Diablo 4: All Mystery Chest Locations

In this detailed guide, we will explore Mystery Chest Location Diablo 4, how these chests work, and where to find them.

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Mystery Chest Locations In Diablo 4

Various chests are available in Diablo 4 that players must discover to receive valuable loot. Here are all the locations for these chests. 

Key Takeaways

  • These chests, called Tortured Gifts of Mystery, are hidden until you approach them, making them difficult to find.
  • You will need 175 Aberrant Cinders to open them, but the rewards are well worth it.
  • Begin by exploring the lush forests of Issalia’s Rise, where a narrow path reveals a compartment overlooking a stunning plain.
  • Players must also visit Hawezar, where the intriguing Helltide Mystery Chests await.

Mystery Chest In Heltide Event

Mystery Chest Diablo 4
Treasured Gift
  1. Head to the Helltide events in the game to unlock the Tortured Gift of Mysteries. 
  2. You will need 175 Aberrant Cinders to unlock the chest and valuables. So make sure you have enough currency for these chests.

These chests have a high chance of granting multiple powerful items like Legendaries and Uniques, making them incredibly desirable. To improve your chances of getting these fantastic rewards, we recommend finding and opening the Mystery Chests first before exploring other Tortured Gifts in the Helltide zone.

Mystery Chest Location
Map For Heltide’s Mystery Chest

If you go after the Mystery Chests in Diablo 4, carefully observe and time your actions. These chests are exclusive to Helltide events, typically with two appearing in each cycle. The number of chests can vary based on certain factors.

Fractured Peaks

Mystery Chest in Fractured Peaks
Fractured Peaks

The first place where I came across these Mystery Chests was the cruel landscape of Fractured Peaks.

  1. Begin your exploration in the Frigid Expanse of Kor Rohavan, where a chest awaits just outside the entrance to the Immortal Emanation Dungeon.
  2. Continue your expedition to the Olyam Tundra, where you will discover a cluster of three chests.
  3. One is perched on a small peak above a muddy river, another is near a cave entrance by the river’s edge, and the third is tucked away on the highest ledge inside the cave.
  4. Watch for two more chests as you traverse the Sarkova Pass in the Western Ways.
  5. One can be found in a ravine northwest of Menestad, and the other awaits at a cozy campsite along the main road. 


Unearthing the secrets of Scosglen
  1. The second place I recommend players visit would be the realm of Scosglen. I traveled through Deep Forest and Northshore sub-regions to get these Mystery Chests.
  2. Begin by exploring the lush forests of Issalia’s Rise, where a narrow path reveals a compartment overlooking a stunning plain.
  3. As you head to the northern edge of The Ancients’ Woods, catch glimpses of the chest that occasionally appears there.
  4. In Vasily’s Reach, discover a chest perched atop the cliffs in the southwest corner, guiding you towards the narrow paths of the Dry Steppes.
  5. Near Tur Dulra, at the heart of Scosglen, explore The Dead Barks Wilderness, where the chest often hides among groups of thick trees.
  6. Traverse the Northshore, from Writhing Brook in the south to the Abandoned Coast, where a small island holds the chest’s secret.
  7. Then, climb up to Fothrach Castle, which stands guard at the eastern edge, and go to Stormbreak Cove, where the chest might be concealed behind rocks along the southeastern water’s edge.

Dry Steppes

Unlocking the Mystery chest location of Dry Steppes in Diablo 4
Dry Steppes

Moving on, we have Dry Steppes, where the secrets of the Helltide Mystery Chests await. Within this rugged and vast landscape, four known locations hold the potential for hidden treasures.

  1. To start your search, venture into the Untamed Scarps of the Galtmaa Brushlands, where a chest awaits just west of an Altar of Lilith.
  2. Then, head east to Desolation’s Reach, where you will find the chest near a shrine south of Champion’s Demise.
  3. In the Khargai Crags, reach Wayfayer’s Folly, a chest nestled within an encampment area to the east.
  4. Finally, ascend the rugged terrain to the Crucible of Cinder, where the chest often appears alongside an event. 


Unveiling the Enigmatic Hawezar

I should warn you that Hawezar is inaccessible and holds some of the most challenging enemy types. In this region, four known locations have the potential for these elusive treasures.

  1. Start your exploration in the Fethis Wetlands, specifically the Plains of Attrition.
  2. Here, a chest is on the far west side, between the Cursed Cabin Cellar and an Altar of Lilith.
  3. Continue your adventure into the Devouring Moor, where another chest awaits north of a landbridge northwest of Maugan’s Works.
  4. Dive into the depths of the Dismal Foothills and discover the Pilgrim’s Cave. It is west of Wejinhani, where a chest is at the top of the cave system. 
  5. Next, follow a land strip north of Heathen’s Keep, near an Altar of Lilith, to reach this location. 


Unveiling the Secrets of Kehjistan
  1. To begin your quest, venture into the Southern Expanse, where Shipwreck Cove holds a hidden chest at the peninsula’s end.
  2. Next, explore the Eastern Basin, where the bay inlet features chests on both its west and east sides.
  3. You must also head to Omath’s Redoubt and discover a chest at the front gate.
  4. Traverse the Central Plateau and find another chest on a ridge overlooking the Shrine of Terror. As you continue along the Ragged Coastline, delve into Uldur’s Cave to uncover another chest.
  5. Explore the Forgotten Ruins, Winding Canyons, and Dimmed Grotto, each concealing their enigmatic chests with unique rewards.
  6. Finally, make your way to the Amber Sands and unlock chests scattered across the Forgotten Coast, Scorching Dunes, and Dunes of Despair. 

Are Chests Worth It?

I had a blast finding the location and uncovering the Mystery Chest in Diablo 4. These chests took me all over the harsh world and gave me a solid beating whenever I lost focus. As the world progresses, it gets much more complex, making the later chests a bit more work.

However, these chests are worth the effort, as the rewards can significantly improve your build. I recommend players go out of their way and get these chests, as you need better gear to finish the campaign ultimately.

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