Dead Island 2: Brock’s Safe Key [Complete Guide]

Learn where and how to get Brock's safe key in Dead Island 2.

Brock inside pool in Dead Island 2
Learn where and how to get Brock's safe key in Dead Island 2
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Dead Island 2 is filled with side quests and hidden keys, making the game interesting and fun; one is Brock’s safe key. This safe, and other hidden safes throughout the game, reward the player with a unique and powerful weapon.

Key Takeaways

  • There are multiple hidden keys in Dead Island 2, and Brock’s safe key is available after the ‘Room Service for Major Booker’ story quest. It can only be gotten after you face your first crusher zombie.
  • Go to GOAT Pen’s mansion on Alpine Dr, in Bel-Air.
  • Moreover, you will have to defeat GOAT Pen Brock to get the safe’s keys.
  • However, the zombie with the key will only spawn if it is nighttime in the game.
  • You can locate him inside the gym or near the pool area in the mansion.
  • Brock has two attacks that he will consistently do. Firstly, he will punch or kick you, which will do ample damage, taking away half your health bar. Secondly, he will slam his fists on the ground to stumble everything near him.
  • You can dodge his attacks effectively by timing your jumps properly.
  • Furthermore, attacking from behind will be the best tactic. In addition to that, luring him to the pool and shocking him will do a lot of damage.
  • After defeating Brock, collect the key that will drop from his body.
  • Make your way up the stairs and into a room with pink neon lights. This will lead you to Brocks’s room, where the safe is.
  • You will be rewarded with a Guarding Mace once you open the safe. The level of the weapon and how much damage it does depends on your current level.

Quest For Brock’s Safe Key

Dead Island 2 has numerous hidden keys that can be acquired as you progress the game; Brock’s safe key can be accessed a bit early into the game. Once you complete the ‘Room Service for Major Booker’ story quest, the new mission, ‘Chosen One,’ will commence.

Initially, you will be directed to go back to Emma’s mansion. While you depart The Helperin Hotel, you can encounter Drill Sergeant, who has access to the military supplies key. You have the choice to ignore him and return to Bel-Air. 

Once you reach Bel-Air, you’ll go to Emma’s mansion. On the way, however, you can take a shortcut and go through a GOAT Pen mansion. The backstory of this mansion is that it used to be owned by some obnoxious streamers before the apocalypse. You can find the GOAT Pen mansion on Alpine Dr, as shown in the map below.

Bel-Air map showing GOAT Pen mansion in Dead Island 2
GOAT Pen mansion is shown on the map of Bel-Air ~ Image captured by Gamesual

It is important to note that you have to visit GOAT Pen after the sun has gone down. So, if it’s still morning, Brock will not spawn. In addition, you can only get Brock’s safe key if you have unlocked the crusher-type zombies, which are unlocked after completing the ‘Service for Major Booker’ story quest.

However, the GOAT Pen mansion is flooded with zombies and not a safe place. But that is exactly where you’ll find Brocks Safe keys, a high risk for a high reward

Fighting GOAT Pen Brock

Now, go to the pool once you’ve arrived at the GOAT Pen mansion at nighttime. Next to the pool will be a closed room which is a gym. He will usually be at the gym or pool area, standing with many weak and walker zombies.

If you are not prepared to fight him right now, don’t worry, you’re not forced to. In addition to that, GOAT Pen Brock is a pretty slow zombie, so escaping him won’t be much of a hassle. He won’t chase you down and mind his business if you’re far away.

Once you’ve stacked on the Medkits and brought your best weapons, you’ll be ready to fight him. However, be careful of the other zombies in that area. It is best to throw some meat nearby so they don’t bother you while you’re fighting Brock.

crusher zombie standing next to the pool
GOAT Pen Brock standing next to the pool ~ Image captured by Gamesual

Like Becki and Drill Sergeant, Brock won’t be distracted by the bait meat and will still advance toward you. On the bright side, he only has two attacks, which can be easily dodged.

As a crusher type zombie, Brock will be very slow and bulky. Hence, it will be best to fight from long range. However, if you’ve just completed ‘Service for Major Booker,’ you won’t have highly damaging long-range weapons. But don’t worry; it’s still pretty easy to defeat him if you follow some basic tips.

Firstly, you should attack him from behind with your strongest weapon. Since he is a very slow enemy, it’ll take him a long time to turn toward you and attack you. So that’ll be the time when you can do the most damage.

In addition, if he manages to attempt a punch or kick, dodge it at the right time. But be aware getting hit once may reduce your health bar to half. So, stack some med kits just in case, or eat food around the mansion.

The second attack he has is slamming the ground. GOAT Pen Brock will pause for a moment and jump off the ground. He’ll slam his fists onto the ground, stumbling everything around him, even other zombies. You can avoid this attack by simply jumping at the right time.

In Dead Island 2, Brock slaming his fists on the ground
Brock slams the ground to stumble everyone around him ~ Image captured by Gamesual.

Most importantly, you can cause vast amounts of damage by shocking him when he is in the pool. However, you can only lure him by getting in yourself. So, be quick and fool him into the pool, allowing you to inflict major damage on him.

Brock will have a huge health bar, and killing him will take time. But on the other hand, if you die while fighting him, he won’t regain health when you spawn. So, eventually, you’ll end up finishing him and getting the Brock safe key.

Brock's Safe key along with some weapon and other materials in Dead Island 2
Brock’s Safe key dropped after killing Brock ~ Image captured by Gamesual

Opening Safe Of Broseidon

After you have defeated Brock and acquired the safe key, you need to locate the safe of Broseidon. Luckily, the safe isn’t far from where you got the key. It is at the same mansion and just a couple of meters away from you.

If you’re still beside the pool, enter the mansion and upstairs. When you reach the main entrance, turn left, and you’ll see a pink light glowing in a room.

Pink glowing room
Pink lights coming from inside the room ~ Image captured by Gamesual

Proceed into the room, and you’ll see another to the left. After you make your way there, you’ll be in Brocks’s room. Meanwhile, Broseidon’s safe will be located next to the bedside.

Brock's safe next to his bed
Safe of Broseidon next to his bed ~ Image captured by Gamesual

Before you open the safe and collect your reward, knowing that the weapon you get will depend on your current level is essential. You’ll get a better weapon if you decide to be patient and return later in the game.

On the other hand, by the time you progress further into the game, you may not need this weapon. Maybe you have a bunch of guns that you would rather choose. Nevertheless, by opening the safe, you’ll get a Guarding Mace.

dead island 2, Guarding mace weapon from Brock's safe
Guarding Mace collected from Brock’s Safe ~ Image captured by Gamesual

Whether you open the safe early in the game or not, the Guarding Mace is very valuable. It will do a decent job of slaying any zombie that comes your way.

Final Words

Dead Island 2 has a bunch of other weapons and collectibles that can be discovered apart from Brock’s safe key. This exactly makes Dead Island 2 such a thrilling and interesting game. In addition to that, you can even play co-op with your friends.

Players may sometimes get stuck or need to be well informed before making in-game decisions. You can follow our website and read more guides on Dead Island 2 to improve your gameplay.

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