Dead Island 2: Landscapers Key [Complete Guide]

Here is how to acquire the Landscapers Key to unlock Eddies Toolbox and get your reward.

landscapers key dead island 2
Landscapers Key - Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 is known to have a great weapon and loot variety. Players can find long-range and melee weapons spread all over the map. Moreover, players are given the freedom to craft newer weapons on their workbench. However, it’s still recommended to unlock weapons and loot stashes to acquire powerful weapons. Therefore, this guide will help you acquire the Landscapers key in Dead Island 2 to unlock Eddie’s Toolbox.

Key Takeaways

  • Dead Island 2 is full of weapons and loot stashes requiring a special unlock key.
  • These stashes often contain some of the rarest weapons in the game. Moreover, these stashes can sometimes also drop medical supplies and skill cards.
  • The game does not give its players any clue on acquiring these keys.
  • Moreover, these keys require players to complete the game’s main story until a certain point.
  • The Landscapers key requires players to defeat Butcho the Clown, as this unlocks butcher zombies in the game, which you need to kill to get the key.
  • Green Thumb Eddie is a particular butcher-type clown that drops the Landscapers Key.
  • Moreover, Eddie spawns only at one location. This is Colt Swanson’s Mansion which players visit at the beginning of the game.
  • Once this zombie is defeated, players must head back to Emma Jaunt’s mansion to unlock Eddie’s Toolbox and get rewarded.

The weapon stashes in Dead Island 2 can be found in ordinary places that are easy to miss. Moreover, the game does not tell the players where to find the keys. The players need to pay attention to the environment and the well-designed world around them not to miss anything.

Eddie’s Toolbox Location

These stashes can contain medical supplies and skill cards to help you with your main campaign. However, more importantly, these stashes can contain some o the most powerful weapons in the game that you do not want to miss. Moreover, the game does not tell its player about the requirements you need to meet to acquire the key.

eddies toolbox location dead island 2
Eddie’s Toolbox and Landscapers Key Location

Eddie’s toolbox can be found very early on in the game. However, players need to play the game till a set point to be able to unlock the box finally. The Toolbox can be found in the back of Emma Jaunt’s house in the Bel-Air region. Moreover, the toolbox will be in the back of a white pick-up truck and will require the Landscapers key to unlock in Dead Island 2. 

Requirements For Landscapers Key

Acquiring the Landscapers key in Dead Island 2 may not be as simple as it seems. If you want to acquire this key, you must kill a special type of zombie and pick up the key from his dead body. However, the zombie does not spawn unless you have played the main campaign of the game. If you want this zombie to spawn, you must play the game until the main story mission, the Boardwalkin Dead.

During this encounter, players will face their first-ever butcher-type zombie, Butcho the Clown. Once you have defeated this special type of zombie, the zombie type will be unlocked, and the butcher zombies will be available in the game. This also includes our special butcher zombie, the Green Thumb Eddie.

When you finally defeat Butcho the Clown, you can head back to the Bel-Air region and go for the Landscapers Key.

Landscapers Key Location 

The Landscapers Key to unlock Eddie’s Toolbox can be found on a special Butcher zombie, Green Thumb Eddie. However, Green Thumb Eddie only spawns once you have completed the requirements at one location in the game. Moreover, it is best to come during the day here as it is easier to fight him during the daytime.

Green Thumb Eddie can be found in one of the first mansions players encounter in the game. This is Colt Swanson’s mansion in Dead Island 2, with an orange roof visible on the map. Moreover, once you have reached the house, go to the pool section. At the pool of the mansion, use your crosshair to get zombie names on the screen and find the zombie named Green Thumb Eddie

However, remember that this is a particular type of butcher zombie, so you must be careful to get out alive.

green thumb eddie dead island 2
Green Thumb Eddie

Greem Thumb Eddie is not your ordinary infected zombie. He is a special type of zombie in Dead Island 2, known as the butcher zombie. These zombies are known to have some of the deadliest melee attacks thanks to the sharp blade-like claws on their hands. Moreover, Green Thumb Eddie has an extra speed, so you must be very careful with your dodges and blocks.

Maintaining your distance and coming with a long-range weapon, such as a gun, is recommended. Moreover, throwables such as grenades will be especially handy during these encounters. So make sure to bring in enough health kit supplies.

Also, use your fury mode if you want to finish this quickly. Once you have killed the Green Thumb Eddie, he will drop the Landscapers key that can be used to unlock the toolbox in Dead Island 2.

Another important thing to remember is that butcher zombies will run away when their health is low. They will then eat corpses to regenerate health and come back to attack you. Therefore, ensure you do not let him run away and return stronger.


vampiric machine pistol dead island 2
Vampiric Machine Pistol

After the Landscapers key is found in Dead Island 2, you only need to get your reward. Just head back to Emma Jaunt’s mansion in the Bel-Air region and go to Eddie’s Toolbox. Then use the Landscapers key to unlock the toolbox. The Toolbox will drop a Vampiric Machine Pistol with a power rating upwards of 400. 

The Vampiric Machine Pistol is a special weapon type. This will be a great addition to your weapons arsenal and help you remove zombies from a safe distance. Therefore, if you need a powerful gun, this might be one of the easiest methods. 


Dead Island 2 is filled with many weapons and loot stashes that can be easily missed or forgotten. However, these stashes sometimes hold some of the most powerful weapons in the game. These weapons help with the added difficulty of the game later on and add great weapon variety. However, remember to fulfill the requirements before looking for the keys for these stashes.

Moreover, it is essential to remember that the game will not explicitly tell you where to find these keys. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your environment and always backtrack just in case you missed something. Who knows, you may find your next favorite weapon locked behind a black van or hidden inside a toolbox.

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