Evil West: Best Tips And Tricks [Top10]

Evil West is a great action-packed shooter. Here are 10 tips and tricks to make you a guru of the game.

Evil West Best Tips and Tricks
Evil West Best Tips and Tricks

A fast-paced third-person shooter, Evil West is becoming popular every day. The game is a unique fusion of a traditional gunslinger environment with demons and vampires. With linear story-based gameplay, Evil West offers an action-packed experience. This guide goes over the best tips and tricks for Evil West. 

The game is different from today’s flow of games and, in fact, delivers a more pre-PlayStation 4 feel. If you’re new to the game or wondering how to get better, you’ve come to the right place. 

Key Takeaways From The Guide

  • The combat style of Evil West is all about agility and speedy combos
  • Evil West sort of combines concepts of Doom, Red Dead Redemption, and Bioshock
  • For combat, frequent combos, flinging enemies, and an overall aggressive pace is the best way to go about the game. 
  • For the environment and the game in general, exploration and strategic upgradation of equipment are key to success.

Combing combat forms of different games, Evil West can be played with different styles. However, the preferred default method is supposed to be very aggressive and agile. This may be similar to a fusion of Devil May Cry and Bioshock. This novel combination is what makes the combat of the game so attractive.

Evil West Tips And Tricks

Let us now go through 10 of the best tips and tricks in Evil West:

Constant Agility 

As mentioned earlier, Evil West is a fast-paced game. In addition to quickly switching weapons, perform dodges and double-tap dodges generously. Your character is not overpowered like Doom, where you can fire endlessly and eliminate enemies. Timed dodges are fundamental in Evil West. Dodging is key in this game, like Devil May Cry or other similar games.

One outstanding item you have at your disposal is the zapper. The zapper is a multi-purpose item. It can be used to block, stun or pull enemies towards yourself.

Upgrades make it even more powerful and versatile. It is this zapper that makes Evil West so fast-paced yet never dull. The pulling of enemies and stunning creates endless combinations of attacks.

Flinging The Enemies 

Flinging an enemy in Evil West
Firing a flung enemy

While fighting enemies in Evil West, one smart way is to fling them off instead of trying to finish them off. Now, what is flinging?

There are many ways to fling an enemy. For melee attacks, an enemy must be in close range. With firearms, utilize spikes and explosives when an enemy comes near them, causing flinging and essentially eliminating them without much effort.

Another way to fling is to use the electric gauntlet and send an enemy mid-air. You can also punch enemies to fling them or throw them off. There are many more methods, so experiment with all types of combos and moves to make the most out of your gaming experience.

Don’t Lose Sight Of Enemies

Losing track of enemies may result in difficulty blocking or defending against attacks from other enemies. Be aware of the environment at all times. 

The camera mechanics are such that if enemies are behind you, it is hard to keep track of them, making you vulnerable to an onrush of attacks that you can’t block from behind.

Explore Endlessly

Evil West is not open-world but still has a dynamic and vast world in its linear gameplay. Leave no stone unturned and find all items possible. 

Often, you will find rare items that you can use to upgrade your equipment. Discovering unexplored areas may open up new quests or upgrades that remain hidden throughout the game.

Upgrade Your Equipment 

This is an obvious yet essential tip. Your electric gauntlet and your trusty firearms are essential in your combat. The electric gauntlet has a vast chain of upgrades. Choose your upgrades according to your fighting style. But this also means you work hard to gain as many skill points as well.

Upgrades Menu In Evil West
Upgrades in Evil West

As far as firearms are concerned, each has its pros and cons. Some guns, such as shotguns, have lower cooldowns and can be used in fast combat. Strategically planning your upgrades can enable you to have high-powered guns and quick low-cooldown ones, making you unstoppable!

Identify And Utilize Weak Points 

Almost all sorts of enemies in Evil West manifest their weak points. These are the vital points on their bodies, which, when damaged, absorb significantly higher damage than regular attacks. These are usually identifiable by small circles on their bodies while attacking. With time you can predict when enemies will show their vital points, and your accuracy will improve.

Prioritize Your Enemies Strategically 

Some enemies are more bothersome than others. Depending on your strengths and weaknesses, prioritize the right enemies. Some enemies drop explosives and can prove quite annoying, so ridding them first is a good idea. Otherwise, combat becomes overwhelming. 

Usually, it’s better to deal with quick or ranged enemies first who interrupt attacks and dodges. Then, deal with slower or bigger enemies with more focus.

Be Aggressive Yet Smart 

We did say that Evil West is swift, but that does not mean to play recklessly or do button-mashing. This game has smart, strategic ways to be aggressive and agile.

For instance, rather than simply blocking or dodging, a smart, aggressive way is to interrupt enemies during their attack to stop them before they damage you. This may require some practice to perfect the time, but it is an elite technique in Evil West.

Use Combos Frequently 

Combos are necessary for any combat game. Performing attacks in different combats in sequence deals far higher damage. 

For instance, you can punch an enemy, fire at them, and pull using the zapper. You can also perform cannonball attacks in a constant streak, but it depends on the type of enemy you are fighting.

Whenever possible, performs finishers. Finishing off enemies makes the game more exciting and also results in a drop of items, especially when they turn yellowish in color, they drop health.

Mix And Match Styles 

Firing at Explosives in Evil West
Shooting Explosives

A mix-and-match of all the tips above, the holistic approach to Evil West is not one or some of these tips but the right balance of all. But this balance varies from person to person. You can make Evil West repetitive and easy, or smart and more enjoyable, both being the correct ways to proceed.

If you are a Doom fan, your style will likely be more firearms-based and aggressive. If you’re a Devil May Cry person, you can combine the gauntlet and the zapper with the frequent flinging of enemies. 

Final Words

Evil West may seem straightforward at first, but the game requires a proper playing style and a variety of tips to become a guru. However, the best way to master all aspects of the game is to experiment with everything and implement the balance that fits you.

This guide has covered 10 tips and tricks we consider utilize in Evil West. Whether it’s the combat or the general gameplay, we have covered several aspects in 10 tips. Use them now and see how your performance improves!

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