Dead Island 2: Military Supplies Key [Complete Guide]

Learn where and how to get the Military supplies key in Dead Island 2.

Truck with military supply case, with title
Guide on the location of the Military Supplies Key in Dead Island 2

Some weapons are easier to obtain in a game where having the best weapons is essential. During the early stages of Dead Island 2, you can get your hands on the Military supplies key and unlock a highly damaging weapon.

Key Takeaways

  • Dead Island 2 has various keys that reward players with a strong weapon; one of them is the Military supplies key.
  • You can only get this military supplies key after completing the ‘Room Service for Major Booker’ story quest.
  • Moreover, you will have to defeat a crusher-type zombie named Drill Sergeant. He will be located near Helperin Hotel, on Lacuna Avenue.
  • You will not be forced to fight him. Hence, you can revisit it whenever you are ready to fight him.
  • Drill Sergeant will be a slow and bulky zombie who can be easily defeated from long range. Adding to that, he will have two attack moves. Firstly, he’ll try to attack you from the front. Secondly, he will slam the ground to stumble over you.
  • One hit from Drill Sergeant can take away half of your health bar, so get a hold of some med kits.
  • Make use of fire hydrants and electric shocks. Moreover, use fuel and fire to deal extra damage to Drill Sergeant.
  • After defeating him, the Military supply key will fall from his body.
  • The Military supply case will be located at the back of the military truck parked at the end of Lacuna Avenue.
  • Opening the case will reward you with a Guarding military knife, whose level depends on your current level.
  • Furthermore, you can keep the supply key and revisit it anytime you want to open the military supply case.

Quest For Military Supplies Key

There are numerous keys and safes spread throughout Dead Island 2. However, the Military supplies key is one of the earliest keys in the game. After completing the ‘Room Service for Major Booker’ Quest, it can be obtained, which is the fifth mission in the game.

As soon as you finish the ‘Room Service for Major Booker’ quest, you’ll have to return to Bel-Air. While you’re near The Helperin Hotel, you’ll encounter a Crusher-type zombie along the way. The location of this Drill Sergeant Zombie is shown on the map below.

Map showing Helprin Hotel and location of drill sergeant
Lacuna Avenue is shown in The Helperin Hotel vicinity ~ Image captured by Gamesual

Moreover, the Drill Sergeant appears on Lacuna Avenue, standing in the middle of the street, waiting for fresh meat. Lacuna Avenue will be on your way back to Bel-Air, so you really cannot miss it.

However, if you cannot see the Drill Sergeant or aren’t prepared to fight him, you can come back anytime later. Moreover, you’ll want to stack on some med kits because his hits will hurt you A LOT.

Fighting The Drill Sergeant

The Drill Sergeant will be the second crusher-type zombie you will encounter. The first is Becki the Bride from the ‘Room Service for Major Booker’ story quest. Moreover, these types of zombies are different from any other type since they are bigger and bulkier.

drill sergeant, crusher type zombie holding the military supplies key
Drill Sergeant is a crusher-type zombie, bigger and bulkier ~ Image captured by Gamesual

In addition to that, crusher-type zombies, such as Drill Sergeants, are slower and can easily be defeated from range. They won’t run toward you and are easy to avoid if you are speedrunning the game.

On the other hand, if they manage to get close to you, their melee attacks are the strongest in the game. One punch from Drill Sergeant will cost you half your health bar. Furthermore, he also has an attack where he slams the ground, producing waves that will stumble you.

drill sergeant slamming ground attack
Drill Sergeant attacks by slamming the ground and making waves ~ Image captured by Gamesual

To defeat Drill Sergeant, you must be aware of some things. Firstly, it is best to fight him from range. However, if you don’t have guns, don’t worry; you can still defeat him. Secondly, attack him from the back so he won’t be able to punch you.

By doing this, he will either turn very slowly, while you can do ample damage to him, or he’ll slam the ground to stumble you. Nevertheless, jumping at the right time can easily dodge this attack.

Moreover, try to use your surroundings to aid you in fighting Drill Sergeant. That includes using fire hydrants, electricity, fuel, and fire to inflict extra damage on him.

attacking using shock in dead island 2
Using fire hydrant and electric shock to inflict damage ~ Image captured by Gamesual

Another great thing is if you die while fighting him, his health won’t be refilled. So, eventually, you’ll wear him out and finish him off to get the Military supplies key.

Opening The Military Supply Case

Dead Island 2 rewards you for killing the crusher zombie and getting a hold of the Military supplies key. When you defeat Drill Sergeant and loot his body, you can head to the military supply case to collect your reward.

While looting his body, you may see other materials, such as fabrics or alloys. In addition to the key, he may drop some cash for you to collect, as shown in the picture below.

Dead island 2, military supplies key fallen on the ground
The Military supplies key fallen from Drill Sergeant’s body ~ Image captured by Gamesual

Moreover, the military supply case is located at the end of Lacuna Avenue. You will find the case at the back of a military truck parked there.

military truck parked on street with supply case
A military truck with the Supply case at the back ~ Image captured by Gamesual

Upon opening the military supply case, you will be rewarded with a Guarding Military Knife. It is important to note that the knife’s level will depend on the player’s current level. A player that collects the knife at a lower level will have a military knife with lesser damage.

Therefore, a more patient player may come later in the game to get a more rewarding knife from the military supply case. Whatever the case, the guarding knife will be precious to you regardless of your level.

guarding military knife in dead island 2
Guarding Military Knife against opening military supply case ~ Image captured by Gamesual

Having the best weapons is of utmost importance in Dead Island 2, and getting the military supplies key is the first step. The game is filled with side quests and secret keys, making the game more interesting and fun.

Our website has covered several guides on Dead Island 2. Be sure to check these articles out and improve your gameplay.

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