Dead Island 2: Best Starting Character

Here is how to explore each starting character's background, skills, and suitability for various playstyles.

Dead Island 2 Best Starting Character
Best Starting Characters

Character selection determines your unique skills and abilities and shapes your gaming experience. In a dangerous world, an exemplary character can make all the difference. This guide will explore Dead Island 2 best starting character‘s background, skills, and suitability for various playstyles, helping you choose the ideal character for Dead Island 2. Grab your weapons, and let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Character selection determines your unique skills and abilities and shapes your gaming experience.
  • Amy, the relief pitcher, can restore her STAMINA by throwing a weapon and killing a zombie. She is a fantastic player, and she gets picked because no one can match her mobility. 
  • Feral Jacob‘s modest damage bonus from consecutive attacks stacks. He’s your man beyond the fact that they’re a fantastic playable character.
  • Carla was a motorbike stuntwoman until she became stranded in Los Angeles, California.
  • Bruno was a street hustler in Los Angeles, California, before the pandemic hit, and now he’s stuck in the quarantine zone.
  • We recommend starting with Jacob or Carla for players new to Dead Island 2. Jacob’s combat skills and resilience make him a reliable choice for learning the game’s mechanics, while Carla’s ranged focus offers a different, yet accessible, playstyle.

Choosing the exemplary character in a game is like selecting the right tool for a job; it can significantly impact your gaming experience. So, starting with a new game but choosing an exemplary character can make a difference. Here are our top four recommendations for creating characters in this game based on their unique backgrounds and skillsets:


Jacob, Another best character in Dead Island 2
Jacob, a Slayer in HELL-A.

Jacob’s life story is as unique as it gets, an intriguing blend of intellect and adrenaline. Born and raised in London, he began his professional life as a stockbroker, a job that demanded sharpness and quick decision-making. However, the thrill-seeker in him couldn’t be contained for long. Jacob soon found his true calling in America as a stuntman, chasing danger and living on the edge.

In the game, Jacob’s abilities reflect this fearless attitude. His knack for landing consecutive attacks and stacking damage bonuses makes him an offensive powerhouse.

Moreover, he cannot back down when the going gets tough. His ability to significantly boost his critical damage when his health runs low demonstrates his tenacious spirit. Jacob is your man if you’re a beginner looking for a character to take the fight to the enemy.


Carla is a recommended starting character
Carla, A motorbike stuntwoman

The motorbike stuntwoman Carla knows a thing or two about handling tricky situations. Her past job required her to take risks, be resilient, and have practical skills during a zombie pandemic. Carla’s natural abilities mirror her real-life toughness.

In the game, she can increase her toughness in trying situations and deal more damage when zombies surround her. The combination of these skills makes her a character that thrives under pressure.

Carla is your go-to character if you’re a beginner who values a surface that can take a hit and still stand tall. She’s like a shield, robust and sturdy, ensuring that you can hold your ground even in the face of an unexpected zombie attack.


Amy is the best starting character in Dead Island 2
Amy, the relief Pitcher

Amy is a character wrapped in mystery. Possibly of Japanese or Chinese descent, she’s agile and quick; these traits are reflected in her gaming abilities. She can restore her stamina by throwing a weapon and eliminating a zombie, a skill that allows her to maintain momentum in the game.

Additionally, she can inflict more damage when she engages zombies one-on-one. Although Amy’s stats might not be as high as some other characters, her agility and strategic edge make her a formidable character for players who value speed and strategy. If you like to play the game on your terms, Amy will be a good starting character, striking quickly and decisively.


Bruno, one of the best characters in Dead Island 2
Bruno, A street Hustler

Bruno’s past as a street hustler in Los Angeles has equipped him with adaptability and resourcefulness. This adaptability is reflected in his abilities in the game. Bruno can deal more damage when attacking zombies from behind, rewarding players who can outflank their opponents.

Additionally, he can increase his agility and power up his heavy attacks after successfully blocking or dodging an attack. These abilities make Bruno a character that rewards strategic gameplay and clever thinking. Bruno’s unique skills make him an exciting choice if you’re a player who likes to think on his feet and enjoys a tactical approach to games.


To sum up, every best starting character in Dead Island 2 brings a unique blend of skills and background. Jacob’s offensive abilities and resilience make him a good choice for beginners who want to take control of the game. Carla’s toughness and ability to handle pressure make her a reliable character for players who value durability.

Amy’s speed and precision make her ideal for players who like to keep the game’s pace high and make strategic decisions. Bruno’s adaptability and tactical abilities make him a fascinating choice for those who value a more cerebral and strategic approach to the game. Choose your character based on your preferred playstyle, and happy gaming! 

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