Dead Island 2: All Easter Eggs

A list of easter eggs and hidden details found in the sequel of Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 Easter Eggs
Dead Island 2 Easter Eggs

Dead Island 2 developers, Deep Silver Dambuster, added hidden or not-so-hidden Easter eggs to amuse themselves through the game’s story. That is also why some Easter Eggs are intended for the audience, and some are just for their fun during development. This guide will help you with all the currently found Dead Island 2 Easter eggs.

Key Highlights

  • Dead Island 2 doesn’t have that many remarkable Easter Eggs, but some are well-made, so it’d be a waste not to commend them.
  • The developers are huge movie fans, especially in the horror and zombie horror genre. Maybe this is also the reason the game takes place in Hollywood in the first place. It references and honors many movies and film directors mainly aimed at horror genres, though.
  • Aside from movies, they didn’t hold back on referencing a few select gems in the games industry and had some little hidden treasures for you to find out. It requires some keen observation, but most are hard to miss for people with a lot of focus.

Dead Island 2 Easter Eggs are spread throughout the game. Some have been discovered, while others have been coming to the community’s attention. It lives up to its prequel regarding Easter eggs, as the first game had many of them, which were quite significant. But we are only going to talk about Dead Island 2 Easter Eggs.

The creators of Dead Island 2, Dambuster Studio, are well known for their first-person zombie games and the Easter eggs contained within them. The amount of care they put into their games is easily seen through all the details, including the Easter eggs.

Let’s get started with the most popular ones found in the game so far:

The Goat Pen

The Goat Pen isn’t just a Dead Island 2 Easter Egg but hosts multiple easter eggs. It’s a mansion full of streamers’ related content and their equipment. You can find various kinds of streamer easter eggs here, ranging from streaming setups to photoshoots rooms and other quite hilarious content highlighting online streamers. One such streamer blooper is an apology video setup with a cringing apology script written on a whiteboard.

You can learn more about it during the Goat Pen master key quest in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Easter Eggs The Goat Pen
The Mansion is teeming with some entirely accurate streamers-related content.

The Dambuster Mugs

One easter egg found multiple times in the game is a mug containing the logo of the Dambuster studio, the game’s developers. There’s no particular reason for this other than maybe some coffee-loving developer just put this model into the game to show his love for coffee and the studio itself. But it might just be a simple model to make the world more immersive and has no particular other reason for it.

Dambuster logo mug
The Coffee mug with Dambuster Logo

Arcade Machines

Dambuster Studios loves referencing and including easter eggs to their other franchises in their video games. In one of the rooms inside the Goat Pen mansion, you can find an arcade area with various games, but two of these are very familiar if you’re an old fan of Dambuster Studios. First, you can discover Time Splitters and Homefront The Revolution in the Mansion’s arcade room.

Time Splitters is a classic first-person shooter game from the 2000s, Dambuster Studios didn’t make it, but Deep Silver Studio is currently developing a game in the Time Splitter franchise. Now the detail here is that Deep Silver is the parent company of Dambuster, so a reference to Time Splitters can be explained. 

But one thing that puts the whole community off, including me, is that you cannot play it even when the arcade machine is turned on in a specific other location, the arcade zone. Why does that upset fans? Because of Homefront The Revolution. Now coming onto Homefront The Revolution, released in 2016 for the PS, PC, and Xbox platforms Dambuster was responsible for its development.

Hence, a reference to it is not too surprising. What surprises us is that in a 2016 game, you could implement and run Time Splitters in an arcade machine, but a 2023 game cannot. Fans do hope that they later add it in future updates, but for now, the day is ruined.

Dead Island 2 timespiltters and Homefront
The arcade machines referencing their other IPs

The Shinning 

It is a classic movie with many references in different franchises, as it is one of the most influential horror movies ever created. Stanely Kubrick’s forever masterpiece has etched itself into people’s memories, and it seems it will be a long while till the references to it stop. 

Dead Island 2 developers come into the same boat if we discuss having The Shinning burned into our memories. Dead Island 2 pays tribute to the movie by referencing the famous RED RUM. Red Rum is a classic reference to the film used by other multiple artists in their movies, games, and other forms of entertainment. For example, Fallout 76 had an Easter Egg to REDRUM with small playboxes spelling REDRUM.

In Dead Island 2, you can find this reference on Venice Beach; the exact location is the military encampment on the beach. Here you will find an iron door with blood and body parts spread out under and around the gate—the word REDRUM can be seen written on the iron door in the military encampment. 

The Shinning RED RUM Dead Island 2
The shinning reference on the beach

George Romero

George Romero was a legend and a famous icon in the horror genre. However, he is better known as the godfather of zombie movies. As the developer studio is highly into the zombie genre and Dead Island 2 is a zombie genre game, they would be expected to pay tribute to the late George Romero. Dying Light also honored him with graffiti art, but they went further with the easter egg in Dead Island 2 this time.

Dead Island 2 has a whole award show dedicated to George Romero and named after him, like the Oscars for Dead Island 2. This location is essential for some characters, and some quests also occur here.

Romero awards dead island 2
The Romeros in Dead Island 2

The Walk Of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is famous for having celebrities‘ and icons’ names on a star-shaped slab. The Hollywood Walk of Fame in Dead Island 2 is located beneath the very red carpets of George Romero awards, but you can expect some extra names to be there aside from the current names. So Developers didn’t even slap in random names and called it a day.

Instead of just going with random names, the developers of Dead Island 2 decided to pay tribute to some unsung heroes that give charm and personality to characters through realistic voice acting.

Dead Island 2’s Walk of Fame is a tribute to all the voice actors in the game. Voice actors give the characters life and make them feel like real people. So a big shout out to Dambuster Studios for providing a tribute to their voice actors.

Dead Island 2 walk of fame
Tribute to voice actors in the game

Dario Argento

Horror movies have inspired the developers of Dead Island 2 a lot as they don’t just stop with a tribute to the father of zombies, George Romero, and even include another famous horror movie director Dario Argento. However, this Easter Egg is hidden as Argento’s sky lounge in the game—a clever yet hardly hidden tribute to the legend of horror movies.

Dario Argento, for those who don’t know who he is, is an Italian director who was a co-director of Dawn of the Dead with George Romero. He was also responsible for releasing the movie in Italy in Spanish. 

Argento Sky Lounge Dead Island 2
Dario Argento got a tribute as a safe place is named after him

Monarch Studio

dead island 2 metro goldwyn Mayor
Gate of Monarch Studio with a bear logo that looks similar to Metro Goldwyn Mayor studio’s Lion logo

Dead Island 2 developers seem to be really into movies the way they have been throwing movie references left and right, but the problem is that they are not very bold with it and have been hiding it with a bit of tricky naming and designing. In Dead Island 2 Easter Eggs, the Monarch studio doesn’t exist in real life but instead references the Metro Goldwyn Mayer studio. Here are all the movies:

Friends without benefits – a poster can be seen inside Monarch Studio this show, reminiscent of the Friends Tv Show cover.

The Rise of God-Spider – This poster can also be found in Monarch Studio, where it is a fair look-alike of the Indiana Jones movie cover. 

Space Fox 2250

Is a movie a reference, yet it’s rather more than that. This one is a tribute to multiple different franchises from different platforms. But the central theme is all about space and starships. At first glance, the movie poster feels like a Star Wars reference, but it’s more than that. 

On a short detailed inspection, you will encounter a familiar name in the cast names on the poster. The main character of Space Fox 2250 is Sarah Sheppard, the famous last name of the main character from the Mass Effect series. So considering this, it could be an entirely Mass Effect reference as the cover art reminds one of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition cover art. 

Another reference that can be spotted on the Space Fox 2250 posters is a review by a famous American Films critic Roger Ebert, but this is also not straightforward, and his name in the game is Robert Eadger. Still, this name is of a critic, and being similar to Roger Ebert’s name gives it away as his tribute.

Dead Island 2 Mass effect reference
Dead Island 2 Easter Egg of Mass Effect

Copy Cats

There are a lot of other famous brands redesigned and named to avoid any legal issues but still use something similar to give the game life. Like how they did with the movies, they did it with different products and brands. Most of these brands and companies include food-related stuff.

  • Beancup coffee is similar to Costa Coffee.
  • Eat delivery workers are a look-alike of Dileveru Riders.
  • Tortilla chips are a knockoff of Doritos.
  • Veille Biere looks like Stella Artois based on the design similarities.

Cosmic Intruders And Pin Ball

Two classic arcade games reference can be found in different areas. These arcade boxes reference the pinball game from Windows XP and space invaders, a classic set of video games cherished by many even today.

Dead Island 2 pin ball arcade machines
These two pinball machines reference some classic ones in the games industry.

Thanks to the active community, this is all the currently found Dead Island 2 Easter Eggs in the game so far; this also shows how big of a fan base Dambuster Studios has built. Truly one of the great ones in the fps horror genre.

Come back and see if there are more Easter Eggs, as we will be sure to update it as more Easter Eggs get found out in the game. If you missed any, please tell us in the comments section below.

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