Evil West: How To Unlock Skins [Explained]

Looking to give some extra swag to Jesse in Evil West? Here is How to Unlock Skins in Evil West to get some cool character skins

How To Unlock Skins in Evil West
How To Unlock Skins in Evil West

Evil West is undoubtedly the talk of the town and the buzz these days in the gaming community. This fast-paced vampire hunt fest is surely a treat for every action lover. In the past, not many games in this genre have allowed players to customize their characters. But Focus Entertainment has offered a range of fabulous costumes and weapons skins in Evil West. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about how to Unlock Skins in Evil West.

Key Takeaways

  • Besides the standard Jesse Rentier costume, Evil West features 16 additional skins combined for your character and weapons.
  • Half of these skins are already in the game and can be unlocked by finding the hidden chest boxes during gameplay.
  • The remaining half skins are a part of a DLC “Evil West: Wild Wild East,” which can be bought on Steam for just $2.99.
  • These skins are just a visual upgrade and do not affect the gameplay in any way.

Character Skins In Evil West

From the gameplay style of Evil West, one might judge that this kind of gory-filled fast-paced action game will not offer much of character customizations. But to our surprise, Evil West also caters this aspect. The game’s protagonist Jesse Rentier has a standard costume that is already off the charts and super cool. It has an authentic cowboy vibe, and the developers have made sure that you go in style.

Jesse Rentier In His Standard Skin
Jesse Rentier In His Standard Skin

Other than this standard costume, Evil West offers a wide range of skins for your character. Evil West has just hit the game stores, and if you are a beginner and still trying to figure out how to unlock Skins for your character in Evil West, we’ve got you covered.

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How To Unlock Skins In Evil West?

Evil West features 16 skins, including the character and weapon skins. Half of these skins are already present in the game and can be found in hidden chests spread throughout the map.

Moreover, the other half skins can be bought with real-life money on Steam. These skins only change the visual appearance of your character and your weapons. It has no additional effect on your gameplay or the efficiency of your weapons.

Evil West also allows you to change your character’s skin even during the gameplay making your character customization efficient and fast.

In-game Skins

To unlock the in-game skins, you need to find them. These skins are hidden at various locations on your map that you can explore during the gameplay. Don’t worry about how you will find these secret locations. Here is your complete guide to finding these chests:

Where To Find Skins In The Game?

Besides having straightforward gameplay, Evil West does have some secret locations for players to find. These secret locations often have bucks and collectible chests hidden there. Once you find a collectible chest, you unlock an upgrade or skin for your character or weapons as a reward.

Exploring Secret Locations in Evil West
Exploring Secret Locations for Collectible Chests in Evil West

So during every mission, keep an eye open for breakable walls, hanging chains leading to someplace, and hidden posts because that’s where you will find these chests. And before moving on to the following location, ensure you have thoroughly searched the whole place. Moreover, you can also check the Lore menu to make sure that you have collected all the bucks and collectibles from a particular location on the map.

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Skins From Steam

Besides the skins that can be found in the secret chests in the game, there are also some Skins that can be bought for real-life money on Steam. Flying Wild Hog and Focus Entertainment have released a DLC Skin Pack for Evil West on Steam. This DLC pack with the name “Evil West: Wild Wild East” is available on Steam for $2.29.

Evil West - Wild Wild Skin Pack Available on Steam
Evil West – Wild Wild Skin Pack Available on Steam

This DLC pack offers you the following items:

  • Golden Defender Outfit – A new complete outfit for Jesse Rentier having a golden glowy outlook with stripes of blue
  • Five additional Gloden glowy skins for your weapons, including Boomstick, Rifle, Zapper, Revolver, and Gauntlet, giving all of these a cool shiny look during gameplay.
Evil West Wild Wild East DLC Pack Skins Showcase
Evil West: Wild Wild East DLC Pack Skins Showcase

If you have pre-ordered the game, you don’t need to buy this DLC pack; you will already have these skins. These costume skins are cool and all, but there have been complaints from many players that even if you have bought the skin and applied it, the cutscenes will still show Jesse in his standard costume. This is probably a bug in the game, and we hope that Focus Entertainment will soon fix this.


Even though the video games in this genre don’t typically offer character or weapons customization, Evil West indeed delivers in this aspect. Giving you a choice to select from a range of skins for your character and weapons, Evil West stands out for sure.

We hope you know everything you need about Evil West skins. So do try out these skins and let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on these skins.

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