Evil West: How To Beat The Parasiter

Start your journey of slaying the monstrous bosses in Evil West by defeating the Parasiter using our extensive guide.

How to beat the Parasiter in Evil West
How to beat the Parasiter in Evil West

There are four major boss fights in Evil West, and defeating these villains can be a problematic task, requiring excellent strategy, timely blows, and complete control of your nerves. The Parasiter is the first boss that players will face after reaching chapter 7 in Evil West.

Key Takeaways

  • Players will fight four bosses across the sixteen chapters of Evil West.
  • The Parasiter is the first boss, which players fight at the end of chapter 7 in Evil West. While the game is pretty easy initially, the Parasiter is the first significant hurdle that will put players’ abilities to the test.
  • The Parasiter can attack players in three different ways, featuring two monstrous tentacles and a leech-like head. It can try to crush players using its tentacles by dropping stones from above or by releasing cocoons which can hatch more small enemies.
  • Defeating the Parasiter will require sheer consistency, control of nerves, and a proper strategy. Moreover, players can use certain perks and abilities provided in Evil West to increase their chances of winning the boss fight.

Evil West The Parasiter

Players can choose between four available difficulty levels in Evil West according to their expertise in handling the monsters. However, the game automatically takes a hard turn when players reach the Smokes and Mirrors chapter and face the first significant villain while progressing through the game.

The first few chapters of Evil West are straightforward and fun to progress through. However, chapter 7 introduces the Parasiter, a gross-looking evil boss in Evil West. Following are some of the essential points related to the Parasiter:

  • The Parasiter has a leech-like head and two protruding tentacles from its right and left sides.
  • These tentacles are one of the primary attacking sources for the Parasiter as they launch poison balls. These poison balls can seriously deplete a player’s health.

    two tentacles of the main boss
    The two tentacles of the Parasiter spit poisonous balls
  • The Parasiter can also drop rocks from above along with the poisonous tentacles. Moreover, it can launch infected eggs, which can hatch to produce tiny monsters to double the trouble for your character.
  • Some weak points are highlighted on the body of the Parasiter, and players need to attack them to weaken and, eventually, defeat the powerful boss.

As you will be playing at beginner levels, you will probably not be equipped with advanced tools available at later levels. Therefore, maintaining a resilient strategy and stealthy movements will ensure your first win against a central boss in Evil West.

Additionally, certain perks and abilities will prove very helpful in your journey against the Parasiter. Focus on unlocking them before entering the arena of boss fights in Evil West. If you are interested in learning more about these perks, we refer to our detailed guide on Evil West Best Perks

How To Beat The Parasiter In Evil West

The final boss fight is introduced at the end of chapter 7 in Evil West, and players can play it in three different phases. However, keep in mind that there will be no checkpoints available. Consequently, if you lose the battle, you will have to replay the whole fight against the boss completely.

The three phases of the boss fight against the Parasiter in Evil West are explained in detail below:

Phase 1

In Phase 1 of the fight against the Parasiter in Evil West, the poisonous tentacles will be its primary weapon against you. One worrying fact about the Parasiter is that it is not vulnerable to any of your attacks. However, that makes the boss fight even more enjoyable and thrilling.

Fortunately, there are some weak points on its tentacles. These weak points will be highlighted as yellow circles on the tentacles. Your primary target should be to attack these points using your riffle or any way possible. It will limit the tentacles’ movement and their attack as well.

weak points on tentacles
The yellow circles will highlight weak points on the tentacles

The Parasiter uses his tentacles to attack in two different ways. Therefore, understanding his striking pattern and devising a strategy to counter these attacks would benefit you. The tentacles move and attack in the following two ways:

  • They launch poisonous projectiles at you. Keep moving randomly to avoid being hit and confusing the attacker. Maintain a safe distance from the tentacles because their attack could be lethal. Additionally, when the tentacles move to launch the attack, they move fast and quickly fire on the yellow circles. It will make the tentacles fall to the ground.
  • The Parasiter can try to hit you with his tentacles directly. It can even try to stab you with its tentacles once or thrice in a row. Use the dodge button to survive these deadly blows. Moreover, once this attack is made, the tentacles will be laid on the ground for enough time to counter-attack them in any way you like. Seize the opportunity and make your attacks wisely.

Once you destroy the tentacles, you will see a weak point in Parasiter’s mouth. Focus your attacks on that weak point. Moreover, killing the tentacles will also drop some energy you can use to refill your health bar.

The parasiter will try to stab players with its tentacles in Evil West
Seize the opportunity and open fire on the tentacles when they are on the ground after trying to stab you.

Phase 2

Phase 2 includes the Parasiter hitting the giant tree beside him, resulting in rocks befalling on the ground. Taking hits from these rocks could be fatal for players. Therefore, you will need to maintain a safe distance from these projectiles.

Red circles on the ground will predict the target of falling rocks. Make sure to avoid stepping in those red circles, and you will be safe from the deadly attacks.

red circles on ground
Avoid stepping on red circles on the ground.

The Parasiter will resolve to another deadly attack once you have survived the previous attacks in Evil West. It will release a large number of cocoons on the ground. These cocoons can hatch to release many small enemies that can create lots of trouble for you. Therefore, use a flamethrower to burn these cocoons before they trouble you.

Burning the cocoons will drop some energy points players can use to restore their health. Meanwhile, the Parasiter will re-grow its tentacles and use them to release more cocoons on the ground. As the fight intensifies, the tentacles will bounce back to attack, and while doing so, they will also crush down their cocoons. Thus, saving you a lot of trouble.

cocoons of the Parasiter

Keep moving randomly and dodging the attacks while striking back hard whenever you get a chance. Following these best Tips and Tricks in Evil west will ensure your survival against the Parasiter.

Phase 3

Things start to get messier in this phase. The Parasiter will start attacking you with all his powers and abilities in Evil West. Consequently, you will have to deal with the ravaging tentacles launching poisonous projectiles, deadly rocks falling from above, and small enemies exploding out of cocoons.

hatched enemies from the cocoons
Cocoons can hatch to release many small enemies.

Maintain your calm and strategize your attacks while actively defending yourself by staying on the move. Keep your eyes on the tentacles and open fire whenever you can.

Simultaneously, avoid stepping on the red circles on the ground to avoid getting hit by the falling rocks. Additionally, use the flamethrower and other essential abilities in Evil West to destroy the cocoons before they start hatching into enemies.

Fire weak spots in the face of the Parasiter in Evil West
Fire the weak spots in the mouth of the Parasiter whenever you get a chance.

Your primary focus should be attacking the weak points on the tentacles. If you are consistent in your attacks, the parasiter will finally be dead in no time. Once you have won the fight, a cutscene will appear where you can see the protagonist burning the Parasiter in Evil West.

The parasiter is dead in Evil West
Congratulations! You have successfully defeated the Parasiter in Evil West.

Mission Reward

Defeating the Parasiter in Evil West will unlock the Minor Deity Achievement. Moreover, players will also receive thirty game scores.

It was all for our guide on defeating the Parasiter in Evil West. Did you find our guide helpful? How long did it take to beat the Evil Boss, and what abilities did you use? Tell us in the Comments.

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