Minecraft: How To Craft A Hoe [Complete Guide]

A comprehensive guide about the Hoe in Minecraft and its crafting.

Crafting Hoe in Minecraft
Crafting Hoe in Minecraft

A Hoe is needed to outright your needs related to farming and harvesting. To clarify, a grass or a dirt block can be Tilled to make the land eligible for growing crops. As a result, this tool will get you an advantageous position regarding your food supplies.

Key Takeaways

  • Hoe in Minecraft has different functions, such as tilting and Harvesting
  • There are various ways to acquire this tool, including searching for it in the villages or crafting it.
  • You can craft a hoe by simply using one pattern. 2 Sticks, and two ingots of the required material related to the quality of the tool. The Netherite hoe needs to be upgraded using a single Netherite Ingot from the Diamond hoe.

Crafting Wooden Hoe

Crafting Wooden Hoe
Wooden Hoe

While starting a new world in Minecraft, my first move was to gather wood by smashing trees. This collected wood becomes crucial for crafting, and one of the useful tools you can obtain is a Wooden Hoe. I simply need items like sticks and wooden planks (any variation works) to craft it.

Crafting Stone Hoe

Crafting Stone Hoe
Stone Hoe

Crafting a basic Hoe in Minecraft with sticks and cobblestones becomes a fair-quality tool. While wood and stone hoes have a similar impact, you will notice a difference in durability.

Playing the Java edition, I found that the stone hoe has a slightly improved attack speed compared to the wooden hoe.

Crafting Iron Hoe

Crafting Iron Hoe
Iron Hoe

Iron hoe boasts good durability and is more effective at breaking and harvesting blocks than a regular hoe. Iron equipment, crafted with basic materials like Sticks and Iron Ingots, packs a powerful punch in the early stages.

Crafting Golden Hoe

Golden Hoe Crafting
Golden Hoe

The Gold hoe is a standout tool among all hoes despite its low durability. It excels at breaking blocks quickly, making it a wise addition to my inventory. Just use Gold Ingots and Sticks.

But I do not recommend crafting it as it’s a waste of gold due to its low durability.

Crafting Diamond Hoe

Diamond Hoe craft
Diamond Hoe

In my opinion, the Diamond Hoe is the ultimate end-game item, boasting top-notch stats that make the effort worthwhile. Crafting requires overcoming challenges or a stroke of luck, mainly finding diamonds. In essence, Diamonds and Sticks are all you need to craft this.

Crafting Netherite Hoe

Netherite upgrade
Netherite Hoe

Crafting a Netherite hoe isn’t a struggle if you know the source of the Netherite Ingot. All it takes is one Netherite Ingot for this upgrade, not crafting, as it involves enhancing an existing tool. While playing Minecraft, I crafted a Diamond Hoe and then upgraded it to a Netherite Hoe using the Netherite Ingot.

The stats between the two hoes are similar, but the Netherite hoe stands out for its significantly higher durability.

Enchantments On The Hoe

Enchantments to apply on the Hoe

In my Minecraft journey, I’ve learned that Hoes, like other tools, can be enchanted. These enchantments enhance resource-gathering outcomes with the tool.

  • Efficiency: This enchantment can be used on the hoe up to the 5th level. It will cause the harvesting speed of the hoe to be increased significantly.
  • Fortune: Increases the drop you will get while harvesting the food with the hoe. A maximum of 3 levels can be put into this enchantment.
  • Unbreaking: The most favorable enchantment for every piece of equipment in Minecraft. Due to its brilliant effect of avoiding the durability point reduction with each use, it makes the most appealing stand among all other Enchantments.
  • Silk Touch: Causes the block of ore to be broken in its raw state rather than its material form. For example, Emerald Ore will be mined as it is rather than dropping an emerald.
  • Mending: Repairing effect that uses the orb of experience to reset the tool’s durability. For each orb used, 2 points of durability are added.
  • Curse of vanishing: Delete the item or tool from its very existence upon the player’s death. Dropping the item on your own will not trigger this enchantment. Due to this trait, it is an excellent enchantment to be used in a multiplayer world.

An important factor about the enchantment is that Fortune, Silk Touch, and Mending can only be applied once in survival mode.

My Opinion On Crafting Hoe

You don’t need to craft a fancy hoe for farming and harvesting work. A wooden hoe can simply do it, and you can always craft another one on the go if you have a crafting table.

So I would prefer you not to waste precious materials such as diamonds or netherite on a hoe.

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