GTA 5: Best Criminal Career To Pursue

Learn four different career paths available in GTA Online, choose the one, you find best.

Best Criminal Careers in GTA 5
Best Criminal Careers in GTA 5

While playing GTA V, players can pursue different types of criminal careers. Each career provides different awards and challenges, so you need to select one for you. Four different career paths contain a wide range of business. This article will help you to go through everything you need to know about the Best Criminal Careers in GTA 5, career paths, and which is best for earning.

Key Takeaways

  • GTA 5 Online criminal careers are the best way to earn money.
  • You should choose and buy any kind according to your choice because each career gives different priorities to your business.
  • You can have an idea when you start your own business.

What Is GTA Online Career Builder

GTA Online Career builder is necessary for new players when they create a new character. It can be an overwhelming process on the street of Los Santos.

You will get a bonus money to start a Criminal Career in GTA 5
Get your Bonus money to quick start a criminal career

Career builders offer players the to select from different career paths. When you choose a Career path from Criminal Enterprise, you will get $4000000 to consume on Vehicles, buying properties, and types of equipment. You can use this money as you want because it is yours, and you can use it accordingly. 

 You can experience this career builder only once. Even if you create a new character, you will not receive any bonus or reward money again. 

Another important thing you should remember is that career builder is only available if you have the updated version of GTA Online with PS 5 and Xbox series. 

Best Criminal Careers In GTA 5

GTA Online Career Builder
GTA Online Career Builder

There are Four different criminal careers you will find while playing GTA 5. Each carries beautiful experiences and a wider range of businesses to make you richer the fastest way. These careers are as follows:

  1. Executive
  2. Gunrunner
  3. Nightclub Owner
  4. Biker


Executive as a Criminal Career in GTA 5
Executive career path

The Executive is the safest path for every player among all the options. It looks more convenient and stable for beginners. You will become a CEO with an office and a warehouse where you can store and sell cargo crates and earn a good profit. After that, you can buy a vehicle warehouse too.

To get more profit, source the mid-range vehicles in your warehouse. It will help you to obtain high-end cars hereafter. You can also buy a Backlot or garage to activate your Crate rescue functions and store them to sell afterward and earn high profits. 

Purchase warehouse from Maze Bank
Maze Bank in GTA 5

So, visit the Dynasty8 Executive website, acquire an office, and start your business. Once you have accomplished this, you can name your company, decorate your office according to your choice, and add other equipment, such as a gun locker, safe, and lodging. 

Open Interaction menu to make changes.
Opening Interaction menu

By opening the interaction menu, you will make changes to your office decor and can invite other players to visit your office. 


Starting Gunrunner Criminal Career in GTA 5
Gnrnnner criminal career

Gunrunner is the more valuable business in the long run. Fresher players feel complicated because it is not a convenient and distinct process. If you want to select Gunrunner, you need to get your Bunker right at the start, which is an expensive asset.

Bunker is a complicated business, so you need to get complete guidance about how to make money when you start.

Purchase bunker from Maze Bank Foreclosure
Purchasing Bunker

You can purchase Bunker from the Maze Bank Foreclosure. After buying this, 1st of all, register as CEO or VIP. You can also start a motorcycle club from the interaction menu. Now collect the supplies through different missions and ask your workers to manufacture the weapons. 

Then go to the computer in your Bunker, visit the Disruption Logistic website, and search for the interested buyers you can sell or resupply the weapons you have made.  

For equipment and staff upgrades, you need to use the money of $1500000. Gunrunner business offers supplies, either buying supplies or stealing supplies. You can earn maximum income and set up for a long time. If you are newer to this game, this might not be valuable.

Make your fortune in the illegal arms trade manufacturing military-grade weapons, your underground Bunker.

Nightclub Criminal Career In GTA 5

Nightclub as a criminal career in GTA 5
Nightclub owner

This path seems more appealing than others here. But the fact is, this is less beneficial, or you can say the worst than the Executive and Gunrunner. 

Tony Prince in GTA 5
Meeting Tony

Nightclub Owner has many different activities. In this game, you will meet Tony Princes from GTA IV and both thriving scenes you will set up in Los Santos. You will get an approach to DJ Solomon for free as well. You must hire Technicians in Sporting goods, Pharmaceutical Research, and Cash Creation to increase your popularity. Likewise, it would be best if you contained the ability to buy Terrobyte, among other cars that are fruitful in special missions in this game.

To purchase the property, you must visit Maze Bank Foreclosure and select from the available ten locations. You can get these locations in the price range from $1.5 million to $ 4 million, so choose the one that will suit your preferences and budget.

With this Criminal career, you can earn $1500 to $50000 per day, but remember; this income depends upon the popularity of your nightclub. The more popular your nightclub, the more revenue you will earn. For more details about Nightclubs, please read our guide on Best NightClubs in GTA 5


Biker as a Criminal Career in GTA 5
Start a career as a Biker.

Biker is the best career path for new players because it is more convenient and starts with low investment. As a biker, you should be able to kick off a Motorcycle club. It is not enough to earn money, but you reach the clubhouse.

In this criminal path, you should make money by using fake cash, a weed farm, forged documents, and taking drugs. If you keep up the production, you need to supply with other enough supplies. Finally, biking is cheaper than all paths. It is your good luck to get one for free and make sure you select the best one. Hit the road, carry out deadly contracts, and run black market business statewide.

All criminal careers are acceptable, but the Gunrunner criminal path of GTA 5 is the best. With the help of this path and MK2 weapons, you should reach Bunker. The main thing is that you can earn a large amount of money. 

On the other hand, executives and bikers are also acceptable. These are the best and most stable for beginner players. In the Executive, you will have access to the office and warehouse. At the same time, Biker is relatively cheaper than other paths.


The criminal enterprises’ update will offer you the best choices. Among all of them, Gunrunner is the best because it is a profitable career path. While if you are fresher, Executive and Bilker are most suitable because they are convenient and not expensive. 

With the above list, you should be able to choose the best path for you. 


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