Dead Island 2: Stats & Attributes [Explained]

Learn exactly what each stat means and which one is the most important while choosing you're slayer.

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Learn in detail about each stat and attribute in Dead Island 2

Dambuster Studio’s new game, Dead Island 2, is about butchering zombies and surviving the apocalypse. Dead Island 2 gives you six slayers, each with different stats and attributes, which will be explained in this guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Each stat is rated from one to five, one bad and five amazing.
  • Each character has a one-rated and five-rated stat, depending on the character’s playstyle.
  • Resilience is how much elemental damage you can endure, including shock, fire, and corrosive damage.
  • The Stamina attribute tells you many heavy attacks you can perform before you need to take a rest. Heavy attacks do the most damage, and you need stamina for that.
  • Moreover, the Toughness stat will tell you how much physical damage a character can handle. These include zombie attacks, explosions, and bleed damage.
  • Health Recovery tells us how quickly a character can regain health. This also includes the amount of health regained by eating foods and applying med kits.
  • Furthermore, Critical Damage is the damage a character inflicts while landing critical hits. It varies with different weapons.
  • Agility means the speed at which a person walks and strafes. A comparatively less important one since it does not affect sprint or dodge speeds.
  • Peak Health is another important stat. It tells us the total damage the slayer can take without dying.

Dead Island 2 Stats Explained

Amongst the six available heroes, we have already covered in detail the best character to choose in Dead Island 2. What differentiates each character are the attributes and unique abilities. There are seven different attributes, each character being exceptional in at least one of them.

Moreover, the stats in the game are rated between 1 to 5 stars, one being poor and five being brilliant. These attributes will allow you to determine what kind of playstyle each character will favor and which is best for you.

7 attributes with 5 ratings, each dead island 2 stat is explained
Seven different Stats/attributes between 1-5 ratings

On the other hand, as one stat increases, some other stat will suffer. The developers have tried to keep somewhat of a relationship between the attributes to support different playstyles. For example, Ryan, having the highest toughness, also has the lowest agility – implying that the bulky character will be slower but more immune to physical damage.


3 zombies being shocked, resilience stat explained
Elemental Damage includes Shock and other environmental hazards ~ Image captured by Gamesual

This attribute confuses the players the most. In short, this stat tells how much elemental damage a player can handle. Furthermore, elemental damage includes shock, corrosive, fire, and other environmental hazards.

A common confusion is that it includes damage from zombies. However, that stat will be discussed later as toughness. Even though the two stats decide how much damage a player can handle, they are very different.

The character with the highest resilience is Carla, with a 5 rating. On the other hand, Jacob has the lowest resilience. It is important to note that this stat is a little less critical than toughness but is still something you should consider while choosing your character.

Slayer Rating
Carla 5
Ryan 4
Amy 3
Bruno 3
Dani 2
Jacob 1


Dead island 2 stamina stat explained
The stamina bar is shown while hitting heavy attacks ~Image captured by Gamesual

Another key feature that you must consider before selecting your character is stamina. This will decide how many heavy attacks you can do before you need to take a rest. Heavy attacks include flying kicks and long-pressed melee attacks.

Since heavy attacks do the most damage and are the most used when making melee attacks, having the stamina to do them is essential. It is important to note that stamina does not affect sprinting. You can sprint all you want without worrying about your stamina.

Moreover, Amy has an innate skill that allows her to regain stamina once it is low. Apart from that, Dead Island 2 has many other stats which are as important as stamina, which will be explained in detail.

Dani has the highest stamina in the game, with five ratings. On the other hand, Bruno, Carla, Amy, and Ryan all have three ratings in stamina. No character has less than three ratings.

Slayer Rating
Dani 5
Jacob 4
Amy 3
Bruno 3
Carla 3
Ryan 3


Dying screen in Dead island 2
Low-toughness characters are more prone to dying ~ Image captured by Gamesual

This is probably one of the most important stats for beginners to consider. As the name suggests, it is the physical damage the player will receive from enemy attacks. Meaning the higher the toughness, the less damage you will receive per attack.

These damages include explosive damage, zombie punches, and bleed damage. This and another attribute we will discuss will decide how many zombie attacks you can take before dying.

Moreover, the character with the highest toughness is Ryan, with five ratings. At the same time, Amy has the least toughness of one rating. Furthermore, Carla’s innate skill increases her toughness when her health becomes low.

Slayer Rating
Ryan 5
Carla 4
Jacob 3
Dani 3
Bruno 2
Amy 1

Health Recovery

Protein bar and medical kit
The amount of health recovered from health items depends on this stat ~ Image captured by Gamesual

This stat is pretty self-explanatory; however, it is nevertheless an important one. The greater the health recovery rating, the faster you will regain health after losing it. More importantly, it affects how much health you regain after using healing items. Healing items include food and med kits.

So, you pick someone with decent health recovery or stack on some med kits for difficult times. Interestingly, players with a higher peak health will tend to have a lower health recovery rating.

Dani’s handy innate skill is regaining health whenever she kills multiple enemies quickly. This ability covers up for the fact that she has the worst health recovery in the game, with one rating. On the other hand, Carla, Ryan, Amy, and Bruno have the highest three ratings.

Slayer Rating
Ryan 3
Carla 3
Bruno 3
Amy 3
Jacob 2
Dani 1

Critical Damage

hitting zombie in dead island 2
The Critical hit points include the head and the kneecaps ~ Image captured by Gamesual

Critical damage is the amount your enemy will receive after you land a critical hit. It is a common misconception that it increases your chances of landing critical hits. However, that is not true.

At face value, critical damage seems like a very important attribute. However, after thorough testing by the YouTuber MrRoflWaffles, it can be seen that the difference between the highest-rated and lowest-rated critical damage is not a lot.

Carla has the lowest Critical Damage (one rating) among the six slayers, whereas Bruno has the highest, with five ratings. However, the difference between the critical damage of the two characters depends heavily on the weapons. In some instances, Carla does the same critical damage as Bruno, but sometimes Bruno does as much as 25% more.

All in all, critical damage in Dead Island 2 is one of those stats which needs to be better explained by the developers because it is a lot more deceiving and a little less important than others.

Slayer Rating
Bruno 5
Amy 4
Dani 3
Jacob 3
Ryan 2
Carla 1


a group of zombies attacking
Agility will let you strafe faster ~ Image captured by Gamesual

This one is another deceiving stat in Dead Island 2. Agility is the speed at which you walk or strafe. It is a common misconception that agility is linked to sprinting. But in reality, all slayers sprint at the same speed.

Moreover, the agility stat can be important if you’re used to strafing in other games to dodge attacks. But on the other hand, in Dead Island 2, you will mainly be using the Dodge feature rather than strafe, making this another stat of lesser importance.

On that note, the character with the highest agility is Amy, with five ratings. At the same time, Ryan has the lowest rating possible. This is just another reason why Amy is probably the worst character to choose in Dead Island 2. Since her ‘best quality’ is pretty unimportant.

Slayer Rating
Amy 5
Bruno 4
Dani 3
Jacob 3
Carla 2
Ryan 1

Peak Health

Jacob with peak health encircled
Peak Health is the max amount of health possible ~ Image captured by Gamesual

The following are amongst the most important Dead Island 2 stats that will be explained. Even though it increases after each level-up, characters with higher peak health ratings will have more of it. Besides toughness and resilience, this will determine how much damage you can take without dying.

Peak health is of utmost importance. Jacob has the highest peak health in the game, with a 5/5 rating. On the other hand, Bruno has the worst with just a single rating. This is another reason why you should choose Jacob as the starting character.

Slayer Rating
Jacob 5
Dani 4
Ryan 3
Carla 3
Amy 2
Bruno 1

Closing Remarks

In conclusion, your base attributes will increase every time your character levels up. However, the amount they are increased by will differ with each character. For example, Jacob having a higher peak health stat, will also get a higher increase in that stat. Hence, choosing your character is quite important.

Nonetheless, having fun should be your first priority. If you’re playing with friends, you don’t need to worry much since they will cover up for you. Check out how to play co-op mode on their official website.

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