Street Fighter 6: How To Change To Classic Controls In World Tour

A guide on how to toggle between the Classic Controls Scheme and Modern Controls Scheme in World Tour.

How To Change To Classic Controls Street Fighter 6 World Tour
How To Change To Classic Controls Street Fighter 6 World Tour

Street Fighter 6 is finally here after a lot of hype build-up, with all the beta tests and demos released over a few weeks. And it’s a banger that has fulfilled many expectations from the fans. The game received some changes, which were expected, but to everyone’s surprise, they were much needed. To make the game genuinely next-gen and help it compete with the new Gen games by implementing changes like Modern controls. In this guide, we will help guide you on how to change to classic controls in the Street Fighter 6 world tour and familiarize you with how this control scheme can make a difference in your playstyle as Capcom has set up a new bar for modern Fighting games. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Classic and Modern Controls each have their gimmicks and feel, which can make the game challenging or easy, depending on your playstyle. But it all boils down to your preference and what makes you more comfortable to play with.
  • Classic Controls require much more memorization but are a force to fear once mastered, as they allow a more comprehensive range of movements during combat.
  • Modern Controls are easy to understand but do not provide the same free form during combat as Classic Controls.

When you start the game, it will already set the controls to modern controls to get that first-time feel to make it comfortable. However, after a few basic tutorials, the game will allow you to change your controls from Modern to Classic.

But if you have missed out on this or have changed your mind about it. Suppose you have difficulty locating the specific settings that allow you to switch between Modern and Classic Controls.

Change To Classic Controls

To change your controls when you have already selected a setting in the tutorial and want to get a feel of the classic button mapping and combos.

Controls Tab Street Fighter 6
The Controls tab in Street Fighter 6, where you can access the avatar battle controls

You need to do the following steps to change to Classic Controls Street Fighter 6 World Tour:

  • First, press the tab or start button to go to the pause screen, depending on the platform and input device you use to play the game.
  • Please navigate to the settings and open them.
  • Now look onto the top tabs and navigate to the controls section on the screen.
  • Once in the controls tab, navigate to the Avatar Battle Control Type.
  • Open it by clicking or pressing A on the controller and selecting the Avatar Battle Control Type option.
  • Navigate left and right to change your options; from there, you can select the option of Classic Controls.
Avatar Controls section in Street Fighter 6
Avatar Controls Section, where you can select between Modern and Classic Controls

You will only be handed only two options here as the avatar battle controls only serve with two types the Modern controls and the Classic controls. The third option is only available for Street Fighter Characters. Note that you can only change to Classic controls once you complete the first chapter of the world tour.

The Best Controls Type For You

Since you know how to change to classic controls in the Street Fighter 6 world tour, you must learn the difference between the new Modern Controls and the Classic Controls. It is recommended that you do a little searching into how these two different controls work, as they can make a huge difference in how you play the game and change the game’s difficulty if you are not very well acquainted with the series. 

Modern Controls

First, we will discuss the Modern Controls introduced in the latest game in the Street Fighter series. The modern controls scheme includes a four-button layout for an easier-to-understand and a more nonformal styled scheme than the classic controls.

The Modern Controls include a light attack, medium attack, heavy attack, and a Special move. This makes it easier for players to do combos and fight with this much easy accessibility.

The Special moves in Modern Controls are easier to perform as they also receive the new Modern Scheme button mapping, but to perform more than just four special attacks, you will need to move to the classic controls scheme while still playing in the modern controls scheme. Because after you select the fifth special move for your character, you will need to learn the classic strings, as having only four strings can decrease the possibilities of strings attached to a move.

This part will make the game hard for players playing with classic controls, but this still allows many more combat opportunities. It will be difficult, but you can also take this opportunity to get more familiar with the Classic controls scheme while still playing with Modern controls. 

Classic Controls

Coming to the classic controls now, which are meant for the veteran players of the series, but it’s not something to worry about if you are a new player to the series or haven’t touched the franchise for a massive period. Street Fighter 6 is popular even among nonfighting players because it welcomes novice fighting players with its world tour mode. 

The Classic controls require much more memorizing of key combinations to perform different moves for different characters. It’s not hard to do for a single character, but it can become annoying if you play many different characters rather than using a single character. Additionally, classic controls provide more flexibility over a character to players during combat.

As it contains a total of six different move types, which are light, medium, and heavy punches and kicks. This type of control scheme can widen your horizon on what to use in what kind of situation, even makes a difference, and give you more options for attacks depending on what kind of body type you are against. 

The world tour mode is a kind of a grind with its open world and leveling up master styles system, but it works well with a fighting game with massive move-sets and strings. The game introduces you to special attacks one by one, so you can get familiar with a single move till you move to the next one. The base move sets are there, but you must learn them for special moves; the game trains one up even if they aren’t paying attention to mastering moves. 

So if you are playing world tour mode, switching to classic controls isn’t a bad option to help you get familiar with them in a more forgiving environment, unlike in players versus players environments. 

Concluding everything, it can be confirmed that Modern and Classic controls aren’t limited to certain players like classic controls for only veterans, it takes time to master a thing, but it isn’t impossible. So it all boils down to your preferences and what makes you more comfortable. That’s all we can teach you about changing to classic controls in the Street Fighter 6 world tour. If you have any queries, comment below; we will answer them.

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