Dead Island 2: Goat Pen Master Keys [Solved]

In this guide, learn where to look for the Goat Pen Master Keys.

Goat Pen Master Keys Dead Island 2
Goat Pen Master Keys Dead Island 2

Early in the game, when you visit the goat pen mansion, you’ll find a locked master bedroom with a blueprint and other items inside. To enter, you’ll have to find the Goat Pen Master Keys in Dead Island 2. When you first enter the mansion, you’ll have to break in through the roof, which might hint at how you’re supposed to enter the master bedroom. 

Key Takeaways

  • Players must go to the Goat Pen Mansion in Bel-Air to find the keys.
  • Goat Pen Master Keys will be in the master bedroom, but it’ll be locked.
  • Go to the roof and jump onto the balcony of the master bedroom.
  • Before smashing the window to enter, destroy the alarm on the wall.
  • Players can find the keys here, and a blueprint will be visible on the bedside table.
  • Simply, loot the room and make your way through the main door.

Goat Pen Master Key Location
Location on map-Image captured by Gamesual

Unlike the other keys, such as Brock’s Safe Key, these are not dropped when you kill a zombie. You’ll have to take a tactical approach to get them. Like many locked areas in Dead Island 2, the master bedroom can be entered through windows. For that instance, find the keys on the bedside table inside.

How To Enter The Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Entrance for Goat Pen Key
Master Bedroom Entrance-Image captured by Gamesual

To enter the bedroom, you must go to the rooftop above the master bedroom. Once there, you’ll find a balcony which you can jump in. Before jumping in, make sure you have no weapons equipped with electric or fire effects, as there’ll be oil spilled on the ground.

Once there, you’ll find windows you can smash to get inside, but before doing so, destroy the alarm on the wall to avoid the unnecessary gathering of zombies.

Goat Pen Master Keys

Goat Pen Master Keys
Goat Pen Master Keys-Image captured by Gamesual

Once inside, look beside the bed; you’ll find the keys on the bedside table and a blueprint perk. These keys will open all the previously locked doors, which will be helpful when you return to complete other side missions, such as Creature Comforts. Next, pick up journals, cash, and other collectibles spread across the room, and leave through the door. 

Final Words

Throughout Dead Island 2, there’ll be much-hidden stuff for which you must watch out. These challenging things make the game unique and fun for the players. Always check every corner of the place you’re at to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

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