Diablo 4: Best Class & Build For Solo

Master the tactics of walking alone on the path by discovering the best class in Diablo 4.

Best solo class in Diablo 4
Best solo class in Diablo 4

Regarding selecting a class suitable for solo gameplay in Diablo 4, Necromancer is the best choice. Every class plays a vital role in the game. But if you want to attain a specific style of playthrough, then you must select a class that suits you best for that purpose.

Key Takeaways

  • If you wish to play as a solo player in Diablo 4, then Necromancer is the best choice. Necromancer can maintain a distance from enemies while his army of the dead can deal with combat situations, mostly.
  • The build should focus on summoning and how to enhance those creatures. As for the Book of the Dead guide, do not sacrifice any summoning.
  • Golems is a much-exclusive summon as compared to others. Due to this, it requires a particular quest completion to be unlocked after level 25.
  • In the North-West of Kyovashad, there will be the Shrine of Rathma, and Bitter Cave is located. Both sites are the target of this quest to unlock the Golem.
  • Players might face the drawback of this build but only in the game’s early stages. Such is the case because summoning will be limited while fighting a solo boss. Because no corpses will be lying around. However, Golem summoning might counter this situation later in the game.

Necromancer For Solo Playthrough

Necromancer class Diablo 4
Starting Class Necromancer – Image captured by Gamesual

The apparent reason to pick Necromancer for the best solo playthrough experience is its summoning capability. By the game’s start, Necromancers can summon hostile creatures from the corpses of fallen enemies.

This ability goes by the name “Raise Skeleton.” Following this, players can easily stay at the backline while this armed skeletons group remains at the frontline. Moreover, they have a decent amount of DPS and can tank a fair amount of damage in total.

Once all of the skeletons are risen, the player can still target a corpse and activate the ability. This will boost the skeletons’ damage and recover their health slightly.

Summoning Build

Summons of Necromancer
Skeletal Priest Enhancing Warriors – Image captured by Gamesual

Subsequently, it is best to follow the summons build if your main focus is playing solo.

  • Decompose
    • Enhanced Decomposed
    • Acolyte’s Decompose
  • Bone Splinters
    • Enhanced Bone Splinters
    • Acolyte’s Bone Splinters
  • Skeletal Warrior Mastery
  • Death’s Reach
  • Skeleton Mage Mastery
  • Bone Spirit
    • Enhanced Bone Spirit
    • Dreadful Bone Spirit
  • Inspiring Leader
    • Hellbent Commander
  • Kalan’s Edict

The more you survive with this build, the more stats are increased for you and your summons. Furthermore, summonings can also be improved with the Book of the Dead. Necromancers are provided with this Book, which allows them to upgrade each summoning creature in a particular manner. Following this, players can use this relic once they hit level 5.

More importantly, it does not require any quest to accomplish and is available to use right away. However, its upgrades do require reaching a specific level. Which, overall, improves the solo class play in Diablo 4.

Necromancer's Book of the Dead
Skirmishers from Skeletal Warriors – Image captured by Gamesual

Regarding the Book of the Dead build, it is preferable to maximize the summoning impact. Players can also sacrifice their summoning capabilities to attain equivalent effects on the character, which is not advisory in this case.

Skeletal Warriors 

Skirmishers       Upgrade: Additional Skirmisher Warrior  Requires Level: 5 

Skeletal Mages

Shadow Upgrade: Fires an additional Shadow Bolt  Requires Level: 15


Blood Upgrade: Blood Golem gains Damage Reduction and Increases Damage      Requires Level: 28

Unlock Golem

Players will be able to summon Golem once they hit level 25. However, this is not a normal summoning and requires the completion of a quest. The quest will appear on the map as Necromancer: Call of the Underworld. The quest will have two aspects.

The first one is to activate the Shrine of Rathma. This shrine is located to the North-West of Kyovashad, just a little further from Menestad. By activating the shrine, players will have to kill waves of enemies, which will drop Unbroken Bones. Collect the bones, and the next phase of the quest shall begin.

The second aspect of the quest requires the player to enter a cellar. The location is West of Kyovashad and South of Menestad. Following this, a dungeon by the name of Bitter Cave will appear. This cave will hold an artifact of the name Souls Jar. Activate the jar and kill the spirits to fill it. Eventually, the quest will conclude and reward you as a summoning Golem.

The summoning build requires the presence of Golem because it adds much sustainability and damage to the horde. As a result, your best class for solo play in Diablo 4 is ready.

Diablo 4 is indeed a fantastic game to experience as a team up to play. But there is an audience present in this community that likes to mend the situations as they desire. Most players want to play solo and explore things their way. Regarding this scenario, Diablo 4 is open for them and allows such players to play the game as they desire. 

As a result, Necromancer appears to be the most fitting class choice for solo players. The summoning of various capable creatures balances the journey of anyone who wishes to venture out alone in the world of Diablo 4.

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