Evil West: Powerful Build [Perks + Weapon Upgrades]

Looking for a cool and strong build for Jesse Rentier in Evil West? Here is an Evil West powerful build for you.

Evil West Powerful Build
Evil West Powerful Build

Evil West is one of the most dynamic and action-packed games seen in a while. You embark on the cowboy-themed adventures of Jesse Rentier to conquer the Evil West and restore the Rentier Institute. But in this deadly world of vicious and bloodhound vampires, you must be adequately equipped with all the right tools to survive this badland. So we have designed a powerful build for you to survive the dark horizons of this Wild West and always to have the upper hand on your enemies.

Key Takeaways

  • There are a lot of cool perks and weapon upgrades that can provide a strong build for your character in Evil West.
  • To achieve a strong build, the recommended perks are: On The Spot, Short Circuit, Chain of Command, Bait & Switch, Aftershock, and Wider Audience.
  • Moreover, the recommended weapon upgrades include, Do Not Disturb, Fists of Steel, Midair Shot, Great Finish, Blaster, and Supercharged Mode.
  • Once you apply all these perks and weapon upgrades, you will be a death machine and a nightmare for your enemies.

Evil West Powerful Build

There are a lot of perks and weapon upgrades featured in the Evil West that can provide you with a strong and cool build. Here are some of the coolest and deadliest perks and upgrades that you can get for a badass Evil West Powerful build:

Perks To Buy For An Evil West Powerful Build

On The Spot

Given that some blows might completely deplete your health bar having even a bit extra health up your sleeve can be a lifesaver at difficult times. When fighting hordes of blood-hound vampires or deadly bosses, even small chunks of health matter. So when on the battlefield, your healing ability is on cooldown; even small chunks of extra health can save you from dying at the hands of those bloody vampires.

On the Spot Perk In Evil West
On the Spot Perk In Evil West

Often but not every time you shoot your opponents, they drop health orbs. Moreover, their weak spots appear as glowing circles when the enemy charges for the next attack. The On Spot perk, once bought, increases the chance that the enemy will drop a health orb on shooting it by 15%.

One might think that this measly 15% will make a difference. But as you shoot these weak spots so often, you end up with lots and lots of health orbs due to this perk.

Short Circuit

Among your melee attacks, punches are indeed effective and will take you a long way down the road on your Evil West journey. But besides punches, we need to focus on the attacks that stun your enemies by electrocuting them.

Because once the vampires are stunned, it gives you an edge that in the time they are stunned you can attack them with assortments of different combos, inflicting more significant damage on your enemies. To serve this purpose, the best perk that Evil West has to offer is the Short Circuit.

Short Circuit Perk In Evil West
Short Circuit Perk In Evil West

Besides being effective in doing a great deal of damage, Short Circuit also gives you an edge on the Energy side. Whenever you kill an enemy with Short Circuit, the enemy drops you energy upon its death which can be helpful to continue your fights in a fast-paced momentum. All these reasons make “Short Circuit” a must-have perk to create a powerful build for your character.

Chain Of Command

If you want to take your melee combat skills to the next level in Evil West, then “Chain of Command” is surely the perk you need. The Chain of Command increases the damage level of each subsequent attack after the first one by 30%.

But with this perk, the whole game is of timing. You will only be able to get the advantage of increased damage if your next attack is synced with your previous one. Such that you attack again just as the first blow is about to land.

Chain of Command Perk in Evil West
Chain of Command Perk in Evil West

The whole combat experience in Evil West is a beautiful amalgam of fast-paced weapons and melee attacks. To level up your game for melee attacks, you need to buy some perks from the perk tree. And when going to buy one, “Chain of Command” should be on the top of your list.

Bait & Switch

The battle style is so dynamic and fast-paced that wherever you stand still, you will be giving an invitation to your death. So you must constantly move to ensure you do not come in the way of enemies’ attacks. So “agility” is something you wish for in such situations. In this regard, Evil West features a perk called “Bait & Switch.”

Bait & Switch allows the players to dodge sideways and backward to avoid enemy attacks without interrupting your melee combo attack. Moreover, it can also increase the Area of Effect for your melee attacks, giving you an upper hand on your enemies.

It will make your combat so satisfying that you will almost enjoy it. Bait & Switch is unlocked at level 7 and can step up your melee combat game. This perk must be on your list if you want a badass Evil West Powerful to build for Jesse Rentier.


Aftershock is another perk that acts as a supplement to your Quake punch attacks. For those uninitiated, Quake Punch is a melee attack that can be useful when dealing with large hordes of vampires, inflicting a great deal of damage on them with a slam attack. It is one of the best melee attacks up your sleeve in Evil West, so why don’t you give it a lightning boost with Aftershock?

Aftershock creates a powerful slam just following your Quake Punch attack, causing a faster attack with more damage. And the best part about Aftershock is that besides being really effective in combat, it’s not very hard to get. It consumes your energy but can throw away the hordes of minions, clearing the area in a matter of seconds.

Wider Audience

Wider Audience is a perk applied to your Zapper pull, making it more effective and deadly. Zapper pulls the enemies towards you, allowing you to stun them by electrocuting them or performing melee attacks. But on the base level, the Zapper pull has a shortcoming: it can pull only one enemy toward you. This is where the “Wider Audience” perk comes into play.

Wider Audience allows you to pull multiple enemies towards you at a time, helping you deal with hordes of blood-lusty vampires more effectively. Once you have grabbed multiple vampires, you can melee them or throw them some Quack Punches.

The Wider Audience perk becomes available once you reach level 9. And to achieve a powerful badass build, we suggest saving your dime and getting it as early as possible.

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Weapon Upgrades For A Powerful Build

Fists Of Steel

Fists Of Steel is an upgrade that is linked to your Zapper pull. Once you pull the enemies towards you, this upgrade increases the damage level of your subsequent melee attacks, making it great for melee combos and wreaking havoc when dealing with crowds of vampires.

Fists of Steel Weapon Upgrade In Evil West
Fists of Steel Weapon Upgrade In Evil West

Do Not Disturb

In the fast-paced adventure of Evil West, anything that aids players with good health and surviving the blood-hound packs of vampires longer is worth getting. And what more can you wish for than something that gives you invulnerability, even for a few seconds? So “Do Not Disturb” upgrade is just the right upgrade for this purpose.

Do Not Disturb Weapon Upgrade In Evil West
Do Not Disturb Weapon Upgrade In Evil West

It gives the players invulnerability for 5 seconds following their healing period. So be vicious in these 5 seconds and utilize them in the deadliest way possible. Dive into the hordes of vampires and hash and slash them, knowing that nobody can harm you now.

Midair Shot

While the revolver is not the deadliest of the weapons in the game, it is really effective for long-range attacks. Moreover, if fully upgraded, it can also target multiple enemies simultaneously. As a cherry on top, you can also apply the “Midair Shot” upgrade to it. This upgrade increases the damage level of the attack and allows you to attack it multiple times once it’s airborne after the first attack.

Midair Weapon Upgrade
Midair Weapon Upgrade In Evil West

Supercharged Mode

This is probably the coolest and worth-buying weapon upgrade in the whole game. Supercharged mode, once activated, turns you into a death machine for the next 7 seconds. This upgrade is only limited to attacks by your gauntlet or your zapper.

Moreover, it increases the damage level of your melee attacks quite significantly. Not only this, but it also reduces the level of damage you get for 7 seconds. So once you get supercharged, make sure to make these 7 seconds count.

Supercharged Mode Perk In Evil West
Supercharged Mode Perk In Evil West


This upgrade gives you a modified, electrically augmented, and more deadly version of the Rentier Revolver. This upgrade increases the damage level of the standard Revolver. Moreover, with this upgrade, the bullets start ricocheting between enemies allowing you to target multiple enemies simultaneously.

Blaster Weapon Upgrade
Blaster Weapon Upgrade In Evil West

Great Finish

Once again, this upgrade applies to your Zapper and Gauntlet attacks and gives a deadly finish to your attacks. If you have applied this upgrade and performed a Zapper Finisher attack, a spike of electricity is generated, dropping energy upon attack.

It also gives a cinematic way to finish an enemy. To apply the Great Finish, perform a Zapper Dash or Pull just when your enemy is about to die.

Great Finish Weapon Upgrade
Great Finish Weapon Upgrade In Evil West


If you want to truly experience what Evil West gameplay has to offer and cherish it, you ought to have all the right perks and weapon upgrades. In this guide, we have designed a robust build for you. Following these upgrades, you will have a powerful and fantastic build, making your character death machine by the end of the build.

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