Evil West: Best Weapon Upgrades

Looking for which weapon upgrades to invest in for Evil West? We got you covered.

Evil West Best Weapon Upgrades
Evil West Best Weapon Upgrades

Evil West is a combat-focused game in which you spend most of your time-fighting enemies and removing their evil spirit effect. So, knowing the best weapon upgrades in Evil West is essential to pave the way for progressing the storyline and achieving a smooth gameplay experience. We will discuss what the critical upgrades to invest in are and which of these will do the highest amount of damage. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Key Points

  • You can upgrade all your weapons through coins.
  • Some weapon upgrades, such as boomstick and scorcher upgrades, will aid you in short-ranged battles.
  • You can also access weapon upgrades such as rifle and X-bow upgrades for longer-ranged combat.
  • Other upgrades, such as “Do not disturb,” give you an upper hand in a battle.

Best Weapon Upgrades In Evil West

Agent Tools

Agent Tools upgrade gives your character access to fighting tools such as invulnerability while healing. Simply put, it aids in fighting enemies rather than inflicting damage on them. Upgrades of this weapon are vital and not that expensive. Let’s have a look at some of the upgrades from Agen Tools.

Do Not Disturb

Adding the Do Not Disturb upgrade to Agen Tools will allow players to be invulnerable to enemy attacks for 5 seconds after they heal. Your character’s body will glow red, indicating that you are currently invulnerable, and when the 5 seconds are up, the red glow ends, and you are again vulnerable to attacks. This ability should be bought as soon as possible.

Do not disturb ability buying screen
Do Not Disturb Weapon Upgrade In Evil West

This upgrade allows you to leave combat alive without getting hit by enemy attacks. Moreover, it can be used for significant attacks or to finish off your enemies. This is one of the best weapon upgrades in Evil West, which you should get as soon as possible.

Amp Snack

Amp Snack can be used to heal your character when healing is on cooldown. It does cost one energy but is essential during tricky situations when you don’t have enough health and need it urgently. Moreover, players can use it as a safety net to ensure they don’t die at the cost of an energy bar.

Amp Snack ability buying screen
Amp Snack Weapon Upgrade In Evil West

Rentier Revolver

This weapon will be available to you from the early stages of the game, and thus requires special consideration for upgrades. Your first long-ranged weapon in the game is the Rentier Revolver. And since it doesn’t require aiming, it is effortless and practical. This is a very important early to the mid-game weapon, so it is best to invest in this revolver.


This is the electricity-augmented version of the rentier revolver, which deals more damage. The great thing about this upgrade is that the bullets can ricochet between enemies, allowing players to damage multiple enemies simultaneously. 

Blaster ability buying screen
Blaster Weapon Upgrade In Evil West

Although it isn’t the best for single-target damage, but it is an excellent choice for multiple targets since it can be used from ample range and gives you time to roll out of the way of things.

One Bullet Shy

This upgrade will allow you to put an extra bullet in the chamber, which is always useful when fighting many enemies at once. Using this upgrade, you will get seven shots instead of the default six clip size, allowing you to inflict more damage with one reload.

One bullet shy ability buying screen
One Bullet Shy Weapon Upgrade In Evil West

Rentier Gauntlet

Like Rentier Revolver, you may receive Rentier Gauntlet as your first weapon. This will be your primary weapon for melee attacks. This gauntlet will be on the right hand of your agent, and it is essential to prioritize its upgrades at the beginning of the game.

The Great Finish

It is an essential upgrade for the gauntlet; performing the zapper finish produces an electricity spike and drops an energy pickup. When you see an enemy near death, you will pop into them with your zapper or pull them towards you. Afterward, your character will enter into finisher, but the most important thing is that it will give us our energy back, allowing us to refill our energy bar.

The Great Finish ability buying screen
Great Finish Weapon Upgrade In Evil West

This will be very helpful later in the game, when you can enter supercharged mode, thus inflicting a large pool of damage on your opponents. 

Fists Of Steel

While performing a zapper pull or dash, the gauntlet is supercharged and will considerably increase the damage of the next melee punch. Since we will use our zapper frequently, Fists of Steel will allow you to qualify for considerable opening damage when fighting enemies.

Fists of Steel ability buying screen
Fists of Steel Weapon Upgrade In Evil West

This will prove to be very useful when you’re playing at later difficulty levels.

Rentier Rifle

This is the perfect long-range weapon for killing enemies with weak points. This will be accessible later in the game, but it will be well worth the wait.

Free Bullet

This upgrade will restore the bullet you shot at the weak spot of your enemies. Although this isn’t the most powerful for your damage, but what this upgrade lacks in damage, it makes up for precision. Free Bullet upgrade allows you to kill multiple enemies without using any ammo, thus proving an essential upgrade in this game.

Free Bullet ability buying screen
Free Bullet Weapon Upgrade In Evil West

Rentier X-Bow

This weapon will be used for longer-ranged battles and requires precise aim. This long-ranged weapon increases your ammo capacity and lets you focus on shooting enemies without worrying about ammo. Meanwhile, it is always recommended to pursue some weapon upgrades to double the weapon’s performance. 


XXL-Bow focuses upgrade focuses on extending the magazine clip to two additional bolts. This proves useful later in the game, where you kill enemies from a distance or hit their weak spots. This is an amazing weapon upgrade since it can be upgraded at a meager price.

Speaking of low price, if you are low on bucks in Evil West, you can visit our how to earn bucks in Evil West guide. This way, you can easily make extra money to acquire essential upgrades for weapons.

XXL Bow ability buying screen
XXL-Bow Weapon Upgrade In Evil West

Amped Bolts

Amped Bolts are electrically charged bolts that create arcs between the tagged enemies and inflict constant damage for a small period. This upgrade is overpowered against smaller enemies in groups and as a single target since it will circle them while doing extreme damage over time.

Amped Bolts ability buying screen
Amped Bolts Weapon Upgrade In Evil West

Rentier Gatling

This weapon is an absolute powerhouse and deals insane amounts of damage to the enemy. All upgrades of this weapon are essential since this weapon is very important at later stages of the game.

The Cocoon

This upgrade will make you invulnerable to enemy attacks for as long as you hold down the trigger. The only time you are in danger with this gun is when you are not shooting or reloading the clip. 

The Cocoon ability buying screen
The Cocoon Weapon Upgrade In Evil West

This weapon removes the worries of receiving damage while you are shooting this gun while dealing lots of damage to groups of enemies. This aspect of the upgrade increases its value for investment.

Fire And Forget

Using the Fire and Forget gives the Gatling bullet belt 25% additional fire making this a must-have in this game. Moreover, this upgrade provides the weapon with 25% additional damage in a single reload and 25% added time in the invulnerability. Utilizing this invulnerability and inflicting large amounts of damage on the enemy is quite amazing in this game. Because of that, it makes this weapon upgrade well worth picking up.

Death Ray

Another essential upgrade is the death ray, which inflicts insane amounts of damage to the enemies and makes them explode. The Gatling shoots with energy arcs which inflict significantly more damage to the enemies.

Death Ray ability buying screen
Death Ray Weapon Upgrade In Evil West

This is one of the best weapon upgrades in Evil West since it deals high damage to single and multiple targets to sweep clean the maps in a short time quickly.

Rentier Boomstick

Being a shotgun, Rentier Broomstick is ideal for close-range fights. It has the power to one-shot smaller enemies and is an essential weapon in your arsenal.

Snap Shot

This overpowered upgrade will let you one-shot even stronger enemies. It deals double damage on an enemy. One way to use this is to go close and personal with the enemy and blow their brains out.

Snap Shot ability buying screen
Snap Shot Weapon Upgrade In Evil West

This upgrade is amazing, and it is amusing to watch the enemies explode; it takes just a single shot to kill smaller to medium enemies. 


Very possibly, the best weapon in Evil West is the Scorcher. It is a cool flamethrower that solves puzzles and deals close-range damage. It is definitely worth investing in, as it can prove to be the most valuable weapon in the game.

With A Bang

This upgrade burns enemies and deals large amounts of damage to them and the enemies surrounding them upon death. This splash damage is significant for clearing out smaller to medium enemies, making this ability a must-have weapon upgrade.

With a Bang ability buying screen
With A Bang Weapon Upgrade In Evil West

Closing Remarks

That concludes the best weapon upgrades in Evil West. And now you know where to invest your money while upgrading your arsenal. However, it boils down to what kind of playstyle you have, so be sure to choose what will be the most fun. But some essential weapon upgrades will make the game more accessible and fun, as discussed above.

Since you’re already on the Evil West grind, make your gameplay even better by checking out our guide on the best builds in Evil West; Evil West Powerful Builds.

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