Dead Island 2: Cable Guy Key [Complete Guide]

This guide will help you locate and acquire the key for the black cable van parked outside Goat Pen House.

The cable guy van key dead island 2
The Cable Guy's Van Key - Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 is full of weapons and items that diversify the gameplay. However, these weapons and items are sometimes inaccessible and locked behind secret places. Moreover, they require players to keep their eyes open as sometimes no clue is given on accessing some of these loot stashes. Therefore, this guide will help you locate the key to the Black Cable Guy Van in Dead Island 2.

Key Takeaways

  • The Black Cable Van is parked outside the Goat Pen House early in the game.
  • However, the Van is locked and requires players to find the key.
  • The key can only be acquired by killing a special Shocking-type zombie, the Cable Guy.
  • Moreover, the Cable Guy Zombie spawns on Alpine Drive if you head down South on the road.
  • However, the Cable Guy zombie will only spawn if you have completed the main campaign until you reach Beverly Hills. It is also recommended to head down this road at night as the chances for the Cable Guy to spawn are higher.
  • Once you have killed the Cable Guy, he will drop a key to the Black Van. You can head back to the van to collect your reward.
  • The Van will reward players with an Electrocuter Tire Iron, a powerful weapon.

There are many stashes in Dead Island 2 that are locked. These stashes can be in the form of a van or lockers and require players to find the key to unlock the stashes. Moreover, these places often hide some great new weapons or other useful loot such as medical supplies or skill cards. Therefore, it is recommended to go the extra effort to unlock most of these stashes as they would help your gameplay.

Location Of The Van

cable van location dead island 2
Cable Van’s Location – Image Captured By Gamesual

The Black Cable Van can be found very early on in the game. The Cable Van can be found in the Southern Part of the Bel-Air. Moreover, the van is located right at the entrance of the Goat Pen House. Therefore, once you get to the entrance you will see the van right next to the gate. However, you cannot unlock the van as it still requires finding the key.

Requirements To Unlock The Van

Finding the key may seem simple at first. However, it may not be that easy. As the game does not tell you this exclusively, but to access the key, there is an additional requirement. You need to complete the main campaign until you get to the Beverly Hills missions. Once you have gotten to that part of the campaign, you can return to Goat Pen House in Southern Bel-Air to find the key for the Van.

Moreover, some people often recommend going at night to find the key. Your main goal is to find the Cable Guy zombie and kill him to find the key. However, it is a common myth that the Cable Guy only spawns at night and once you have completed the campaign till Harperin Hotel and Beverly Hills.

One of these requirements is a myth, as the Cable Guy Zombie also spawns at the location during the day. However, the chances of finding him are higher at night.

Location Of Cable Guy

location of the cable guy dead island 2
Cable Guy’s Location – Image Captured By Gamesual

The Cable Guy can be found very close to the van. Moreover, you must ensure you read the Zombies‘ names. As the zombie that we are interested in is named the Cable Guy. The name of the zombies can be found easily, as once you point your crosshair toward them, it will show their stats and name.

You need to head South of Alpine Drive to find the Cable Guy. This is in the direction where the back of the van is facing. So head down the street away from the back of the Van.

Moreover, here you will encounter many Shocking-Walker zombies. Our Cable Guy is also a Shocker-type zombie, so make sure to approach him with caution.

Check the name of every zombie while walking down the street. If you have completed the abovementioned requirements, you will find him not that far on the street. Moreover, the cable guy can be seen wearing construction worker clothes with an orange vest. It is better to hit him from behind or throw water on him, as the zombie will try his best to shock you.

Just kill the Cable Guy Zombie, and he will drop the key to his van. Then head back to his Van parked outside the Goat Pen house to get your reward.


electrocutor tire iron dead island 2
Electrocution Tire Iron – Image Captured By Gamesual

The Reward for your hard work is worth it. Even killing just the Cable Guy will give you the keys and a Military Axe. However, your real reward lies in the back of the Cable Van. Once you unlock the van, it will drop an Electrocuter Tire Iron. This is a very powerful and useful weapon, with a very decent power rating of 187. Therefore, this makes it a perfect weapon in your inventory.

Even the Agility and Attack Speed of this weapon are very decent. Moreover, as the weapon is an electric type of weapon, it will electrify the zombies and give negative status effects to zombies nearby. You can also attach additional mods and upgrades to make this weapon even more powerful.

Final Words

Dead Island 2 has filled its vast world with many hidden loot stashes. These stashes may not seem that important initially and do not affect your main storyline progress. However, these ordinary stashes sometimes contain weapons or loot that help later in the game. Similarly, the Black Cable Guy Van may initially seem ordinary but includes a potent weapon.

Moreover, the game does not explain where to find these keys. Players need to explore the world of Dead Island 2 to find the key for themselves. As a result, the key to the van can be found on an ordinary-looking zombie named the Cable Guy in Dead Island 2. Moreover, the zombie spawns on the same street as the van. However, it requires players to complete the main campaign till Beverly Hills.

So I recommend you check every nook and cranny, and you may find a potent weapon. Moreover, paying attention to your environment is also a good idea so you do not miss anything. 

If you found this guide solved your problem of cable guy key in Dead Island 2, check out more. You can follow our website and read more guides on Dead Island 2 to improve your gameplay.

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