Diablo 4: Best Farming Spot For Legendary Gear

Fight your way to these following my farming spots in Diablo 4 to hunt for the legendary gear.

Diablo 4 best farming spot
Diablo 4 best farming spot

While acquiring legendary gear can significantly improve your gaming experience, obtaining it would not be easy. Like in all the other games in the Diablo series, there is no defined or consistent route to get the legendary gear and items in Diablo 4.

While there are good chances of getting these legendary items during campaign events in Diablo 4, looking for them in every farming spot is a more reliable and repeatable idea.

Key Takeaways

There are a few ways to farm for legendary gear in Diablo 4. Here are our top picks for some of the best spots to farm for gear:

  1. Cellar Farm/Kyovashad:
    • Vital farming spot in Kyovashad.
    • Features Treasure Goblins and enemies dropping legendary items.
    • Target cellars closer to World Events for increased rewards.
  2. Kehjistan:
    • Located southwest of Kyovashad.
    • Filled with Elite enemies dropping legendary items.
    • Treasure Goblins present; target Elite enemies for better loot.
  3. Helltide Events:
    • Spawn randomly in the endgame.
    • Helltide areas offer unique rewards.
    • Collect Aberrant Cinders in exchange for Tortured Chests.
  4. Radiance Field Cemetery:
    • Hosts the Hold Your Ground world event.
    • Replayable event with legendary and rare rewards.
    • Accessible to players of all levels.
  5. Camios Landing:
    • Features Osgar Reede, an ultimate Elite enemy.
    • Tough fight with high-quality rewards.
    • Maintain distance during the fight and watch for the post-defeat explosion.

Author’s Trust

The Diablo 4 campaign made me realize how much I needed improved gear. To overcome the challenges ahead, I scoured various locations for top-tier equipment. Here are my preferred gear-farming spots to ease your journey.

– Shahzar Khalique

Cellar Farm/Kyovashad

Best Stronghold for Farming.

Why did I Choose Kyovashad?

These may resemble dungeons as they are also formidable places with many evil enemies and exciting challenges. However, let me tell you, like strongholds in Diablo 4, Cellars are pretty different from a dungeon.

cellar farm
Cellar Farm in Kyovashad (image credits: Gamesual)

While being tiny places, cellars are not a great choice for farming compared to dungeons. To many people’s surprise, these small places are filled with many rewards. Players can find various Treasure Goblins and defeat them to get multiple legendary items.

During my run, Cellars were also great places to find Murmuring Obols. These are essential finds, and players can exchange them for far more important items from the Curiosity Vendor in Diablo 4.

Another tip to maximize your chances of getting legendary items is to target cellars closer to World Events specifically. In this way, you can visit this area repeatedly to get more rewards. 

  • A reliable source of legendary items.
  • Contains Treasure Goblins for additional loot.
  • Enhanced rewards.

  • Limited in size compared to dungeons.
  • Less variety in enemy types.


Best Legendary Gear Farming Spot.

Why did I Choose Kehjistan?

Players can find Kehjistan southwest of Kyovashad on their maps. This area is filled with Elite enemies who drop many legendary items when killed, so Kehjistan is an ideal destination in Diablo 4. 

Similarly, players will find every kind of enemy here, each dropping a different item. Players should specifically target Elite enemies to get the legendary gear.

Like in the Cellars, players can also find Treasure Goblins while roaming Kehjistan. I cannot emphasize enough how vital these Goblins are, as they are the best source of legendary loot.

Kehjistan in Diablo 4 (image credits: Gamesual)

  • Abundant legendary drops.
  • Treasure Goblins present for valuable loot.
  • Various enemy types increase item diversity.

  • Challenging Elite encounters.
  • Requires effective combat strategy.

Anica’s Claim Dungeon

Most Rewarding Farming Spot.

Why did I Choose Anica’s Claim?

Fortunately, I was glad that the official release ensured it remained the same, and courageous players could visit this hellish place to defeat the demonic forces and get legendary items as rewards.

Players can find Anica’s Claim dungeon in the Malnok region of Fractured Peaks, east of Kyovashad. Players can locate it south of the Bear Tribe Refuge.

diablo 4 best farming spot
Anica’s Claim Dungeon in Diablo 4 (image credits: Gamesual)

It is an Animus dungeon, and like all other such dungeons in Diablo 4, players will always find it crowded with Animus Carriers, which are Elite in nature. Elite enemies are a vast source of legendary items, and I was able to farm them for some impressive loot. 

Players can quickly revise their campaign in any of these dungeons to get even more rewards. 

  • Animus Carriers yield legendary items.
  • Ideal for farming Elite enemies.
  • Rewards can be revisited through campaign resets.

  • Limited to Animus-related enemies.
  • Boring encounters.

Helltide Events

Repititive Farming Spots.

Why did I Choose Helltide Events?

These are usually available for exploration in the endgame of Diablo 4. These areas randomly spawn and despawn on maps after every hour.

I suggest you not miss a chance to enter these areas whenever they spawn on the map. Helltide events are advantageous places with a unique system of rewards.

Players who defeat enemies in any of these Helltide areas will find Aberrant Cinders as a reward. After collecting these cinders, players can compile them into various Tortured Chests

helltide events
A Helltide event in Diablo 4 (image credits: Gamesual)

Collect many Aberrant Cinders and exchange them into chests to maximize your chances of getting legendary items. Another tip is to complete the various world events in these areas. While these events would undoubtedly test players’ abilities in the most brutal way possible, the highly in-demand rewards are worth trying. 

  • Aberrant Cinders can be exchanged for valuable rewards.
  • Randomly spawning events offer unpredictability.
  • Rewards for completing world events.

  • Limited availability; spawns once per hour.
  • High difficulty in some events.

Radiance Field Cemetery

Time Optimized Farming Spot.

Why did I Choose Radiance Field Cemetery?

Radiance Field Cemetry features Hold Your Ground, an exciting world event allowing you to fetch many rewards in relatively less time. Hold Your Ground is another world event and a great spot for farming gold and legendary gear.

It can be located around the same place Anica’s Claim dungeon is in the Frigid Expanse region in Fractured Peaks in Diablo 4. From my experience, this was located precisely northwest of the Bear Tribe Refuge.

Interestingly, players of all levels can access this world event and face enemies of the same level. Consequently, defeating enemies becomes an easy task, and so does getting exciting rewards.

Although it becomes difficult with each level-up, players can still manage it as they learn new skills and abilities.

best farming spot diablo 4
Radiance Field Cemetry (image credits: Gamesual)

  • Hold Your Ground event provides quick rewards.
  • Replayable event for consistent loot.
  • Accessible to players of all levels.

  • Difficulty increases with player level.

Fields Of Hatred

Best For Exploration.

Why did I Choose Fields of Hatred?

Players often think Fields of Hatred are PvP-specific zones. That is incorrect, and I learned that players can stroll around this area for fun and exploration.

All I needed to do was turn off the PvP mode after entering the Fields of Hatred and start roaming around. While being there, players will also face many enemies, and that presents players with a golden chance of farming many legendary items.

fields of hatred
Fields of Hatred in Diablo 4 (image credits: Gamesual)

Fields of Hatred is filled with Elite enemies and Treasure Goblins. Interestingly, these enemies spawn here more than in any other location in the game. Therefore, players can quickly harvest many rewards, including legendary items, here. 

  • An abundance of Elite enemies and Treasure Goblins.
  • Can be explored with PvP mode turned off.

  • Requires caution

Maugan’s Works

Best Spot for Farming Elite Enemies.

My druid was quite successful in these places, so you do not want to go there if you do not have the AOE build. While the developers are solving this issue with each update, there are still a few dungeons in which players can benefit from this hyperactivity.

diablo 4 best farming spot
Maugan’s Works in Diablo 4 (image credits: Gamesual)

Why did I Choose Maugan’s Works?

Maugan’s dungeon is one such place in Diablo where players can find an amazingly increased number of elite enemies. We already know these enemies drop much legendary loot when you defeat them.

Not only is it a great spot for farming legendary items, but clearing this dungeon also rewards players with Earthstriker’s Aspect. 

However, it is possible that subsequent updates patch this dungeon to eliminate the glitch. Make sure to get the best out of it by then. Similarly, I recommend you keep exploring more such dungeons, as you never know which one is glitched. 

  • A high number of elite enemies for loot.
  • Rewards include Earthstriker’s Aspect.
  • It’s an exploitable glitch for increased enemies.

  • Limited to specific dungeons.

Camios Landing

Highly Rewarding Farming Spot.

Why did I Choose Camios Landing?

Players will meet Osgar Reede, the ultimate Elite enemy, in this place. While elite enemies usually give tough times to players, this one is even worse. Players will need sheer consistency, a determined mindset, and strategic attacks to defeat Osgard Reede in Diablo 4.

The fight is brutal, no doubt, but so are the rewards. Ensure you maintain a safe distance from him during the fight, as his fire-enhanced abilities can damage you. Similarly, time your attacks wisely to deal lots of damage while preventing any damage to yourself.

Jump away quickly from him after defeating him as he can explode out to release harmful substances. Any contact with him after the explosion will result in lots of health loss. 

  • Ultimate Elite enemy gets you high-quality rewards.
  • Challenging fight for experienced players.
  • Unique rewards

  • Requires strategic combat.

My Experience With Farming Spots

Diablo 4 requires players to level up to fight the ever-growing, stronger enemies constantly. I had to find a few essential farming spots that would allow me to level up my character faster.

During my playthrough, a few dungeons and events were crucial for earning loot and XP. If you get stuck at a strong enemy, don’t worry. Head out to any of these farming sports and bring your character leveled up.

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