Can You Play Arms Race 2 In Counter Strike 2? [Answered]

Here is everything you need to know about the famous game mode, Arms Race, in Counter Strike 2.

Counter Strike 2 Arms Race
Counter Strike 2 - Arms Race: Image by Gamesual

Counter-Strike 2 significantly updates the long-running Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, I am slightly disappointed to report that not all gameplay modes and events make it to this newly released entry. This is also true for the famous gun-game mode, Arms Race, which has not been able to make its way into Counter Strike 2.

Key Takeaways

  • Arms Race is not part of Counter-Strike 2.
  • Arms Race is a gun game mode popular in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
  • This game mode requires players to kill two enemies per gun. You get a different weapon once the enemy is destroyed and move up a level.
  • The final weapon is a Golden Knife, and killing an opponent with this guarantees your victory.
  • Players can expect it to be added to the game later, as pictures of Arm Race maps were leaked online.

Counter-Strike 2 came in as a free update to CS GO, so most players would assume that everything will transfer from CS GO. However, most players can spot a few missing game modes in the current version of Counter-Strike 2. I could only play Deathmatch, Premier, Casual, Competitive, and Wingman game modes in the game’s current state.

Casual Matchmaking Counter Strike 2
Casual Matchmaking – Counter-Strike 2: Image by Gamesual

What Is Arms Race?

Arms Race is a popular gun game mode that was one of the fan-favorite modes in CS GO. Players were put in two teams and had to compete to get to the Golden Knife. Moreover, all players start with the same weapon and must get kills to get the next one. Therefore, after every 2 kills, you will unlock the next gun in the list.

However, it gets trickier to kill enemies with guns you unlock after getting kills. The final few guns were usually pistols and shotguns. This is kept in the game to make it difficult for players to get kills as the game progresses. Once the player gets through all the weapons, they must kill one opponent with the last Golden Knife.

Killing the enemy with the Golden Knife ends the game, and you will get victory. Moreover, you were not required to buy weapons or load-outs as they were selected automatically. This game mode became very popular as players trying to take a break from stressful competitive games often stopped there.

Moreover, this was primarily casual, as losing a match would not affect your rank in the game. I always found myself playing this game mode to take a break from the intense competitive lobby of Counter-Strike.

Is Arms Race Coming To Counter Strike 2?

Counter-Strike 2, like its predecessor, is not a finished game. The game will continue to receive updates and major patches throughout the year. Moreover, players can only play the classic modes in the current game. These include the casual or competitive game modes, the traditional plant, or defusing the bomb game mode.

Moreover, players can also switch to a quick game of Deathmatch. I recommend playing these as a warm-up, as they can prove incredibly effective in polishing your skills or providing a short stress reliever. Premier is another gameplay mode only available to people who buy the subscription.

Game Modes Counter Strike 2
Game Modes – Counter-Strike 2: Image by Gamesual

Players cannot participate in the Arms Race in Counter-Strike 2. However, there are strong indications that this game mode will be returned soon. This was also true for CS GO, where Arms Race was added much later.

Moreover, several pictures of the maps were leaked before the release. These maps included the likes of Baggage and Shooting. Therefore, as both maps were exclusive to Arms Race in Counter-Strike Global Offensive and are not present in Counter-Strike 2, there are hints at them being added later in the game.

Valve constantly works on updating their game, and they will surely bring back this fan-favorite game mode to their latest entry of Counter-Strike.

Counter-Strike 2 is the latest entry in the Counter-Strike franchise. However, the game is missing a few of the game modes present in CS GO. This also includes the quick-paced gun game known as the Arms Race. During the Arms Race, players must kill opponents and gradually get moved up the list of pre-selected guns.

Moreover, in the end, players would reach a Golden Knife, and getting a kill with the Golden Knife ensures victory. Even though this game mode is not currently available in Counter-Strike 2, players can expect it to be added later. I sure hope they bring this game mode back so I can return to competing for the Golden Knife.

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