Starfield: Due In Full [Walkthrough]

Know the best possibilities to avail for a sequence of quest in Starfield, the Due in Full.

Due in Full quest
Due in Full Starfield

Due in Full is a side quest in Starfield where you venture throughout the space to collect debts from people. This may not sound very enticing, but managing debt from someone might hold various surprises. This quest is an initiative step to begin a long sequence of becoming a revenue agent.

Key Takeaways

  • The first objective of the quest will be to collect the debt from Dieter Maliki
    • Kill him to earn 3300 Credits.
    • Persuade him to earn 5500 Credits.
  • The second task will be to eliminate Spacers by destroying their ships.
  • The third task will be to save the company’s CEO from Crimson Fleet and bring back the debt from her.
  • The last one will be to reach out to a Mercenary.
    • Kill him to earn 3300 Credits.
    • Lie about his presence to Landry and earn 5500 Credits.
    • Pay his debt and earn 5500 Credits and the weapon Solace. This option will cost you 10,000 Credits.

How To Start Due In Full

Gal Bank Starfield
Start the Quest from Gal Bank | Image credits: Gamesual

When you step into New Atlantis, there are plenty of opportunities to earn Credits. One in particular, and preferably, is the method of considering the Gal Bank option. Once you enter the bank, head to the counter and talk to the NPC named Landry Hollifed.

Landry will propose a business bargain that involves you traveling to outer space. But fret not; he will not ask you to travel far from Alpha Centauri. Well, that is at least for the starting quests.

The moment I began with this quest line, I was using an unmodified Frontier for traveling. The fuel consumption will be less needy for these Landry’s quest that even such ship will cause no issue. Following this, you must be mindful that the planets designated for this quest will not be similar for every player. Everyone will witness a unique travel experience in Starfield during the Due in Full quest.

Regarding this, you will have to collect debt from several NPCs.

  • Deiter Maliki
  • Spacer
  • CEO
  • Mercenary

Rewards For Due In Full

Due in Full rewards
Talk to Landry after Quest completion for Rewards | Image credits: Gamesual

This quest will not end upon the first attempt. You can keep returning to Landry; he will assign you further tasks. Following this, every job he gives you will be marked as “Due In Full.” So, this quest is a repetition of a reward-yielding task. 

The reward of this quest will depend on the choices you make. There will not be a diversion of options to puzzle your mind. You either collect the debt in an ethical manner or the hard way.

Dieter Maliki

The first one off the list is collecting debt from Deiter Maliki. This quest will include the selection of choices to make when completing it. 

Options Reward
First option (Persuade) 5500
Second option (Negotiate) 3300
Third option (Attack) 3300

Other than the Persuade option, all options will force you to kill Dieter. However, be mindful that killing him will result in fewer Credits. You can have the best chance to persuade him with the help of the Persuasion skill.


The next sequel of Due in Full will surprisingly be easier than the first one. It is because you will have to collect debt from Spacers. Therefore, negotiation will not be an option here.

Even Landry will insist that you open fire at them on sight. However, Spacers will also shoot you when you enter the Solar System marked on your map. 

Return to Landry, and he will reward you with 5500 Credits.


The upcoming task will require heavy equipment to venture on a successful expedition. Now, Landry will ask you to return the debt from the CEO of a miner’s company. Like Spacers, this task will also not have any choices to scroll through.

However, you will find this target in a much more hostile stage than any other target. The CEO will be sabotaging a Crimson Fleet base. Therefore, you must help her with the tense situation to attain her attention. Do note that she will not converse until you take our every pirate.

Once you have taken care of the situation, she will be available to have the conversation. Moreover, she will hand over her debt without being demanding. As a result, you will earn 5500 Credits as a reward.


Mercenary in Starfield
An Old Mercenary in Debt | Image credits: Gameusal

Lastly, Landry will ask you to collect the debt from a Mercenary. This last section of Due in Full can be the most rewarding in Starfield, depending on your choice. 

Options Reward
First option (Attack) 3300
Second option (Lie) 5500
Third option (Will cost you 10,000 Credits)
Solace (Pistol) + 5500

Here, I prefer going for the third option. Pay his debt and obtain a potent weapon, Solace, and some Credits. However, if you need earning Credits, then lie to Landry. Telling him that you could not find the Mercenary will earn you a good amount of Credits. 

As for the Solace and its incredible stats, the weapon comes with numerous modifications.

Solace in Starfield
Solace, Due in Full completion Reward | Image credits: Gamesual
Weapon Damage Fire Rate Range Mass
Solace 43 (Physical) 30 24 3.15

Consequently, Starfield is enriched with major reward-giving activities and missions worth hustling for. The game is meant to explore every aspect, whether related to the storyline or not. I have always considered Bethesda games much more enticing when engaging in side activities. 

However, it is to be noted that Starfield’s main quest line will offer unbeatable rewards throughout the game.

My Thoughts

I highly recommend that every player try to clear the “Due in Full” quest in the early-game scenario. The task will require minimal effort most of the time. Simply because the persuasion can get things done here. However, enemies will not lunge at you with any laser-cut technology when the fights show up. So, exploit the possibility at the earliest.

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