Dead Island 2: Mission List [Complete Walkthrough]

Complete Walkthrough to the Mission List of Dead Island 2 in an easy way.

Dead Island 2 Mission List
Dead Island 2 Mission List

Dead Island 2 features 24 main missions and 33 side quests with gripping adventures across the heaven of the fallen United States of America. Here is the complete list of all these main missions and what you can expect from the objectives. 

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Key Highlights

  • The mission list of Dead Island 2 includes 24 main missions and 33 side quests.
  • Flight Of The Damned is the starting mission in Dead Island 2. In the first main mission, players must select a character from Amy, Jacob, Bruno, Carla, Dani, or Ryan.
  • Kwon With The Wind is the thrilling one on the primary mission list of Dead Island 2. The mission starts at Rikky and Roxanne‘s place with discussions about how to find Jessie.

Flight of the DamnedSelect a character from the available options and find a medical kit to treat yourself.
Desperately Seeking EmmaHelp Emma, a survivor, by convincing her to go to Santa Monica for safety.
Bel-Air BrawlProtect Emma's home from the zombie threat and
ensure the safety of the survivors.
Call The CavalryThe group of survivors, including Emma, Sam, and Jacob, plans to reach Santa Monica for safety.
You need to help them find a way and protect them from the dangers they may encounter.
Room Service For Major BreakerSearch the hotel for Major JS Booker, explore the suspicious location, and uncover secrets involving the disposal of human remains.
The Chosen OneAfter contacting Dr. Reed, you'll help the survivors plan their journey to Santa Monica, facing challenges along the way.
O Michael, Where Art Thou?This mission involves searching for Michael, overcoming obstacles, and helping him.
Kwon With The WindFollow Michael to Monarch Studios, facing challenges and enemies along the way.
Michael Anders And The Holy GrailSearch for Michael at Monarch Studios, rescue him from a monster, and gather crucial information about their next destination.
Justifiable ZombicideHelp Sam and the survivors as they attempt to escape from their current location, gather resources, and make important decisions.
Saddle Up For Santa Monica Leave Emma's house and prepare to meet up with the group for their journey to Santa Monica. Face challenges and make important choices.
FlushedTravel to CDC headquarters in Santa Monica to have your blood tested. Along the way, you'll encounter various challenges and obstacles.
The Heart Of DarknessExplore the Brentwood Sewers and uncover the secrets hidden within. Face dangers, including gas leaks and monstrous creatures.
The Red MistEscape from a perilous situation, utilize your new abilities, and reach the safety of Santa Monica.
The Giant SlayerHelp Alex find his missing friends, Dillon and Moose, in a zombie-infested area.
Beach Offensive Travel to the militarized zone, locate the quarantine corridor, and overcome challenges to gain access.
The Final GauntletRejoin the group and make your way to the helicopter, facing various challenges along the way.
Plumbing The Depths Help Bob fix the water supply, find Bob, open the safe for plumbing schematics, locate Bob in the basement,
kill the infected Bob, fix the fuel leakage, return to Denise, go to CDC headquarters to test the character's blood.
Blood Drive Test blood at CDC headquarters, fix the power supply, extract blood with an authorization code, deliver equipment to Dr. Reed.
Boardwalking Dead Track Dr. Bundy, retrieve the blood drive, shut down the Ferris wheel, retrieve the blood drive again, and return it to Dr. Reed.
The Search For Truth Track Tisha, reboot the server, enter Dr. Reed's lab, confront specimen Noah, learn the truth about the character being "Numen."
Rage Quit Meet Emma at Bel Air, bring Emma and Sam to Patton's home, inspire Patton to pilot the helicopter on Hollywood Boulevard.
The End Of The Line Catch up with the group after being left behind, travel through the metro, reach the helicopter on Hollywood Boulevard,
discover that Dr. Reed has the character's blood.
Hollywood Ending Hunt down Dr. Reed, enter the re-aging clinic, confront Dr. Reed, escape Eschaton Facility,
save Sam's life with the cure, and plan to find Tisha for a cure.
Hollywood Ending
Hollywood Ending
Dead Island 2 mission list
The End of the Line

Side Quests

Besides these main missions, Dead Island 2 also has 33 side quests. These quests will lead you to small achievements, rewards, etc. You will also learn the game’s smaller details through these side missions.

  1. The Ballad of Rikky Rex
  2. It Came From Monarch Studios
  3. Body Art: The Visionary
  4. Body Art: Heft
  5. Body Art: Moist
  6. Body Art: Uproar
  7. Body Art: Vigor
  8. Body Art: Dread
  9. Body Art: The Unveiling
  10. Resurrect the Rex
  11. The Rav-Ages of Caustic-X
  12. The Death of the Part
  13. #Clickbait
  14. It’s Not Your Fault
  15. Creature Comforts
  16. The Terror of Sound Stage 7
  17. Boz Makes a Bang
  18. Going Viral
  19. Beacon of Hope
  20. Message in a Bottle
  21. Dez and the Mother of Satan
  22. Like and Follow!
  23. The Hero’s Journey
  24. Red Tide
  25. Cold Pork
  26. Organ Donor
  27. Coast Guardian
  28. Cremains of the Day
  29. Diaries of the Dead
  30. Scooped
  31. More Than the Badge
  32. The Art of War
  33. Lending a Hand
Desperately Seeking Emma Dead Island 2
Desperately Seeking Emma

My Opinion

In my experience, Dead Island 2 is a fantastic survival horror game, full of suspense and exciting missions. The story missions and the side quests were engaging and allowed me to dive deeper into the lore. At the same time, the game progression offers challenges, and at each stage, I had to change different weapons and playstyles to adapt to the environment. 

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