installed for $30000.

This sports car can be bought from Legendary Motors as it is available for only GTA Online. You can enhance the car’s performance for fair improvement in its top speed. However, its acceleration is not much affected.

Blista Kanjo

Customize cheap cars Blista Kanjo
Compact Car Blista Kanjo

A compact-class vehicle that has maintained its reputation as a Getaway vehicle. This car was meant to be used in missions exclusively. Later, the Blista Kanjo Week Event introduced this car as a purchasable object. Its value is set to be $580,000 in Southern San Andreas Super Autos as this car is well known for its heist projects in GTA 5.

For a well-experienced driver, this car can turn out to be the best drifting vehicle. At the same time, a casual driver may need to customize the Suspensions of the car to acquire a stable ride.

The car has an excessive wheelspin ability that makes it capable of the J-Turn feature. Moreover, it can reach a top speed of 132 km/h. You can upgrade this car to get the result of some minor improvements in its top speed and acceleration.

Essentially, there is another way to buy this car at a low price. Once you have completed The Diamond Casino Heist mission, the vehicle will cost you $435,000 from the same shop.

Pegassi Torus

Customize cheap SUV cars
SUV Pegassi Torus

An SUVs vehicle class with a four-seater capacity. This vehicle is ranked among the best cars in GTA Online in terms of a top speed of 155 km/h. Due to this factor, it will be wise to invest in this car and keep its performance at default.

Moreover, it will save you a lot of money you can spend on customizing the car’s outlook. The cost of Pegassi Torus is $498,000 from Legendary Motors, with a resale price of approximately 50% of the buying price.

To sum up, the car does not only attain the feature of looking like any hypercar but also delivers the same impact as well. Upgrading the car’s performance will not significantly affect its properties.


Pickup trucks for customization
Pickup Truck Yosemite

The 2-door pickup truck might seems a bit rusty on the outside, but it is based on the most outstanding performances in the game. The price of this muscle car is $485,000, and it is considered one of the heaviest pickup trucks.

Compared to other pickup trucks, Yosemite is the one that is worth wasting your money on. It has the best acceleration speed among the muscle cars. The vehicle has a top speed of 137 km/h.

Furthermore, this truck can be turned into a Yosemite Rancher variant at a $700,000 price. Every accessory and performance change can be applied to this pickup truck. Visit Southern San Andreas Super Autos or Benny’s Original Motor Works to acquire this vehicle.

It is best to modify this car into its variant as that will deliver massive looks and stunning performance. Overall, the truck will not make any big jump regarding its performance in its base model.


Cheap muscle car
Muscle Car Blade

This muscle car is a 2-door lowrider that was commonly spotted in GTA San Andreas. Now in GTA Online, it has appeared with few changes in its stats that are a bit better in some ways.

Its high-output V8 engine makes it the most astounding muscle car with the best acceleration. A downside to owning this car is that its top speed doesn’t satisfy the needs of a racer.

It reaches only 140 km/h. The price of this muscle car is $160, 000 which is fair for being cheap according to the stats it offers. It is considerable to upgrade the car’s performance to achieve an average top speed result of 168 km/h. Moreover, you can buy this car from Southern San Andreas Super Autos.


Ellie muscle car GTA
Muscle Car Ellie

The 1967 Ford Mustang inspired the design of this car. This muscle car was introduced in the game during the Ellie and Tezeract Week Event. It costs around $565,000 can is available in Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

However, if you completed The Diamond Casino Heist, you can get in on a discount for $423,750. The car is impressive in its visuals, even in its base form. Although, the stats of the vehicle does not offer much to its owner as compared to other muscle cars.

This muscle car is powered by a single-cam V8 engine which presents the outcome as a fair top speed of 140 km/h along with a relatively acceptable rate of acceleration. Customize the car to achieve a somewhat better outcome of its maximum speed.

In brief, Ellie can be good at showing off among friends but keep it away from race tracks.


A Cheap muscle car Faction
Muscle Car Faction

A very cheap muscle car at the cost of $36,000, which you can get from Benny’s Original Motor Works. Faction is a muscle car that was added to GTA Online with the Lowriders Update. Most accessories can not be customized for this car; however, its performance can be upgraded to the full extent.

Furthermore, this muscle car can be modified into two variants. First is the Faction Custom Donk variation, which costs $695, 000 and second is Faction Custom which is worth $335,000.

Its base top speed is 140 km/h, slightly better than its acceleration. With better Turbo and Engine upgrades, this car can reach the 225 km/h top speed limit. Overall the car’s performance is improved as compared to GTA 4.


Customize cheap cars Ford Mustang Dominator
Muscle Car Vapid Dominator ( Ford Mustang )

Considerably one of the best cheap muscle cars to customize in GTA Online. It comes at a surprisingly low price rate of $35000 in Southern San Andreas Super Autos, and the quality of providing above an average top speed of 145 km/h.

Applying decals and other visuals makes the car look fabulous. As for its performance upgrades, the price rate of its spare parts is pretty cheap in comparison with other cars.

Dominator can be customized into three more variations. Its variants, Apocalypse, Future Shock, and Nightmare Dominator cost $1,132,000. This car can be bought for an even further discount. Through the Arena Wars, you can get this car for only $26,250 as its trade price. Upgrade the car to its full extent and see it attain a top speed of approximately 200 km/h.

Sabre Turbo

Saber Turbo Muscle Car
Muscle Car Sabre Turbo

Yet another muscle car with moderate stats and cheap performance upgrades. This car became available for $15,000 after the Sabre Week Event. The car is highly notable due to its low-rider mechanics, and for the same reason, there is no room for a Suspension upgrade in this car. The car can achieve a top speed of 140 km/h.

You can also check out some of the more best lowriders in GTA V.

This muscle car can surpass others of its type once you have installed Turbo, allowing it to maintain its speed up to 200+ km/h. You can buy this car from Benny’s Original Motor Works and apply its variant Sabre Turbo Custom for $490,000. In general, this is among the cheap cars in GTA to customize, which has a powerful impact.

Banshee 900R

Customize cheap super car Banshee 900R
Super Car Banshee 900R

If you have the budget to afford the best cheap cars to customize in GTA V, then you should aim to buy this supercar. A top speed of 172 km/h will gradually increase as you upgrade the car’s engine.

An EMS Engine of level 1 will increase the speed up to 178 km/h; the EMS Engine of level 4 can further improve the speed and take it to approximately 200 km/h.

There is a unique method to obtain this car. You need to take the stock model Banshee to Benny’s Original Motor Works and click the “Upgrade” option to acquire Banshee 900R at $565,000.

Sultan RS

Customizing Sultan RS
Karin Sultan RS

A supercar that cost a substantial sum of $795,000. This car can take the worst challenges of the race track as it gains superiority over most of the supercars in the game. It can achieve a top speed of 209 km/h, and its acceleration is slightly better than that. Surprisingly, the car offers cheap cost in customizing its performance. The upgrade of Super Transmission can cost the player $12000 in addition to its Turbo upgrade, that cost around $30,000.

Like Banshee, you need to buy Sultan from Benny’s Original Motor Works at $12,000 and hit the “Upgrade” option.

Final Words

GTA Online has numerous cars to test out for the play. This guide was to provide you with the cheap and best among them for the starting point of your game. Indeed you can find other cars that suit your interest more than these cars. Just have fun while on your progress toward being a rich player in the online world of GTA V.

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