Diablo 4: Best Druid Leveling Build [Skills & Gear]

Here is the complete guide on all skills and character progression you will need for Diablo 4 best Druid Leveling Build.

Diablo 4 Best Druid level build
Diablo 4 druid Levelling build

Druid level building in Diablo 4 was not the game’s strength during the initial tests, but the class building became an important aspect as the game developed. This best leveling build for Druid in Diablo 4 primarily focuses on the game’s progress in that class up to the completion of the campaign.

The Druid is highly effective class because it has variety in the skill tree, a great tank, and dishes out damage. We will guide you on which skill sets to obtain and which gear to opt for through this guide with the Druid leveling process.

For the early stages of the game, Druid will undergo a bit of inactive behavior, but as the game progresses, we will observe that this class gets a massive jump along with the companions. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Druid has a variety of skill trees, tanks, and the capability of damaging the enemy.
  • Our best Druid leveling build in Diablo 4 releases a pulverize, which is damage taken by any enemy nearby.
  • There are a few helpful tools that are associated with pulverization.
  • Maul is a tool that restores the losses incurred from repeatedly using pulverize.
  • An earthen bulwark is a protective tool for the druid class.
  • Use a poison creeper to keep damaging the enemies when they are in a circular radius.
  • Grizzly rage provides more DPS and some extra damage reduction.
  • Trample makes you more mobile and agile.
  • You will need a different build for every diverse range of levels.
  • Use renown to gather skill points.
  • Do collect legendary items to upgrade and complement your build.

Best Skills For Druid Class

The core and the primes focus of the build relies on pulverize, a concentrated area of effect (AOE) that applies damage to a small circular area in the druid’s melee range. So, getting things started, first, we will discuss the general skills you will use for the build.


It should be evident by now that for this build, Pulverize should be your primary focus because Pulverize shape-shifts into a Werebear and slams into the ground, causing 50 percent damage to nearby enemies. This skill set should be your direct play style focus because it hits damage in a circular area in melee proximity.

Pulverize aspect in Diablo 4: Image by -Gamesual

Shockwave Aspect

As discussed earlier, you will also come through the shockwave aspect during the leveling process. The pulverized aspect creates a shock that propagates forward, damaging the enemy that crosses its forward path multiple times.

Diablo 4 druid level shock wave aspect
Diablo 4 shock wave aspect: Image by Gamesual


As for the next skill in Diablo 4 best druid leveling build, Maul should also be added to your list because it acts like a resource generation tool that restores the losses arising from spamming pulverize and helps greatly in spirit management.

This also helps in taking utilizing the maximum ability of the procs.

Earthen Bulwark

As things proceed, we investigate another tool of the druid class, the Earthen Bulwark, which acts as a protective tool for the druid class. This tool comes in very handy because of its sizable absorption of damage.

This protective cover can further be enhanced if you get the improved Earthen Bulwark, which makes you unstoppable when active. This means that crowd control won’t affect you.

Diablo 4 Earthen Bulwark
Diablo 4 Earthen Bulwark: Image by Gamesual

Poison Creeper

Next in line is the Poison Creeper, whose purpose is to inflict damage to enemies after regular intervals in a circular area built around your druid.

It inflicts damage over time but proves very effective when it comes to crowd control, and the practice should be to apply it regularly or from time to time.

Diablo 4 druid level Poison Creeper
Diablo 4 Poison Creeper aspect: Image by Gamesual

Grizzly Rage

Moving forward for the best druid leveling build in Diablo 4, we have Grizzly Rage. This tool will step up your game while active, increasing damage reduction and giving you additional DPS. Primarily, it will provide a 20 percent damage reduction and 20 percent bonus damage to enemies.

Remember to use this effectively because it has a large cooldown of 50 seconds.

Diablo 4 druid level build Grizzly Rage
Diablo 4 Grizzly Rage Aspect: Image by Gamesual


Druids want mobility for better solitary; our tool is the Trample.  With a cooldown of 14 seconds, its movement skill is efficient in a build like this one.

This tool has some extra utility to overcome its cooldown, such as being unstoppable while active and applying more significant damage to enemies once you get the enhanced trample mode.

Diablo 4 druid level build Trample
Diablo 4  Trample: Image by Gamesual

Level Building

Now that you have learned all the skill sets for the druid, we will walk you along on how to level up during the skill build.

Level 2-3

For levels 2 to 3, you will get the first two skill points and spend those skills points in the basic skills section. This would be done to reach the core skills and to get the build we are looking for, so we will have to go through some temporary choices.

Druid Level build Diablo 4
Diablo 4 : Image by Gamesual

The first choice that we would go by is the storm strike. It has a cooldown of 14 seconds, and its purpose is to intermix damage reduction and spirit generation in one go. So, in level 2, we have a storm strike; for level three, we get an enhanced one.

Diablo 4 druid level build Storm Strike
Diablo 4 Storm Strike: Image by Gamesual

Levels 4-7

We will focus on pulverizing as we move the game from levels 4 to 7. Your primary goal should focus on more and more damage as per the spirit spent with it, as it has an enormous resource cost—every hit counts.

It would be best if you crowded yourself with enemies and then used a good amount of pulverize to demolish them, and using storm strike along with pulverize will put enemies in a vulnerable state. This is highly important to make the most out of the progress for the best Druid leveling build in Diablo 4. 

Diablo 4 druid level build Pulverize aspect
Diablo 4 pulverize aspect: Image by Gamesual.

So, for level 4, take pulverize; for level 5, take enhanced pulverize. For level 6, take fierce storm strike; for level seven, take primal pulverize.

Levels 8-17

From levels 8 to 17 in the game, the boons in the druid class become available for usage. Another druid staple that also gets into the list is the Earthen Bulwark.

This staple grants you a lot of health base damage absorption with a cooldown of 16 seconds. Its protective layer enhances if we pick up the improved Earthen Bulwark. It is unstoppable and provides additional damage reduction in the fortified stage.

Hence, for levels 8,9,10,11, take pulverize; for level 12, take Earthen Bulwark. For level 13, take enhanced Earthen Bulwark; for level 14, preserve earthen bulwark for level 15, the heart of the Wild; and for levels 16 and 17, get abundance.

Level Staple
Level 8 Pulverize
Level 9 Pulverize
Level 10 Pulverize
Level 11 Pulverize
Level 12 Earthen Bulwark
Level 13 enhanced Earthen Bulwark
Level 14 preserving earthen bulwark
Level 15 Heart of the Wild
Level 16 abundance
Level 17 abundance
Levelling build diablo 4
Leveling build (Abundance) Diablo 4: Image by Gamesual

Levels 18-27

 For these levels, your primary focus should be to refine the bear forms. For these levels, the technique you should opt for is to refund the points from the storm strike and go for the Maul.

This change is necessary because you are primarily in bear form, and the most effective staple for it is Maul.

You also get trample during these levels, your go-to mobility tool. You also get a grizzly bear for inflicting heavy damage and provocation, which would grant an overpower to you for the next strike after spending 30 seconds in Werebear form.

Druid Level Build Diablo 4
Levels 18-27 guide Diablo 4: Image by Gamesual

In a nutshell:

Levels Staple
Level 18 Trample
Level 19 Mending
Level 20 provocation
Level 21 Provocation
Level 22 provocation
Level 23 Abundance
Level 24 Poison Creeper
Level 25 Grizzly Rage
Level 26 Prime Grizzly Rage
Level 27 Supreme Grizzly Rage

Levels 28-49

Now we proceed to Capstone passive, ramping up and building towards the ursine Strength.

The first half of our leveling will be focused on the Ursine strength. This primarily focuses on its multiplicative damage bonus sample when we are referring to how this build has to stay healthy.

Ursine strength Diablo 4 druid level build
Diablo 4 Ursine Strength: Image by Gamesual

The second half of our journey to leveling will increase the pulverized damage inflicted on enemies. We will convolve it to Earth Sign by using the aspect of the Ursine horror and the Element of the Quicksand.

In a nutshell:

Levels Staple
Level 28 Wild impulse
Level 29 Wild impulse
Level 30 Wild impulse
Level 31 Predatory Instinct
Level 32 Predatory Instinct
Level 33 Predatory Instinct
Level 34 Iron Fur
Level 35 Ursine Strength
Level 36 Crushing Earth
Level 37 Crushing Earth
Level 38 Crushing Earth
Level 39 Defiance
Level 40 Defiance
Level 41 Defiance
Level 42 Stone Guard
Level 42 Stone Guard
Level 44 Stone Guard
Level 45 Iron fur
Level 46 Iron fur
Level 47 Defensive Posture
Level 48 Defensive Posture
Level 49 Defensive Posture


Druid level build diablo 4 defensive posture
Defensive posture Diablo 4: Image by Gamesual                                      

Renown Skill Points

The guide discusses ten extra skill points you will gather using renown. You will have to spend these points earned according to the outline we have laid out above. After finishing that, you will have to allocate those points with the list provided below:

Renown Allocation
Renown 1 Safeguard
Renown 2 Safeguard
Renown 3 Safeguard
Renown 4 Enhance Trample
Renown 5 Natural Trample
Renown 6 Earthen Bulwark
Renown 7 Earthen Bulwark
Renown 8 Earthen Bulwark
Renown 9 Earthen Bulwark
Renown 10 Circle of Life
Diablo 4 druid level build Circle of life
Diablo 4 Circle of Life: Image by Gamesual

Spirit Boon System

Now while moving towards the spirit Boon Druid system, we first look at the druids who use their unique class mechanism, and the spirit Boons are the passive buns that enhance the build of your chosen druid.

You can choose up to five boons from the four available spirits in the gameplay. The fifth Boon will only be available when you have unlocked the four boons. Alternatively, you can only select up to one Boon per spirit.

Note that you can start unlocking Boons at level 15, and along with the condition, the priority quest line becomes available once you have completed the stronghold Trudolra in Scosglen. Although, you can unlock your first boon with the 25 druid experiences you will be allotted.

The recommended order of Boon unlock, as per our guide, should be as follows:

Druidic Spirit Boon
Snake Spirit (100) Masochistic Boon
Eagle Spirit (25) Scythe Talon Boon
Dear Spirit (75) Wariness Boon
Saver 150 Druidic Experience Swooping attacks
Druidl level build Diablo 4 spirit boon system
Spirit Boon system diablo4: Image by Gamesual

Gear and Stat Priority

Before moving towards the gear and stat priorities, we should consider that finding perfect strategies for gear and stat is nearly impossible. This is because as you proceed in the game, each level renders the gear of the previous level irrelevant.

However, in practice, you will increase your performance levels when you come across a legendary, which is the orange or the unique golden color gears, and sometimes swapping the yellow color gear in and out till you reach level 50.

  • For your weapons, you should always opt for two-handed weapons with the highest damage rate.
  • Another preference can be finding a weapon with the highest DSP on your two-handed weapon and more significant core damage.
  • For your equipment, you will be focusing on your defense part of the strategy, and the Harlequin Crest (helm) will have a reduction in cool-down times and add ranks to your skills.
  • The armory chest and the armory pants also add willpower; they go with boots and add movement and speed.
  • You will have only gloves in your equipment for offense, increasing the core damage and attack speed.
  • For your jewelry, you should also opt for offense-oriented stats similar to the build you have created over the different levels.

Also note that roles are much more important than the item levels because you have limited slots, and they get filled up quickly.

  • Amulet will increase damage and add 12.6 percent to your werebear skill damage and imprinted pulverize, creating a shockwave that damages enemies in your path. It also provides an increase in movement speed.
  • Your rings should increase the damage to closer enemies and increase the maximum spirit by 7 percent. They should also increase the physical damage and the damage against slowed enemies.
Druid level build diablo 4
Weapons and jewelry Diablo 4: Image by Gamesual

Codex Of Power

Occultist local vendors would obtain the legendary items you collected in your Codex of Power in Diablo 4. These aspects will be managed when you complete specific dungeons throughout the sanctuary’s Overworld.

When leveling, it is highly recommended that you go with offensive aspects on your amulet rather than the weapons because of the ease of not getting replaced very frequently.

For the optimum advantage, below is the list of elemental powers in order of importance:

Power Location Importance
Aspect of Retaliation sunken ruins dungeon in scosglen High Importance
Aspect of Quicksand Feral’s Den in Scosglen High importance
Aspect of horror Belfry Zakara High importance
Aspect of mending stone sealed archives in dry steppes Medium Importance
Rapid Aspect Burreid Steppes Medium Importance
Aspect of Might Dark Ravine Medium Importance

Any legendary item you find will always result in a compelling upgrade and complement your build as you progress through the game. For the pulverized druid, the best legendary aspects are:

  • Shockwave aspect

It turns the AOE into a shockwave, increasing damage to enemies.

  • Aspect on Rampaging

This increases the time of your grizzling range.

  • Conceited Aspect

It increases the damage when the barriers are active and connects nicely with earthen bulwarks and the Aspect of Mending Stone.

Hence through this guide, we go through all the details on the ultimate druid level build and how we should proceed throughout the game to attain this build. Moreover, we also learned how to utilize the coins and druid spirit points and buy staples and power according to their relative priority.

This guide provides a complete walkthrough on Druid level build and the pros and cons of this build while leveling through the game. 

That is about it for our guide on the best Druid leveling build in Diablo 4. Share your thoughts and queries in the comments section below. 

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