Diablo 4 : Best Druid Build [Top 3]

Here are some of the best builds you can have on the Druid class in Diablo 4.

best Druid build diablo 4
Best Druid Build - Diablo 4 : Image by Gamesual

Diablo 4 allows players to choose from a total of 5 character classes. These classes range from Sorcerer to newly added Rogue. Moreover, Druid is a shapeshifting magic user appearing in Diablo 4. The Druid, however, players trying out this character for the first time might be confused and overwhelmed. Therefore, this guide will help you make one of the best Druid build in Diablo 4.

Key Takeaways

  • Druid class can be one of the most challenging classes to master in Diablo 4.
  • This class allows players to transform into a Werewolf, a Werebear, or a human.
  • The Druid is capable of being tanky if you transform into Werebear. Moreover, the Human form of a Druid can summon other creatures or cast magic.
  • Players need to understand the skill tree of the Druid. This helps them understand the skills and what their builds could look like for this class.
  • You can create a tanky Pulverize Build that can deal massive crowd damage.
  • Moreover, you can also create the Werewolf build, which can significantly damage one strong enemy. This makes this build ideal for boss fights.
  • However, the Balance Build uses all three of Druid’s forms. This allows players to damage enemies nearby and attack enemies from a distance.
  • There are endless possibilities for creating a Druid Build. Therefore, it is recommended to create something that best suits your playstyle.

Druids are one of the versatile characters in the game. They can shapeshift into a Werewolf and Werebear. Therefore, players with the Druid class can easily transition between a Werewolf, Werebear, or the original human. This allows players to change up their gameplay based on the encounter quickly.

Druid is not a class that all players would be comfortable with. These shapeshifting magic users do not hit as hard as the barbarian or have as strong magic as the Sorcerer. However, the ability to use distant or close-range attacks whenever required makes this a character to look out for.

all druid skills diablo 4
Druid Skills – Diablo 4: Image by Gamesual

Although, players do need to fine-tune the class and focus on getting a build that works for them. The best Druid build in Diablo 4 is the one that takes full advantage of the class’s capabilities. As a result, some builds are ideal for wiping out a horde of enemies at once. Meanwhile, some builds will target a single enemy and take it out in a few hits.

However, the best Build in Diablo 4 still uses the magic and brute force produced by the Druid class to take the upper hand in combat. The Skill Tree provides players with enough variety to make builds that have mastery in multiple aspects of the combat. So once you have mastered the class and made a decent build, you will conquer the most difficult enemies in no time.

The Pulverizer Build

This is the best Build that takes advantage of the tanky abilities of the Druid in Diablo 4. As a result, this Build can wipe out a large group of enemies with its chained attacks. The Build will prove incredibly effective when all sides of enemies surround you. These enemies will have low health but can kill you within seconds.

druid werebear form diablo 4
Werebear Form – Diablo 4: Image by Gamesual

Therefore, it is great to have a build that can wipe out enemies instantly and help you out of difficult situations. The Pulverize ability will use the Ground Stomp to Immobilize enemies near you. Moreover, the Lightning abilities will use the chained lightning to damage multiple enemies simultaneously.

Following are the upgrades you need in your skill tree for this best Druid Build in Diablo 4:

  • Pulverize: To make an excellent crowd-killing build, getting the Pulverize is essential. Once you have unlocked this Core Skill, you must upgrade it to the max. As a result, you first need to unlock the Enhanced Pulverize and then upgrade it to the Raging Pulverize.
  • Storm Strike: Storm Strike will rain down lightning on your enemies. This is great for damaging multiple enemies at once and starting a chained damage reaction. However, you need to upgrade this Skill for the full effect fully. Therefore, please upgrade it to Enhance Storm Strike and finally to the Fierce Storm Strike.
  • Heart of the Wild: The Core Skills and Defensive Skills of the Druid drain the spirit meter fast. Therefore, you must upgrade the total Spirit capacity to land more Pulverize in one go. Moreover, upgrade all three slots to get the maximum number of Spirits.
  • Predatory Instinct:  The Predatory Instinct increases your chances of landing a critical hit by 6%. This allows you to land more critical blows on your enemies. Moreover, this buffs the Pulverizer to hit crowds with critical hits.
  • Enhanced Trample: This is another essential skill for this Build. This Skill allows players to turn into a Wearbear and charge forward into enemies dealing damage. Moreover, this will also knock back multiple enemies, leaving them stunned for a few seconds.
  • Blood Howl: The Blood Howl will allow you to heal yourself using up your spirits. This is extremely useful when you run out of health potions. Building health up is much easier. However, remember that this only regenerates 20% of health.
  • Poison Creeper: You can either use this ability actively or passively. However, the recommended way is to use this ability passively, allowing you to leave more slots open for active skills. As a result, you will poison enemies in the surrounding areas every 7 seconds, draining their health.
  • Clarity: Getting Clarity for this Build is also extremely important. This Skill will allow players to regenerate spirit whenever they transform into humans. As a result, this becomes a great skill with a class whose central role is to transform into different forms.
  • Earthern Bulwark: A good build requires players to invest in their defensive skills. Therefore, the Earthern Bulwark will allow players a temporary barrier of spinning rocks around them. This absorbs much damage, making it ideal if you get stuck in a crowd.
  • Quickshift: This is another excellent passive ability that works well for a Druid. The Skill allows players to increase their damage stats whenever they transform into different forms. Therefore, players can switch to any form and get stronger.
  • Wild Impulses: This is another excellent passive skill for this Build. The Wild Impulses will increase the cost of spirit for all Core Skills. However, this also raises a significant amount of damage to all of the Core Skills.
  • Iron Fur: This passive Skill is a direct buff to your Wearbear. The Skill will make your Wearbear form more resistant to damage. Therefore, you can take more punishment in your Wearbear form and deal much damage.

The Werewolf Build

The Werewolf Build is excellent for targeting single enemies. Therefore, this Build comes in extremely useful during Boss encounters. The Build uses all the powerful Werewolf attacks to slice up your enemies. As a result, the sharp claws of the Werewolf will deal a significant amount of damage.

Moreover, it also utilizes the poisoning capabilities of the Druid. The Poisonous skills work great at damaging bleed and chipping the enemy’s health bar. Therefore, if you are looking for a build that targets one enemy at a time, this Build is the best in Diablo 4.

Here is everything you need for this best Druid Build in Diablo 4:

  • Storm Strike: The Storm Strike is an essential Basic Skill. This Skill allows you to use regular weapons to discharge electrical charges on your enemies. As a result, you will provide significant damage to your enemy and also build up Spirits. Moreover, it is best to upgrade it to Fierced Storm Strike.
  • Claw: The Claw is another incredible skill required for this Build. This Skill will transform you into a Werewolf and tear into enemies using his sharp claws. As this a Basic skill, it will not use up your spirits but will allow you to build them up. Moreover, it is recommended to upgrade this till Wild Claw gets more damage.
  • Shred: The Shred is the first Core Skill we need for this Build. This Skill will allow players to transform into a Werewolf and perform a combo of attacks. Therefore, you can transform into a Werewolf that will dash into enemies and land three attacks in total. This is great for targeting one strong enemy and hitting the enemy with the combo.
  • Predatory Instinct: The Predatory Instinct increases your chances of landing a critical hit by 6%. This allows you to land more critical blows on your enemies. Therefore, your Shred and Claw abilities will be able to get in more damage per enemy. Moreover, invest your skill point in Digitigrade Gait so your Werewolf can have more Movement Speed.
  • Ravens: The Raven skill allows players to call in Raven to accompany them in fights. These birds will attack your enemies and chip away at their health. Moreover, upgrading it to Ferocious Raven would be best so Ravens attacking can make enemies vulnerable.
  • Blood Howl: The Blood Howl skill allows players to transform into the Werewolf and Howl. These Howls are capable of regenerating the player’s health. Moreover, if you upgrade it to Preserving Blood Howl, you can get more Attack Speed for 4 seconds.
  • Rabies: Another great skill that works well for this Werewolf build. The Skill allows players to transform into the Werewolf and bite the nearby enemy. As a result, the enemy will receive immediate damage and get infected with Rabies. This will slowly drain the enemy’s health and can spread to other enemies nearby, dealing bleed damage.
  • Call of the Wild: This skill buffs up your companion’s abilities. Therefore, your companion abilities will now deal 10% more damage to your enemies.
  • Neurotoxin: Neurotoxin is a passive skill that will buff up your Poison skills. This will allow the poison from your Rabies attack to deal more damage and slow down your enemy’s attack speeds.
  • Lacerate: The Lacerate is one of the late-game skills. However, this Skill is efficient and a must-have skill for this Build. This Skill will transform you into a Werewolf and become immune. Moreover, you can dash up to 12 times into enemies dealing significant damage.

The Balanced Build

The possibilities of Druid builds are endless. Players can pick any skill they want and develop their best Druid around it in Diablo 4. Moreover, the Druids allow you to use all three forms in different ways to fight enemies. My favorite Druid build is capable of doing crowd damage and damaging enemies attacking from a distance, using all three forms.

balanced druid build diablo 4
Balanced Druid Build – Diablo 4: Image by Gamesual

This build uses the quick and ferocious abilities of the Wearwolf to wreak havoc. Moreover, this build uses the magic skills performed by the human form to attack enemies trying to hide in the distance.

These are the following skills you need to unlock for this build:

  • Storm Strike: The Storm Strike is an essential Basic Skill for any build. This attack can deal significant damage and allows players to regenerate most Spirits.
  • Landslide: The Landslide is an incredibly effective Core Skill. This Skill allows players to create two pillars from the land below and crush enemies between them. Moreover, this attack can be performed from a distance so players can crush enemies off in space. Please upgrade it to the max to deal more damage and stun enemies.
  • Poison Creeper: This build will utilize the Poison Creeper as an Active Ability. Therefore, this skill will allow players to strangle all nearby enemies with vines. As a result, your enemies will be inflicted with a poison effect and immobilized for a few seconds.
  • Wolves: This Companion Skill will allow you to summon two wolves. These wolves will leap and attack an enemy you pointed towards. They will deal incredible damage and can also immobilize or stun enemies.
  • Earthern Bulwark: A well-balanced build would be incomplete without any defensive skills. Therefore, the Earthern Bulwark skill will allow players to create a stone barrier around them. These spinning stones act as a shield and absorb most of the damage.
  • Maul: Here, we are using Maul as our second Basic Skill. This skill will transform you into a Wearbear and allow you to deal significant damage. Moreover, as this is an essential skill, it will allow players to regenerate spirits. 
  • Crushing Earth: This passive skill will directly buff all your Earth Skills. As a result, all enemies that are either Immbolized or Stunned will receive more damage if any Earth Skills attack them.
  • Neurotoxin: This passive skill will let players further buff up their poisoning effect. Therefore, all enemies affected by poison are significantly slower with slow attack speeds.
  • Envenom: This passive skill also buffs up the poisoning effect. This skill will allow players to deal more damage to enemies that are already affected by the poison.
  • Call of the Wild: This skill buffs up your companion’s abilities. Therefore, your Wolves skill will now deal 10% more damage to your enemies.
  • Earthen Might: This passive skill provides significant buffs to your Earth Skills. Moreover, this skill increases the chance for players to land critical hits, and sometimes it will also regenerate all of your Spirits. 
  • Natural Disaster: This passive skill also buffs your Earth Skills. As a result, all of your Earth Skills will deal more damage to enemies already vulnerable.
  • Defiance: This is a great passive skill in the late game. The Defiance Skill allows players to deal more damage to Elite enemies using the Nature Magic Skills. 

Druid is one of the most versatile classes with the best and most creative build in Diablo 4. This can make it exciting. However, it can also overwhelm and confuse some players. Therefore, it may not be the most accessible class to learn. This is why players need to focus on the Skill Tree for this class and create a build that best suits their playing style in Diablo 4.

You can create a tanky Druid and take on a massive crowd of enemies. Or you can focus on the magic part and make a build that can land powerful blows on a single target. The versatility of the Druid allows you to transition between a Werewolf, Werebear, or human quickly.

Therefore, players use aspects of all three of these personas and create some incredible combos. Moreover, this allows players to wield magic as a human and use brute force like their animal counterparts. These animal counterparts can also produce elemental effects such as poison or use howls to heal the player.

The Druid is an exciting class in Diablo 4 that may be hard to master. However, once players unlock their true potential, there is no stopping your character.

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