Dead Island 2: Brock’s Safe Key [Complete Guide]

Learn where and how to get Brock's safe key in Dead Island 2.

Brock inside pool in Dead Island 2
Learn where and how to get Brock's safe key in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 is filled with side quests and hidden keys, making the game exciting and fun; one is Brock’s safe key. This safe, and other hidden safes throughout the game, reward the player with a unique and powerful weapon.

Key Takeaways

  • Brock’s safe key is available after the ‘Room Service for Major Booker’ story quest. It can only be gotten after you face your first crusher zombie.
  • Go to GOAT Pen’s mansion on Alpine Dr, in Bel-Air.
  • Moreover, you will have to defeat GOAT Pen Brock to get the safe’s keys. 
  • Brock has two attacks that he will consistently do. Firstly, he will punch or kick you, which will do ample damage, taking away half your health bar. Secondly, he will slam his fists on the ground to stumble everything near him.
  • You will be rewarded with a Guarding Mace once you open the safe. The level of the weapon and how much damage it does depends on your current level.

Quest For Brock’s Safe Key

Brock’s safe key can be accessed a bit early into the game. Once I complete the ‘Room Service for Major Booker’ story quest, the new mission, ‘Chosen One,’ will commence.

  1. Initially, I was directed to go back to Emma’s mansion. You will encounter a Drill Sergeant with access to the military supplies key. I had the choice to ignore him and return to Bel-Air. 
  2. Once you have reached Bel-Air, go to Emma’s mansion. I recommend taking a shortcut and going through a GOAT Pen mansion.
Bel-Air map showing GOAT Pen mansion in Dead Island 2
GOAT Pen mansion is shown on the map of Bel-Air ~ Image captured by Gamesual

It is important to note that you must visit GOAT Pen after the sun has gone down. So, if it’s still morning, Brock will not spawn.

In addition, you can only get Brock’s safe key if you have unlocked the crusher-type zombies, which are unlocked after completing the ‘Service for Major Booker’ story quest.

  1. Now, go to the pool at the GOAT Pen mansion at nighttime. He can be found at the gym or pool area, standing with many weak, walker zombies.
  2. Brock is a slow zombie, so escaping him won’t be a hassle. 
  3. I strongly advise stacking up medkits and best weapons to tackle the boss fight easily. 
crusher zombie standing next to the pool
GOAT Pen Brock standing next to the pool ~ Image captured by Gamesual
  1. I recommend fighting him from long range
  2. Firstly, you should attack him from behind with your most potent weapon. Since he is a very slow enemy, it will take him a long time to turn toward you and attack you. So that’ll be the time when you can do the most damage.
  3. If he attempts a punch or kick, dodge it immediately. But be aware getting hit once may reduce your health bar to half. So, stack some med kits just in case, or eat food around the mansion.
  4. Next, Brock will pause for a moment and jump off the ground. He will slam his fists onto the ground, stumbling everything around him, even other zombies. You can avoid this attack by simply jumping at the right time.
In Dead Island 2, Brock slaming his fists on the ground
Brock slams the ground to stumble everyone around him ~ Image captured by Gamesual.
  1. You can cause vast amounts of damage by shocking him when he is in the pool. 
  2. Brock features a massive health bar, and draining will take time. But on the other hand, if you die while fighting him, he won’t regain health when you spawn. 
Brock's Safe key along with some weapon and other materials in Dead Island 2
Brock’s Safe key dropped after killing Brock ~ Image captured by Gamesual

Opening Safe Of Broseidon

After defeating Brock and acquiring the safe key, you can locate the safe of Broseidon. Luckily, the safe isn’t far from where you will receive the key.

Pink glowing room
Pink lights coming from inside the room ~ Image captured by Gamesual

Broseidon’s safe is located next to the bedside.

Brock's safe next to his bed
Safe of Broseidon next to his bed ~ Image captured by Gamesual

Important Note: The rewards you will receive from the safe depend on the character level. That is why I was unlocking the safe at a higher level to gain a chance of obtaining a better weapon. 

dead island 2, Guarding mace weapon from Brock's safe
Guarding Mace collected from Brock’s Safe ~ Image captured by Gamesual

Would I Recommend Fighting Brock?

In my experience, the gameplay has much more to offer than just Brock’s safe key regarding weapons and collectibles to discover. It is easy to find the boss challenging as the boss features a variety of moves, but you can always resume the fight just where you left off. 

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