Diablo 4: Twisting Blade Build [Ultimate Rogue]

This is one of my favorite Rogue builds especially for the endgame in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Twisting Blades Build
Diablo 4 Twisting Blades Build

In Diablo 4, twisting blades are among the most powerful and pursued skills. In my experience with the Rogue, using the Twisting Blades skill was important, especially for the late game. It allows you to hold and use weapons that may not have the power of heavy punches like Barbarian, but it can quickly deal with massive damages in a short time by grouping multiple strikes.

Key Takeaways 

  • Rogue’s twisting blades skill is the most significant and fastest leveling skill in Diablo 4. This can help your character level up quickly and be used to fight against hordes of enemies. 
  • In twisting blades built in Diablo 4, some skills are used only once to deal with a lot of damage, but some skills are used multiple times, and the damage remains the same. 
  • Multiple skills are used to vulnerable enemies by enhancing the skills that help the players defeat the enemy quickly and easily. 
  • When the player enhances their skills by attacking the opponent, their skill points increase, making a more powerful attack that makes the opponent weak and easily detectable. 

Skills NameTotal Points
Fundamental Puncture3 points
Mixed Shadow Imbuement7 points
Advanced Twisting Blades7 points
Disciplined Dash3 points
Methodical Shadow Step3 points
Sturdy3 points
Exploit3 points
Siphoning Strikes3 points.

Skill Point Distribution

In Diablo 4, you can use some skills simultaneously, which will grant you a lot of damage. Let me assure you that this is not going to compromise the DPS. You can keep the damage higher and use constant or multiple strikes to defeat the enemy quickly.

Below, I will summarise the skills of Diablo 4, twisting blades build.

Diablo 4 Rogue Class Twisting Blades Build
Rogue Class Twisting Blades Build (Image Credits: Gamesual)

For the twisting blade build, I will focus on improving our mobility and damage through the skills we equip. 

Basic Skills

Using basic skills of twisting blades that can help your weakness or sensitivity, you can deal with the damage that is quite enough for plenty of enemies no matter what level is in the required range. For this specific build, the basic skills to use are recommended below.


In Diablo 4, Puncture is a Rogue skill that allows you to deal with damage quickly by throwing blades that damage the enemy.

Diablo 4 Puncture Ability for Twisting Blades Build
Puncture (Image Credits: Gamesual)

The players can deal with 20% damage using the essential puncture skill of Rogue’s twisting blade build. With some strikes, it will slow down the enemy. 

Enhanced Puncture 

Enhanced Puncture allows Rogue to enhance the primary Puncture skill. Rogue players can improve the enhanced puncture by choosing primary or fundamental punctuation.

With each execution, players can earn 2 points in the energy bar by destroying the enemy and using crowd control skills. 

Fundamental Puncture

With this, you can throw the three blades in one spread and a single strike. Plus, players can deal 35% damage from the attack by doing this. The enemy becomes weak and highly prone to wear for 2 seconds every time after you attack them with two blades of fundamental Puncture. 

Active Skills

Diablo 4 Ranged skills for Twisting Blades Build
Active skills (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Dark Shroud

Dark Shroud allows Rogue to surround the arena with five protective shadows.

With each protective shadow, the skill allows players to reduce any incoming damage from enemy hits. The shadow will be consumed when Rogue takes direct damage from the enemy, and it will also reduce the damage taken when hit. The player will earn an 8% damage to an enemy reduction per powerful shadow cast during the battle. 

Enhanced Dark Shroud

Enhanced Dark Shroud allows Rogue to enhance the primary Dark Shroud skill. Rogue can improve the Enhance Dark Shroud for this twisted blade build by choosing Countering Dark Shroud or Subverting Dark Shroud.

Subverting Dark Shroud

The subverting Dark Shroud of twisting blades will enhance the protection shadow by aiding 4% extra fast movement and increased agility. 


With the help of concealment, you can vanish from enemy sightlines by going underground for 4 seconds, which will help you defeat the enemy quickly by executing more sneak attacks.

Concealment Skill (Image Credits: Gamesual)

The skill will help you earn 30% extra movement in battle. 

Enhanced Concealment

After using the upgraded enhanced concealment skill in battle, players earn 40 energy every time they use the skill in the twisting blades build. 


The Exploit skill is a potent Rogue skill. It increases the damage to 18% on healthy and injured enemies. 


With Malice, you can deal 9% more damage by using this skill in builds, which makes the enemy weaker and highly immune to incoming damage.  

Poison Skills

You can also use the poison skill of the Rogue class to poison and debuff the enemy.

Poison Skills
Poison Skills (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Below, I will discuss different poisons and their effects. 

Poison Imbuement

Poison Imbuement allows Rogues to use the power of poison, and players can imbue the qualified weapon in their arsenal, utilizing their next 2 imbue able skills to deal with the poison damage and apply extra poison damage over 5 seconds.

Using the poison imbuement skill, the players will deal attacks capable of dealing up to 140% more damage with each strike. 

Enhanced Poison Imbuement

This skill enhances the poison imbuement and has a total duration of 1 second for poisoning the enemy to defeat them in the battle. 

Blended Poison Imbuement

In blended poison imbuement, any attack that carries poison imbuement skill will give 75% extra damage poisoning to the enemy, which will help you defeat the enemy quickly. 

Basic Skills For The Diablo 4 Twisting Blades Build
Basic Skills (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Alchemical Advantage

Using alchemical advantage will give the player 1% extra speed to reach enemies poisoned quickly. It also increases the attack rate by up to 15%, so you can get the opportunity to kill the enemy quickly. 

Deadly Venom

Using deadly venom skills, the players can give 9% more poison to the enemy, which will help to defeat the enemy more quickly. 

Ultimate Skills

Your main focus is shadow clone skill, where your character’s shadow mimics or copies your move to defeat the enemy quickly and easily. 

Shadow Clone Skill
Shadow Clone Skill (Image Credits: Gamesual)


Using innervation will give players a 30% chance to earn the energy that helps them defeat the enemy quickly. 

Adrenaline Rush

Using an adrenaline rush while the player moves toward the enemy will give 5% enhanced energy to help you fight against the enemy. 


If your energy is higher than 50%, you can earn a 50% increase in speed movement, but if you have less than 50% energy, you can only make 15% extra speed attacks to defeat the enemy. 


The momentum skill will freeze or stun the enemy, giving you at least 8 seconds to hit it when it’s frozen or stunned. You can also hit the opponent from behind in this situation.

The skills help the player deal 20% extra damage, 30% extra energy, and 15% extra speed, which enables you to defeat the enemy quickly. 

Core Skills

For Core skills, you must focus on twisting blades because they are the most critical and central skill in core skills.

Core Skills To Use
Core Skills To Use (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Twisting Blade

Twisting blades are the most critical and central skill that can deal with damage from the opponent up to 63%. After throwing the blades at the enemy, you can get back the blades within 1.5 seconds, while dealing over 101% damage.

Diablo 4 Twisting Blades Build
Twisting Blades Core Skill (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Enhanced Twisting Blades

Enhanced twisting blades will improve the damage by 30%. 

Advanced Twisting Blades

Whenever a player throws the twisting blades, and it’s returned to the player, the active cooldown will get lower by 0.25 seconds for the enemy whose blade crosses through the opponent for 3 seconds. 

Siphoning Strikes

In siphoning strikes, hitting close enemies with attacks will heal your health or max life up to 3% every time. 

Agility Skills

Moving on to the last skill set, we have agility skills, which are also crucial for twisting blades. The main focus in agility skills is the dash weapon mastery that will also allow you to earn the bonus based on the weapon you use. 

Shadow Step

With Shadow Step, your character can become a mass murdering maniac with a chance to attack the enemy from behind and dealing damage up to 75%. After 2 seconds, the players can also earn enhanced movement that is up to 50%.

Shadow Step Skill
Shadow Step Skill (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Methodical Shadow Step

With this skill, the enemy gets frozen or stunned for 2 seconds, allowing the player to damage or attack the opponent using this skill. 

Enhance Shadow Step

I recommend the Enhanced Shadow Step because it gives access to Critical Strikes against enemies for a solid 3 seconds. 

Enhanced Shadow Step Skill
Enhanced Shadow Step Skill (Image Credits: Gamesual)


The Dash will aid the player to attack the enemies by dealing 52% damage. When the dash skill cools down, it will charge again for up to 9.8 seconds.

Enhance Dash

Using dash to attack the enemy will enhance the dash by up to 20%. The enhanced dash will give more damage to the enemy for 5 seconds, allowing it to trounce the enemy. 

Disciplined Dash

When the player uses the dash skill to attack the enemy, it will slow down the opponent by up to 30% for 3 seconds. The dash skill will give a chance to the player to attack the enemy that is slowed and able to defeat the enemy quickly. 

Paragon Points

Once you have reached Level 50, you must distribute the Paragon Points for an efficient build performance in the endgame. 

Momentum Endgame skill
Paragon Skills (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Tricks Of The Trade

Tricks of the Trade is a challenge requiring players to kill ten enemies within 30 seconds. This may seem a lot, but trust me, you can kill more than ten enemies in most situations. Those interested in more challenging activities will do this to get the rewards of new titles that will add to their name and experience in exploration.


Close is the Rare Glyph, which can increase the cutthroat skill damage for every five within the range. The Rogue lowers the damage while putting out the melee spears between battles.

Paragon Skills Closer
Closer Skill (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Exploit Weakness

The exploit weakness is the legendary paragon board in Diablo 4. With this paragon, whenever the player deals damage to the weak enemy, it will take 1% to increase the damage up to 15% from you to 6 seconds. 


When your character is at level 1, the Chip will provide the player with the bonus that helps them increase their physical damage by attacking the enemy. 

No Witnesses

Utilizing this paragon will follow the effects that deal with the damage up to 30% and earn you more 10% increased damage for 20 seconds, allowing you to make the opponent vulnerable so you can easily defeat it. 

Legendary Aspects

Recommended Weapons And Aspects (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Below, I will list the names of the aspects for this build.

  • Energizing Aspect 
  • Edge Master’s Aspect 
  • Blade Dancer’s Aspect 
  • Accelerating Aspects 
  • Aspect Of Corruption 
  • Aspect Of Shared Misery 
  • Aspect Of The Umbral 
  • Cheat’s Aspect 
  • Aspect Of Quickening 
  • Blast-Trapper’s Aspect 
  • Aspect Of Disobedience 
  • Aspect Of Bursting Venoms 

Gems & Jewelry

Diablo 4 Gems and jewelry to use in Twisting Blades Build
Gems and Jewelry (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Below are the names of gems and all the details of the weapons, Armour, and Jewelry for the Twisting Blades build. 

TopazDamage Reduction while crowd-controlledIncrease Lucky Hit ChanceLightning Resistance Increase
SkullAdditional Healing Received from All SourcesLife on KillAdditional Armour Gained
SapphireDamage Reduction while FortifiedCritical Strike Damage to Crowd-Controlled Enemies IncreaseCold Resistance Increase
RubyIncrease Max LifeClass Resource GenerationFire Resistance Increase
EmeraldAdds Thorns (Damage Reflection)Damage to Elites IncreasePoison Resistance Increase

My Experience With Twisting Blades

Rogue wasn’t the first class I played in Diablo 4. Still, on my second try, I decided to let go of my Druid and try the campaign with Rogue.

To my surprise, Rogue is one of the most versatile and fun classes I got to play in Diablo 4. The melee combat has to be one of my favorite parts of this class. Meanwhile, Twisting Blade just enhances the Rogue combat experience even further. I will strongly advise you to follow all the Skill points distribution and gems to achieve a powerful endgame build qualifying for each dungeon and boss battle. 

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