GTA 5 Online: All Client Jobs [Full List]

Learn everything there is to know about Client Jobs. Things you need to start them and how to do them efficiently

Client job menu on the touchscreen computer in terrorbyte
A complete guide on all the client jobs available in GTA 5 Online

You can never get bored making money in GTA 5, thanks to the hundreds of interesting and unique ways to do that. Client jobs are fun and quick ways to do that while playing with friends.

Key Takeaways

  • To initiate the Client jobs in GTA 5, you need to buy the Terrorbyte and a Nightclub.
  • If you already have it, interact with the touchscreen computer, and select the client job you want.
  • There are six client jobs in GTA 5, 4 of which can be done solo, while 2 require at least two players. Apart from that, two of these missions require you to have a Drone Station in the Terrorbyte.
  • Robbery in Progress is about you robbing the bank robbers. You will locate them using the hacked traffic cameras and go and rob them. Then you will travel to the buyer to drop off the gold.
  • In Data Sweep, you follow and scan four different cars and find out whether they are the correct target or not. Once you locate the correct target you hijack the vehicle and bring it to your client.
  • Targeted Data is an assassination mission. However, you have to hack into two laptops inside the Lifeinvader building. You complete this using a drone to sneak past security and hack the laptops. After that, you get the target’s location and must eliminate him.
  • Diamond Shopping is a client’s job about robbing a jewelry shipment. You will infiltrate a Jewelry shop using a drone and disable the alarms. Then you will secure the jewelry and return it to your buyer.
  • Collector’s Pieces requires at least two players and is about stealing antique items from a van. The twist is that their location is only shown on the map for a couple of seconds. After locating the van, you will blow up the lock at the back door, and the antiques will fall. You and your friends must collect that and bring it to the buyer.
  • Deal Breaker also requires at least two people. You must locate where the deal is going down and steal the briefcase being traded. Using the drone to determine where the noise is coming from, you will attack the NPCs and take the suitcase to the client.

Requirements For Client Jobs

The great thing about client jobs is that they don’t require much effort, just enough to make it interesting. Each client job is about 10-15 minutes and pays out a decent amount which we talk about for each job separately.

To be able to start the client jobs in GTA 5, you need to buy the Terrorbyte. And to buy the Terrorbyte, you need to own a Nightclub. If you are a beginner to the game, these things would cost you way more than you have in your bank.

However, if you have played this game for some time, you can afford to fulfill the prerequisites. Firstly, go to the Foreclosure section of the Maze-Bank website, and purchase a Nightclub. The cheapest will be the Elysian Island Nightclub, which will cost you $1,080,000.

Elysian island Nightclub buying location
Elysian Island Nightclub location

The Nightclub will not only let you buy the Terrorbyte, but it is also one of the best passive businesses in the game. If you want to maximize your profits from the nightclub, then be sure to check out our GTA 5 Nightclub Business guide. You can earn up to $50,000 in an in-game day.

After you’ve done that, head on to the Warstock Cache & Carry and buy the Terrorbyte. The price will be $1,375,000. An important thing to note is that to be able to do the Targeted Data and Diamond Shopping job; you will need to own the Drone Station as well. The Drone Station will cost you an extra $815,000.

buying hte terrorbyte and changing its interior design
Buying the Terrorbyte from Warstock Cache & Carry

Once you buy the Terrorbyte for the first time, you will get into a cut scene where Paige Harris will guide you through the basics. Paige Harris, a professional hacker, will assist you in completing any missions related to the Terrorbyte. She will also introduce you to this touchscreen shown below.

touchscreen with hand printed on it.
Touchscreen computer which will control all your client jobs

This touchscreen computer will be your ‘control screen’ through which you’ll control all your businesses and launch the client jobs. Once you interact with the touchscreen, a menu will open up. You will click ‘Client Jobs’ and choose your desired job here.

Six client jobs are available in GTA 5, and two require a Drone Station. In addition to that, 2 of them will require two players at the minimum. There is also a 30-minute cooldown time for that particular job you did. At the same time, there will also be a 5-minute cooldown for other client jobs.

Robbery In Progress

The only thing that is easier than robbing a bank is robbing the robbers robbing the bank. What I mean by that is in this mission, you will intervene in an ongoing bank robbery and steal from the bank robbers.

Phase I

Paige will tell you about the bank robbery, and you must locate it using the Traffic Cameras. This is done via the touchscreen computer, where you’ll view six different cameras that Paige hacked to find the robbery.

Even though you have six different cameras, the robbery is only ever seen in 3 locations. These include Fleeca Bank on Route 68, Fleeca Bank on Morningwood, and Pacific Standard Public Bank in Downtown Vinewood.

Camera footage of police holding off a robbery
Watching hacked cameras to locate robbery

Once you see the police cars on the live camera, patch into the interior camera. Then it will tell you where that bank is and what location you need to go to. So, grab your getaway vehicle and rush onto the bank.

After traveling to the desired location, you must eliminate the heavily armed robber with a minigun. Finally, it will take a couple of rockets or a lot of ammo to kill him. Ensure you do not take him lightly because he will wear Ballistic equipment.

There will be three bank robbers, which you will have to eliminate. One with a minigun, and two will be somewhere inside the bank.

After you eliminate the third robber who will be inside the vault, you can grab the gold and start to make your way out of the bank. You will face a couple of LSPD officers and have a 2-star wanted level.

Phase II

You must finish any threats and lose the cops before Paige sends you the buyer’s location. Or you can also take the easy way out and call Lester to get rid of the cops. Then, head to the set location to deliver the stolen gold. The buyer will be waiting next to a black SUV.

Client waiting for gold next to black SUV
Client is waiting next to a black SUV

It’s important to note that other players in the lobby will be informed about the gold and may target you. If they succeed in killing you, they will take the gold and sell it to an alternate buyer in a different location.

The payout of this client job is $30,000-$35,000, a decent amount of money for the time it took to complete it.

Data Sweep

The Data Sweep is a rather easier client job in GTA 5. However, it is still a fun and unique job which will be more suited to players who like driving around. It takes a comparatively longer time than other jobs.

The premise of this client job is that you must locate and secure data drives being moved around Los Santos. By ‘secure,’ we mean to kill the driver of that car and take the car to the client.

Phase I

After starting the Data Sweep client job in GTA 5, four vehicles will be marked on the map. These include three moving vehicles and a stationary van which will be parked at a random location. The most efficient way is to do this job with multiple friends, each going to a different car.

Grab your best vehicle and make your way to the first car. You have to get close to the vehicle, open your mobile, and go to the SecuroServ Hacking App. This will initiate the scan if you are close enough to the target.

hacking in data sweep client job in gta 5
Keep the vehicle close to scan the car.

The great thing is that if your scan is interrupted, your progress will not be lost. The vehicles will become alert about the scan and start firing at you once you reach about 50%. The NPCs will have a very accurate aim, so be careful but don’t go too far away, or you’ll lose signal.

The scan will take 10 seconds, after which Paige will inform you about the results. She will tell you to move on to the next one if it is not the target. The car you just scanned will not follow you, and it can be ignored without much difficulty.

After three unsuccessful attempts, the fourth car will automatically be recognized as the target without the need to scar it.

Phase II

Before proceeding any further, you must eliminate all the NPCs inside the car. Or if it is the parked van, then also kill the NPCs guarding it. Once done, Paige will inform you about the location you have to take the target to.

black car driving to yellow spot infront. in data sweep client job in gta 5
Delivering target to client

Remember that other players in the lobby will be informed about your location and the vehicle you need to deliver. These players will be tempted to steal the car from you and deliver it themselves to get money.

After you defeat or successfully avoid enemy players, head to the location given by Paige. You must park the stolen car inside the garage to complete the mission. The payout of this client job will be $30,000-$35,000.

Targeted Data

Among the six client jobs in GTA 5, this is another interesting one you will find yourself doing more than once. You just have to kill someone for your client. However, the fun part is getting the information about his location by hacking into a computer with a drone.

Phase I

When you decide to do the Targeted Data client job, Paige will explain that you need to intrude into the Lifeinvader office using a drone to access a computer. And to use the drone, you must drive your Terrorbyte to the location and park it outside.

There is another method of doing this job, a more aggressive method. You can decide not to use the drone and get your hands dirty. However, that would ruin what the mission offers since you can get violent and kill people whenever you want.

When you reach the Lifeinvader office, you will notice two surveillance cameras and added security. However, with the drone, you can easily get inside without getting spotted. Pilot the drone and navigate yourself inside the building.

drone footage of a office in Lifeinvader
Using drone to sneak into Lifeinvader building

Go to the first floor using the stairs, and there will be two laptops that you will hack. One is in the main office, while the other is inside a room. To hack the laptop, interact with it, and select the number sequence mentioned at the top of the screen.

bunch of numbers showing while hacking into laptop in targeted data client job GTA 5
Hacking into the computer by finding and pressing the sequence mentioned

Moreover, it is important to note that you don’t have to shoot someone if you’re using a drone. But if you want to, try to hit that guard alone so others aren’t alerted.

Phase II

After the laptops have been hacked, you will be informed about the target’s location. In addition to that, all players in the lobby will also know his location. You will aim to travel to the location and kill the target. Other players in the session may try to stop you and kill you to get money.

The target will have NPC bodyguards. However, they don’t need to be killed to complete the job. The mission will be completed as soon as you assassinate the target, but be careful about enemy players trying to kill you.

The payout of this client job in GTA 5 will be $30,000-$35,000.

Diamond Shopping

We all want something cheaper than the retail price, and that’s exactly what our client is doing, pretty harmless. In this client job, we will infiltrate a jewelry store and take an incoming shipment of diamonds. This client job will take relatively less time as compared to other jobs. 

Phase I

After starting this client job, you will be told to reach Vangelico Fine Jewelry in Little Portola. You must drive your Terrorbyte to this location and park it near. Paige will instruct you to use the Drone to intrude into the Jewelry store.

When you navigate the drone inside the shop, you’ll notice that the security guards are unaware of the drone. Hence, you can easily pilot through the front door and the left office. You will then see an alarm control panel on the wall. Shock the panel to disable the alarm.

drone shot of office of the jewelry shop
Inside the office of the Jewelry shop

Now, you can use a second drone to shock the guard holding the briefcase or use the aggressive method to go in directly. If you plan on shocking the guard first, you will still have to go inside to retrieve the briefcase.

Phase II

The best advice is to kill anyone that is a threat and collect the briefcase. You will have a two-star wanted level when the briefcase is obtained. In addition, all the players in the lobby will be aware of your robbery and will be tempted to come and collect the diamonds for themselves.

killing target in diamond shopping client job gta 5
Killing the guard with the Diamonds

On the other hand, if you decide on the aggressive method, the enemy players will be informed of the robbery as soon as you start shooting the guards rather than when you collect the briefcase.

After you escape the Jewelry story, escape the police and remove the wanted level. You will be informed of the buyer’s location after you have evaded the police. Make your way to the location without being killed by enemy players.

The buyer will be waiting at Marlowe Vineyards next to her red car. However, if the enemy steals the diamonds, he will be directed to a duplicate buyer parked near Two Hoots Falls. The payout of this mission will be $30,000-$35,000.

Collector’s Pieces

This is probably one of the players’ least favorite client jobs in GTA 5. You will be stealing some antiques from 3 different vans spread across the map. It seems pretty easy, but the payout is equally bad. Plus, at least two players are required to start this client job in GTA 5. 

Phase I

After you initiate the client job, Paige will brief you about how you need to steal the antiques. She explains that the jammers on the vans carrying the items are almost un-hackable. And that she can only locate them on the GPS for a small window before it requires a cooldown.

You only have 10 minutes to complete this mission and have to find and steal from 3 different vans. Each of your friends will set out for a different van. An important tip is to set a waypoint on the location when the GPS is active. Since the van is pretty slow, it will roughly be in that area when you reach it.

After you reach the van, pull up behind it without alerting the passengers. You can either use a gun or a sticky bomb to break the lock which is on the backdoor. This will open the door, and the collectible antique will fall on the ground.

blowing up the back of the van in one of the client jobs in GTA 5
Stealing Antiques by blowing up the backdoor of the van

You don’t need to get off your vehicle to pick it up. Just drive over it, and you will get the item and a 1-star police behind you.

Phase II

After you burst the door open, the guards will start to shoot at you, or at least try to. You can easily ignore them and drive off. The next step is to get rid of the police by driving away or calling Lester.

Once the wanted level is gone, you will be informed of the buyer’s location. Once each player has delivered the antique to the buyer in Hawick, the mission will be completed. The payout of this mission is divided between the players, and you will get roughly $9,000.

This is a very disappointing payout compared to other client jobs in GTA 5. However, the mission is pretty fun to do with your friends.

Deal Breaker

Another Client job in GTA 5 requires a minimum of two players to start. The Deal Breaker is a job where you must invade where the deal is going down and steal the briefcase. Then take that briefcase to your client, who’ll pay you the money.

Phase I

After you initiate the client job, Paige will explain to you what the mission is. Furthermore, she’ll tell you she has located the general area where the deal is happening using phone signals. You and your crew will be instructed to reach that area and figure out where they are.

A thing that can be a little annoying in this job is that you have to drive the Terrorbyte to the location. The location may be very near or on the other side of the map, and driving the massive truck can be time-consuming.

Once you reach the general area shown on the map, you will use the drone to pinpoint exactly where the deal is happening. The drone will show noise signals at the center of the screen. The bigger the signals, the closer you are to the deal.

drone footage in which we look at noise signals incoming in one of the client jobs in GTA 5
Locating where the deal is taking place using the noise signals

Using the noise graph, determine where the deal is going down. Once you locate the target, they will see the drone and start shooting at it.

Phase II

Your team must defeat many NPC guards to retrieve the suitcase. Firstly, you will have to kill the target. Then, you can collect the security case and flee without fighting. However, the NPCs will keep shooting at you, so killing them off is easier.

Not surprisingly, there won’t be a wanted star on you, and you can go to the client’s location to deliver the case. Paige will advise you to reach there quickly, and a location will appear on the map. The client will be waiting next to a black SUV.

The payout of this mission is almost the same as Collector’s Pieces, only $9,000. I would not recommend it because the deal’s location may be on the other side of the map if you are unlucky. And if that’s the case, the time it takes to complete the mission is not worth the payout.

However, it’s nice to have a little variety now and then and play with friends. If you only do client missions for money, this one is not for you. Check out our guide detailing on how to get money fast in GTA 5 Online.

Closing Remarks

GTA 5 has been around for almost a decade, and the new updates have kept the game fresh and fun. Client jobs were released in 2018 and are still a great way to earn money in GTA 5 Online.

That is about it for our guide on all client jobs in GTA 5. Read about more GTA 5 articles on our website:

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