Diablo 4: How To Unlock Mount [Solved]

Get your hand on the most favorable companion who will help you roam around the Diablo 4 map aimlessly.

Unlock mount in Diablo 4
Unlock mount in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 came out as the first in its series, which introduces the dynamics of the mount. Players can now use horses as a steed to roam around the open world. Regarding this scenario, these traveling companions do not come in handy initially. Instead, players have to unlock the mount by progressing through the storyline of Diablo 4.

Key Takeaways

  • To unlock the mount in Diablo 4, players will have to progress through the main quest line. Eventually, Act IV: A Gathering Storm will take you to your very first steed.
  • Talk to the stable master and buy the horse for 20,000.
  • The horse’s appearance is adjustable, meaning players can put sturdy armor on their steed or hang a trophy to display their achievements.
  • Controls for the horse are easy to understand. Moreover, there is one additional ability while on horseback. This ability is related to combat and has different functionality for different character classes

How To Unlock Mount In Diablo 4

Players must progress through Act IV: A Gathering Storm to unlock the mount. It is a passive quest line that will guide players in obtaining their first steed. Players will have to reach the stable master in Kyovashad. Interacting with the stable master will allow you to purchase horses that will initially have the same price as any horse you buy (20,000). 

Unlock the mount
Buy the Mount from Stable Master

Furthermore, horses have various skins and are unlocked by performing different feats in the game. Some are obtainable through simple purchases. In contrast, some unique mounts can be unlocked by accomplishing certain quests. Slaying monsters can also reward you with a rare horse. 

Interestingly, players only need to unlock the mount the first time they play Diablo 4. Later on, this steed will be available even for any new characters’ playthroughs. This feature adds convenience to the players who wish to speedrun the game from the beginning. Moreover, this also enhances the game’s replayability through some minor aspects.

Controls For Mount

Although controls for the mount are pretty basic, mastering them will surely have a ground-breaking impact in combat.

The controls mentioned here are the default keys on the keyboard:

Attacks with mount
Necromancer performing Bone Spike
  • Press ‘Z‘ to call the horse.
  • Click the “Right Mouse” button to dismantle the mount. Once you are on foot, you cannot call the horse again for 10 seconds.
  • ‘Shift’ key to make the horse gallop. This ability has three charges and can only be used in the open area. This gives immense speed to the player and makes the exploration much faster.
  • While riding your mount, players can exit it by performing a specific action based on their class by pressing the ‘1’ key.
    • The Barbarian class can perform a plunge attack (Bounding Slam) in the forward direction. This will leave the enemy stunned for some duration.
    • The Druid class will perform Pummel. Druid will shapeshift into a werebear and slams the ground, immensely damaging and stunning enemies for a fair amount of time. 
    • The Necromancer class will perform Bone Spike. This causes him to exit the mount to leave a trail of spikes on the ground wherever he slams. 
    • The Rogue class unleashes a deadly Volley attack which causes the player to set loose a ton of arrows. 
    • The Sorceress class performs a Freezing Wake, which deals fair damage and freezes the enemies for a period.


Customizable mount Diablo 4
Have a pre-defined set with Diablo 4 Ultimate Edition

Yet another fantastic feature regarding the mounts is that you can customize them. Although, these customizations hold no special effect. But surely, these are worth showcasing your achievements to other players. However, some incredibly jaw-dropping cosmetics come as pre-defined sets if players have the Ultimate Edition of Diablo 4.

Overall, there are two cosmetic options to customize the outlook of your steed: Mount Armor and Trophies. Regarding the armor, most of them are obtainable through purchasing. In contrast, trophies need to be earned by slaying various enemies. 

Concluding Remarks

In brief, developers have introduced the mounting mechanism as a positive element in the Diablo series. Moreover, roaming the open world with fast-paced movement dynamics is much more favorable. Much to a surprise, mounts have multiple unique-looking skins that can captivate any player’s interest. Subsequently, some of the horse’s skins require hustling over tough challenges. 

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