High On Life: Defeat Nipulon Glitch [Fixed]

Can't seem to defeat the hallucination causing mantis-head? Learn how to overcome the glitch.

Defeat Nipulon Glitch High on Life
Defeat Nipulon Glitch High on Life

High on Life can be a real brain tease, always keeping you engaged. The creators did not leave room for boredom in this game, with its endless side quests, talking guns, and unique bosses. Rated 4.6, players have not been able to get enough of this game. However, there is one downside to this game.

It has been reported to have a lot of bugs and glitches that keep you from going forward in the game. One specific glitch that has been common to many players happens during the ‘Defeat Nipulon‘ bounty.

To learn more about bugs and glitches during the game, join the High on Life discord community.

Key Takeaways

  • High on Life contains a lot of glitches during the game that will stop you from completing an achievement.
  • The Nipulon bounty contains a glitch towards the end of the battle.
  • During the final stage, once you have stabbed Nipulon with Knifey, the game skips the cutscene.
  • After reloading, you will respawn from the last checkpoint with either all four guns in your hand, no guns, or just one. You will not be able to swap your weapons.
  • After stabbing him with Knifey, the glitch will cause another Nipulon to appear with a purple circle around him. You will not be able to deal damage.
  • Restarting from the last checkpoint a few times or standing still as the sequence commences will fix the glitch.

The Nipulon Bounty

The ‘Defeat Nipulonbounty is the second-last and the second-toughest fight to complete. If you have made it this far, congratulations; you are almost to the end of your game. However, if you have successfully defeated Nipulon but can’t get your score in, don’t worry; you aren’t the only one. A glitch occurs after you complete the Defeat Nipulon bounty that doesn’t let you complete it.

Nipulon in bounty walkthrough
Nipulon’s introduction during Bounty Walkthrough

Here is a guide explaining the glitch you might encounter during the boss fight and how to fix it.

The Nipulon boss fight consists of four phases, each phase deadlier than the previous one.

The Nipulon fight has two main features, the hallucinations and the clones. Nipulon will put you in deadly hallucinations. In each hallucination, he will make copies of himself. You will have to power through the clones and get to him.

In the final stage, even though Nipulon’s health is at 10 percent, he is still tough to fight. You will need to bring your all to the fight. The battle ends as you sober up and power through all of Nipulon’s clones.

You must use all four of your guns and fight his clones. After finally getting to the real Nipulon, stabbing him with Knifey will deal the required damage and end him.

stabbing nipulon with Knifey high on life
Stabbing Nipulon with Knifey to deal damage

Now, this is where it gets buggy.

The Glitch

After you stab him, the game glitches; when you restart to the last checkpoint, you respawn into his office with full health and four guns in your hand. Once again, the final fight commences, you deal one final blow with Knifey, and Nipulon lands on the ground.

The game glitches, and there is no cutscene and hence no sequence. It just shows one dead Nipulon on the ground and another that appears frozen with a purple circle around him. You can not interact with this Nipulon or shoot at him; hence the bounty appears incomplete.

Nipulon glitch purple circle after death
The glitch after the primary defeat

Sometimes, when you reload, you will either have no guns or just one, and you cannot swap. So if this is happening to you, know that this is not part of the boss fight but just a glitch.

all four guns selected during the nipulon bounty glitch high on life
A glitch with all four guns

The Fix

To overcome this glitch, restart the checkpoint a few times or start from the previous one. You will respawn, and the same sequence commences, and hopefully, after the fourth-fifth try, you will be able to complete the boss fight.

Another way to avoid the glitch is to stand still before the cutscene; just go into his office when you respawn before the game completely loads and stand by the computer. The glitch will defeat him, and you will have unlocked the achievement.

Shooting once you get to the office also makes him spawn, so be sure to try that.

If you haven’t encountered any of these glitches but cannot complete the bounty regardless, be sure to go over our detailed how to beat Nipulon High on Life guide.

Closing Remarks

The game is full of glitches like these; there isn’t much that one can do to fix them. Restarting from the last checkpoint a few times helps in most cases. So if you’re stuck somewhere, just try reloading from the last checkpoint.

If you have completed the Nipulon bounty, you may learn to defeat the final boss guide garmantuous High on Life.

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