Minecraft: How To Craft A Hoe [Complete Guide]

A comprehensive guide about the Hoe in Minecraft and its crafting.

Crafting Hoe in Minecraft
Crafting Hoe in Minecraft

Equipment in Minecraft is essential for accomplishing lots of tasks. Each task requires a specific tool and equipment to be completed. Various tools are available in Minecraft to make you capable of performing lots of tasks efficiently. Similarly, A well-effective and appropriate tool in case of completing your necessaries for food is known as the Hoe. Crafting Hoe in Minecraft can take its toll on the player’s hard work as specific resources, materials, or items are required to meet the necessities mentioned in the item’s recipe.

Key Takeaways

  • Minecraft Hoe has different functions, such as Tilling, Harvesting, and being used as a Weapon.
  • Reading this guide, you will get familiar with the crafting of a hoe in Minecraft, the stats of the hoe regarding its durability, weapon stats, and its chances of appearing in the open world.
  • There are various ways to acquire this tool, including searching for it in the open, crafting it, or by special methods such as completing achievements (Java edition only for achievements).
  • These tools can also be smelted to extract small chunks of materials.
  • You can craft the Hoe by simply using one pattern: 2 Sticks and two chunks of the required material related to the quality of the tool. The Netherite Hoe needs to be upgraded using a single Netherite Ingot from the Diamond Hoe.

Uses of Hoe In Minecraft

A Hoe is needed to outright your needs related to farming and harvesting. To clarify, a grass or a dirt block can be Tilled to make the land eligible for growing crops. As a result, this tool will get you an advantageous position regarding your food supplies.

An essential factor to remember is that when tilling is to ensure that the space above the block must be empty. This counts for even plants, grass, and snow as well. In general, the first and basic use for the hoe is farming. Tilling does not depend on the quality of the hoe.

Secondly, Hoe is used for Harvesting purposes. Due to this factor, you can break the plants and plant-based blocks much more quickly. Breaking blocks does depend on the quality of Hoe.

For example, the breaking time for a Sculk Sensor is 2.25 seconds by default (by hand). If we use a Wooden Hoe to break this block, it will take 1.15 sec. Stone Hoe will break in 0.6 sec, Iron Hoe will take 0.4 sec, Golden Hoe will require 0.2 sec, Diamond Hoe 0.3 sec, and Netherite Hoe will make it in 0.25 sec.

Lastly, this tool can be used as a weapon, but relying on its damage is not bearable. It deals damage of 0.5 points to health. However, Minecraft’s Java and Bedrock editions have different functioning of a Hoe regarding the combat system. In the Java edition, the Hoe has an attack speed rate depending on the quality. Better quality will have a better backswing, allowing you to hit rapidly. In the Bedrock edition, quality doesn’t matter; all the Hoe can attack quicker and faster.


Performing an action related to farming, fighting, and harvesting will cost 1 point of durability with each block or hit. As for the durability of this tool:

  • Wooden Hoe has a fair amount of 59 durability points, making it quite handy at the beginning.
  • Stone Hoe contains 131 durability points. As a result, this tool is worth making in the starting stage of the game.
  • Iron Hoe has a good amount of durability with 250 points.
  • Golden Hoe has the least amount of durability at 32 points, but it sure is a powerful tool as compared to other Hoe.
  • Diamond Hoe has a massive amount of 1561 durable points. Sure, it is worth all the hustle.
  • Netherite Hoe is astounding regarding being durable. 2031 points can sure last for the majority of your game time.

Repairing the Hoe can bring you a little benefit about the tool’s durability. Using a grindstone, you can add two damaged hoes in the item slot, combining them as one hoe with increased durability. This way, the hoe’s current durability and 5% of the points will be added.

An Anvil can also be used to repair the tool. This will require the Hoe and its related material, such as an iron ingot or the same quality hoe for an Iron Hoe. In this case, the hoe will gain 25% durability, and the enchantments will remain unchanged.

Wooden Hoes can also be used as fuel to ignite the furnace. Then, it will smelt one item per its use as fuel.

Enchantments On The Hoe

Enchantments to apply on the Hoe

Like every other piece of equipment in Minecraft, Hoes can also be enchanted. Some specified enchantments available on the hoe can result in better outcomes when a resource is gathered via the tool.

  • Efficiency: This enchantment can be used on the hoe up to the 5th level. It will cause the harvesting speed of the hoe to be increased significantly.
  • Fortune: Increases the drop you will get while harvesting the food with the hoe. A maximum of 3 levels can be put into this enchantment.
  • Unbreaking: The most favorable enchantment for every piece of equipment in Minecraft. Due to its brilliant effect of avoiding the durability point reduction with each use, it makes the most appealing stand among all other Enchantments.
  • Silk Touch: Causes the block of ore to be broken in its raw state rather than its material form. For example, Emerald Ore will be mined as it is rather than dropping an emerald.
  • Mending: Repairing effect that uses the orb of experience to reset the tool’s durability. For each orb used, 2 points of durability are added.
  • Curse of vanishing: Delete the item or tool from its very existence upon the death of the player. Dropping the item on your own will not trigger this enchantment. Due to this trait, it is an excellent enchantment to be used in a multiplayer world.

An important factor about the mentioned enchantment is that Fortune, Silk Touch, and Mending can be applied one at a time in survival mode.

How To Obtain A Hoe In Minecraft

Locations to find
Places to look for The Hoe

If you are not up to putting yourself in a harmful stage by going through the caves for mining and venturing out into the dark to gather the resources in the mind-puzzling world of Minecraft for crafting hoe, then don’t put yourself in grief. As long as there are locations and methods to get the Hoe, you can sit back and relax, as there will come an opportunity when the hoe passively comes to you. But be aware that you will hardly have to rely on your luck.

Through Chest

Throughout the world, there are chests to be found in various places and biomes. You will have a fair probability of finding the Hoes in these chests.

In Java Edition, the generated structures of Woodland Mansion could have a chest where a Diamond Hoe can appear with a 21.8% chance, and Ruined Portal will hold the chest where a chance of 20.5% might get you an Enchanted Golden Hoe. For the Bedrock edition, the same properties hold but with a chance of 21.5% for the Diamond Hoe.


Using the trading method will be pretty easy to acquire the hoe without crafting it. However, you need to trouble yourself into mining the emeralds that can get you to trade them with the villagers. You can check out our best ways to get emeralds in Minecraft.

Once you have collected the required emeralds for trade, head to the village and find the Toolsmith Trader. A Novice level trader will trade a Stone Hoe in exchange for one emerald, and a Journey Level trader will take four emeralds for a Diamond Hoe. The Java edition has a 40% chance of trade, and the Bedrock edition will have a 25% chance.

Get It As A Gift

For a Java edition player, you need to unlock the achievement of “Hero of the Village” to get a free Stone Hoe. To unlock this achievement, you need to defeat a Raid, and you will be affected by its result. Traders will give you discounts on certain items except for the Wandering Trader. During this effect, Toolsmith Trader will throw Stone Hoes at you. Learn more about the achievement of the Hero of the village.

Crafting Hoe In Minecraft

The typical method of getting anything in Minecraft is by crafting it, and the same is the case for the Hoe in Minecraft. Any Hoe will not require an abundance of material. Instead, the difficulty of finding the material needed for crafting hoe could depend on the quality of the craft that you wish to generate.

Crafting Wooden Hoe

Crafting Wooden Hoe
Wooden Hoe

Once you have spawned in Minecraft, you might want to smash every tree. Lots of useful stuff can be crafted through this collected wood, and among those items, a helpful tool would come into play: a Wooden Hoe. To prepare this hoe, you will need essential items, including sticks and blocks of planks made out of wood (The variation of wooden planks doesn’t matter).

Crafting Stone Hoe

Crafting Stone Hoe
Stone Hoe

A fair quality Hoe that is crafted using the most basic materials. Although both wood and stone hoes will carry nearly the same impact throughout the game, there is still a noticeable gap between the durability of both tools. Moreover, there is a bit of improvement in the attack speed of the stone hoe as compared to the wooden hoe if you are playing the Java edition. It requires sticks and cobblestones.

Crafting Iron Hoe

Crafting Iron Hoe
Iron Hoe

The best early game tool to be crafted is Iron Hoe. Along with its good durability, it can break or harvest the blocks more effectively than are to be done by a hoe tool. Iron equipment is a powerful early-stage component that packs a lot of impact for something crafted out of basic materials and items. Sticks and Iron Ingots are required in the crafting of an Iron Hoe.

Crafting Golden Hoe

Golden Hoe Crafting
Golden Hoe

A potent tool to be ranked high among all the hoes. Although its durability is the lowest among all tools, it can break the blocks at a massively high rate. Even though its use is neglected most of the time by the users due to its limited turns of use, it is quite wise to keep this tool handy and ready to use in your inventory. All you need is Gold Ingots and Sticks to craft this hoe.

Crafting Diamond Hoe

Diamond Hoe craft
Diamond Hoe

An end-game item with high stats in every way possible is worth all the trouble you can get through to get your hands on this item. Crafting a Diamond Hoe would require a lot of struggle or maybe just an ounce of luck. After all, its crafting relies on its difficult part, which is to find diamonds. To sum up, Diamonds and Sticks are all needed for this craft.

Crafting Netherite Hoe

Netherite upgrade
Netherite Hoe

If you know the source of the Netherite Ingot in Minecraft, crafting this hoe will not make you suffer much. One Netherite ingot is all you need for this craft. Unlike the other craft, a unique factor about Netherite Hoe is that production of this craft cannot be referred to as crafting rather; it is an upgrading process.

You need to craft the Diamond Hoe and then upgrade it into Netherite Hoe using the Netherite Ingot. Above all, the stats of Diamond Hoe and Netherite Hoe do not differ from each other except that Netherite Hoe is much more durable.

A Netherite Ingot can be crafted via other materials or from the block of Netherite. Another factor is getting it from the treasure chest of Bastion Remnant.


Crafting Hoe in Minecraft has its benefits as it provides players with much easier gardening. Enlighten them with effects to gain much more fruitful results rather than getting a pale and simple outcome of your farming. To conclude, developing a solid resource base with accurate tools is best, as they can make your journey relatively easier.

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