Diablo 4: All Strongholds Locations

Test your skills against the deadliest creatures in the game by visiting all the strongholds in Diablo 4.

diablo 4 strongholds
All strongholds in Diablo 4

There are a total of fifteen different strongholds in Diablo 4. Players can know a stronghold is nearby when they see a red skull on their map. Most of these dungeons had bosses that were more than what my character could handle. Therefore, I suggest players do not get discouraged and come back later after completing a few side quests.

Key Takeaways

  • The game features fifteen strongholds, divided equally among all five game regions. 
  • These are small places highly contaminated with the most evil creatures in the game. Players can know they are near a stronghold when they see a red skull appearing on their map. 
  • Players might have to do detective work, solve puzzles, or fight many small enemies to reach the significant bosses in each of these strongholds. Defeating these bosses will also reward players with lucrative rewards. 

Fractured Peaks Strongholds

Scattered around the whole Fractured Peaks region in Sanctuary, the three strongholds were also featured in the beta version. Their exact locations are given below:

  • Kor Dragan: It has the weakest enemies among all other strongholds in the game. I found it relatively easy to clear this Stronghold. Kor Dragan stronghold is located north of Kyovashad (the central city in Fractured Peaks) and Sarkova passes. Alternatively, it is on the northernmost side of the region.
    Kor Dragan Stronghold
    Kor Dragan Stronghold
  • Malnok: Players will face enemies from the Ice Clan that are deadlier than usual enemies. Defeating them would be a tricky task. Unlike the Kor Dragran, the Malnok spawns to the east of the central city, Kyovashad, in Fractured Peaks. Alternatively, players can locate it around the northern region of the Gale Valey.
    diablo 4 strongholds
    Malnok Stronghold 
  • Nostrava: It features Crazy Villagers who are relatively more straightforward to defeat. Players can locate it around the western side of Kyovoshad. The southwestern region of Fractured Peaks comes just before Nevesk Town.
    Nostrava Stronghold 

Scosglen Strongholds

The strongholds in the Scosglen region of Sanctuary tested my nerves with relatively more formidable enemies. To say that these bosses are just stronger would be an understatement. My Druid was obliterated the first time I walked into one of these Strongholds. 

  •  Hope’s Light: Players can locate it on their maps at the region’s top. The Scosglen region diverges out further north and creates several small promontory areas. Players must defeat the final boss, Tidewitch Ne’gana, to claim the area for themselves.
    hope's light
    Hope’s Light Stronghold
  • Moordaine Lodge: The Moordaine Lodge can be located just outside this swamp in the northeastern part of the region. Ensure you equip yourself with relevant gear to counter the deadly enemies there, especially the final boss, Fionnir the Mad Druid.
    diablo 4 strongholds
    Moordaine’s Lodge stronghold
  • Tur Dulra: You can locate it around the area north of Dry Steppes. Defeating the final boss, Infernal Tormentor will open the space for general masses of Sanctuary.
    tur dulra
    Tur Dulra stronghold

Dry Steppes Strongholds

While the strongholds in Dry Steppes are located quite some distance apart, players can quickly move between them thanks to the compact region. I can say the enemies here will be considerably more potent than the players; defeating them would not be impossible. 

  • The Ruins of Qara-Yisu: Players will take a direct road when leaving for Fractured Peaks from Dry Steppes. On their way to Fractured Peaks, players will observe a stronghold beside the road. It presents players with the challenge of tackling three infernal spires and a deadly boss, Shamun Utulku.
    the ruins of qara yisu
    The Ruins of Qara-Yisu Stronghold
  • Temple of Rot: The Temple of Rot stronghold can be found in the southwestern part of Dry Steppes. Fighting through all the minor hurdles on their way, players will finally have to face the two deadliest bosses in the game overall, Elagabalus.
    diablo 4 strongholds
    Temple of Rot stronghold
  • The Onyx Watchover: Players can easily find the Onyx Watchtower stronghold in the center of the Dry Steppes region. Similarly, it is accessible through multiple ways, all leading to the center.Players must kill everyone and Captain Ezmin to clear this Stronghold.
    The Onyx Watchtower
    The Onyx Watchtower stronghold

Kehjistan Strongholds

Kehjistan is a barren wilderness featuring some of the most dangerous strongholds with potent enemies. I found surviving in a desert is a challenging task, and on top of that, survival becomes even more complicated when facing these brain-numbing enemies. 

  • Altar of Ruin: It is located on Sanctuary’s northwestern side of the Kehjistan region. Players can find it easily on their way to the Western Coast.
    altar of ruin
    Altar of Ruin stronghold
  • Alcarnus: When traveling from the center of the Sanctuary to the Kehjistan, Alcarnus stronghold will be one of the first places players will encounter. Players will have to destroy three necrotic masses and a final boss, Rashta Reborn, to claim the Stronghold for the common folk of Sanctuary.
    diablo 4 strongholds
    Alcarnus’s Stronghold
  • Omath’s Redoubt: Omath’s Redoubt stronghold is probably the last place you can visit further south of the Kehjistan region. Players must investigate about three dead bodies and defeat the High Priestess Hadar to win this Stronghold.
    Omath's Redoubt
    Omath’s Redoubt stronghold

Hawezar Strongholds

Hawezar is the last region in Diablo 4 that players can explore while completing the storyline. 

  • Eriman’s Pyre: The northern region of Hawezar features a stronghold that will give players a tough time. This Stronghold is a messed up place to live in, featuring enemies that can burn whole villages with fire. 
    Eriman's Pyre
    Eriman’s Pyre stronghold
  • Vyeresz: In the middle of a swamp, players can find the Vyeresz stronghold in the southern part of the Hawezar region. It is named after the demon which haunts the Stronghold. The demon is also the final boss of the Stronghold, and players can reach him after destroying three Serpent’s Eye shrines.
    diablo 4 strongholds
    Vyeresz’s Stronghold
  • Crusader’s Monument: Players can find the final Stronghold in the western part of the Hawezar region. Players can locate it in the north of Zabinzet. To clear the whole area, players must defeat three Crusader champions and find a Crusader’s Skull.
crusader;s monument
Crusaders’ Monument Stronghold

My Thoughts On Strongholds

This was my first ever stronghold experience, and when I realized how much under-leveled my character was. However, the satisfaction was unreal when I finally returned and disintegrated the same Stronghold. Moreover, the rewards and XP received after clearing a Stronghold were so worth it that I was actively trying to find the Skull logo on the mini-map.

Therefore, if you are willing to get into some real challenge for significant rewards, I suggest you try these Strongholds

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