Diablo 4: Item Power Breakpoints [Upgrading Items]

Discover the hidden secrets of Diablo 4's item Power breakpoints and learn how to enhance your gears through this guide.

Item Power Breakpoints in Diablo IV
Item Power Breakpoints in Diablo IV (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Item Power Breakpoints play an essential role in customizing your character. Not only can players customize their builds, but they can also unlock powerful abilities and spells to provide themselves with a distinct edge in combat. 

Key Takeaways

  • Item Power Breakpoints levels are divided into 6 Tiers, and their level ranges up to 725.
  • Having Item Power Breakpoints can help players choose gear and resources that will be helpful throughout their game.
  • Blacksmith can also customize Item Power Breakpoints for your build.
  • Upgrades on rare items can only be performed three times, while it’s possible to upgrade legendary items more than thrice.

When players attain the highest level in the game, the buff they will receive depends on their character’s level. For instance, you can upgrade items with 400 power, giving you 10 points gain in the buff.

Item Power Tiers

Item Power Breakpoints are invisible to the player. Upgrading an item requires a certain level and Tier. For example, upgrading an Item will bring Power from 450 to 455 in the same Tier. But upgrading the item tier from 455 to 460 will bring that Tier to the next level.

Breakpoint Tier Item Power Range
Tier 1 Ranges from 1-149 points
Tier 2 Ranges from 150-339 points
Tier 3 Ranges from 340-459 points
Tier 4 Ranges from 460-624 points
Tier 5 Ranges from 625-724 points
Tier 6 Ranges from 725-850 points

I also noticed that upgrading the Power of an item will result in significant benefits. For instance, after upgrading the item power to tier 3, Damage on an enemy increases from 30 points to 40 points, providing players an extra edge throughout the gameplay.

Upgrading Items Using Power Breakpoints

Item Power Breakpoints are vital in upgrading items in the gameplay. That is why you can consider Blacksmith to receive a boost on the items. They can add 5 points per upgrade, and items can be upgraded multiple times.

Diablo 4 has two kinds of Items: one is rare, and the other is Legendary. When I upgraded rare Items thrice in the game, I received an additional 15 power points.

On the other hand, Legendary Items can be upgraded multiple times. These upgrades will increase the damage output and strength of gears.

Upgrade builds to maximum level by Item Power Breakpoints in Diablo IV.
Upgrade builds to maximum level by Item Power Breakpoints (Image Credits: IGN).
  1. Upgrading gear and Item power Breakpoints depends on the resources and effectiveness of any build.
  2. Increasing the relationship between Breakpoints and gears will increase the Power of weapons and improve the gameplay.
  3. Item Power Breakpoints ensure players use better equipment according to their character level.
  4. Power Breakpoints can help players decide when to upgrade any gear in the game.
  5. In particular, if any player’s Item Power is at 459, it would be easy to upgrade that item and move on to the next at 460, rather than wasting their money to upgrade, which is far from the next level, such as, players are trying to move from 460 to 624 Item Power.

Item Power Types

Diablo 4 allows adding Item Power to gears to enhance their abilities. This will enable you to strengthen their characters and create powerful builds with unique skills. 

  1. Ancestral Power
  2. Demonic Power
  3. Angelic Power

Ancestral Power is a unique skill that increases the chance of players to attack, which causes an on-hit effect, like stun or knockback. Having Ancestral Power, players can take on powerful enemies without any fear. 

Demonic Power aided me to increase adverse effects towards enemies like Crowd Control and Damage over time. Crowd Control will allow you to buy some time to escape from enemies’ attacks, and Damage over time is a spell that continues to damage opponents.

Angelic Power provides players with some extra time to self-heal their character.

Should You Use Item Power Breakpoints

Through the initial playthrough, I have found that utilizing Item power breakpoints in Diablo 4 is critical to upgrading weapons and gear and progressing the end-game. Leveraging breakpoints can efficiently boost item power, unlock new affixes and abilities, and push your character to new heights. Strategically enhancing my equipment through breakpoints will allow you to customize the build, defeat enemies more effectively, and progress smoothly.

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