High On Life: Dr. Gurgula Hints & Locations

Not much is known about Dr. Gurgula in High on Life as he appears during the ending of the game. However, he is an interesting character and therefore, we have detailed everything about him in our guide.

Dr Gurgula in High on Life
Dr Gurgula in High on Life

Dr. Gurgula appears during the surprisingly twisted ending of High on Life. However, like the rest of the game, his appearance is filled with compelling experiences. Moreover, the journey to find his hideout is a fascinating adventure with mysteries and unique incidents. Getting access to Dr. Gurgula will unlock a secret achievement, introduce a new antagonist, and set the stage for a sequel.

Key Takeaways

  • Dr. Gurgula appears during the secret ending of High on Life. Being a tall yet thin scientist, he is responsible for the extinction of the gatlians species.
  • Players may find him while he is experimenting on human beings. When confronted, he justifies it by saying he is doing it to find the universe’s secrets.
  • As much enjoyable as he sounds, he stays in a hideout for most of the game and only appears at the end. Discovering his hideout in High on Life is an exciting journey full of adventures. Players need to fulfill some requirements and collect hints during their bounty missions to find Dr. Gurgula in High on Life finally.
  • A few bounty missions and some random locations in High on Life have hidden hints, and players must be intelligent not to miss them.
  • All the significant events, bounties, and boss fights are there just to set the stage for you to meet Dr. Gurgula in High on Life.

Players need to understand this series of events leading to the ending of High on Life. Our extensive guide on High On Life secret ending can assist you in understanding these events.

Dr. Gurgula In High On Life

Dr. Gurgula is a tall yet thin alien scientist with many arms in the game. While he stays unknown for most of the game, his revelation during the secret ending of High in Life surprises players. He is notorious for his dreadful experiments on humans. However, he justifies it by calling it a struggle to find the universe’s secrets.

Interaction with Dr Gurgula
First Interaction with Dr. Gurgula in High on Life

During your interaction with him, he’ll also confess that he programmed the extinction of Gatlians. Some events lead to the secret ending of High on Life, and players would need to consider them seriously if they want to experience it. These events also set the stage for you to meet Dr. Gurgula in High on Life. Let us explain these events first:

Nipulon’s Bounty

Nipulon’s bounty is an essential mission in High on Life, which tasks you to kill Garmantous. Fighting Garmantous would not be easy, as he is the most dangerous boss of the G3 cartel. Considering these facts, players must devise a capable strategy before finally facing the demonic boss in a fight in four phases.

This bounty is significant because finishing it allows you access to Bounty-5k. Bounty-5K takes you closer to meeting Dr. Gurgula in High on Life. Primarily, it will enable you to access Clugg’s office.

Clugg’s Office

Clugg is the magistrate of Blim City in High on Life. Players can reach him by navigating through the portals lab using the Bounty-5k and selecting Nova Sanctus from the available portals. Interestingly, you will not find the magistrate in his office. To be honest, you will not be there to meet the magistrate.

All you have to do is to steal the Human Haven Keycard from the table beside you. After doing so, use the Bounty-5k to return to the portals lab. Use the lab again and travel to Human Haven in the unknown sector of the game.

We are getting closer to meeting Dr. Gurgula in High on Life. Now that we have completed all the prerequisites for meeting Dr. Gurgula, let’s talk about his hideout in the game.

Human Haven keycard
Human Haven keycard

Dr. Gurgula’s Hideout Hints In High On Life

Your interaction with Dr. Gurgula will be exciting primarily because he will reveal many secrets. Moreover, you will also receive some hints about a possible sequel to the game. You can find his hideout by following specific hints on certain locations in High on Life. The details of these hints and the locations are given below:

Douglas’ Room

While on your bounty mission to deal with Douglas, the chief of Torture and Training in G3, you can also find a hint corresponding to Dr. Gurgula’s location in High on Life. You will have to use the Bounty-5k and teleport to Port Terrene. Locate Douglas’s whereabouts in the Dreg Town area of Port Terrene.

Once you are finished killing Douglas, move on inside his room. Inside his room, you will hear Garmantous speaking through a computer. Look around for a fan. Around that fan, you will be able to locate a poster. The poster is the first hint. Therefore, please pick it up and take it with you.

Most players miss this hint unintentionally. Please don’t make this mistake; remember to pick it up whenever you complete Douglas Bounty.

Jonathan Skrendel’s Office

You can find the second hint during the Skendrel Bros Bounty in High on Life. Skendrel Bros manage the laboratories which produce living drugs for the G3 cartel. Open the portals lab and head to the Zephyr Paradise. You will have to make some efforts to reach Skrendel’s office.

Once you are done with the Boss fight, look for the computer terminal around the office. Once you get your hands on the terminal, you will find the second hint. Pick it up to get another step closer to Dr. Gurgula in High on Life.

garmantous on a computer screen
Garmantous confronting on a computer screen after defeating Skrendel Bros

Dr. Giblet’s Lab

Dr. Giblet is recognized as the most intelligent member of the G3 cartel. Living in an unknown location, Dr. Giblets is behind the idea of Warp Base technology. You will have to do proper research to locate him in High on Life and then more planning to win the face-off with him.

Beating him will give you another hint about the whereabouts of Dr. Gurgula in High on Life. You will find it on a red table in his laboratory. Interestingly, this hint is not the only thing you will find there. When leaving Dr. Giblet’s hideout, you will also find Lezduit gatlian in High on Life.

dr gurgula hint in dr giblets lab
You can find the hint on a red table in Dr. Giblet’s lab

Lezduit is the most sought-after gun in High on Life, and players can learn more about it in our detailed on How To Get Lezduit in High On Life.

Nipulon’s Office

We have provided important details about Nipulon’s bounty above. However, we did not mention that you can find the second last clue about Dr. Gurgula’s hideout in High on Life. Once you are done killing him, go and check his office in Port Terrene. You will find the hint on one of the shelves in his office.

Top Of Krust Lord Building

Krust Lord building is a very noticeable landmark of Blim City. Found in Nova Sanctus planet of High on Life, players can find the last hint about the hiding place of Dr. Gurgula on top of the Krust Lord building. Moreover, in addition to the last hint, players can also find a luglox chest with attractive rewards inside.

These chests are scattered around random locations in High on Life and contain fascinating prizes. You can find details about these locations in our extensive guide on High On Life All Luglox Locations.

Finding Dr. Gurgula In High On Life

Now that we have collected all the hints, let’s move on to his hiding place in High on Life. Follow the steps below:

  • Use the Bounty-5k to reach the Human Haven in the Unknown sector.

    human haven
    Human Haven in High on Life
  • Once in the Unknown Sector, you will find many platforms going upwards. Hopefully, you have brought a Jetpack with you. Use it and climb up these platforms to reach the top of these platforms.
  • At the top, you will find a room secured by a massive locked door. It says clearly no one is allowed in. Luckily, we have the Human Haven keycard with us. Open the door using the card and get inside.

    secret entry door to lab of dr gurgula
    Use the Human Haven keycard to open this door.
  • Keep moving in until you see some fan plants blocking the way ahead. Deal with them and move ahead until you find Clugg in there. Moreover, you will be shocked to see many dead human bodies, most skinless.
  • He will run away after seeing you there. Therefore, you need to chase him in the facility until he leads you to the secret ending, where you finally meet Dr. Gurgula in High on Life. A cutscene will appear where Dr. Gurgula will introduce himself.

    dead bodies
    Dead bodies in Dr. Gurgula’s Lab

It was all for our guide about Dr. Gurgula in High on Life. Do you think there will be a sequel to High on Life? Did you find the secret ending interesting? What is your opinion about Dr. Gurgula? Tell us in the comments.

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